Kimi ni Todoke ~ Ep. 15 ~ Guud raibarurii is guud. :3

Yay, another episode that impressed me this week. It impressed me so much that I went back into my old habit of taking an assload of screencaps (52 to exact). Not exactly up to my old SC! standard (which went up to 90 sometimes) but it’s still a lot. lol XD;

Ah~, I thought I would have a lot to say with this as well but it all wore away since I’m so dead tired so I’ll try to make this as quick as I can. Though I probably go off rambling on one topic or another but we’ll get to it when we get to it. ^^

lol, so we start off rather comically despite last week leaving off both girls so emotional. It’s one of the things I really love and…well, am peeved (?) about KnT. Then again, it’s not like they’re the first shoujo work to go with this drama-and-comedy-in-hand approach but since I feel that KnT leans towards the former more strongly, I guess that’s why. Though its humor is just as good. ^^

And they try to bring it back to seriousness but coming this far into the series, we all know that won’t last for long. xD;

But really, this made “D’AAAAAWWWWWWW” and want to hug them both and go “NA-KA-YOSHI♪” or something like that. Wrong subscription, Xiao. :P

Nyahaha~, see? <D;

There's never a boring moment when these two interact. And since it's usually concerning Kazehaya, it's even funnier because then…

EVERYTHING goes onto another track and you just can’t help but laugh. I mean, one moment Kurumi is all “I hate you!” and then they go back to gossipy girls over the most popular guy in school. Oi…

(Sorry for the bad quality. I didn’t realize the frame-changing until after I uploaded it. Urk!)

Alright, but for real this time.

This is pretty much what KnT excels at. And it’s the most evident in Sawako. Her thoughts are very simple and naive to a fault but coming from her, it just makes you want to sit and hear everything that’s running through her mind. I can’t really describe the effect and maybe it doesn’t apply to everyone but to turn something that sounds very average into something with a huge meaning is just hard to do. You’ve gotta have someone like Sawako, who’s gone through similar things as Sawako has, say these lines.

To illustrate what I mean, take her thoughts on Kurumi over here for example.

“Kurumi-chan treats me like a human being.”

Well, if I just jumped into this episode or a few ones before without knowing the entire story about Sawako, this would have just went through one ear right out the other or maybe even annoyed me a bit. I mean, not Sawako herself but she tends to repeat a lot of what she says because she’s always hesitant. I don’t blame her since only recently was she able to interact normally with people but that sort of thing always bothers me. You either say it or don’t, hurry up.

Yet it’s a different case with her. Since she comes to realize things at a slow pace and because of her circumstances, these moments, small as they are, are pretty important in her ongoing development of her character.

Haha, now that I think about, I often like to compare cute “gambarimasu!” Sawako to a baby taking his/her first steps. I think that’s easier to understand than me putting it into words. ^^;

Anyways, what I liked about this scene in particular was what Sawako said about Kurumi treating her normally. Aside from Kazehaya, she is the only one who never really viewed her as some ghoul-girl from when they started talking to each other. Well, duh, Kurumi saw Sawako as an obstacle to her love interest but you get the point. Sawako for the second time wasn’t viewed as something creepy but just as another person. “An annoying person” in Kurumi’s mind but still a person.

Ack, no, not now, Pin! XD

At this point, of course we all know that Sawako doesn’t have to give any more of her sympathy than she already has because Kurumi is still too mad to want to take her kindness seriously, but oh, sweet Sawako will never be aware of this fact so let’s keep it that way. <3

Haha, well, I can confirm now that she's the type who's very sensitive to other people's feelings. On a deeper level than Kazehaya as well but it might just only apply to Kurumi for now.
She also seems like the person who can't seem to leave anyone who's in trouble alone as shown here when she's telling Kurumi that it's not good to let misunderstandings be as they are. She's also got credibility with her whole experience of being misunderstood by her classmates so it moves from sympathy to an higher mutual understanding.

And these are typical shoujo heroine traits but since KnT isn't a mahou shoujo, I can appreciate it a lot more.

Well, like all good rivals, each have their own worst times that you’d feel bad for them on and Kurumi is no different. The way the other girls talked about her like that, jumping to all these conclusions without any proof and just because some guy happened to like her because she was nice to him is so middle-school stupidity at its finest. :P

Really, that’s such a childish thing to do. Being nice to someone and it resulting in a reaction like this? I mean, come on! People like people who are nice to them. It’s only natural, right? I don’t see why the girls from this age group always choose to chase their grudge rather than go for the logical reasoning. But then again, everyone’s stupid at this age…well, on certain girls, it tends to worsen with time if they don’t smarten themselves up, too, but yea…

Aww, don’t cry, Kurumi! *hughug* <3

lol, seriously, it’s so cute and funny at the same time. Dammit, KnT, why do you do these moments that just happen to incorporate everything into it? xD;

So we now see why Kurumi likes Kazehaya so much and for good reason. All the other girls just like him because he’s super nice, good-looking, and really friendly to get along with. But it meant a lot more to Kurumi when he showed her genuine concern and just treated her normally while others were hating on her nice act.

