Durarara!! ~ Ep. 6 ~ We are…DOLLARS!!

Gotta tell you that I ROFLMAO throughout the whole entire 30 minutes of it. God, I love this otaku gang, they are like the best EVAAAAARRRRRR!!!!! <33333333

Review this time is going to be a little shorter since the whole Kaztano-rescue shindig was a plot-tool to explain the kidnappings and such. The awesomeness level didn't go down at all, though. We finally have Namie, Seiji's older sis, introduced and some more info on Dollars of which our awesome otaku gang is apart of.

AGH! Now I want to join Dollars! xDD

Apparently, you can, too, cuz the officiall DRRR!! site just recently created a Dollars log-on page where you can get in with the secret password that’s shown somewhere in this episode (I’m guessing it’s the one we saw Kyohei type on his cellphone). But it you’ll have to know Japanese in order to navigate around. Hell, I think it’s only limited to Japanese servers as well so the English viewers are outta luck. ^^;

Well, anyways…



So immediately it is revealed that Kyohei and his gang are Dollars members (haha~, and they said they didn’t know about Dollars, what a bunch of liars) so of course they’re not “pipiru piru piru who fly in the sky while showing their underwear to everyone below them”, Erika~. xD;

And Dota-chin is none other that Kyohei. He hates being called by that embarrassing nickname, though, and we later found out why. But we’re going to keep calling him Dota-chin, anywa. Ne~, Dota-chin? XDDD



Haha, the online chat room never bores me either. It’s just another way to pimp seiyuus and their work. <– I love you, Brain's Base. x3!

Lovin' You-kyan's version for Kanra the most. He's got the fake girl personality to T and almost sounds very close Kamiyan's voice if I didn't know any better. <D
Hmm…come to think of it, so far only the guys have been doing the chats. In episode two, which went to Miyuki Sawashiro, they never showed the chat room at all. And with OnoD doing the narration for next week I’m expecting Itsuki-voice for Kanra, makes me wonder if we’re ever going to have another female seiyuu doing the narration any time soon.

Kamiyan hasn’t had an episode yet so maybe he’ll be after OnoD and I’m sure Kana Hanazawa will get a chance, too. Others, I don’t really know.

So yea, these three assholes who are still hanging around kidnap illegal immigrants and bring them to their “higher-ups”, who then perform experiments on the victims, in order get money. Not that I’m seriously thinking of how bad illegal immigration is right now but leave these poor people alone, bastards! >:(

*sigh* Seeing their living conditions almost makes me want to cry. D:

Mmmkay, so their paycheck would be higher if they can get their hands on some young, teenage girls but they’re holding back because they’re afraid Celty might show up again. Instead, they’re gonna take this guy called Kaztano who failed to escape in time because he was too busy listening to his opera music and using a broken china bowl as his prop. |D;

Watashi wa nipponjin desuuu! Anata-tachi to onaji desuu!
(I’m Japanese! Just like you guys!)

Ee, and I’m an uchuujin desuu… (alien).

Chotto triste desu ne? \P (A little sad, isn’t it?)

(btw, “un poco” = “a little” in espanol for those of you who don’t know)

Baka Spanish ikokujin. ^^;

Our student trio gets a little screentime this week and Anri is still worried whether Harima’s disappearance is related to the kidnappings and being disposed of after the culprits are done with (eating) them.

lol, Mikado went just a bit too much detail into it but I’m also getting a little tired of seeing Anri all bent over and depressed. She needs to cheer up soon or do something badass because her character is really meh to watch right now.

LOL Way to go Simon on dropping into the conversation. “Our sushi is 100% fish. Even on 50% off days, we don’t serve humans in our dishes”. I love you, Simon, I really do. lololol xDDDDD;;;;

Kida quickly ends it off by saying the store’s front banner is falling off.

Simon: “NABOWRI?!” (It’s “nobori”, |D;)

And so Mikado and Kida both drag him off to go fix it. lawl~


Stupid kidnappers nearly ran my Shizu and Tom over! *huggles Shizu and Tom*

Haha, I love how Tom gives the correction outraged reaction while Shizu’s like “yea, that’s dangerous”. Looks like Shizu is only ever in full angry mode if anything related to Izaya comes up.

So yea, back to the gang, Kaztano is apparently very irreplaceable to Togusa which explains his “How can I live without him?!” dilemma. The reason why is hilarious, though, but we’ll get to that later.

And thanks to this kid, Hashim, if he didn’t spot the black car that took Kaztano away while he was eating a burrito somewhere nearby, we wouldn’t have our “best little brother and helpful fairy character ever!” quote Walker (I love Walker~, <3).

LOL Celty has a real fascination in aliens, huh? xDDD

Yep, so it looks like another delivery job.

And it’s also revealed that they kidnap illegal immigrants because nobody would really notice them if they were gone since…well, they’re illegal immigrants and therefore, not registered.

And here’s the head of the higher ups, Namie Yagiri, who plan to use the kidnapped illegal immigrants for Yagiri Pharmaceuticals’ experiments involving SPOILER! Celty’s head.
“Materials” (what a bitch, calling people “materials”) have been running low, though, and she tells an employee to cut off contacts with those three losers who couldn’t deliver the goods. The employee is reluctant but backs off and obeys when she asks if he wants to be used for the experiment himself.

Creepy lady. But she’s gets more interestingly cool perhaps later on? Though not any less creepy, tho. >>;

And most of the creepy vibes stem from her erotic attraction to her younger brother, Seiji, whom she would do anything for and obsesses over like whoa. Eww. Not hawt incest is not my thing. >.<!

