Katanagatari ~ Ep. 2 ~ Catchphrases, insurance, and “Cheerio!”s.

Oh yea, you two, while you sit and have a nice chat in the middle of a freakin’ DESERT (and the real thing isn’t even called a desert, but sand dunes), why not enjoy a cup of tea and cookies over your conversation?

xD; I thought Togame would have enough sense to rent a horse or a camel if they had one or something but oh well.

Haha, I’m going to assume this was the break or take episode for many. Ep 2 delivered a slight more action but the amount of dialogue is pretty much unmoved. I found it hard to get excited over the fight scenes (instead I went “ooo~, purdy lights~”) but the interaction between Ginkaku and Shichika made up for everything.

So yes, I’m still LOVING this show and now I curse it because it’s a month long wait instead of just a week for the next ep. GRR!!


I’m not the only one who finds it funny that Shichika, who has never rode a boat in his life even once up until now (and he’s the one rowing it, too), looks completely fine while Togame is ready to puke her guts out over the side, right? xD;

Then again, Togame is a “fragile” would-have been princess and anyone can get seasick but it’s still funny that Shichika seems totally used to it. haha

Can’t say the same about his people skills yet, though. lol, he mistaken some random girl for Togame because they were at the same height (btw, he’s like a GIANT next to her, xDD). ^^;

Well, I can’t really blame him. Living 20 years on an isolated island with no contact to civilization might make me think everyone looks alike, too. Especially Asians in general. When I go back to China, I sometimes think “Too many of you! I wanna go back to New York!” Kahahaha. xD;

Anyways, Shichika isn’t the least bit bothered by the cold even though it’s in the middle of January (and Japan isn’t anywhere near tropical, oi…) but Togame insists he covers himself up or people will think she’s a dominatrix for dragging an almost half-naked man around and throw rocks at them. XD;

In the end, he only gets one change of clothes while she gets like a dozen (Oujo-sama much?). haha

But we finally get to see his signature outfit and it’s lookin’ quite good on him. Fumu fumu *nod nod* Haha, he’s not any less half-naked. It’s just his legs are more covered and resulted more exposure moving to the upper half of his body, lol.
Togame doesn’t like it but I don’t mind~ *fangirls in a corner* xD;

I almost feel bad for the guy who got his sword chopped AND his arm broken by a simple kick from Shichika. Lol, aww, it’s so gross. You gotta watch it in higher resolution to see it twist that much backwards. And the dude didn’t even realize it until a few seconds later. xD;

Haha, Shichika… good thing Togame stopped him from killing these two losers.

“Is that a mainland custom?”

“It’s common sense!”


K, time-skip a month ahead (how consistent, it’s the month we’re in now :P), Shichika’s familiarizing himself with Togame’s scent and stuff so he can recognize her more clearly. lol She even told him to lick her to get know how she tasted. WTF?! He’s not a dog, dammit! XDD;;;

Yep, so the preview was such a fake big TEASE. :P Eh, not really so. I heard something happens later on. Oi vey… But this just goes to show ya, Shichika’s five senses must be pretty good…I almost had the urge to call him Tarzan for some reason there. xDDD;;;

Still, this scene still gets some “whoo whoo~” and stupid giggling and “gahaha…”-ing into your pillows. Nisioisin knows how to build up smut, after all, slowly or not.

And Togame blushing at the proximity makes me want to poke her cheeks. Eheh~ xD

Anyways, they’re heading to Gekoku Castle in Inaba (which looks more like live monster house ready to eat you up :P) where the swordsman, Uneri Ginkaku, resides with the sword…

Zantou Namakura. It is known for its “unparalleled sharpness” and can cut through anything effortlessly. Moreover, since Zantou was made later than Kanna, it’s more complete and could probably break Kanna in half even though that sword is impossible to break (well, I guess not :P).



