Kobato ~ Ep. 13 ~ Wat? I’m a tree lover, too.

Just in case you’re wondering, NO, I’m not going to start blogging Kobato. It just so happened that this week’s episode impressed me quite a bit that I wanted to say something about it. And yea, I’m well aware that this is largely just another filler so why is this one so special?

It’s got a lot of details I’m very fond of. That’s all.

That being said, I think if this can happen again next week (one episode wowing me a little more than all the others), I might do it again. It’s not necessarily the best episode of the week or the best episode of the series so far but just one I really liked.

K? K…


So…probably the fifth or eighth thing that came to my mind as I was watching this (you expect me to keep track? lol) was this was episode 13. I like the number 13. It’s not my top favorite but I think it’s a sexy number. Kyuk kyuk kyuk… 8’D

Going back to the first, it’s autumn in Kobato’s universe! <3

I do love autumn (or fall, same difference) the most out of all the seasons. It's chilly but at least it's not wintry freezing. Summer's too hot and I can't turn on the AC whenever I want to and in the spring, I have these lethal allergies that make me so miserable.

I know allergies come in the fall, too, but they don't affect me at all. Also, the supposedly best shows of the year end up in the fall lineup so yay for fall! Except for school starting, that’s the only that sux about it.

Anyways, I think Kobato’s description of autumn’s “smell” is really dead-on in my book. It has a little bit of everything. The sun, the wind, the crispness of the leaves, the colors, etc, whoo~

Yea. ^^

And then we have HUZZAH! Is this plot-relevant? moment #1:

Ioryogi asks himself how can Kobato describe all that even though Kobato has no memories.

Hmm. Interesting…but still too little for me to go off on so let’s continue.

Another thing I liked about this ep. It had this huge, beautiful gingko tree!

Now as the title says, heck yea, I love trees. I’m not like an avid Earth Day person or a hardcore tree-hugger or planted 100 or more trees on volunteer work or anything but I appreciate nature quite a lot. So seeing all the bright leaves got me beaming sunshine a bit.

Not to mention, Asia has a variety of so many lovely arbors, it’s hard not to just stop and admire the view if you happen to pass by one (a healthy one, that is). Whether it be a cherry blossom, a wisteria (ooo, I want to see one of these), or some kind of orchid, it just warrants a few photos from your camera because it’s sooo beautiful.

Back to Kobato, yay for change of clothing! And it’s orange (kinda) and it even matches the season! Her hat even has the cutest buttons on them! CUTE~! x33

Woot, it’s…nearly halfway filled? I actually think it’s reach that mark already but it can be a little deceiving from the angle she’s holding it.

Still, great job on getting so much, Kobato! I’m guessing all the white konpeito are the ones that were not episode-shown (those are the colored ones). That’s great progress right there. But ahh, still only two seasons left to fill it all up. ^^;

HUZZAH! Is this plot-relevant moment #2:

Kobato’s hat nearly gets blown off her head by the wind and Ioryogi scolds her quite harshly over it. Seeing Kobato here, she’s not in her happy-go-lucky genki mode either. In fact, she looks quite shaken and…a bit sad? Scared? Worried?

The talk about why Kobato won’t remove her hat has been going on and off since the manga’s running but this is actually the first time it became a serious concern in canon…and in the anime instead of the manga at that. In the manga, I don’t think anything regarding her hat has been mentioned yet.

I’m still half-serious on the theory that there’s a halo underneath but other than that, I really have no clue. Neko-mimi? 83 Hope CLAMP gets back to updating it soon, dammit! >:(

Ah, and the occasional fight with your classmates over toys. Now, I love Yomogi Kindergarten’s students and all (they’re such good, little cute kids) but it’s nice to see some small conflict arise once in a while or the atmosphere would be too perfect. Then again, there’s the whole debt hanging over them and the shady loan sharks intruding during work hours but those aren’t normal situations. This one is.