This is where I started liking Kazehaya a bit more instead of just liking him as the male protagonist. On the fact that he doesn’t judge by other biases and that he just looks straight at you as you are.
But there’s also a downside to all this… positive energy (lol) he emits off. It’s because he’s always so nice to everyone that he’s probably not aware of all the feelings he’ll hurt when girls want him to look only at them. Like, oh I dunno, Kurumi here! XD;

Needless to say, they’ll probably say the generic “But that’s what I like about him…” or something like that.

Ah, another flaw found. Kazehaya can jump to conclusions, too.

Poor Kurumi. ^^;

The Kurumi wangsting aside for a moment, d’aww! Just look at the face he wears when he’s thinking about Sawako. It’s quite love-struck but calm at the same time. He really does love her, doesn’t he? D’aww… <3

AH! There it is! Moe-kettle-kun! So cute! So cute! xDDD

There he goes again. Damn, someone should tell this guy that the more he does this, the more hearts he’ll break. ^^;

But it was very sweet of him to think of Kurumi and tell her to feel better even though his mind is still full of Sawako.

Which leads to this. Kurumi’s so happy that he still treats her so nicely, despite the misunderstanding of her liking Pin and both so aware of him liking Sawako, that all her emotions just collide with each other like crazy and she just goes for it and confess.

Now this scene I thought was very well done. First of all, I have to applaud them for doing such a great job on Kurumi breaking down into tears while she’s so distressed over Kazehaya taking things the wrong way. Thankfully, the humor is absent from this scene so it’s not ruined.

Second, Aya Hirano’s voice acting here was superb. I’m glad it’s been a while since I’ve heard from her (Haruhi like two years ago and Yuki from White Album a year ago) cuz if I was too used to her voice, I wouldn’t have liked this scene as much. But see! No annoying bitchiness or high-pitched girl tones. Her role as Kurumi has got to be by far the best one she’s voice for, imo, since everything sounds more natural through Kurumi.

And finally, I liked the music that accompanied this part. I swear, this ep just has “aww~” scribbled all over it. ^^;

Since I’m still trying to figure out how to make animated gifs, I regret to say I don’t have any screencaps of Kazehaya scrambling off his bike to go and apologize to Kurumi but damn! Did you see him rush off like that? If this was Sawako, I don’t doubt he’ll probably get so frantic that he’ll forgot to lock his bike and trip over it. Ouch! lol xD;

Ok, joking aside, now this what’s with me going “this” so much? |D; is what really, really got me liking Kazehaya more. I mean, I don’t think I’ve come across a guy whose genuine concern for others are so apparent. Maybe because this is shoujo but whatever.

It was just nice to see Kazehaya so worried over someone whom he had hurt (unintentionally). Kudos to Daisuke Namikawa for putting the urgency in his voice to fit the scene though they could’ve done a little more with Kazehaya’s face cuz he looked a little too emotionless to me. :/

But that last part is not important. What’s important is that he apologized and cleared up things on his own end.

“There’s another girl I like. I can’t think of anyone else but her.”

D’AWW! I bet the OTP shippers exploded with happiness when he said that. Haha! XD

This is enough to make me overlook his reaction to Kurumi’s feelings, which I thought in the midst of all the SawakoxKazehaya-ness was a bit underdone and falling apart as it went on.

AH! And I loved this part, too!

Kurumi: “It’s so obvious that anyone can see that!”

Kazehaya: *POOF!BLUSHING* <– CUTE! x3333


Back to Kurumi, well, at least she got some good things out of this. Like Kazehaya being happy that she liked him and him calling her by her first name so she doesn’t hate it as much anymore (lol, it’s totally different when your crush says it, XD).

And Kurumi realizing the biggest mistake she made (miscalculating Kazehaya when she should’ve known he wasn’t like that) was very nice, too. I don’t have to say anything more cuz it’s pretty self-explanatory.

Oh, this part was awesome, too. Some aftermath tsuntsun. Just adorable.

“You’ll never get a girl as cute as me to like you again, y’know!”


And the classic “You don’t have a good eye for girls!” line.

Left Kazehaya clueless but anyone who’s still viciously hating Kurumi for saying that doesn’t understand that this is supposed to be interpreted in a good way. Technically, if a guy rejects a girl and she accepts it, then her saying that line is just the first step in her getting over the rejection and showing off a little renewed confidence. That’s all.