So some info on this Ginkaku character, he’s a ronin, the lord of Gekoku castle and 10th generation descendant of Uneri Kinkaku who was commissioned by the Shogun Kyuu to retrieve Zantou. But Kinkaku refused to hand it over when he obtained it and killed an army of 10,000 soldiers sent after him with Zantou alone.

Now it’s his his great-great…great grandson turn to slice up theives with it.

Scary. o.O;

And here’s our second ninja aka stork man, Maniwa Shirasagi, who talks backwards to make himself stand out among the ninja heads.

Ugh, I was barely able to keep up with reading the translations cuz the reverse of the words got me so dizzy. And he sounded so weird, I don’t know how you can do it without a script.

Good thing Ginkaku shut him up real fast or it would’ve driven me crazy. Come to think of it, are ninjas even supposed to talk that much? =_=;
It’s a bit amazing how he was still talking when the top half of his body just fell to the ground, though. Then he started speaking normally, oi…

But aww, I still feel a little sad that I couldn’t make fun of him more. kel-san, Gin-kun cut up our bird toy! Let’s throw some sand at him! >:/

Back to the odd couple, Togame’s all being picky about how Shichika needs a catchphrase and that his personality is weak. Heh, talk about your halfway to almost “breaking the fourth wall” cuz that’s what a lot of viewers think of Shichika. <D;

Cue the supposed reaction from Shichika but he really doesn’t understand what the big deal is. Hell, I don’t care much about that stuff either since I like Shichika a lot as he is already. Normal and all (Xiao likes people who are content with themselves). Sure, he’s not the most thrilling male lead you’ve ever come across but forcefully changing him into one on the spot is kinda stupid. It’s just Togame being selfish. :P

But it’s not like she’s going to listen to you anyway (such a stubborn Oujo-sama). This is where more of Togame’s flaws start to show. Besides being highly ambitious, or if you think of it conversely, she’s a spoiled princess as well. Everything has to go according to what she wants like Shichika winning in battles and interesting points.

I have to agree with Shichika on this one for factuality yes, I made this word up xP. Koumori was a walking human storage box of shuriken and an occult sword among other things. How can you…compete with that? -A-;

Her argument is that it won’t make for an interesting report if the hero is too plain.

*sssiiiggghhh*…well, given how people love epics especially back in that time, I can understand why she’d want to impress the Shogunate but really, I think he’d be too busy ogling over the swords to hear the whole story (if she even plans to give them to him).

At least this shows that Shichika isn’t the only one who needs improvement. In fact, Togame outruns him in that issue as she already has quite a couple of little problems that needs to be tweaked.
I really love how Nisioisin made these flaws so clear cuz that in itself leaves me very satisfied with the characters already. That they are not totally blown-out awesome or unrealistically cool from the beginning (I kinda get bored of those quickly nowadays).

Can’t really say the same for how I’m feeling about Togame right now. I do like her and all but as of this point, her selfishness is ticking me off a bit so it’s going to take a while before I can say I love her.
And you all know my opinion on Shichika who’s just great as he is and will be even better as he progresses so nothing much else to say there.

K, back to catchphrases. Togame cites an example from Sabi Hakuhei:

“I will have you fall for me.”

Real reaction is real this time. And yes, if I were in Shichika’s shoes, I’d die if I said that, too. |D;

Makes me wonder if that’s where she got the idea to tell him to “fall for her” or something. *shrug*

Well, Shichika suggests why not just stick to the phrase he’s always saying: “Such a hassle.”

Cheerio! *punch!* …I love this gif. I really do. xD;

Togame can go “Cheerio! *punch!*” him all day in it. lol

Anyways, that won’t do cuz then it’ll make it sound like she’s forcing him to do it. Ah, self-centeredness again. Not only does Shichika have to be cool and all that junk, she has to be painted in a good light, too. Dude, it’s a story and you’re the author. You’re free to BS some stuff and the only one who will be alive to recall the actual things won’t even care to explain them. :P

But whatever…

lol, I really don’t know whether I should be angry or laugh at this. She was only complaining a short while ago that she didn’t want people to think she’s a dominatrix and now she’s saying that he should act a little more badboy to make her appear like a holier-than-thou morality pet of his or something.

