Durarara!! ~ Ep. 4 ~ Are underground doctors this cute?


If all of them were as cute as Shinra, I wouldn’t mind going into the black market. lololol XDDD

Well, shorter post this week since I’m still working on another post but figured I should get this one out first. Not a lot of stuff I need to go over since Shinra explained Celty’s (I’m not sure if this the correct spelling for her name but I’m sticking with it since it makes more sense to me :P) background quite straightforwardly. So yea, plot didn’t move any forward, just stuff being revealed but no questions answered.

WARNING: BEWARE OF SPOILERS! Well, it’s not new news if you looked on Wiki but for those who don’t want to be spoiled, I suggest you don’t read under the first screencap anyways.

This week we have Junie narrating and that made me overflow with <333! He did a really awesome job.

Haha, I really loved the variations in the voices for the online chat room. He matched all their personalities so well. Nothing less of everyone's favorite JunJun. He's so talented~ ♥


Well, as for the identities behind those pennames, beside Tanaka Tarou who was already confirmed in episode 1 as Mikado, the other two are Izaya and Celty as "Kanra" (the orange girl avatar) and "Setton" (gray one) respectively. YES! I'm so happy to be right on Setton. Pretty much caught on when they gave us the clue that Setton also saw the Shadow Rider at the same time Mikado did after he arrived in Ikebukuro. Then I put two and one together by narrowing in on the tone of Setton's voice and yea… it was easy as pie. |D

Izaya as Kanra surprised me a bit and…not at the same time. lol It's so like him to take up a female persona and speak slightly provokingly, which is more or less his own personality in RL anyways. I wonder if this is the reason why he was so interested in meeting Mikado since, as Tanaka Tarou, he told them about his transfer to the city. But as to how Izaya found out Mikado’s real information, I have no clue. Then again, this is Izaya we’re talking about. The greatest informant in the whole entire city or beyond it so wondering about that seems almost pointless. Still, not everything has been cleared out yet so we’re going to be kept in the dark a little longer until something drastic or of the like happens.

…oh yea, and we still don’t know who Dota-chin is. o.O;

Alrighty, back to SHINRAAAAAA~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!! KYAAAAAA~!!!!!!

I so want to HUG! him! RIGHT NAO! XDDDDDDD

Omg, I knew Shinra was cute (he’s so a megane adorable!) and that I loved him a lot already but now that he’s got his chance to speak and all, I can’t help but want to glomp him to the ground! <333
Haha, he's been the third person I wanted to hug so badly for this series so far (which explains my hug! tag~). First being Shizu, second Mikado. I don't know why but I really want to hug these three in particular. xD;

Well, anyways, Shinra's gotten a camera and started making his own documentary about the city's urban legend aka the Shadow Rider aka Celty Sturluson, of whom he lives with (ZOMGDAISHOKKU! /playing around with sarcasm).

His profession is that of an unlicensed physician who treats “people who have been injured by illegal weapons” wait, there are nukes in Ikebukuro, too?! o.O; and performs some kind of plastic surgery for some underground upshots so yea, he’s a pretty busy man. How cool~ <3

Haha, and at home, he’s not really a pervert or any of that sort but it’s just because he’s been living with Celty for a long time that opening the bathroom door to greet her is more of a silly habit, I guess? xD

Well, judging by how the interact with each other, you can tell they have some good history together. I mean, if you can make jokes to a headless fairy about calcium and whether it will get to her brain or not without being immediately cursed, that must mean something.

As far as communication goes, Celty still uses her handy dandy cellphone but IM chats seem more easier.

Hehe~, I’m really liking their relationship a lot so far. It’s so odd and peculiar and I love it. x3

It’s kinda one-sided love coming from Shinra’s side (aww~) but he also seems to be the only one she’s willing to let her guard down in front of, though not completely but hey, that’s still something, ne~?

As to why Shinra’s so crazy about her, one of the reasons is that he wants to know how she sees the world since she’s obviously not human nor does she have a eyes or ears or such but can still use her senses in a different way than humans do.

Well heck yea, I’m curious about that as well! It’s not everyday you get to live with Dullahan.

So Celty’s story begins in Ireland where her head ran off somewhere when she was taking a nap in the middle of a graveyard and therefore, lost her memories because they were stored in there as well. I don’t think I need to explain anymore. *shrug*

How exactly did her head “run off” and why to Japan of all places (Ikebukuro of all places)… lol, I’m joking to myself right now that it’s probably because her head must be interested in becoming an otaku or whatever. *smacked* xD;

Ah, but seriously now. Turns out that a Japanese oji-san/street artist went to Ireland and saw a Dullahan (which Celty is sure that it was her own self) with his very own eyes. Hmm…but it’s not like she stopped and threw a tub of blood on him or anything since she rode right pass where he was hiding so I’m wondering if the head has anything to do with. If the head noticed him and followed him there for some reason.

