Darker than Black Gaiden ~ OVA 1 ~ Okay if I pretend Gemini never happened?

Ok, I’m not really serious or anything as there were (very few) parts I did like about the second season but really, even all 12 episodes of it was not enough to satisfy me like the first 5 minutes into this OVA did.

…Well, that’s just me speaking partially biased but YEA. :P

Anyways, yay~, I finally get around to writing a post about it. Been too busy with school, subs were late, HD quality raw wasn’t available until like Sunday and so on.

I originally wasn’t going to blog this either but it impressed me so much that I wanted to (add the fact that I recently marathoned this whole series so the hype is still going strong, hehe x3). Plus, it’s only 4 OVAs so it should be easy to do.

Alright then, before getting into the OVA, just some short thoughts on what I have about DtB in general so far. I’m a latecomer to the series and nothing really sparked an interest in trying it until I received a string of “I WANT MOAR HEIxYIN!” tweets from kanzie a few months ago…yea, nothing else really needs to be said. It’s all your fault, kanzie, and I love you for it. lolol xD;

So as far as being a fan is concerned, I’m still fairly a noob, or rather an advanced noob, since a lot of things still have me going WTFIDON’TGETTHIS!! since season 1 (but both seasons had GAINAX endings so I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s utterly lost). It was a very intriguing and engaging watch though and I regret a little for pushing it off all this time. And though this anime isn’t one that I would be so hardcore devoted to, it still earns quite a bit of love that a lot of current broadcasting series are barely able to do.

Which is why it was a better idea to marathon than to watch ep by ep. Season 2 anyways. Season 1 was good enough to build up interest without any major lashing out since bias hasn’t really kicked in until the last episodes. But Gemini I thought … had too many unnecessary new things that annoyed the hell out of me thank god it was only 12 episodes or someone would’ve gotten hit and therefore, ruined my enjoyment a bit. Even if it’s for the purpose of needing a new cast since a lot of characters were killed off in season 1 (I miss November 11, ;____;), the new ones just couldn’t match up to the old. And the twins were especially bothersome.

Now let me make this clear that I don’t really hate anyone. But I do dislike Suou somewhat. Not so much because I’m a loyal HeixYin shipper cuz it was so obvious the loli stood no chance anyway but I didn’t really buy her whole story into becoming a Contractor, a copy of the original Suou and all that bland soup. Even if she did become a Contractor, her inconsistency in character was so bad that I wanted to skip her scenes a lot of the time. On top of that, yea, I know she’s a kid who’s gone through a lot of trauma but if you’re going to do that right at the start of a sequel, it’s not a very good idea. People don’t like whiny brats stinking up the whole show when they’re still so used to the coolness of the prequel and anticipating its continuity.

Going back to what I think was unnecessary, I also thought the whole plan on integrating the twins was rather bleh. Hei still could’ve been the center concern without having to drag a bokkuku along, Yin was going to end up as Izanami either way, Izanagi could’ve been a diamond-studded doughnut for all I care and it still would’ve worked without the need for the Suou and Shion…Well, except for the very nice development for July (who I <3) but it's not like they couldn't do something different about that either. :P

There was also a lot less action which was a disappointment, too many perverted sicko murderers running about, and oh yea, Kirihara, who I really wanted to tolerate and like (because she was kinda cool and Nana-sama voices her so good), need to be smacked for her increasingly disturbing stalker-like obsession over BK201. I swear, this woman must have said that code more than 100 times and it was driving me nuts (note: Xiao hates girls who can’t just simply move on). Add the question why is it so hard for her to understand that the “Li-kun” she has the hots for is nothing but a cover-up for Hei to move around more easily in thus Li-kun =/= Hei in the basic person sense, IDIOT! Dx Ugh, I know Hei is one hell of a chick magnet and all but srsly, bitch should be old enough to know when to get over it if she can’t find ways to talk it over or go get laid by some guy who’d actually care or both.