Yea…so not only is Togame a spoiled princess, she’s also a spoiled girlfriend. “You must do this…” and “You must do that…”

Be glad this is an anime and that Shichika’s interests aren’t as expansive as yours, hun. Any other man would’ve dumped you immediately. :P

Agh, so finally they decided on “However, by that point you’ll be torn to pieces”. Or rather to shut her up, Shichika just chose that one.

…I sound like I’m very harsh on Togame but I really, really don’t dislike her. I really don’t! But you gotta admit, the dialogue can sometimes get really excessive to viewers who love this series, too. I mean, hello, how long did they spend talking about catchphrases, huh? Not that I didn’t find one of them funny but walking through the desert as she continues to go on and on all the way to their destination?

Thank you, Shichika-sama, for sparing us!

Anyways, I wouldn’t call that a catchphrase or anything but since Shichika timed that very well in the end, I have no complaints. I still think “Such a hassle” could be used in a similar cool way if given the chance, though. :P

And as much as I want to find Togame’s “Cheerio!” cute…I can’t. It’s so random and…what the hell? She’s thinking Kyushu cute punch!attack phrase, narrator’s going “that’s a foreign word for “good bye”” and I’m thinking General Mills cereal box.

Maybe I’ll get used to it…or not…but I’ll be sure to LOL when someone tell Togame how far off she is from the actual meaning of it. haha xD

K, k. Hakuhei gets some short screentime defeating a man with his Shikizaki sword whose name I can’t remember.

Ah, and he’s voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa, a seiyuu whom I’ve adored for years now. It really caught me by surprise, though, and took me a while to get use to him saying “…de gozaru.” It weirded me out a bit. ^^;

But he sounded cool as always. Quite fitting for Hakuhei so no complaints. Oh, and as I thought, only Hikaru Midorikawa would get such cheesy lines like “I’ll have you fall for me” and actually sound realitvely good at saying them. *thinks back HtY and shudders* >.<!

Yea…tripping over a dead ninja means…

…we have ARRIVED! DUN DUN DUN!! *plays ominous desert music and does a crazy rain dance*

Agh, this is the part where I had to rewatch it a few times because Togame piled too much of one thing on top of the other a little too fast. I also had to untangle the reason Shichika gave for falling for her cuz that left me even more muddled up. @.@;

But let’s start from the top. It’s a good thing Shirasagi got there before them (and was killed on top of that matter) cuz:
1) Ginkaku would not run away though he knows someone’s after his sword because he stayed in Inaba while everyone else deserted it. Some code of loyalty, I guess. Can’t really describe it since I can’t relate very well. |S
2) Ginkaku has badass cutting skills that would put swordsmen and the Food Network to shame. What does he have to be afraid of? \P

These two things lead to Togame’s positive brain works qualities to balance out her previous bad parts. She can make an impressive report on retrieving the Zantou that Shirasagi couldn’t, there will be no need to write annoying reverse talk, and they have no choice but to get Zantou now or the report will sound utterly lame.

Pretty much a laid-out oppurtuniy “grab it!” kinda deal. So yea, it’s positive…I guess.

And that’s the reason why Shichika “fell” for her, according to him anyway. Hmm, now it’s starting to become clear.

First of all, I think we might’ve taken his confession to her a little too seriously from the first episode. Remember that Shichika doesn’t really comprehend worldly things, of which love is one of them. If that’s still too confusing, let me explain it this way.

We see “love” as some mutual affection and attractions between two people or at least one-sidely, right? Well, in Shichika’s case, he probably can’t discern the fine line between “like” and “love”, which is understandable since he grew up on that island. That’s why he can say to her “I love you” so easily. Because he doesn’t really know what it’s like love someone. It’s only Togame telling him to fall for her and him complying because he’s not very good at thinking.

