Durarara!! ~ Ep. 3 ~ Violence was born to wear a bartender suit.


I must have watched this episode a dozen times already because THIS is what I wanted! THANK YOU, BRAIN’S BASE!!! I will love you forever if you give me MOAR!!! X33333

I couldn’t decide on a front image so I picked the two most awesomest focuses instead. F*CKYEA FOR SOME VIOLENT SHIZU LOVIN’, BITCHES!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! >8DDD

And my OTP~ It’s still kinda early to declare any OTPs, especially for me cuz I usually do it mid-way through, but I don’t care! I have a good feeling about this one and when Xiao has a good feeling about potential OTPs, stay clear of her way. I’ll maul down everyone who says otherwise, y’hear?

So anyways…o’course, I got alots to say. It’s almost proportional to the number of screencaps I have which this time, is 98, lolol.

And you know it! Long post is loooooooooooonnnnnnggggggg… 8D

Alright, if it’s not obvious to viewers now, then it’s never going to be obvious but the narration changes each episode. First one went to Mikado, second went to an unknown female character who many suspect to be Celty (thanks to kanzie for bringing this up to me cuz I totally didn’t think of that XD;).

This one is Simon’s and damn, I didn’t come across this seiyuu before DRRR!! but Takaya Kuroda‘s acting for Simon is AWESOME~! And uwaahhh! Russian! I think I’ve only heard it spoken once or twice when I was with my Russian friend so I don’t know how they sound or if their accent is off but RUSSIAN, people, RUSSIAN!! 8DDD

Interesting way to start off. ^^

So they’re choosing the class reps and while Mikado is wondering if he should apply for the position or not (he’s so cute, go for it, Mikado! <3), Simon's narration caught my attention. He said something along the lines "…nobody knows your past…" or something and given how much of Mikado's background has been revealed, we're all still left in the dark. Sure, he seems pretty ordinary and goes online and chats a lot, but I have a feeling there's more to him than just that.

Heh, I think I'm going to start looking for any hints about Mikado's past or indications of what will happen to Mikado in the future more sharply now. For one thing, he doesn't get enough love from the fandom that is all swarming over Izaya and I've read some less than favorable opinions about him which is rather dumb and unfair, imo. You guys judge to quickly before anything's even started. :P

Then again, I've done a small amount of research and read some spoilers so maybe that's why I say this but nonetheless, I hate seeing this kind of treatment towards a character who I know promises a lot of development later on. It's like TTGL all over again and reminds me a lot on how shallow viewers can be.

K, I'm done with my negative input. Moving along…

Anri volunteers to be the female representative for the class and oh~, she’s so cute! x3

Kana Hanazawa didn’t get a lot of lines yet but she pulls off Anri’s shy personality really well. I can’t wait to hear how she’ll sound when all the action starts! *excited* x3

Seems like the other boys in the class are quite taken by her moe-ness (because Anri is so MOE and you know it!) while the girls are unimpressed (cuz they’re just jealous they’re not cute :P).

lol, I love seeing Mikado’s thoughts going back and forth.

“Well, maybe I should do it, but it might be a drag…but I don’t want other people taking the position either…”

Watcha goin’ to do, Mikado-kun? Hmmm? *pokepokepoke* ;3

Ah, but cut the conversation for a bit and cue the stare of destiny~! I shamelessly admit, I omitted the glance at the seat behind him. Ohoho~

Glowy background = destiny, loves. ;D

Huhu~, I’d say all the reaction from the other unworthy~ boys in the class was enough initiative to get him to raise his hand.

Yay! Dekimashita! for Mikado!

Seriously, if he wasn’t going to do it, I was going to jump in there and do it for him. >:(

AHHH!! And everything would’ve gone along just fine for a start between these two but…

THIS ass had to ruin it. Pervert! Hentai! Keep away from my Anri-chan! GRRRR!!!

I swear, I don’t think he I’ve seen him in the manga but the manga seems to be going about things in a different manner so I wouldn’t know. Still, he’s a creep. Don’t like him. GTFA from OTP, loser. GRRR!!!