Breaking apart from Kurumi a sec, yay! Sawako told Chizu and Yano she liked Kazehaya and expected reaction ensues.

I love Chizu and Yano here.

Chizu: “Yano-chi, why are you acting like you didn’t know all along?”

Yano: “Eh? Well…yea…”

Just joining in the fun, ne~? xDD

Another nice little Sawako-to-herself moment. If it weren’t for her and Kurumi liking the same person, she probably would’ve taken a longer time to learn what it’s like to have romantic feelings for someone.

And y’know, this is why love rivals are good. It speeds up realizations a lot faster. So you can’t hate Kurumi too much since she acted as a catalyst for SawakoxKazehaya, ne?

lol, Chizu turning into a demon if she would be jealous over a guy? That’s something I don’t mind seeing. Haha.

Nice sunglasses…

Ah, Kazehaya’s rejection must have affected her more than I thought. She must have cried buckets for her to wear sunglasses to school. But it’s okay. Cry your heartache out and look cool the next day. That’s awesome. ;Db

Silly Pin. lol, I love Pin. He knows how to break out impressive lines only to ruin the mood when he brags about how great he is afterwards. XD;

And it’s cute that Kurumi wanted to believe in what he said a little. Too bad I don’t think Kazehaya’s doing that since he already has another girl he likes. It might have been gone this way if he didn’t. ^^;

As I thought, Kurumi’s friends aren’t as close to her as they appear to be. If it weren’t for them talking about her behind her back in the last episode, I would’ve found this a bit surprising. But it’s not like Kurumi showed her true self to them anyways and they’re not the focus here so moving along…

“I’ll hate any girl that Kazehaya likes!”

lol, I don’t think this is anything like tsundere material (Kurumi is not a tsundere anyway) but the real thing. And it’s not something to get mad over either. She still likes Kazehaya and it’s natural to dislike the person whom your crush likes because you’re not him/her.

Let me just make this clear that though Kurumi will hate the person Kazehaya likes, that doesn’t mean she hates Sawako as Sawako. That I’m pretty sure of.

I mean, she declared that they were rivals so it’s a good-natured relationship as opposed to the previous one when she was faking it for the most part.

Haha, it’s good to see Kurumi angry. I’m sure most people who have read enough love rivalries in shoujo would agree with Chizu that they like seeing this side of Kurumi more.

Oh, and the trio look so cute here. <3

lol, so while I was so busy focusing on all the drama, I completely forgot about the sports festival.

How the heck did they lose? I thought they were winning! xD;

Sawako is so cute~! She’s like a walking neon sign full of cuteness! x333

And I love how she goes and looks up the definition of “rival” when she gets home. It’s just…too cute. xD

I’m pretty sure what her dictionary says about “rival” isn’t the same definition in my own. “A good enemy”. That sounds too good to be the definition. *goes off and checks* lol

Congrats, Sawako. Your first raibaru~ ^^

Now bring out Kazehaya’s rival. lololol XDDD

Aww, she looks so pretty in this shot. I do say that the main girl always gets prettier when she gets more character development.

So the rest of the episode I consider an extra bonus because it’s all OTP fluff and moar sweet fluff and laughs.

I’m a little surprised that Sawako can admit it pretty calmly now. Though this is only in front of Chizu and Yano. I can’t wait to see how it’ll happen in front of Kazehaya. *giggle*

GAH! Couldn’t get a good shot cuz they moved too fast but lol, they’re practically all over her. XD;

Ryuu… ^^;

Love Yano and her sly, sneaky expression here. Wish Kazehaya could’ve stuck around a second longer to overhear her and go into moe-kettle mode again. x3!

OTP spam time! Everyone shut up for a bit and enjoy the screencaps! Ignore the fact that I couldn’t get one of Sawako saying “Yes?” in her sleep.


(I can hear the mute fangirl screaming, lol)


Gah, it’s so sweet. Sawako loved Kazehaya from the moment he said out her name. Excuse me while I defunction for a bit due to fluff rendering everything incoherent. Durhurhur~ <B


And that's it for this week's episode. Nice wrap-up of the Kurumi arc.

No preview because I think it's just a recap. Ugh, why does everything sink down a massive level after a good episode? Quality-wise, this episode wasn't that impressive either. :/

Well, anyways, I'm looking forward to the next arc though I doubt this one can be topped unless it's the arc where Sawako and Kazehaya finally confess to each other. I still haven't read the manga yet so please don't spoil it for me as I want to be surprised. Hehe.

Yep. Going to work on DRRR!! now after a break. And maybe a news blurb if I can manage.