*deep breath*

And with that, I’ll just stop right here before more negative rambling gets out of hand. ^^; So yea, OVA review! x3



…I gotta be honest with you all, I really don’t know how how I ended up with 52 screencaps. REALLY! I thought it was 20-something at the most! @.@;;;
lol, but it’s not a long review at all, just a lot of screencaps. *shrug*

Anyways, no summary is really needed since I’m sure most have watched the subs already so that means I get to be picky with comments. Huhu~ >3


Can’t tell you how badly I missed hawt Chinese Electric Batman action like what they immediately gave us here. Of course, just Chinese Batman was still friggin’ awesome as it is but ah, electricity~ <3

Found it surprising that the fat dude has a very cool voice. o.O;

You talk to much. *FZZZZZ!!!!*

Electricity~ <3

Haha, so it never fails to amaze and make me question: Where does Yin hide the entire time these messes are happening?

Here’s Hei still trying to catch his breath and not even a POOF!, and she’s right there already. xDD

I’M SCARED!! I WANT MAO BACK!! MAAAAOOOO!!! ;_______________;

Well this is nothing new but still a little freaky how she went all astral on us. And um…that skeleton-like horror face whatever it is really not helping. o.O;;

*slaps self a few times to prevent window-shattering squealing* WELL DO YOU BLAME ME?!?! XDDD;;;

*gasp!* Hei! Where’d all those injuries come from?!?! D8

Ah, and before the thought of “Is he really sleeping naked under there?” hit me shut up, it’s an innocent question and all Bones’ fault for the fanservice! xP, I realized that they were on a boat. |D;

And looking at Yin, I was also reminded that she’s blind (explains why she seldom turns her face directly to anyone when she’s speaking to them). Which is sad cuz I got so used to her gradual change from an emotionless observer to almost human again that I thought it was all apart of her just being a Doll and that it will wear off after a while. Guess not. *still sad a bit* ;__;

My inwards were break-dancing when I heard “couple” and “honeymoon”. Aharharhar~ >xDDDD

lol, and the hotel manager was all “Congratulations!”, too, which made me laugh even harder. Kahahaha! XDDDD

Totally get that Hei is never lax in being cautious since he has to be but it’s just too funny watching him examine the whole room like this. xD;

WOOT! Yin’s hair grew longer! So pretty, Yin~! <3

So exactly how long was it between now and the end of season 1 is what I want to know now. o.O?

And yea, back to some serious plot stuff, Yin’s evolution as a Doll (aka her moving about without being told to and stuff like that) is proceeding so fast that even Hei can’t keep up with it.

While it’s amusing to see Hei so startled every time he turns around to find Yin standing there, I really can’t relate to all these mini-shock episodes he has. But then again, it’s not like there have been Dolls before Yin who have evolved…right?
Anyways, yea, um…well, I think I would’ve gotten used to it by now but it’s not like I’m a Contractor with so many complications either. ^^;

But what does it matter as long as we get to see Hei’s worried look when he’s concerned about Yin, ne~? <3

But Yin, don't make Hei too worried. I know that's very not likely already but still…poor Hei and Yin. T__T

Ok, break from depressing mood, lol @ this. Possibly one of the best faces he’s made like EVAR. And I thought this size of a meal was normal for him. lol xD

Really, “enough for 10 people” served to two isn’t that outrageous or anything as big eaters aren’t uncommon or anything. And if you can’t finish, you can always wrap it up and take it home. <– Wut? Shut up and get back to the review. |D;

D’awww, it turns out that Yin only wanted Hei to rest a bit like a good wife, yesyes *nods fervently* 8DD since he’s been fighting all this time and they’re constantly on the run from the Syndicate. Yasashii ne~, Yin? <3

So yea, Hei, be a good obedient hubby and eat the dinner your wife so thoughtfully ordered for you.

…hmm, I love seeing so many different expressions from Hei, I really do. x3

And yay! I so missed Hei’s big appetite in Gemini because Hei just isn’t Hei without a gazillion plates around him and that big stomach of his. <D

Which is why, imo, the first half of season 2 more or less sucked. :P

Yay~ because Hei bought her a hat. Lot’s of d’awwsomes. <3

Nuu~ and lamenting because when Yin was kidnapped, the hat disappeared somewhere. Why'd the hat have to go? It was a gift from him. ;________;

Ah, and as I’m enjoying all the sweet HeixYin taking a stroll to particular nowhere scenes, I’m loving the music that’s playing as well. I really should download the OST when I have the time.

Btw, did they use the music from first or second season here? Does anyone know? 83?

Ok, that’s it. Enough with being nice. Gaiden should have been the second season and just go right to all the Izanami scenes after it’s over (minus bokkuku, kthxbai). <– *just getting worked up so don't mind her*


Huh, come to think of it, I didn’t go into why I like this pairing so much yet.

