Brief Impressions: Kobato ~ Ep. 18

It’s settled. The only reason I’m going to buy Kobato DVDs when they’re licensed is because I love Kobato and Doumoto the most. Everything else is nice as well (Okiura~ <3) except for Fujimoto, who I really don't honestly care for anymore (yes, for real this time) at this point.

Before I get into anything, let me just make it clear that this is NOT a post about shippings WHATSOEVER. Though it’s clear as day now that Doumoto seems to have growing affections for Kobato, if we know CLAMP and Madhouse, it’s quite obvious they won’t be a couple as long as Fujimoto’s there. And quite frankly, I really don’t care about this love triangle drama at all. Seeing the development of Kobato and Doumoto’s friendship in the anime as opposed to the manga, where they only just met (for like more than half a year now :P), is good enough for me.

Now, as to why I like their relationship so much…

Well, these two hit it off as good acquaintances despite a little less than normal circumstances. We already saw how Kobato cheered Doumoto up when he was troubled over what he saw as his weak qualities and pointed so truly out that “wanting to be liked” was a normal thing for any person. Starting from then, the more times they encountered each other, Doumoto kept helping Kobato in any small ways that he could and she was more than grateful for it, which moved them from simply being acquaintances to good friends. And it wasn’t blown out the water deeds either. Just small, normal ones that any friend would be willing to do for another friend if they could.

Also, as shown here, Doumoto not only understands Kobato’s efforts to try and make everyone happy, he also knows when it’s good time to just stop and not get too ahead or you’ll hurt yourself. This has nothing to do with the plot (because anime doesn’t incorporate common sense, especially in Kobato’s case). It’s something that a person with a right mind would say in this situation. One that is dealing with loan sharks and the mafia, on top of that.
Which goes to show just how believable Doumoto’s character is. He’s your average nice, considerate guy with good flaws. He doesn’t have any dark past hindering him and is rather mild in good looks for a CLAMP male character but who cares? Emo characters are getting increasingly atypical, it’s almost boring. And sure, Doumoto will never have as many fans as Fujimoto does thanks mostly to the majority loving the badboy genre more but that’s not and never will be the issue.

Doumoto is just more real and that’s what I like about him.

His concern for Kobato is genuine. He treats her respectfully and supports her. There really isn’t any reason to dislike him as far as that is concerned. What’s more is that Kobato, who is a worrywart, needs the occasional someone to reassure her things will be alright. There are many people who are able to do that but I’m sure Doumoto is the one who has been most effective in easing her anxiety.

Again, this is all on the level of good friendship. Really, don’t look any more into that unless Madhouse gets more serious (which might happen a little next episode).

And if you’re worried about “HEY, Fujimoto was the one who was supposed to go with Kobato to hospital like in the manga!” and shipping threats. Well, first of all, this is an adaptation, kiddies. It’s a general rule that there is always going to be something different between the anime and the original manga. Second, how are you going to argue about Fujimoto being busy with the class while Doumoto accompanied Kobato to confront that guy because he was just there and it was unsafe for Kobato, a girl with no protection, to go out alone?

Third, we already had some similar substantial KobatoxFujimoto moments when Sayaka was sick. Kobato even said it herself that she “felt better after pouring out all her emotions in front of him” or something of the sort. Which is why she is not so panicky in the anime’s hospital scene. It is thanks to Fujimoto that Kobato was able to become stronger as a character.

So yea, there’s really nothing to worry about. Fujimoto was just busy and Doumoto just went with her to the hospital. That’s all. *shrug*

Of course, that doesn’t mean Doumoto can’t notice all the admirable traits that Kobato has either. Hey, if we can all love Kobato because she’s so cute and pure-hearted, why can’t he, right?

This is a natural thing. You can’t get mad at him if he likes her for being her. You can’t blame a guy for liking a girl…you just can’t. He even says it to her straightforwardly. That he liked her because she was always trying her best and looking out for everyone.

And I seriously believe that the translations for that line is off (there’s also the chance I heard it wrong, so I’ll have to go back and check). It said “I like girls who are like you” which would imply that as more of his own preference than Kobato specifically but that itself isn’t such a big deal either. Everyone has preferences, right? It would be wrong to say “that’s not enough” if we’re looking at their relationship in the romantic sense.