I don’t know. Another shot-in-the-darker theory that is becoming more less likely the more I think about it. This guy just happened to catch sight of her because of a very, rare lucky coincidence and that’s all. *shrug*

Though that doesn’t stop him from being fascinated by the Dullahan as well since he’s still trying quite hard to visualize and draw her head.

*sigh* And no more helpful hints after they went and met with this guy. Huu~, I want some moar revelations already. T.T

Ah, and I just realized I haven’t mentioned this yet but yay for all those who guessed that Miyuki Sawashiro was voicing for Celty because you were right! x3

And damn, does Miyuki-san make Celty sound good! AHHH~!!! MIYUKI SAWASHIRO, Y SO AWESUM?!?!? <3333 Haha, I'd like to say she got a little easier since there's no mouth for her to talk in sync with. xD;

Anyways, aww, I don't like saying this but poor Celty. She looks pretty exhausted, always searching for her head but never getting any closer to it despite knowing that it is somewhere in this city.
I really want her to find it so she can get back her memories but at the same time, I also…don't?

Kinda like her lover here…

Yea, you cute megane dude you. *huggles Shinra* x3

I agree that she’s quite awesome as she already is without her head. And not having it makes her all the more cooler and mysterious but ah~, guess that won’t do even if it’s Shinra saying things like “give up” and “let’s run off together” and cute corny stuff like that. Which only made her angry and caused her to storm out of the room when he said he’d like her to be more lady-like. Shinra…why are you such a cute idiot? |D;

On Shinra’s story, he first saw/met Celty on a ship heading back home to Japan with his father when he was only four years old and since then, he’s always been attracted to her.


He’s be love-struck ever since he was just a gaki and twenty years later, that still hasn’t changed. Gahhh, why do I love these shippings so? <3

*cough* Anyways, so yea, Celty got to stay with them on the condition that she let Shinra's dad do an autopsy on her…

Creepy, freaky surgeon slicing body open ensues and hell, did it freak me out when he was all curiously peeking inside of her and going “hmm, your organs aren’t functioning…” while she’s going through some massive physical and psychological trauma.

SHINRA’S DAD SCARES ME!!! *runs off crying* Dx

On top of that, his son was in the room with them and he told Shinra to try it out for himself. WHAT KIND OF PARENT ARE YOU?!?! He’s just four years old! D8

But it nonetheless increased Shinra’s interest and infatuation with Celty as well as led him to take up the same occupation as his parents. Not really sure if this is a good thing or not but good thing Celty’s immortal at least. ^^;

So yea, that’s all there is to it. Celty’s still not giving up the search for her head and Shinra still in love with her as ever.

lol, Shinra: “I’m recording it to let future generations know what our relationship’s like.” (What are you planning to do? Make it a time capsule of some sort?! xDD)

Celty: “Whatever. Just keep it down. I can’t sleep.”


Yes, I love this couple lots.


Next time! We go back to our student trio! Good cuz as much as I loved this week’s episode, I missed them, too.
Seems like Anri might be breaking out of her shy shell a bit. Ugh, that pervert teacher is back and looks like he’s up to no good. And WHAT?! Who are these men chasing my Mikado-kun?! Does Xiao have to bring out a bat and beat someone up?! D8<

Looks like Kida-kun is leading them into some shady area as well but maybe that's just the buildings. And aww, Anri running out on them again. Poor Mikado~ ^^; But he's so cute when he blush! Can't wait to see Kida trip him when he's spacing out. lol XD

Yep. I should have gotten this review out sooner but whatev, it's out. Will get back to the other post I'm working tomorrow. Looking forward to next week! Hope it's guud~ *excited* x3!


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  1. Ahhh~~! I *finally* have been able to sit down and watch Durarara!! It’s awesomesauce :3 I’m curious about the even darker stuff that’s apparenty coming up in the future… o__o I have to say when I saw your header for this post I was like, OK! I’m going to go and sit down and watch this one :D I love everyone I can’t pick a favorite D: But that’s just the way it is, everyone shall have my love bwhahaha (evil laugh = why?)

    • Yay~ I’m glad~ <3
      Haha, same here. Even any spoilers I come across makes me want to see it even more. xD

      Rly? lol, that's great. And me either! Everyone is just so awesome and lovable that you can't possibly choose so better just to love them all! *joins you in evil laugh*

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