Hmm…well, as I said before, I’m still a noob to the DtB universe so I haven’t formed any written-in-marble opinions yet but other than the fact that these two look so sweet together, there is just a strong connection between them even though it’s not totally completed yet because Bones is a bastard *bitter fangirl* xP but in terms of development as a pairing, that’s a good thing. Shippings need a good foundation to support them. You can’t just put two people you like together and say “Ok, OTP” or something silly like that.

Getting down to the deeper reasons, it doesn’t take a lot for one to guess why Yin is attached to Hei. The fact that he must emit some very sexy cologne aside (pfft! xD;), Hei was the one who literally brought about change in Yin the most. Notably the time when he told her that they were comrades, the same time a part of her old self, Kirsi, resurfaced, it seemed to have made her very happy. In the sense that Hei doesn’t see her as just a Doll? Perhaps. He was the first person to imply that, though. Ahh~ 8D
Her choice to stay with her partners must have been influenced by the time spent with them, too. Even though Huang back then despised Contractors and Dolls and they all maintained a undercover business relationship for most of the time, they were the only family she really had. Her piano tutor doesn’t really count because he didn’t acknowledge the Doll side of her so yea.

And now that Huang is dead (I do miss Huang, btw TwT) and Mao still floating off in another animal body somewhere, Hei’s all she has left. Ah, but putting it that way almost makes her sound like a burden dumped on him but it’s really not. Why?

Simply because it’s hinted so heavily that Hei seems to need Yin a little more than she needs him. Whether it’s love or for psychological support or somewhere in between, she’s been the first person he’s truly relied for something which explains his very protective nature over her.

But wait, wouldn’t that be similar to how he acts towards his sister? True, in the beginning, I think that’s what made their relationship more than just one between people working on the same side. Yin is younger than Hei after all so given that Hei is such an Onii-chan, he might’ve saw her like someone who’s safety he was responsible for. The difference, however, is that Hei never really needed Bai. He was just anxious to find out where she was and try to save her if he could. With Yin, it went in a different direction. She provided surveillance for his missions, guided him with her words and most of all, understood him and knew what he needed to understand the most even when he doesn’t agree. In other words, it’s like she’s the one protecting him.

Which brings me to back to the connection they have with each other. They’re both beings that are shunned by normal people and preyed on by other Contractors. Him, whose purpose is to kill. Her, whose purpose is to follow orders as a tool. But they weren’t your standard Contractor and Doll. They still retained their own feelings and in their situation, who else can comprehend what they’re going through than each other? The one who Yin communicates with most is Hei. And him…

Well, for one thing, everyone who came after him wanted him dead or their feelings returned or something else. =P As far as I can remember, the two requests Yin asked of him are just for him to not leave her alone and to believe in her. She knows what it’s like for him to always been on the run and killing all the time and he knows she’s trying to keep some part of her human self. And they accept each other for who they are despite those things.

Again, I’m not rooted securely in a lot of these things yet since everyone else has their issues that make interpretations even more complicated so forgive me for the sloppiness and length. I’m pretty sure that their relationship is stronger than any other relationships they’ve had with other people though (with maybe the exception of Bai) so that’s enough for me to declare them OTP.

…also, I don’t think Hei can have a stable relationship with another woman anyway. Besides Yin and Bai, they either always end up dying or getting beat up by him. I actually loved seeing that happen cuz this just proves that Abuse isn’t love! xD;

Whoo…wow, that was rambly. @.@; Back to the main thing…

So nice. Watching her as he sleeps. Why can’t the rest of the world leave them alone so they can live in peace together? BONES! >:(

Wup, and we momentarily interrupt your program with some impostor!Amber news-breaking coverage.

Pfft, doesn’t look like Amber at all. Amber was way more cute and cool (Amber~). Don’t like you. Go away! Don’t disturb someone’s honeymoon! >x(

K, so the end reveals there’s no need for this person to be named but I’m wondering if Tomoko Kawakami, Amber’s seiyuu, voices for her anyway. There hasn’t been a page set up for Gaiden on ANN or anything so I don’t know. :/

And I’m going to make a silent “GRR!!” face with Yin now for this impostor trespassing.


Nooo~…I can has no hand holding? TTATT

Hmm, well this won’t do if they just remain suspicious. Time to “observe” this other hotel guest.