Thanks to some input from Effyness I drew off of, I had likened his confession to Togame as word of his trust instead of an actual romantic confession. Togame said that she couldn’t trust those who worked for money or honor because they ended up betraying her, but a man who was motivated by love would do. In a way, Shichika saying that he’s willing to help her look for the swords because he has “fallen” for her can be interpreted by as his confirmation that it’s a genuine interest (in her) on his part and that there’s nothing else he’s going off on. It’s just worded differently so the real meaning gets covered up.

Now as to why this sudden change of heart, that can be explained when Shichika found out from Koumori about Togame, her past, and her determination. One of the possible theories on how he could’ve fallen for her was because of her ambition.
Which draws us back to the present point here. Togame, right now, is all fired up and confident to get the sword that’s within their grasp. Shichika likes that she’s not backing away and ready to charge into her goal, hence why he says “that’s why I fell for you” and such.

He says it so straightforwardly, it still sounds awfully suspicious, doesn’t it? Well, look at it this way. Going from the previous point on how he doesn’t really know what love is, I personally think him spouting out all the love notes are just signs of admiration. It’s not even enough to be called a crush, much less burning passion, but right now, he just admires Togame for her upbeat attitude and willingness to go forward without looking back.

If we look at it this way, maybe it’ll make things easier on trying to see how these two can work as a couple. Right now, they’re anything but that. Shichika doesn’t really love Togame yet and Togame’s too focused on what she wants to really care about her romantic status with him. But as I said, these two are gradually improving as we move along and the indications are evident. Togame gets quite flustered when Shichika honestly says he’ll protect her and Shichika…well, he’s still kinda panned on everything but as his character continues to develop, I’m sure his admiration for Togame will evolve into something much more.

Please note that this is only my view of things, though. If you have your own theories, I’d like to hear them, too, so maybe we can build off of each other’s. ^^

Alright, back to business. BWAHAHA! I like Ginkaku! He reminds me of myself. Always sleepy and housed up in his own room, not wanting to have anything to do with the outside as long as he has his trusty sword right next to him (dude, how do you eat then? If your forefathers were the same, how the hell did they have kids? xD;).

Moreover, try to take the sword away from him and he’ll attack you. Kinda the same with me. Except instead of “F*ck off” and being cool with a katana, I get angry and sometimes go badshit insane with occasional violence. Yes, you don’t want to remove me from my room if I’m not willing. |D;

Well, Togame uses the method of negotiations (anything he desired in exchange for Zantou) to avoid killing as much as possible. Of course, Ginkaku doesn’t believe her and nearly tricks her into stepping into the room. Shichika notices that he’s about the draw his sword and goes…

Wup! No can do, you step back a little, won’t you, Togame?

And Togame is all “WTF was that for?!” and aliens and lulz, she really does have quite an imagination. |D;

Boob cut! *smacked* xD;

Happy you didn’t get sliced in half just now?

Shichika recognizes it as the Iainuki (kneeling sword draw) technique, which is so fast that it’ll be over without you noticing any movement at all. Ginkaku’s own Zerosen coupled with Zantou makes it extremely deadly.

Aye. o.O;

lol @ Togame’s reaction to Ginkaku referring Shichika as an “Onii-chan”. I don’t think he meant to say he was her big brother or anything since “Onii-chan” is a term that can be used as way of addressing a young adult man for any reason. Togame’s just angry and not thinking straight~ :D

Since Ginkaku refuses to let go of Zantou, Shichika wonders if he’s afraid to let it go since Zerosen would not be as effective without Zantou. If so, he points out that this is a limit he placed on himself as a swordsman.

And this must have been the highlight of the episode for me. Very great interaction between two swordsmen right ‘ere. They’re like “screw the talking, we already know how to deal with each other” and all ready to start fighting, which is more their language than conversation, I guess. lol, not this anime apparently. 8’D

Anyways, Ginkaku has yet to show him the full extent of Zerosen’s power and tells Shichika to come at him.