Also, it’s a good learning experience for everyone. Kobato’s becoming more of a good mediator in disputes little by little, the kids learn what they have to and of course, Fujimoto makes up for it in his own way.

Out of the three, I know Fujimoto is hardly one to blame for scolding them for not treating the toys with care but he was also asking for it as well. I mean, you have two kids who are in the middle of a fight, their tempers quite high already, and you walk in and say “Okay, being bratty means you get no toys!”. That’s not the best approach to solving the problem, even if that’s just usually how you are. You’re suppose to coax them back into a better mood, not make the situation worse.

Yea, Fujimoto’s not good with words or things like that but still. He’s been working at the school and with this children for how long? And how old is he? Yea…

I’m not ratting out on him or anything. I’m just being critical and this is a matter of perspective, not the actual fact.

Well, anyways, Kobato decided she won’t have any of that and comes up with what is possibly the greatest idea she’s ever come up with when she landed in this town!

Take the children out and make use of the neighborhood for school activities!

Kobato, you are such a clever sensei now! *so proud* <D

And d’aww, one thing that makes a CLAMP series a CLAMP series is that everyone in its universe can always find ways to say sorry and forgive each other.

I like this exchange of apologies. Especially between two boys. You’ll rarely ever see this happen in real life…no, scratch that. Knowing boys, chances of this happening is .05% or something. For older people, they’re going to be too proud to want to say sorry and for younger kids like these two, they’ll only say sorry because they don’t want to be embarrassed any further in front of the others. It doesn’t have any sincerity to it like Toshihiko and his friend here have. Prove it false to me if you want to but I doubt you can.

*sigh* If only people were like these two, the world would be such a better place.

Ack, and the moment is ruined when the tree-killers come in…ok, so they’re not tree-killers but workers for the community under a contract or whatever. I don’t care. xP

…well, since I live and have lived in areas where construction is always more present than it should be, I can’t say redevelopment is an entity of evil but it’s not like I can be happy about seeing a tree get cut down either even if it means it’s for benefit of everyone else in the long-run.

My love for trees aside, I do understand the matter that change is necessary even if we don’t want it. And what Ioryogi explains to Kobato later on…

…isn’t so much different. New roads, new houses, new buildings, new communities are always going to be under plans to be built and to do that, the clearing of a few old stuff is inevitable. It’s a little sad but it’s gotta happen. That’s what the people, who often crave for immediate satisfaction more than not, want after all. An improved lifestyle.

But I’m also aware that Kobato isn’t on the same wavelength as everyone is. She’s still naive and clueless about how the world works and bless her for taking the time to be concerned about things others would only care to throw away. However, this will also be a good learning experience for her, too, in a way.

What I’m talking about is the school. Kobato questions “if old stuff isn’t needed anymore, should they be thrown away?” and the situation with the gingko tree is very similar to the kindergarten’s. Of course, no non-evil person would want that! But if something more appealing is presented, than it’s only natural if that’s going to be chosen over the old.

It’s gotta be a little painful for her to deal with and overcome but in the end, who has lived without any pains, right? Isn’t that all part of living?
Sweet as Kobato is, not everyone can side with her just because they find her sweet and cute. That’s not how the world’s cut out to be and she has to realize she can’t force her feelings onto everything, no matter how good-intentioned they are.

Though it’s going to take a loooonnnnggg time to convince her all that. ^^;

She’s so worried about the gingko tree that OMG!, she even got up before dawn (and her usual wake up time, OMG!) to try and ask the redevelopment workers not to cut the tree down.

Oi, so naive…but such cute sincerity. <3

lol, and all the early ruckus even wakes Fujimoto up to wonder what the hell she’s going on about before the sun’s even up. XD

Ah, fast-forwarding ahead a little but sorry to spoil those of you who thought he went on his bike and went after her because that’s not what really happened. He actually spotted her in the nick of time while on his daily paper route so yea…I mean, it wouldn’t have taken him (on a bike) to catch up to her (on foot) that long.

