I now know zettai teki zetsubou… ;________;


THIS is not even enough to show what a state of a huge mess I’m in.

And I’m surprised I didn’t break down and start crying yet.

If you’ve been following my rant rages on twitter, then you’ll already know that my desktop caught virus and it won’t let me access any of my programs. Oh, and what luck that soon after, my laptop caught the same one! Haha, not only that, after trying three different methods of trying to get rid of the stupid malware and rebooting everything about a gazillion times till 3 AM this morning, it still isn’t gone.
Moreover, my external harddrive with 50+ GB of data/my entire LIFE stored (ONLY) on it is officially declared dead so I can’t get to those files either and the screen of my iPod of almost 7 years cracked so I can barely see what I’m listening to.

Now excuse me as I rage for 5 seconds:



So yea, due to that, blogging activities will be forced to go on a heavy semi-hiatus until I get things worked out though I think I can still manage some shorter posts. Why of all times now, God? WHY WHEN I WAS JUST GETTING BACK INTO IT?!?! T_________T

…thank god I still have my old laptop from highschool so I can still do some basic stuff but it doesn’t make the situation even the least bit brighter. This laptop is so old that I’m afraid to install any new stuff onto it. Meaning, I will have to make best of my time at school to work on any of my posts. *very depressed sighing* I don’t even want to think about the total costs of repairs and buying new equipment altogether. At least $500 for the data recovery. <— Just kill me now. Dx

So yes. At most right now I'm handling 3 things: DRRR!!, Katanagatari, and DtB Gaiden. The last two I can manage goodbye Togame-dojikko gifs ;_____; since there’s a longer wait period between episodes, but DRRR!! I’m not sure. I still have a draft for ep 5 sitting here but editing to make it shorter kills me since I have so much to say. *sigh* Well, at least that’s two that won’t be affected.

Alright, I’m done complaining no, I’m not but I’ll spare you. Just wanted to say that and I’ll still be up and around reading other blogs and will try my best to comment but please excuse me this weekend for I have lost all my enthusiasm and energy no thanks to the greatest shit in life known as technology.

…Maybe I should take this as a sign that blogging isn’t for me? God, I hope not. ;____________;


3 thoughts on “I now know zettai teki zetsubou… ;________;

  1. Just popping in to say, been there, had a weekend like that. -.- I think everyone goes through one at some point, sadly. Hope technology starts agreeing with you again soon.

    I feel so sorry for you, what a tragic life T_T if I lost my computer I wouldn’t know what to do~

    I think maybe you didn’t have a good enough anti-virus program or something, damn that really sucks.. it must be a really serious virus, I guess you would have to restart your whole system and lose everything o_o you have 50GB of stuff? whoaa what the heck do you put on there? thats a lot!!! and 500$ is a lot of money! that is equivalent to half my life savings o_o dude I would just push everything on my parents and make them pay xD

    Your ipod is 7 years old!?!??! this is the first time I ever heard of someone having a ipod living that long, you must take really good care of it :D all of my ipods only lived up to 2 years.

    I would just quit blogging totally if this kind of stuff happened to me, I would go into deep depression xD life can be harsh :S I hope things get better for you and your computer :)

  3. Don’t quit blogging please D: at least for this reason, it must surely be a test from some annoying diety would likes making rain go down on everyone’s parade. STICK IT TO THE MAN! >:U Good luck with all the repairs and such D:

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