Shichika, however, requests for some time to strategize and tells him to take a nap until he gets back. lol, WUT? Well, it made sense later on but yea, I laughed a little cuz I was starting to get all excited and then this happened. xD;

“Yashuri Shichika”

Myahaha~ Tongue slipped. xDD;;;

Hmm, he really loves playing around with her hair, huh? :/

Well, Togame is cutely angry~ even though she denies it (tsundere~) and Shichika calls her childish and asks if she’s really older than him. I’m kinda curious about Togame’s age, too, but in the end it probably wouldn’t matter cuz she’ll still be a midget standing next to him anyways. lolol XDD;;

So Shichika had them leave for a bit to see if Ginkaku would follow them. Since he didn’t, Shichika deduced that he could only perform Zerosen within that room of his. In other words, the moment you set foot in there, you’re ambushed. Done for. Good bye, nice knowin’ ya.

There are only two options: to lure him out of the room or face him directly. The latter being the more dangerous and grim one. *points at Shirasagi*

Togame asks if he has a plan for the first option and by brilliant Shichika planning:

Have Togame enter the room and get cut in half. (lol, she’s nodding as he explains it to her, xD;)

That will cause Ginkaku to dispose of the body outside like he did with Shirasagi and gives Shichika the oppurtunity to pop out of the sand and finish him off.

And she slaps him with her slipper. Baka! Of course, that’s not going to work! xDD;;

So ends Shichika’s “strategizing”. Drawing Ginkaku out like that wouldn’t have worked anyway since he’ll know Shichika must be planning something outside. *rolls eyes*

So he comes to the conclusion there’s no other choice than to face him directly and Togame says she’ll get mad if that’s really what he meant.

“No, you’ve been angry from the start.”

KAAAAAHHHHH!!! Good one. lol xDD

Shichika’s serious about this, though, and his statement that just winning by luck like how it was for Koumori isn’t going to cut it really brought into the light of his character as a swordsmen. He still doesn’t have a lot of experience in battle so while this is for real combat, it’s also training for him to become an even better swordsman. And just getting by on luck really means nothing.

He needs to become stronger to protect the swords and Togame, and that can’t happen with luck alone.

lol, I should’ve made a gif on Togame going all red and still being stubbornly upset when Shichika said that to her. It’s very cute! x3

But the part where he says he wants her to stay behind him as something like insurance really confused me. Can anyone explain what he meant? I’m never any good with this stupid word and am even more lost when it’s put into this context. @.@;

Well, anyways, Shichika really wants her to do it and pulls of a cheesy cool line on “those who have something to protect are strong”. Is that what he meant by “insurance”?

Inside, Ginkaku is contemplating on how everyone left their homeland and that if he wasn’t the last one, he could’ve left as well. However, since he’s a swordsmen, he needs something to protect and the only thing he had to protect was the castle and the sword he inherited. Otherwise, without that need, he can’t fight.

That’s kinda sad. Even though I get the reasoning, it’s still sad. Poor Gin. :(

Shichika comes back and seemed to found a way to overcome Iianuki though his stance makes Ginkaku think he’s not taking him seriously and calls him an unworthy opponent. Boy, is he proven wrong:

Kyotouryuu: Bara!

Cool~. 8DD

Attack was not strong enough though since Shichika held back because the sword pressure threw him off. But Ginkaku is wide awake now and gettin’ serious.

5 attacks. Shichika won’t be able to dodge Ginkaku’s attack now. Not only that…

It cuts Ginkaku as well. His blood seeping into the sword will erase the friction between it and the sheath as he draws it out, making Zerosen faster than the speed of light. Otherwise known as Zantou’s hidden art, Zantou Gari.

Togame suddenly tells Shichika to withdraw so that they can leave Ginkaku in the room until he bleeds to death but Shichika refuses and tells her that’s not the way to win.