Also, Doumoto was never into anyone prior to Kobato, which is enough for us to assume Kobato is special to him.

So let’s take a few back steps. Again, shipping is NOT the subject matter here. But Kobato and Doumoto do have some foundation for them, you can’t deny that.

And here is where I wished Fujimoto was nonexistent. When Kobato thanked Doumoto for cheering her up, I was very ready to jump on the KobatoxDoumoto ship. It’s just that knowing Fujimoto has a higher than 80% chance of getting the girl, there really is no place for my support to grow and my confidence was shot down almost immediately. I find it really hard to support a shipping that I know won’t turn into a pairing.

…but then again, I can always break tradition…yea, I think I’ll do that. I’m not one to run by standards or the crowd’s favorite anyway. Besides, even though my shipping have no chance of happening, I can still like it.

So yea, I am a KobatoxDoumoto fan now. You fans can have your canon, whatever CLAMP plans for that to be, but in regards to the anime, Kobato and Doumoto have a much stronger relationship and better progress than Kobato and Fujimoto does.

Kobato and Doumoto actually take the time to get to know and understand each other. Fujimoto? He’s more about giving orders and being sour about everything. :P

D’AWWWW. He lends her a scarf when she’s cold and asks her on a Christmas date! Kyaa! How sweet! x3333

Yea, I’m really loving how Madhouse is handling his character. It also helped change my perspective on how I like guy characters (aka, goodbye stereotypes, we’re over :P).
Oh, and Kamiyan is doing a wonderful job voicing him, too, which makes me love him more. <3

lol, I just remembered. In Bakemonogatari, Kana Hanazawa-voiced Nadeko was the one who had a crush on Hiroshi Kamiya-voiced Araragi. xDD;;;




Stupid… it was inevitable but still…stupid for interrupting my moment. *grumpy fangirl*

And quite honestly? He is a bit dumb. Maybe if he wasn’t always being so nasty to Kobato then he wouldn’t miss up any feelings on his part and would try to secure some place with Kobato like how Doumoto is doing now. Then again, this might be the turning point of it.

But that just gets me pissed off even more cuz they’re making Doumoto look like a plot tool to bring Kobato and Fujimoto together and I really don’t like the method. It’s artificial shipping glue. Good shippings don’t need an outside party to further themselves! Ugh!


Well, seems like they’ll have their little date next episode anyway though I suspect it’ll be cut short for any reason. *sigh* Oh well, I’ll try to be happy with what I get.

At least I’m confident that Doumoto is the type of guy who would want for Kobato to be happy even if she doesn’t choose him so more yay for the KobatoxFujimoto fans. Yea, yea. Fujimoto wouldn’t be nearly half as likable without Kobato anyway. :P

Alright, let’s end this post on a good note.

Okiura is still a sexy bastard in his office with the shades down as EVER. *squeals* XDDDDDD

K, bye. :3


4 thoughts on “Brief Impressions: Kobato ~ Ep. 18


    Doumoto and Kobato = WIN

    Why does Fujimoto have to be so mean DDDD: GEEZ MAN *smack*

    :3 Ioryogi supports this couple because my name for them is Dobato xD

  2. I was delighted with the KobatoXDoumoto moments on this episode, they were sooooo cute, now Im a fan of that pairing too (even though I know it wont happen :s ).
    I wish that I could watch the next episode now :(

  3. Shipper~: Yay~ Someone agrees with me! I’m surprised. lol xD

    Yea, he’s a bigger jerkass in the anime than he is in the manga which totally turned me off from in the first place. D:

    lol, now that I approve. xDD


    meguie: Omg, you don’t know how happy that makes me. I already heard some immature fans ranting about it and your comment cured my bad mood.

    I wish I could watch only the KobatoxDoumoto scenes and then pretend nothing else happens. D:

  4. i approve kobatoXdoumoto!! honestly, i like doumoto more than fujimoto. he’s so normal. and fujimoto is so….bleh. we have enough people that’s like fujimoto in this world :p
    but too bad they won’t be together. after all, kobato is meant to be with fujimoto from chapter 1 *sigh* ggrr. and i see that fujimo is starting to get jealous when he sees kobato with doumoto :(

    we should find a new chara to replace kobato for fujimoto xD (at first i was like “fujimoto should be with sayaka!” but then there’s okiura xD). and then kobato can be with doumoto! yay!

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