Forgetting him now, lol, Kida-kun always makes my day. Just like how he describes himself, he seems to be a normal high school kid on the lookout for “rabu” (I’m lovin’ the gratuitous Engrish from Mamo-kun with every episode <3) and his blown-out teasing at Mikado makes me love him more.

Oh, and can’t forget his continued failed attempts to pick up girls older than him. lol

Poor Mikado being dragged along his friend’s pace. ^^;

And back to the mainstream. Around here, Simon mentions something about “change” and how “you’ll still remain your old self” or something like that. This gets me more curious about Mikado’s past cuz he gets a little angsty later on, especially when Dollars is brought up, and I don’t know why.

Well, finally, we get some more information on the gangs running around Ikebukuro. Each gang is represented by a different color, earning them the nickname “Color Gangs”.

And Dollars, “colorless and transparent“, seem to be the most powerful one at the moment. It gathers members anonymously online and rumors about them and their influence are still going rampant everywhere.

Hmmm…I’m liking Dollars quite a lot. 8D

Well, this isn’t a list of their members or anything (just some board talk) but besides Dollars, the other top two most dangerous people to be reckoned with in Ikebukuro is the Shadow Rider (mentioned at the top) and Shizuo closer to the bottom. Simon’s also been mentioned somewhere, too.

I didn’t see Izaya anywhere but that doesn’t surprise me as he likes to do things secretly anyway. Through fake personas online and stuff like that. Though if that’s the case, makes you wonder how Kida-kun knows about him, doesn’t it? Hmmm…

And we get our chats back but it’s Simon voicing all of them this time. I can confidently say that other than the blue avatar (which is clearly Mikado, I’m sure), Kida-kun doesn’t seem to be one of them. Mikado (as Tanako Taro, his username) relays to his online buddies that he was with his friend when things happened (or am I remembering it wrong?). Now I’m wondering who the other two could be.

The gray avatar person I’m kinda thinking has a chance to be Celty? I dunno, it’s just a shot in the dark. *shrug* :/

Whee~! Not only Baccano! shout-out but Cencoroll and I think, Jigoku Shoujo, as well? And Shana was brought up along with some puri-puri-whatever angels or something. AWESOME~! XDDD

Haha, gotta love all these shout-outs to RL things as well. Toranoana, the doujin franchise. They didn’t mention the Animate shop, though. ^^;

And these guys are back. From back to front, Erika, Walker and Kyohei. They look like your normal, dedicated otaku but I wonder about that… this is Ikebukuro, after all. “Where the impossible happens quite often” quote Simon. xD

Haha, took this because it’s a refreshing thing to see a Yuuichi Nakamura character who isn’t all cool and composed like a lot of roles he’s known for. I really cracked up when Erika and Walker were teasing him.

“You’re like the main character’s older brother!”

“Do you get a lot of girls who are into older men?”

Wait, wait, what’s with all these references I’m too familiar with?! lolol XDD;;;

And before I get ready for my Shizu squeal fest, here is Tanaka Tom (voiced by the awesome Katsuyuki Konishi), who seems to be Shizu’s more laidback partner in crime or something. Wonder what role he’ll play. :3

Why HAI THAR, Shadow Rider! Ain’t it a rare sight to see you in BROAD DAYLIGHT!


Here’s Seiji on his quest to find his love. D/

Ok, so scold me for judging him when it’s still early in the show but “my love will summon her to me”? Wut? This is why I’ve been getting bad vibes from his part in the romance department. I like it when things like this just happen naturally (more or less) instead of flinging it dramatically out there.

*sigh* Well, if he comes around again, I’ll make a brief note of anything new but not really looking forward to his “love” at all. |S

So it appears Anri found “Mika Harima” but it turns out…

…she only looks like Mika? Hmm, not sure. Her lack of response might have been what drove Anri off instead of Anri supposedly mistaking her for someone else.

Curious to know why Anri was so flustered, too. I mean, that could be just her traits but I’m going to assume otherwise.

