Brief Impressions: Why Tuesday won the week. :D

1st reason: Because Pedro Maru is so. FRIGGIN’. CUTE!!! KAWAIII~!!!!!! xDDDD

lol, I really should be studying for a quiz now but nah, I felt like saying something for KnT and Kobato after watching it a few hours ago. KnT with it’s continued wonderful d’awwsomeness and Kobato for hawt Okiura finally turning back to the plot.

It’s short cuz yea, I really have to go back to my hwk or I’m so screwed tomorrow so read on… |D;

KnT ~ Ep. 17

Honestly, what’s not to love about this show? It practically does the impossible by making slice-of-life fun to watch.

I can’t tell you how much I laughed throughout the whole entire episode and that’s pretty a big deal for me cuz I rarely laugh at home when my family’s there, let alone that loudly. But back to the point, it was just awesome. Chizu and Ayane coming over to visit and have some quality girlfriend time with Sawako made me nostalgic for my own friends (who I don’t know where the heck they are now), Ryuu going all deredere for Maru was too adorable for words, Pin being…well, PIN (oh god, I love this guy so much, enroll me in his class plz XDD;;; ) and of course…



Kyaa! Go for it, Kazehaya!! XDDD




Hahaha, I don’t mind actually cuz I always love their blushy, flustered reactions to each other and this has got to be the pinnacle of all those moments put together. Goddamn you, Pin! You ruin the mood even when you’re not there! <– And this is why I love him so. lololol *gets slapped* XD;

Aww god, that was just great. x3

Preview: Looks like we're diving into Chizu's arc which I've skimmed over last weekend. As I thought, things except the dorama~ seem to tone down after Kurumi's arc but I don't mind cuz I'm sure I'll like Chizu's arc all the same (and the girls can look forward to more Ryuu, too, haha).

Kobato ~ Ep. 16

Kobato: IORYOGI-SAN!!!



Well, there’s nothing for me to say a lot since I’m sure this whole entire ep was straight out of the manga, namely the bazaar. But they seem to have upped the level of cuteness for the anime because ZOMG, Kobato and every really trying their best to make the bazaar a success (hey, that rhymes! 8D) made me want to buy everything they were selling there! <333

lol, I can almost even call it cuteness overload with that little girl saying that her mommy was going to have a baby soon and that she was going to pick her little brother/sister up from Yomogi Nursery in the future. D'AWWW. Why can't kids be this cute? <333

On the less brighter side, I've pretty much had it with Fujimoto. In the manga, I wasn't so annoyed with him since the chapters were so short and I didn't need to hear him be a jerk about everything (though Tomoaki Maeno is still doing a nice job voicing him) but really, Mr. Grumpy with a constant stick up his ass drew the final straw when he came in all “Your bazaar idea isn’t going to work blah blah blah”.

On development, I know it’s his personality to be blunt and cold and that he’s come quite a way already in regards to his relationship with Kobato and is sure to improve (just look at all the moments they had in here) but forget it. I don’t want to care about someone who can’t learn to be less negative. It’s irritating to watch. I’m sticking to my Doumoto-kun and Okiura.

Which brings me to…


Finally they show his whole profile and he looks so HAWT! *squeals!* And for the umpteenth annoying time, Shinichiro Miki voicing for him makes him all the more HAWTER!! KYAAA!!!! xDDDD

Haha, so yea, I know, I know. He’s the bad guy who wants to shut down the nursery and pressuring Sayaka like an evil ex-husband but even so, I can’t help but find him a very interesting character. At least, he doesn’t seem like your typical villain if he keeps on giving them warning calls to leave so no one gets hurt. I mean, a loan shark wouldn’t really care about those type of things but Okiura may have a good side to him. If last episode was any indication, he seemed to look happy that Sayaka overcame her sickness as he watched them from a distance.

Well, anyways, he’s only had two major scenes in the manga as far as I can remember so none of his motives have been revealed yet. Still, I’m glad he’s finally appearing for real because as you should all know, things move forward when Okiura and his cigarette (lol xD) show up. In fact, things only ever progress when he shows up. :P
It’s what led up to this bazaar episode and the next will lead up to…oh, shippers already know so just look forward to it. haha XD

Hmm, yea…I want more Okiura~ <3


That's all for now. I'm actually working on another post that should've been up today but I'll get around to it tomorrow since I'm coming home earlier. K, k. Ciao for now. ^^


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  1. I’m sooooo glad my roommate was out of the room for most of the time when I was watching Kimi ni Todoke this week, because I was fangirling and squealing and all sorts of silly-ness! xD This episode was especially awesome~

    An I’m going to have to agree…Okiura is hot (I sure see why Sayaka married him). :3 He may be a jerk (we think at least), but heck he’s attractive. xD And yay for more plot from Kobato.! :D

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