Spring ’10 Preview

Chart credit to chartfag.

I love butchering a season line-up like this for some reason. :P

*sigh* …Spring looks barely a little better than Winter. Yea, I know it’s still too early to tell as we have a month and half before it actually starts but I guess I’ll wait for more of the promos to stream before getting excited about anything. I’d rather be surprised at being wrong than let down. <– Counter spell. Be non-optimistic for some better results.

K, just briefly skimming through. Highly subject to change at the time of broadcast so this is all just initial impressions.

Not Watching AT ALL

Quite a handful of them. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think all of them are severely bad or anything (like WTF is up with that slut-centered B Gata H Kei shit?! D:<) but they're just not of my interests.

I'm curious to know how Iron Man would do, though. Not so much about English audiences but for those in Japan.

Heard Ookiku Furikabatte is highly anticipated but I'm not really into any kind of sports series. Also avoiding the big titties ones for obvious reasons. \P And as for sequels like K-ON! and HAP APH (see! I don’t even know how to abbreviate it right! *gets smacked* xD;;) , never really got into them. *receives a gasp of "BLASHPEMY!" from the mainstream crowd and gets pelted with balls of paper* |D;

There are one or two in this pile I marked as X only because I want to marathon them instead. Like Da Capo. Still need to watch Da Capo. Other than that, nothing more to say.

…oh no wait, one more: LOL SHAFT WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!? XDDD;;;

50/50 (from least to most anticipated)

These have a very shifty chance of making into my watch list or being discarded completely. Blogging doesn’t seem likely but might sneak a brief impressions for some if an episode manages to impress me.

Yojo-han Shinwa Takei – Art looks very sketchy and not really drawn in by the slice-of-life premise either. Most likely not going to watch this at all, even if it’s by Madhouse, if I can’t even get past the promo.

Heroman – Looks strangely similar to something I’ve seen on previous charts. Still not warranting any EXCITING! from me, though. It sounds generic and might be another easily forgotten mediocre anime.

Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou – I already gave some thoughts about this one in a news blurbs post a short while ago so you can go there to read it. Probably won’t last past the first episode. I’m only trying it out to hear the seiyuu cast and see what this main character can do. Everything else has harem fanservice coated all over it.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama! – If I wasn’t going to try and see how this adaptation goes, you’d be wondering what the heck’s wrong with me, eh? Haha. But tbh, my hype for KwM-s! has died out a long time ago due to all the arc add-on nonsense and reset scenarios and with the less than attractive character designs they’ve shown us so far, I think there’s a possibility I won’t be sitting through it all the way to the end. But we will see.

They changed the seiyuu for the leading roles but that’s alright since Ayumi Fujiwara and Nobuhiko Okamoto are so awesome in their own rights. <3 I think I actually prefer them over Sanae Kobayashi and Tomakazu Sugita voicing for Misaki and Usui as well. It’s hard for me to imagine Tomakazu Sugita sounding hawt, serious, teasing, playful and downright SMEX all at the same time. <D;

House of Five Leaves – I admit, I can’t resist anything that has Japanese historical context in it even if I end up dropping it halfway or earlier through. The art looks rather ghoulish (or maybe it’s just cuz they’re so friggin’ pale?) but it intrigues me at the same time. Summary also left me curious to know more so yea, this one might be promising.

Hakuoki: Shinsengumi Kitan – Again, see House of Five Leaves. It may not be accurate Japanese historical (if even at all) but I just like anything to do with swords. lol |D;
Ugh, DEEN is doing this one, though. And it’s based off a game so anything can happen. =~=

RAINBOW – Nisha Rokubo no Shichinin – Now this looks promising alright. :D I’ve read about it first in one of Tsui-san’s posts (sorry, don’t have the link for it cuz I’m too lazy to look xD;) like a month ago and the summary caught my attention immediately.
Hmm, besides that, not much else information on it (not even a studio who’s going to manage the adaptation) so all I can say is that we’ll see when more of that comes out.

Giant Killing – Pretty much went through the same thing like how it was for RAINBOW. Despite this being sports-centric, I’m sure there’s more to it than just ordinary field play judging by the premise so hope it’s good. ^^

Mayoi Neko Overun! – Already said quite a few things about it in this post. As to why it’s on the top of this list? Two things: I love anything to do with cats and KANAE ITOU. Nuff said, bbs. 8’D

Hmm…yea, think that’s all. There are four OVAs/Specials I’m looking forward to as well (I forgot to mark down Gundam, ack!) but nothing in particular seems that interesting that I want to make a post about it. Still, Haiyoru! Nyaru-Ani looks nice so we’ll see~


And “good” just means it guarantees a definite check-out along with at least 6 weeks of patience if it doesn’t live up to initial expectations. In other words, has the most chance of being excellent for the season but the discard option isn’t completely closed off yet if things bore me. So better not disappoint. >:/

In regards to blogging, since I have DRRR!! and irregularly released Katanagatari and DtB Gaiden to handle, not so sure if I want more on my plate but I can try to. If not, they’ll probably end up in a Brief Impressions or so.

