Durarara!! ~ Ep. 5 ~ Tiny lil’ BL tease never hurts anyone. 8D

Haha, but I prefer BFFs more. Aww gawd, did I mention how much I love these two always together?

As friends, of course and maybe a little shounen-ai for some laughs, but I haven’t had such a snuggable boy BFF pair to fawn over for so long. In fact, there’s such a lack of it that the only male BFF pair I can actually remember is Teito and Mikage from 07-Ghost (WAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! Mikage~ ;___;).


Haha, ok, back to srs bznz, I’m shortening this one to make it easier on the eyes. Good thing, too, cuz I really shouldn’t be making posts this long if there are subs that can explain it anyway. :P

Anyways, I’ve also read some MAJOR spoilers (pretty sure a couple have also hit that jackpot if you follow the LJ comm.) so yea, every DRRR!!! post from now has SPOILER WARNING!!, ok? I really don’t want to hold back stuff I already know cuz it restrains my writing. Even if things are not that relevant yet, just giving everyone a heads up so no one chews my head off for ruining their suspense. But really, who can resist spoilers? Aha~


I’m pretty sure this guy is the pervert teacher who’s lusting after Anri’s bewbies. And he seems to have stolen something from the mafia, who plays a role in the later part of the series. What a stupid guy. :P

And here’s the SPOILER!. Said Slasher with the crazy hair and demon eyes is actually that girl with the laptop at the end named Haruna. She somehow got a hold of the demon blade called “Saika” (or is it “Zaika”?) even though it had originally belonged to Anri’s parents who died because of it but I’m still a little vague on the details so will get back to it when the time comes.

Back to Haruna, she was the girl whom pervert teacher had a relationship with. That is, until pervert teacher “fell in love” with Anri. I don’t know what happened from there or how she got the sword but yea, she’s a crazy jealous bitch comin’ one way or the other. o.O;

XD Aww man, I love how Shinra is so dra-ma-tic~ while apologizing to Celty though I’m sure it’s sincere in his…uniquely weird Shinra-like way. Celty is like not so much minding him but rapidly typing away on that cellphone. haha XD;

“How rude! At least they could have called you an “enchantress”.”

Normally a person might usually respond “Well, that guy’s one to talk! It’s a monkey gone wild in the streets with a katana!”

But not Shinra. He’s Celty-obsessed all the way. lol xD;

Lawl~, and Celty is worried if it might be an alien.

Wait, what? Celty hun, have you forgotten that you’re our resident awesome phenomenon?

lol @ Shinra’s reaction. “Am I supposed to laugh at that part?” Just what I knew he was going to say. Haha XD

Awkward moment is awkward.

But YEA! Besides the fact that this trio includes my (hope-to-be) OTP and new BFF love, altogether they make my newest OT3~ And I don’t have quite a lot of OT3s that are consistent (as in, 3 people with at least one guy or girl in it) so yea, giving these three that special love for now. <3

Pffthaha! He just swerves gracefully onto one knee and goes “Let’s date!”

Ahhh, really lovin’ Mamo-kun’s part in this show forevaz~ <33

Kida~ ^^;

I love him and all but I just can’t help but laugh at his attempts at romance. At the opening, he “fell for” 37 girls, of which Anri is in the top 5 (lol), and now he’s saying she doesn’t have to immediately give him a response cuz he’s still waiting on 7 others before her and needs to decide on who he likes best.

Omg, what an adorable loser. XDDD

lol, and Mikado’s steadily growing crush on Anri is not-so smoothly covered up with that do-I-detect-some-jealousy remark. I love how he goes off on Kida’s hilarious failings cuz it’s so true and it’s so “only BFFs can do things like this” and AGH! How many times am I gonna mention that word in here? I should create a tag for it already. *has too much* xDD;;;

Anyways, getting one-up by pointing out your best friend’s faults earns you a…


XDDDDDDDDDDDD (oh look, Kida-kun has a Chesire grin, too, haha~)

lol, as soon as this happened, everything I knew what was going to be thought was thought. Seriously, it’s just calling to be stamped BL and the NicoNico comments over the video I was watching didn’t help. xD;

Haha, yea, this face, too. xD;

*facepalm* Pfft…

Alright, alright, try getting back to serious now…lol, but I can’t! I know very well that Kida’s lines are just normal lines but all those terms in it makes me think in another direction, too. Damn you yaoi fangirls for bringing me to the dark side! I will never forgive you! XDDD;;;

Ahhh, but I’m really so happy to see how close these two are. So much that I can’t bear seeing them apart. Cuz they’re so awesome as best buds.

Haha, “fatal tie”. Nuu~ Don’t say that so soon, Mikado-kun. You two have to stick together come whatever or I’ll cry. ^^;

I don’t want to bother remembering his name because he’ll soon be made irrelevant anyway. :P

“Is that some genuine sekusharuharasumento? Or as Simon would say, “sexy harasho“?”

Thank you for the gratuitious Engrish, Kida-kun. And Russian, to…wait, since when did Simon say that?! I want to hear. *shot* xD;

“Don’t worry. I’ll be the one starting the rumors.”

*fail teacher trips over a bucket*

I lovelovelove Kida~! x333

But as much as I love you, Kida-kun, give it up you belong to both of them and viceversa twice *SHOT*. Not because of my OTP, but isn’t it kinda obvious he and she are not meant to happen? <D;

So yea, apparently they totally skipped out on the prologue of the story. No wonder why it made me confused cuz Harima Mika and the scar girl had similar hair cuts (heck, it’s not hard to believe she dyed her hair and wore contacts either, y’know). :P I think that’s all I’ll say about her for now. Don’t want to overrun things.