YEA, let a man fight it honorably to the end and stay out of it, woman! D8<

Anyways, Shichika tells Ginkaku he won't hold back now but before they settle the fight Ginkaku asks Togame if in exchange for Zantou, she can restore Inaba to what it once was. Togame answers no since the Tottori region where it is located is rendered uninhabitable and the desertification cannot be reversed. Hearing that, Ginkaku is glad that he wasn't wrong in attacking her after all since she wouldn't have kept her word of the bargain anyway.

Shichika asks if he’s doing this for pride but Ginkaku admits that he was just babbling about that. He really only wanted something to protect, even if Zantou is the only thing he has left to protect.

No more words need to be said. Usual exchange of words between swordsmen about their hidden moves and stuff. But hey…

“However, by that point you’ll be torn to pieces.”

Shichika got his line right! Yay! xDD

Haha, even Togame is surprised. Is cool enough in your eyes now?

Wow, his fists can make wind. o.O;


Purdy effects~ *A*

Missed! And then…

MADE this episode. Nuff said. XDDDD

The only place where Ginkaku’s Zerosen formation can’t reach is the ceiling. Game over for you, Gin!

Kyotouryuu seventh hidden art: Rakka Rouzeki!


…I can’t get over how purdy~ it is…

So that ends the battle against Ginkaku and Zantou is obtained!

Haha, Togame is still so upset about being used as a trampoline even though she says she isn’t. Stubborn Togame is stubborn~ :D

I’m still not getting the whole insurance deal but it turns out all the big words Shichika said to her was just random babble after all and that makes her even more mad.

“Don’t babble!”

Eh? Are you upset it wasn’t that? Are you disappointed that it was just babble? Aww, Togame is so cute. And I count this as one step in development. Kehehe~ xD

D’aww, moment. Can’t stay angry at him for long, hun, Togame-chan? <3

Well, Shichika's learned something new. That having something to protect doesn't necessarily make one strong but that there are those who need something to protect to keep on living. Moral of the story? I think so. :)

Shichika declines Togame’s offer to have a look at Zantou since he doesn’t think he has the right because he couldn’t follow Ginkaku’s Zerosen after all.

On the other hand, they have some last thoughts about Inaba and Ginkaku. How Inaba will stay a deserted region past their own lives and the difference between a catchphrase and a person’s final words before they depart this world and how much of an effect Ginkaku’s gave.

Togame, however, tells him that he’s not allowed to even think about those words which just means they’ve still got 10 more swords to go after. Until then, he can’t die.

Rest in peace, Gin.


ED: “Refulgence” by Shoujobyo

New song. New one-pic ED. I like this one better than last episode’s but still doesn’t impress me much. Might listen to it when the full version comes out, though.

lol, still using her hair as a scarf of some sort, I see. xD;



Alright! Next episode centers around Sentou Tsurugi. Looks like it’ll be better than this one as there are more people. The lady who seems to be the master of this…um, school (?) looks pretty cool. On top of that, seems to be a school where only girls can attend? I don’t know, that’s the impression I’m getting. With Togame losing in a fight and all.
Wonder what Shichika is going to do cuz he looks pretty damn excited and hell, I am, too. Ep 3 seems to promise more action. Wahh! I can’t wait! Even for another annoying ninja who probably talk his ass off and Togame turning red again. haha xD!

Yep, coming out on March 8th! Alright, going to sleep now before swimming class. God, it’s almost 5 already, I hope I don’t die during practice. ^^;



3 thoughts on “Katanagatari ~ Ep. 2 ~ Catchphrases, insurance, and “Cheerio!”s.

  1. Ahaha, I’ll admit I kinda did a double take there. I didn’t think I had said anything too…revolutionary or anything. X3;; But yeah, I agree a lot with the point you made there. It’s true that they aren’t really a couple yet, but I think they can get there.