Senko no Night Raid – Second “Anime no Chikara” production to be released and A-1 Pictures is behind this project again. Has the most potential as a hit-or-miss depending on your preferences but I see “Shanghai” amongst all the very promising street conflicts that I’ve seen in the trailer so going to try my best to sit through it all the way to the end. *excited a bit* <– FINALLY!! XDDD

Working!! – Go read this post again and JUN SATOU IZ MINES YA HEAR!!! NOBODY TOUCH HIM, HE’S MINESS!!! >8DDD

lol, J/k. But yea, I can’t wait for this! I don’t mind the slice-of-life or that it’s being adapted from a 4-koma so much cuz I’m liking all the characters already (Popura is so cute and ohh~, Jun~ <33) and the cast is way too awesome for me to pass up. Trailers show a lot of cuteness and humor, too. All in all, this looks easy enough for me to squeeze into my blogging schedule. Hehe, yay! Can't wait. ;D

Angel Beats – Probably THE most anticipated of all among the community at large (but lol, the visual novel bit is wrong as it is an anime original |D; ). I’m actually not as excited as everyone else is about this one. Despite the fact it’s not a harem for once hey, it could always turn into one halfway, Angel Beats looks like a step down from Key’s usual awesome visual novel plots. Or maybe I’m just missing the harem trait (or maybe just the bishoujos, lol) since I’m so used to it from them but the characters and their designs don’t seem so impressive. Plot-wise, I’m getting tired of the student-team up generic fantasy gore stuff that seems more common than not lately. If this came out earlier, I might’ve thought differently but right now, I really don’t care how this is going to go. All I want from Key is a confirmation that LB! is somewhere near green-lit confirmation for an anime.

And if KyoAni is a must (which, it is), then so be it. LB! FTW!!! x3333

Urm, anyways, at least AB’s music and animation is quite stunning. *loves the music so much* <3 Yea, that's the only thing I like about it so far.

As I’ve said many times before, I don’t follow Vocaloid at all but argh, all the awesome figures that GSC keeps shooting out was more than enough to convince me to jump on the BRS bandwagon. A plot summary for this has already been uploaded to MAL so go read it there. Not anything ground-breaking but sure as hell that the watch will be. hahaha XDDD


Alrighty, that’s all for now. Again, not all what I say here is determined yet until after the first week of spring season. Before that, I’m sure I’m going to have another post on what I’ve decided to put on my watch list so look out for it.

Yep, that’s all. Going to work on Katanagatari now (I’m glad I stayed home instead of going to work after all, hehe).

In the meantime, feel free to share with me what you’ll be watching this April. ^^


7 thoughts on “Spring ’10 Preview

  1. I’m probably only going to watch Kaichou wa Maid-sama and K-On…. and wallow in depression until the new Kuroshitusji anime starts in the summer.

    Haha, I’m pretty bad though… usually I just wait and then see what becomes the most watched, it generally saves having to watch a bunch of crappy anime series :’D

  2. I read the manga for Mayoi Neko Overrun. Not my thing. >>;

    It shouldn’t be HAP! No one says it that way! It’s APH.

    I’m probably just guaranteed to watch Hetalia, Kaichou (for my seiyuu duo <3), BRS, and the Detective Conan movie.

    Scratch the Detective Conan movie. Nvm.

  3. Ughhh I find it so sad that A) There isn’t anything that interests me besides K-On The sequel. And B) I’m actually going to watch K-On, I don’t know for some reason I like to sit and watch for 20 minutes and watch my brain melt. Also they better have another kickass ED, which is why I think I sat through it the first time.

    Definately Black Rock Shooter as well 8D and I think I’ll check out Working!!

    The only good thing about this spring’s selection is that now I have no excuse to do my school work D8

  4. cookie-san: I still have to watch Kuroshitsuji~! Ahhh, so much to marathon~ lol XD

    That’s not bad, it’s smart. I’m impatient so I’m more often than not raging at the start of the new season about how such and such sux. xDD;;


    Kiseki: Ah, is that so? Hmm, then I’ll just stick around for Kanae-san and drop it right after to make next season easier to watch.

    Sorry, chica. Thought it was spelled a different way but couldn’t remember. o~o;

    I didn’t even notice there was a Conan movie. >>;


    Karen: The ED for last season alone wasn’t enough to convince me to stick with it. But if the fans are happy, why not give more to them? *shrug*

    …wait, wouldn’t that be a bad thing since you’ll have to do hwk now? <D;

  5. I’m actually going to check out that B Gata H Kei. I think it could be interesting depending on how it’s represented (the summary sounds kind of iffy, but I’ve learned that sometimes crap summaries turn out to be awesome). Spring seems way better than Winter was. I didn’t really watch anything from Winter.

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