Celty’s head floatin’ in jar full of green gelatin water~

I wanna see her face. =3=

60w light bulb

lol, license number accidentally switched with grocery list. Shinra, you idiot. <D;;

Fanservice~! *smacked* xDDD;;

lol, but what is he singing though? “Sparkling naked~♪” WAT?! XDD;;;

Yea, and this is the reason why Kaztano is so important to Togusa in his life. Because he can get front row seats to all his “eternal goddess” idol’s (Ruri Hijiribe <– f*ckin' pain to pronounce) concerts.

Hmm…that name's going to be one to remember for later events. Oioi…

XDDD Kyohei’s so cute. Narrating so seriously to himself out loud.

Anyways, they finally get the bright idea to call Kaztano’s cellphone and whaddaya know? Izzy just happened to pass by the knocked out dude those losers have dropped off to pick it up when it rang.

Izzy manages to tell them where he and the knocked out dude is until…



Aww, and that’s all the Shizu screentime we get this week. ARGH, I want next episode already like NAO!! MOAR GARTENDER AND “IIIIIIIIZZZZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAYYYYYYAAAAAAAAA!!!!!” D8<

lawl~ Did I mention how much I love Walker and Erika? <DD

Well, that’s one way of getting his cellphone (but couldn’t they have just searched his pockets? |D; ).

Pfft. Classic. xD;

LOL, WTF is up with their rendition of the opera Kaztano was listening to? Or maybe it’s just that the guy was still too heavily drugged to have a working brain at the moment. Not that I didn’t like it because I so want an mp3 of this “DAARRAAZZUU~♪” version, OH YES I DO. 8DDD

Haha, ok, going back to some serious info, Kyohei received an email invitation to join Dollars one day (he was already hanging out with the other three at time). There are no restrictions or rules in Dollars, the only thing required is that you’re apart of it.

Even before they joined, there were already a lot of rumors spreading around about Dollars but Kyohei decided to go for it to see what would happen. He received a password and the url to the Dollars page the very next day and voila, became a member.

Not a lot (or probably none) of the members have met or even seen their leader yet, though. There are many small structured groups within the Dollars syndicate as a whole but the leader is still unknown. Kyohei doesn’t mind since not knowing who the leader is makes him feel at ease that he’s kinda not working under anyone in particular. But he still speculates that the leader could be…

Izaya. The same “rude man” who called him Dota-chin in the first place. |D;

Heh, well, that’s really too obvious to be considered true yet, Dota-chin. Though half of the people reading this probably already know if you’re updated on your spoilers like I am. ;D

lol, Shinra, you just realized now. XD;

Looks like Shizu calmed down and is now being helpful by showing the Celty the right direction. Shizu~ <33

K, so fastforward back to the present and they managed to save Kaztano and take this guy into their custody which means…

Interrogation time~ ^^

And how is our otaku gang going to do it?

Have their prisoner pick a book and torture via a method relevant to the plot of the book he chose.

Oooo, pick the top one, loser! Pick Dokuro-chan! 8DDDDD

Ahhh, but the anime does it more in a comical way than the novel did. Go read chapter 7 of the manga which recently came out if you’re curious. Erika and Walker go so awesomely evil and twisted as they torture the guy that it’s almost a shame Brain’s Base held back on the Nightmare Fuel. XD;

I’m not minding it, though. I was still laughing my ass off as these three here were drinking their milk away. XDD;;;

Hmm, so yea, looks like we’ll be seeing more of Namie and Seiji and still nameless girlfriend from now on. But that’s not what I’m really concerned about right now cuz…




GAH, I’m so friggin’ happy I can break windows but YES, bbs, an episode centered on Shizu and his background~! <333 lol, he's really looking GAR!hawt in the Raira Gakuen uniform and teenager Izaya is as smexy as ever. Looks like they're be more characters added to the cast though they might only play a part in Shizu's pre-dye job story so maybe not much else from them. His younger brother, Kasuka (right?), should be making an appearance though so I'm looking forward to that as well. And lol, bet a lot of anime-only viewers were surprised Shizu hates violence (this is why I love him so! XDDD).


(See ya next week. xD;)


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  1. Kinda disappointed, really wanted the Dollars to be “pipiru piru piru who fly in the sky while showing their underwear to everyone below them”… :(

  2. I loved chapter 7. And when I realized what was going on at the beginning of the episode, I was all, awesomeness~

    I’m just upset we don’t get to see Erika and Walker’s awesome interrogation using Kuroshitsuji <3

    But it was an epic episode as always.

    Next week we get more Shizuo and Izaya~~~

  3. I laughed at the sparkling naked~ part haha 8D There are way too many characters for me to like, I need to find at least someone not to T_T maybe the creepy doctor. I think I’m becoming more partial to Shizu, ahh. This show is just full of awesomeness I can’t handle it!

  4. durarara.com/login
    password: bukurodollars

    It works for nonjapanese too! There’s a wallpaper and desktop icon, and it looks like they’ll add more as the series goes on.

    Nice review!

  5. LOL, I actually hadn’t noticed it was an elephant after you pointed it out. Now I’m kinda just like, “…LOLwhut?” Ahahaha. Shizu. <3

    And I loved this episode so much. Yuuichi Nakamura narration and some more attention to the otaku gang makes for an awesome 30 minutes.


    lol great post *o*

    I too was fangirling so much over Shizu 3> GIMME CELTY’S HEAD SO I CAN GO JIGGLYPUFF-MAD ON IT WOMAN @___@

    I’m reading the manga right now. Haven’t reached chapter 7 though x3

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