Ookami Kakushi ~ Ep. 2 ~ Creepy Islutzu’s Onii wears a shawl.


This week, we’re introduced to Isuzu’s older brother whose dazzling fashion sense would have the old grannies all running for him. \P

Alright, so it really starts off with Hiroshi’s dad going more into the legend of the town and it concerns the Jouga wolves running around at night, being ruled by some higher God or some macaroni like that. Didn’t bother to remember the whole thing since it’ll all be proven true later on anyway. Or half-true, whatever.

Hiroshi’s still as popular as ever until Nemuru enters the room and her presence just orders everyone to their seats. Except Isuzu who’s trying to rebel but failed in the end.

Nemuru later calls her out and to my disappointment, not bitchslap her for being an eyesore, but just to warn her. Of course, the bitch doesn’t listen and goes all raging about how she’ll protect Hiroshi or something. Yea, do us all a favor and push yourselves both off a cliff instead.

Later, Islutzu’s creepy older brother, Issei, happens to drive by them after getting some with an underclassmen and URGH! That shawl annoys me so much I want to take it, tie it around his head and suffocate him to death! D8<

Oh, and it appears he's got the hots for Hiroshi, too. Hiroshi, you whorebag.

So they drop by the Kuzumi household and Kaname is thrilled to meet Hiroshi’s dad because she’s apparently a big fan of occult and Hiroshi’s dad is pretty famous for his occult books.

At the same time, Mana is enamored by Issei just because he gave her a compliment on being pretty. She later proceeds to be a bitchy little girl by saying how Issei is so much better than Hiroshi.

Lots of respect points dropped for Mana. She was adorable in the first episode but her constant attitude problem towards her own brother is going to be something I’m not going to be able to stand. Now the only likable one here is Nemuru.

*sigh* I hope her wheelchair gets caught and she’s send flying down a flight of stairs later on. Abuse the loli for your amusement. Ohohoho~

Oh, and more points lost on bad taste. Sad news for you, hun, but he’s more into your brother.

Best FAIL! shot of the week.

lol, you suck so bad, it’s hilarious. 8’D

See? What I tell ya?

Also, getting quite comfortable there, aren’tcha, Issei?

And this is the part where I got totally confused because did the slut just say that she and Hiroshi are “not in that type of relationship”?

Um…ok, wut? You were just all over him and his couch just before. Why you’re denying it front of your brother is something that’s not really adding up to me.

But whatever. I don’t really care.

Alrighty, so there was another person killed this week but it certainly wasn’t this woman here (who I’m thinking is that long-haired lady from the ED credits). She got killed a while ago and she was also the fiance of the angry dude we saw briefly at the end of last week’s episode.

Sheesh, no wonder why he’s pissed about this town and drinking himself silly wherever he is.

I find it disappointing that he’s not hot as I thought he would be. It’s really just the moonlight angle and that thirsty look of revenge on his face that was deceiving.

Pfft, and people were comparing him to Ikuto before we even saw his full profile. How the hell does he look like Ikuto? :P


Ugh, so next week is the raep episode. Issei can’t hold his pants and decides to start molesting Hiro in his own car.

Ok, eww. I knew he was creepy from the start! I knew it!

And looks like Hiro isn’t putting his uke-ness to any good use either. Boring.

At this point, any blogging for this show is officially DROPPED. There’s not much for me to go on about and the lack of likability for the characters, with the exception of Nemuru, annoys me so much that it’s a wonder I even made this post for ep 2.
But I’m going to continue watching cuz I want to know what the whole deal is behind the legend, the night murders and the wolf-like people. A concluding summary will be included in the Winter Wrap-up but it’ll probably say that this was a whole waste of time with minimal good points about it.


5 thoughts on “Ookami Kakushi ~ Ep. 2 ~ Creepy Islutzu’s Onii wears a shawl.

  1. Ehh, so if the lady voiced by Gotou Yuuko is dead, why do you see her speaking in the game PV? ಠ_ಠ

    On another note, OTP is shawl guy/uke.

  2. Yeah, at first episode I thought Mr. Angry would look very hot and Ikuto-ish, or Cid Raines FFXIII-ish but when I saw a little bit more of him this episode… I was like meh… (and damn the anime’s website for not putting up his character profile! D:<) I thought he'll be the only saving grace of this show =.=

    lol car raep scene next episode …but Islutzu is still alive. Dropped.

  3. *sigh~

    After this episode, I was definitely convinced that Isuzu was a whore and that I wanted to kill her. Nemuru’s awesome as always and the awesome people always look like SHINKU. I kinda expected the angry guy to look like Ikuto though. Mostly because when I saw the previews of the visual novel he did. But I definitely see the comparison of his fiance and Souko.

  4. The male lead is awesome, I love him soooo much! Blonde girl, back off now or else…!
    Honestly, this is a decent show with mystery, but I’m prepared for anything. Nevertheless, I don’t want my fave character to get hurt.

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