Oh, Mikado’s reaction to Anri telling them Mika was a stalker was lolawesum.


Kida is like “It’s cool, babe” throughout. xDD;;

So Anri says though she and Harima are friends, they’re not as close as they appear to be. Harima always outshined her (making Anri look like her foil) so when Harima disappeared, Anri took things into her own hands and seems better off without Harima dragging her around. However, Anri thinks it’s dirty that she’s doing all this all because she wants to surpass Harima.

But Mikado disagrees and this is what makes him so awesome. The way Anri is putting it makes it seem like she wants sympathy and forgiveness from someone, and that’s what’s foul. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to better yourself, even if it’s over someone else, and if you do make that choice, do it with some pride.

Haha~ My Mikado-kun may look like an honest, naive kid but he’s quite sharp and perceptive. Hmm, I guess that ties in with his own decision to move to Ikebukuro and try to change himself? Well, that’s not the only case, I know but no over-spoiling. Yea, take that, non-believers. *huggles Mikado* <333

lawl~ And he immediately goes back to adorable blushy-ness when Anri thanks him. Which means an opening for Kida!

lol, Mikado, your cool moments are always cut too short. <3;

Yay! Anri’s smiling for the first time (actually, this would be the second but that one was from the side so yea…).

This is Haruna’s dad…he’s an interviewer looking for the strongest person in Ikebukuro…he also needs to shave…

Anyways, with Mikado being curious about the Seiji stalked by Harima case, he wonders if Dollars have anything to do with it or knows anything about it (hmm, high interest in Dollars again, Mikado-kun?). Kida asks if he’s thinking of joining them and tells him not to.


I got reminded of Lockon there. <D;

So obvious why he says so now. With all the Yellow Turbans around, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out Kida was once part of this gang hoh, was he ever. Kida promises to himself that he won’t let Mikado, his best friend, or himself get anywhere near the “darkness of the city”.

Because some past feud with another gang, the Blue Squares, had this girl he went to visit ending up in the hospital. SPOILER! Her name is Saki (can’t remember her last name) and she’s Kida’s ex-girlfriend.

Though I don’t see what’s wrong with her. She looks perfectly healed and healthy to me. :S


Hack-spammer’s name is “Tsumi-Uta” or can also be read as “Zaika”. Hmm…

Well, yea, here we jump back (er, forward? ^^; ) to the part a little before Celty went out to fetch back some stolen goods.

Somewhere else, Shizu is playing “Who’s da ALPHA?” with a shaggy pooch that greatly resembles that mutt with the keys from PoTC.

Haha, only an old doggie would not be afraid of Shizu (maybe he’s blind). xD;

Hmm, so we also hear some more info on the history of the gangs from Kyohei and the others at the Russian sushi place (finally got to see the inside). The Yellow Turbans were completely wiped out by the Blue Squares in the past but now they’re beginning to revive again. Huh, you’re quite knowledgeable on that, aren’t you?

Kida also goes to them for more information on Dollars out of concern for Mikado (d’aww).

Meanwhile, Mikado catches sight of Seiji and his unnamed girlfriend.

But it’s not Harima Mika.

Yea, you go off and do your eloping alright. At least those two men in the suits were just tailing the couple which is fine by me. :P

Wup, Kida got caught up with some Yellow Turbans trying to catch up to Mikado.

And of course Mikado would do the stupid, right best friend thing and go after them. Then it’s followed by a “now what?” <D;

Well, thanks to all that ruckus that stupid dude and the monkey-lady here was making, Mikado and Kida make their escape and the Yellow Turbans get slashed. I almost feel sorry for them…

Silly boys. Laughing your guts out when you were almost about to be beaten up to a pulp. <3

Haha, but this is why they're so awesome. Yes, yes. ^^

Hai thar, Izzy. Where’ve ya been? We kinda miss you so why don’t you come back and terrorize some more unsuspecting people, eh? x3

Haha, actually, SPOILER! he goes to visit Saki, who was (is?) one of his fanatic fans in the past. Won’t say anything more from there but I doubt he has any attachment for this girl. I see the visit as only something out of consideration for what she’s done for him.

Which got Kida involved and yea. Poor Kida. ;_____;

Haruna aka slasher-crazy-demon-monkey-blade hack-spamming again.

lol, hey boys, too early to be having a rivalry over a girl, don’t ya think?

Nope. Cuz Mikado is so cute when he’s a little “grr”. xDD

Ah, and I’m glad to hear Kida say that he’s happy at how the three of them are now even though he’ll probably continue trying to woo Anri over. And the reason I say that it won’t work is simply because he still can’t let go of his past or his regret over what happened to Saki. Usually if a guy can’t get over his inner demons, how can he be ready to make a commitment in the present, right?

Good thing Mikado’s helping him to turn some of that around so maybe he’ll work up the courage to talk with Saki face to face one day.

Hmm…but it’s still hard for me to see Kida with anyone, even if he does get back with Saki (vice versa, too o.O;). I just like him hanging around with Mikado and Anri more. It’s an image stuck in my head since I first saw the opening. haha

And of course, don’t separate my BFF and OT3 or there will be hell to pay! >8D



Next week’s narration goes to Kyohei aka You-kyan (Yuuichi Nakamura), who is Dota-chin apparently. Oi, go figure.
Looks like Celty has another job, OMGYES!SHIZUUUUUUUUU!!!!!! x333333 and TOM! xDDDDD, is that an illegal immigrant kid in the 5th screencap and the doggie’s still here.
But mostly lots of screentime for our otaku gang. Which is cool. I love the otaku gang. Especially Walker. Walker~ <3

Haha, yea, can't wait for the next episode. xD