Unless all those newspapers he had to delivered weighed him down that much. :P

Ah, and what not a surprise it is to find Kohaku, the ultimate garden sprinkler (lol), there.

Come to think of it, have Kobato and Kohaku even met in the manga at all yet? XD; They’ve encountered each other a number of times in the anime already but I can’t remember a single time these two have even cross paths with each other in the manga…and I would remember. So no, they haven’t met yet. Oh god, what are you doing, CLAMP?

Again, Kobato is eager to save the gingko tree despite the fact that the tree is already content and does not wish for anything more.

But I think the urgency in Kobato’s panic stems more from something else than her big naivety. If you had read the manga as far as I have, you’d remember that scene where she found one of the loan shark members or lackeys behind some bushes in serious pain (he was clutching his stomach like it was the end of him). Kobato freaked out when she couldn’t find out what was wrong, phoned Fujimoto and when he arrived, he found her crying her eyes out that “if this person doesn’t get help soon, he’s going to die!” and that she didn’t want to see anyone die.

That’s the same how it is with the gingko tree. Cutting it down literally means killing it. And since Kobato seems to fear seeing anything die or anything relating to death for still unknown reasons, it makes me wonder why she would react this way. Especially since Ioryogi mentioned that Kobato has no memories.

…now that I think about it, with the mystery hiding under her hat and all, I’m wondering if Kobato is even human. I mean, I’m guessing she “landed on Earth” from somewhere and her lack of knowledge on how to cope in the human world was very low so yea…it’s something to think about (and for CLAMP to drop more clues already, jeez!).

Ohhh, poor Kobato, who’s still trying so hard, she’s even willing to “move” that big tree by herself.

Damn, she really doesn’t want to see anything near death, huh?

But this just proves to me that the whole gingko tree scenario had drawn inspiration from that chapter in the manga with Kobato and Fujimoto helping the mafia-looking dude out.

And I am very pissed that we haven’t seen Okiura, the head boss who makes the harassing calls to the school (I don’t care, I still like him~ <3), or his gang in a while. Alright, paint a sorta stable picture for a while if you can but please get back to the biggest issue here already!

MONEY! DEBT! That’s the biggest issue the school’s facing! The bazaar they held to raise money to pay off that debt has not even happened as far as the anime timeline is concerned!

And speaking for those who want their romance, don’t we need the mafia guy with the appendix problem to appear in some bushes somewhere so KobatoxFujimoto can take another step forward?

Hello! We are already halfway through this season! Unless you plan to give us another one, cut the fillers and get to the srs plot already. Kobato’s got her bottle half full now. You made things anime-original enough so finish it ANIME-ORIGINAL!

…wow, that went off on the tangent a little. |D;

Anyways, thank god Kohaku was there to be understanding and to initiate understanding to make things all better. I’m really like the role she plays in the anime. She’s almost like a sempai to Kohaku (and Ginsei in the latest chapter, lol) and that’s what Kohaku needs. On a more other-worldly level as well, since no one else Kobato’s come in contact with can talk about spiritual beings.

So this scene was just very beautiful. I loved the use of lighting here, in the form of a bright sunrise. It invokes an enormous but not really overwhelming feeling of warmth. Along with the tree telling Kobato it accept its fate and Kobato accepting that answer, the wind blowing the leaves around gently, Kobato and Kohaku’s duet, it’s almost…magical.

The only thing that slightly bothered me (just a little) was that I couldn’t really hear Kohaku’s voice on the same level as Kobato’s. And somewhere in the middle of the song, she seemed to have forgot the lyrics and started going “la la la” instead…and then went back to the words on the final verse which is so weird. ^^;

Well, the visuals were stunning. This episode had a lot of inconsistencies with the art (if you look at Kobato on multiple shots, you’d know) but when watching this scene, to hell with that. It was friggin’ purdy~ and it earned my “purdy~” tag and that’s all that matters. <P

Whup, but what everyone was going “WHOO~!” about probably wasn’t what I was going “WHOO~!” about. lol XD;

So Madhouse has finally decided to deliver some and they delivered all right. On short notice but there was a pull-you-to-safety-hug so be happy!