    Togame is kind of annoying me too at this point, but I mean, I guess I found it somewhat interesting that instead of hiding or not recognizing how selfish she is, she brings it all out in the open and says, “Well, obviously you have to do this so I can look awesome.” I appreciate her honesty, at least. XD;

    I liked Ginkaku too. And I guess I was expecting the episode to leave somewhat of a sour taste when he died since really, he wasn’t a bad person. I guess that’s what I’m used to since normally, when you get nice-guy protagonists like Shichika, they’re reluctant to kill anyone, especially people who seem like they have a nice side, and if they do die, you’re supposed to feel bad about it. But Shichika clearly doesn’t have that “common sense” since he’s been isolated all his life, so killing people just doesn’t seem to be a big deal to him. It sorta throws me off since I’m not used to it, but it’s interesting. Oh, and the fact that Ginkaku seemed relieved really helped too. Then it’s like no one’s the bad guy.

    Ahaha Shichika seems to really like Togame’s hair. Teehee. I just find him playing with it hilarious.

    And I agree, the attack is so pretty. I wonder why his thing is leaves. All over the place, his hair, his clothes, his attacks. I mean, you know his attacks have to do with flowers, so I guess it relates. They’re very purdy attacks. 8D

    Anyway. Clearly I need to stay caught up. *goes off to watch the third episode*

    • Haha, right now, I think anything can be theorized on the relationship between these two since they’re not really there yet but what we discussed made the most sense to me. :)
      And as long as we get to see on how they will get there, I’ll be happy with the outcome. Sorry, I’m sounding so vague-ish but it just means what it means. ^^;

      Haha, too true! Counter-negative trait, then? xD;
      Honestly, I wouldn’t have this series without her even if I get angry about her pompous attitude from time to time. She makes things funny and interesting and angsty, even. The reason why I was probably irked so much is because since she’s a former princess and it’s common for Asian culture to practice humility and politeness before anything else, I thought she would have at least some restrained composure. But her selfish side seems to only be let out in front of Shichika. I can interpret that favorably as Shichika being the only one she’s willing to show part of her true self to or, on the other hand, it’s her own way of looking down on the world, especially him, after his father robbed her of her family.
      At least I can interpret that in many ways so it’s not all bad to see her act like that.

      Hmm, now that you mention it, I think the only true bad guys in this series are the ninjas themselves since they’re only after the swords for money. If you think about it and put yourself in Ginkaku or Shichika’s situation, nothing’s completely white or black. Each has his own purpose for fighting and like an opinion, nothing’s right or wrong. They just have to do what they have to do like any person does…only they’re swordsmen so it’s a whole different ball field but I hope you get what I mean.
      As for Shichika on the matter of killing and death and even Ginkaku finally being able to rest in peace, I agree with what you said and expanded on it a little in the ep 3 review so I won’t say anything else here. Otherwise, this will get even lengthier. ^^;

      It’s cute~ I keep thinking he’s wearing it like some kind of dead fox or something. lol xD;

      Red seems to be his theme color (it goes well with his hair, haha) and I guess leaves over flowers cuz he’s a guy…some even interpreted as weed, too. ^^;

      Ep 3 is way awesome and badass and even more controversial (in my own head, anyway). I hope you enjoy it. 8D

      • Actually, that wasn’t vague at all, and I agree completely. Jeez, you’re so much better at putting things into words than I am. But yeah, I agree, the how is what’s interesting, no matter the outcome.

        True. She’s got the kind of personality that sort of rubs you the wrong way at times, but you can’t have the series without her. And yeah, there are a lot of ways you could interpret her selfishness around Shichika. I mean, I’ve been seeing it as a sign of how their relationship is special, but it’s interesting to note that she was kinda that way when she first met him too, what with all that, “You have to do it for love” and “You have to fall for me” stuff. So I dunno.

        Yeah, that does seem to be the case. At first I was kinda confused by Shichika’s not caring about who he kills, but that was sort of cleared up in the third episode (which I watched and enjoyed so much) so yeah. :D

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