Gung hay fat choy, Sun nien fai lok! ^^


Haha, yep, I got another banner up for the holiday and this year is the year of the TIGER!! My mom’s year, in fact. Ain’t that little cub cute? xD
Don’t really have much to say about it cuz it was rather simple to make. Just wanted to get a kinda “jungly” feel with the plants and flowers and incorporate the national red and yellow/gold colors so sorry if you can’t read the text but it’s only temporary anyways. At least until the celebrations are over.

As for what I’m doing at the moment, well, just had a big New Years Eve dinner with my family and then we’re going out again tomorrow. Watching the Olympics while I’m working on that Katanagatari post as fast as I can right now cuz I won’t have time to come on tomorrow. Also, YYYEEEAAA!!! APOLO OHNO AND J.R. CELSKI WON SILVER AND BRONZE RESPECTIVELY!!! WOOOOTTTT!!! GO USA!!! *SO HAPPY* XDDDDDD

Congrats to them and to Lee Ho-Suk for taking gold. Man, I’m always so hyper whenever the games come on. I’m spamming such a storm on my other twitter account, lol. xD; I hope I get to watch tomorrow night’s figure skating as well. That one scares me the most but it’s the one I look forward most to (cuz I grew up loving all of Michelle Kwan’s performances so yea, goes way back, lol). Goin’ to cheer my best for the Chinese team, too. ;Db

Alright, Happy New Years and best wishes and luck to all my fellow Chinese again and while I’m at it, Happy Valentines Day to everyone, too! ^^


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  1. Happy Chinese New Year!!! ^0^

    I don’t know much about the Olympics, since I’m not really a sports person so I never really watch them (the regular Olympics or Winter Olympics), though I do like watching figure skating whenever I catch it on TV. I did ice skating for about a year when I was younger, and was really quite good at it, but it cost too much for me to actually continue with it. Therefore, I like to watch figure skating when I can. Plus, I always find it to be so pretty and elegant. : )

    Tomorrow night my college is having a Chinese New Year celebration (they put one on every year), and I went last year. It was fantastic! I wanted to go again this year, but due to my grandfather passing away yesterday I have to go home (the wake is actually on Wednesday, but do to the uncertain weather and possibility of snow on Tuesday, my parents are picking me up Monday night and bringing me home).

    Anyway, putting that aside for now, I also wish you and everybody else a Happy Valentine’s Day, or, as I like to refer to it as: Happy Single’s Awareness Day! ^-^

    Take care and have fun watching the Olympics and enjoying the New Year celebration(s). n.n

  2. Happy Chinese New Years! Happy Valentine’s Day too~ ^_^

    The banner is so adorable, especially with the cub. :D I also love how you used the official colors too.

    WoOt for the Winter Olympics! Ahh~ Figure skating is my favorite to watch thanks to Michelle Kwan too, she’s so amazing.

  3. Happy New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai Xin Nien Kuai Le! (hoping PinYin is correct) I’m going to assume you’re Cantonese from the title. If I’m wrong, I deeply apologize. Oh yeah, tiger. I forgot about that. It’s also my mother’s year as well. LOL I like the banner. It’s cute.

    I did not know about the winter Olympics. I’m so out of touch. LOL XD

  4. Panther: You, too! ^^


    LGB: Hehe, thank you! xD

    Haha, same here on being much of a sports fan. Actually the only times I am ever interested in sports is when the Olympics come on since there is hardly any regular program for those sports (like swimming, track, etc) so yea…I don’t go for the generic baseball and basketball games people around me go crazy about. I like the rarely seen ones. :3
    And ooo, that’s so cool! I used to take ice-skating lessons, too, when I was little among many other things (my parents were all into the well-rounded child kinda deal <P) but had to quit after I started to become more committed to swimming. Shame, makes me really want to go back and do it for fun again. haha <D

    I'm so jealous of how awesome your school is. Mines is so lame, they don't have any sort of celebration even though we're right next to NEW YORK‘s Chinatown and the student population consists majorly of Asians anyway. The only day off we get is actually for President’s day. *so annoyed* >:/

    And oh, I’m truly sorry for your loss, LGB. My condolences to you and your family and I pray for your grandfather as well. *sends you lots of hugs*

    Ah, I’m a little late but YEA! Enjoy your single-ness if you are single! *doing so right now* xDD!!

    You, too. ^^


    blossom: Happy New Years and late Valentines Day, hun! <3

    Thank you! ^^ Hehe, you know me and my pride. Gotta go all the way. ;D

    She is~. I almost wanted to cry when she had to step out of the last games but what can you do? Atheletes have to retire when it calls for them to. She’ll still be my favoritest ice skater EVAR. <3


    Rin: Gong Xi Fa Cai Xin nien Kuai Le! (yep, it is :D)
    Haha, you’re correct, I am Cantonese. ^^ Wow, then your mom and my mom must be born in the same year, eh? 8D
    Hehe and thank you! ^^

    Haha, don’t worry. I didn’t remember until like 3 days before it started. xDD;;

  5. Thank you for the condolences, they are much appreciated. )><(<)

    I like the rarely seen sports too (or the ones that are based off fictional sports, such as Quidditch. I have yet to watch a real life Quidditch game at a college, since mine doesn't offer it, but I would love to! *-*) Ah, and I'm not a fan of the generic sports either (probably due to the fact that 1. I'm not good at them and 2. I got dragged around to all of my older brothers' games, meets, and etc., which made me miss [i]Sailor Moon[/i]. And that was just had just not been acceptable to my mind back then! XD)

    Trust me, my college is lame too. We didn't get Presidents' Day off, and last year we didn't get Martin Luther King Jr. Day off either! D: At my college we have a rather large Asian population as well. While my college isn't *in* NYC, it *is* in NJ…and very close (about 20 min. or so) to the city. So, I guess that's why. Though it's weird how your college didn't do anything…o.O;

    Then again, our Chinese New Year Festival is put together by the Asian Association at my college, and is mostly group run. So maybe that's why…

    And thank you, I will enjoy my single-ness! =P Take care! (^^)o

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