Anyways, looks like Mika and Anri were friends or at least good acquaintances of some sort before she “disappeared”.

There are a lot of theories revovling around Mika’s head belonging to Celty but I disagree. The “proof” of the color of her skin below the scar line being different from the color of skin above the scar line is obviously false if you look at it more closely in this episode. They’re the same. I think people just thought it was different cuz the first time we saw it, it was at night so the lighting made it look misleading.

Another thing is, this person’s head looks waaaaayyyy too mediocre to be Celty’s head. I can be proven wrong but I’ll stand by this until everything is revealed.

Finally, I hope you all haven’t forgotten about the OP cuz I think this is more likely to be her head than Miss Scar-neck here.

Ahhh, at this point, I’m really dying for some more spoilers. I want to know why the whole Dollars business is bothering Mikado. Is he worried about running into them or something else.

And I don’t like seeing Mikado so depressed. Doushita no, Mikado? *huggles Mikado* >.<

Kida-kun going all cautious at the sight of some…yellow-colored gang members raise an eyebrow, anyone? I don’t think it’s too far-fetched to think it’s a possibility…that he might be involved with some gangs or so before Mikado arrived. Maybe that’s one of the reason he dyed his hair blonded, I dunno.

BUT! We’ll save that for another day cuz Kida-kun obviously needs to cheer his buddy up.

lol, I love how he describes all the “worries” about Ikebukuro and it just flows out like poetry. Haha. XDDDD

HISS!!! Lay off, bitches! Don’t bully my Anri-chan! Dx<

Now I'm wondering about Anri's background, too, cuz if there's more to it than these hos picking on Anri because they want to feel superior, then what exactly happened before the show started.

Who the FUH are you, you Dollars wannabe?! Dx<

lol, Mikado’s uneasy expressions FTW. XDDD

Nice puppet scenario. lol

And here’s Izaya who feels like playing as an ally of justice (or something like it in a very strange way) today…

By doing some awesome knife skills and showing off his five-minute hobby of stomping on girls’ cellphones. Dammit, the rest of the episode just CALLS to be animated gifs and I don’t know how to do them! *frustrated* Dx

Still, Izaya is just…AWESOME. 8DD

Not sure what to think about Kamiyan’s laugh here as it kind of scared me a bit but hey, if it fits Izaya then no complaints.







So yesh, after chasing those losers away, introductions follow and oh god, Kida just seems to freeze up in Izaya’s presence. You wonder how these two know each other…

This is Mikado’s first time seeing Izaya, though, so his surprised look is expected (oh, let’s not rush ahead of ourselves just yet ^^; ).

lol @ Izaya saying Mikado’s name reminds him of an air conditioner. XD;

So Izaya’s business was to meet up with someone in Ikebukuro but that one glance at Mikado makes me think it’s to see Mikado himself. Of course, I don’t know the reason why but Izaya’s been tailing the two up to the part where Mikado was going to jump out and save Anri.

If there’s any plausible clue as to why he wants to meet Mikado, I think it can partially stem from him being a friend of Kida’s, since Izaya and Kida happen to know each other on a talking-basis. But I know that’s not the whole case. Which is why I want MOAR. MOAR!!! RAWR!!!

MOAR!!! will have to be left for another time, though. Cuz gigantic flying trashcans means…



HAHA, I just love how he stretches out the “Iiiiiiiiiiii-zzzzzzzaaaaa-yaaaaaaaaaaaa-kuuuuuuuuuuun…”


OMGAWD, Shizuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x3333333333333333

So ain’t Mikado lucky to run into these two people that Kida told him especially to avoid?

Shizu just looks ready to break out into crazy murder at any moment. Absolutely. AWESOME. XDDDD

As to exactly what crime Izaya framed Shizu for doing, it’s still not told. And I wanna know! I wanna know! *impatient*

The yaoi fangirls must be happy they’re getting their FOE YAY!, I’m sure. lawl~ |D;

UGH, the wannabe is back and he brought even more loser wannabes with him. Loser. D|<

Did I mention how much I love OnoD’s “NANDA, TEMEE RA?!” so very, very, very, very, very much?!?! X33333333333333




Someone needs a to have a little lesson taught, hn?