Aww, why’d you stop her, Hei? D:

Back to seriousness, Yin tells him that woman is a Contractor who only looks like Amber and that they should leave asap and for him to trust her. Moment of slightly sad heart-warming hugging follows…

Hei tells Yin to trust in him, too, and he promises that he won’t leave her by herself.

GAH~, who melted into happiness at this point? <33


NOOOO!!!! Why uso desuuu~???? TTAAAATT

Yea, go eat your flower but don’t eavesdrop on the moment. xP

Oh yea, said Amber look-alike is apparently a guy.

I had the same face as Hei here.

WUT? Wait, how does that work? Is it an illusion made specifically so that only Hei and Yin can see him as a woman? D8

Ah, I wish they showed us how he beat these guys up or got away. An action scene would’ve done so great here. And hey, this is an OVA, why couldn’t you have stretched it an extra 10 minutes for that, eh?! >:/

So it’s apparently the Syndicate behind things again. That has been bugging me for the biggest time because we still don’t know exactly what they or their objectives are. And then all of a sudden, they fell out of power at the end of Gemini and US reclaimed its spot as the most influential country in the world or something. So what? Is the Syndicate some massive employer? I’m so confused… D|

Not much action here either but impostor!Amber has one more than a few powers. Beside casting an illusion which is just a small portion of her entire ability heap (oi, just how big is it?), she can also control people.

Eh, too bad that Yin’s evolution enables her to make Contractors use their own powers on themselves.

(Loved the music playing here btw.)


Badass Black Reaper threat followed by badass electric brain fry is badass.

And I guess Hei let this kid live because there’s no point in killing him since he’s a Doll and he can relay the message to the Syndicate.

Though what the kid does later indicates something “uh-oh…” is going to happen later on. o.O;

But enough of that for now. Reunion hugging is needed.

Ore o…hitori shinai de kure.


Yes, I’m very satisfied, thank you very much though I wouldn’t mind moar HeixYin, thank you very much. <3

Because you're going to break my heart over them anyways, Bones, so mind as well squeeze in as much HeixYin as you can, thank you very much. T___T

And this is the “uh-oh…”

What’s this meeeeaaaaannnn????? *worried now* ;_____;

Creepy dog is back and if I did blink, I’m sure…

This would’ve scared the crap out of me. O.o;;

So someone please explain how this guy’s ability works. That body wasn’t real, right? But wait, how did he control his other power through an illusion? ARGH! I’m so confused! <– Reason why this post earns the longest tag I've created to date. =.=;

I think his name is Claude, too, though I’m not sure where his allegiance lies. Most likely with the Syndicate maybe? Hmm.

Well, his biggest interest is the progress of Yin’s evolution, with Hei as the source of its increasing rate. He tells creepy dog here that they’re now able to predict Hei’s movements from now on. And it ends there.

I have this sneaking guess that Miyu Irino is voicing for him but I’m not sure cuz I don’t think I ever heard Miyu Irino playing as an antagonist before. Someone please put up that seiyuu information already~


Next time, Hei and Yin head for Kowloon, Hong Kong. Heh, that’s where my relatives live. Shopping is mad expensive though (sux because I actually like the clothes over there).
A new extended PV is up at the main site and gah, I so can’t wait. Looks like there’ll be more action, Junko Minagawa is voicing for that female contractor and we get to see the evil side of Yin (or Izanami, I’m assuming) coming out which means WOOT! Yay for more lines for Misato Fukuen! And nuu~ cuz YIIIIINNNN!!!! She cut her hair, too. WRY?!?! ;________;

And oh yea, more hugging. YESH! xDDD

So the OVA is going to come out with the 4th Gemini vol on 3/27 or 3/28, either of those two or around there.
I’m really looking forward to it as they’re doing an awesome job telling what happened during the two years between season 1 and 2 so far. I just hope Yin isn’t completely shoved away to the back of her mind due to that evil side appearing. Yin. ;___;

Yep, that’s all. Sorry about the length of this. ^^;

Going to bed now and will do DRRR!! post after subs come out (the ep was awesum~). Have a party to go to tomorrow, too, so I’ll have to try to finish everything before I leave. On top of that, there’s a snowstorm approaching so if I’m going to be stuck in bad weather away from home all night, god knows what I’d do. -_-;


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