…I like the dramatic lighting…whoo~…


Not me!! *RUNS AWAY*


Fujimoto: I-it’s alright! I have a bike! We can tie the tree to it and I can pull it back to the school and hide it there! That way, no one would know!

Kobato: …*thinking* I swear, I am NEVER waking up early again!



Ok, ok, all joking aside, it basically just goes back to the usual scolding though it’s not because he’s angry or anything. He was obviously worried about her. Too bad that’s where it cuts short. No major development points there.

THIS IS WHY WE NEED THE PLOX-*mouth gets duct-taped*

Well, I’d rather have the tree go down this way then seeing it get sawed off anyday. As long as no one is under it or anything. That would be a nasty clean-up job.

By the way, I did not know trees can self-hollow themselves before dying. Does this apply to all trees or just the gingko in particular?

But yay! The tree was happy it got sent off with two angels singing for it!

And ooo, look, Kobato! It’s a gold konpeito!

Yay! ^^

I actually remember doing something similar when I was in kindergarden or early grade school. I don’t know if we used leaves for art, though, but gotta give a lot of credit to Kobato for thinking this idea up. Smart Kobato is smart. hehe

Ioryogi didn’t give her any points this week, though. <D;

So the children did something fun outside school for once and they’re getting new toys as well. Double yay!

…hmm, watching this made me very happy for some reason. And I think it’s because it reminded me of this book I really loved (my eighth grade teacher read it to us before we graduated). It’s “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein. Anyone read it? If not, I highly recommend it. It’s short, it’s a picture book but not with any complicated illustrations or anything.

There’s been some disagreement over the story’s interpretation but I haven’t bothered to delve that much into it. So please don’t strike up any arguments with me over this and that since I just enjoyed it as it is.

Anyways, yea, that’s what this reminded me of. In a more positive light, I guess…no pun intended. xD;

And the ep ends with Fujimoto smiling a little. D’awww.

Kobato making up some weird Fujimoto-name based tree provided for some last lols as well. haha


Looks like another filler after all. *sigh*

Well, that’s all. Again, this week’s was a nice episode. Hope there’s another I can do next week though since school is starting, I wonder if I’ll even have time.

Other than that, I hope they get on with the plot soon. I don’t want everything rushed and crammed at the end unless a second season is promised. And anything can happen. @.@;

Mmkay, bed now. Will work on DRRR!! post later. ^^


3 thoughts on “Kobato ~ Ep. 13 ~ Wat? I’m a tree lover, too.

  1. The first thing I thought when I saw the season had changed and all those new confeito was “holy shit, time skip!” xD

    I didn’t even think about the fact that Kobato does always wear a hat! D: I’m so silly, of course that has a meaning in CLAMP-land!

    I’m almost positive that trees only end up hollow when they’ve got some sort of disease or bugs in them that causes the wood to rot and die, which makes the poor ginko tree story even more sad. :[

    Aw! Fujimoto makes a great outdoorsman. ;] And I absolutely cracked up at Kobato’s Fuji-tree name. xD

    • lol, right? It’s like “uh, did I miss something in the past week?” xD

      CLAMP loves their clothings, of course. :3

      Ah, so is that it? That is is sad but at least in here, it went off happy. I think if it didn’t fall over and had to be cut down, that’d be even worst. Like someone would have gotten injured if it came down too fast due to no support in the middle.

      I can’t even pronounce it…let alone spell it. lol XD;

      • Exactly. I was so confused when I saw how many confeito she had!

        I agree, at least it went off happy, it would have been much sadder if it had been cut down.

        haha, I can’t either, but it was hilarious!

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