Cue awesome VIOLENT! beatdown:


And the King of Violence never looked so fine in his suit. *ogles*

I am a slave to Shizu’s violent awesomeness and I want MOAR!!! >83333

Izaya makes a smart choice and decides to run for it.


Shizu won’t have that, though…


And again, Simon is AWESOME.

This is why I needed animated gifs cuz all this awesomeness can’t be put into only a few screencaps. Damn. Isn’t there a free program that takes frame captures?! D/

So yea, Mikado goes back to his senses, too, and takes Anri’s hand and runs away from the fight (leaving Kida behind ^^; ).

Anri outruns him, though. lol XD;

Followed by some doki!doki! scene in the park…

lol, oh Mikado…so cute. <3

Ahhh…Anri, why are you always running off? It makes me sad. T.T

And it’s at this time when Simon’s accurate narrating really pisses me off.


…there are times when nothing begins.”

URGH, what was that suspenseful pause for?! Stupid, stupid narrating Simon!

lol You have hat hair…hahahahaha…

“I found you…my love.”

Congratulations. /P

It’s really funny cuz this Mika-lookalike here was stalking Seiji in the manga and Seiji already had another girlfriend but she seemed to be in a coma in a tube somewhere. The stalker girl is crazy enough to get into Seiji’s room via his window and she sees something, which causes him to take out a bat and knock her…I’m assuming dead, cuz there was blood. o.O;

So yea, I wonder what’s the deal with this difference and how did the novel go about it as well.

Hmmm…this gives me hope so yea, I can end this episode happy. <3

And Celty drove by again. Talk about your hectic day among hectic days. Lots of things start to happen after Mikado showed up in town, huh? Haha, getting excited. x3

Btw, whatever happened to Kida-kun? ^^;

So these two seem to know each other, too. There’s nothing much I can go on about so I’ll just wait for more revelations and anything I can find while browsing around.

Also, only Shizu can look cool and smexy while smoking. Everyone else is suggested not to copy him cuz it won’t work~

Shizuuu… <333

Another thing: Izaya skipping to that last BGM makes me go o.O;;

And holy shit, Shizu, you didn’t have to beat Simon that hard! O.o;;;

lol, awesome episode. XDD


So next week, it’s Shinra’s turn to narrarate which means JUNIE~! YAY! I missed hearing Junie! <333

Looks like there might be more coverage on the gang activities instead of our student trio, some Celty interaction with everyone and Shinra seems to be filming things at random all over the city. Uh, and why is that filler girl back? Go away! I don't want to see you! Dx

Whatever, I finally get to see Shinra and maybe find out some more on his relationship with Celty. There's all these huge implications of him having affections for her and gah, if I can't have MikAnri (yes, this is the shipping name, OK!? XD) then I want ShinraxCelty. XDDD

So yep…can't wait for next week's episode. I hope I don't go too crazy overboard with the screencaps like this post. ^^;


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  1. Uwah~ Durarara!! is full of awesome-ness still. MikAnri (I’ll adopt it too~, even though when I first read it I thought it was shipping Mika and Anri, not Mikado and Anri, lulz) interactions are so awkwardly cute. x3 I officially ship them together now. XD But the hentai teacher needs to be go. He’s so creepy. O.o

    Gah! Kida, Shizu, Izaya, all of them are still full of awesome-ness, haha. It is now possible to beat someone into nekkidness. XDD I’d like to see the relationship between Izaya and Kida and Mikado more though. Anyways, another great episode~ ^_^

    Shinra!! Jun!! :D

  2. Shit. I loved this episode like fuck. AHHHHH CRAP SHIZU AND IZAYAAAAA *Dies* SO COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL hgnnnh… Ah jesus , I love how your screen caps capture the important parts. *eyebrows*


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