Durarara!! ~ Ep. 2 ~ Suicidal course with a side dish of Izaya.

Actually, I’ll just take 10 more of those side dishes. You can keep the main course, I don’t need that.


Haaaaaa…to tell you the truth, I thought this episode was a bit of waste since it concentrated so much on that suicidal-turned-kidnapped, Haruka Tomatsu-voiced girl, oh whatshername who's never going to show up again. Sure, this whole thing provided for great explanation of what happened in ep 1 and gave Izaya a nice introductory to his character in a less than 15-minute swoop as oppose to the how he's brought out in the manga (I don't know about the novel) but meeehhh, Brain's Base, you bastard. You friggin' lied to me! I'll kick your ass if you throw stock footage at me again next week.

Other than that, it wasn’t bad. When I found out that Miyuki Sawashiro was the one narrating for the episode, it totally weirded me out because if I’m not wrong in thinking, wasn’t she speaking from the perspective of the filler girl only sometime later in the future? I was like “Hey, I know this voice…but it isn’t Haruka Tomatsu! Haruka Tomatsu doesn’t sound like this!” and spazzed all over the place trying to figure out what the hell was going on. @.@;
Then someone mentioned it on Twitter and I’m like “oh…ok…that’s better”. xD;

Another thing I found really interesting that didn’t hit me until after I skimmed through a couple of reviews for this ep was the multiple viewpoints Durarara!! is taking. Isn’t that a Baccano! trait? I remember reading somewhere that the whole series takes in a whole jumble of little stories at once only to untangle them and reveal an even bigger circle that they’re all connected with as it goes along. Durarara!! is pretty much following the same basic formula, isn’t it?

Some people were confused by this around the first episode and I don’t blame them since I went through the same thing with its sister-work but haha, now that I’ve gotten used to it, this approach ain’t half-bad. :D

Alrighty, small notes aside and going back to the episode…

First day of the new term in Ikebukuro and I had to laugh a little at that principal’s welcoming speech. Why this trivial detail I have no idea but lol, who the hell would open a speech like this:

“You hear a lot of dark issues about Japan like the birthrate declining and such, but when I see you all lined up like this, it really makes me feel as though the country is headed toward a bright future.”

WOW, mister. That’s quite an attention-getter. Did you spend all night thinking it up? :P


So anyways…KYAA~! MIKADO~! <33333

He's so adorable. I wish they stretched this scene out a little and cut the narration to mute for a while so we could hear what's going through his mind. In the manga, he was all worrying about how people will think of his unusual name because he's been made fun of it before at his old school (Mikado, I love your name, don't let anyone tell you otherwise!) but no one made a comment against it and he just fell back relaxed.

Haha, so cute. Omochikaeri~!!! x3333

And here we have Anri Sonohara, who’s in the same class as Mikado. Already, she’s been eye-molested by one of the perverted teachers for her boobs. Ugh, what sucky way to start the term. If he comes back, I hope he’ll get his ass handed to him for looking at his students that way.

Anyways, from some descriptions and spoilers I found out during the week, Anri is supposedly the person with the highest grade in the school but she feels that she’s lacking in certain characteristics. Explains why she’s so timid and soft-spoken as a character.

She and Mikado had a semi-cute eye-to-eye glance moment (resulting in him blushing a bit) in the manga but it turns out she was only looking at the empty desk behind him. And he got a little depressed about that. AWW. *huggles Mikado* <3

I'm totally ready to jump on this shipping whenever so just give me the A-OK clear and I'm on it! ;D

Kida-kun’s in a different class than Mikado (oh poo) but that doesn’t stop him from joking around.

I was all “aww, they didn’t show Mikado’s imagining what Kida-kun’s introduction is like” because he was all covered in sparklies while saying “Today, I’m the class idol~!” like the old Tamaki-fashion way. lolol xDDDD

Meh, here’s the lucky filler bitch who gets to be in the same class as Kida-kun and who narrowly escaped dying two days prior.

Alright, let’s get her story out of the way first.

It was stupid. Like all other failed suicidal stories, it was stupid minus the Izaya and Celty interference.
I don’t have sympathy for anyone who considers suicide just because they think their life sucked and/or that they’re too “good for this world” and it will teach everyone a lesson if they jumped off a building and went SPLAT!.

Ok, you want to know what life sucks? It’s if you’re living one where you’re so mentally ill that no medication or treatment will be able to help you and the inner pressure is caving down so hard that the only escape route open is to kill yourself to spare the agony. Which this isn’t the case.

I really hated watching this bitch jump to conclusions about her parents without having the guts to confront them on what this whole affair was about before she made the decision to “disappear” from society. She thought she was so right without even simply asking why were they still acting so normal around each other and any action taken on her part is a justification for her being dissatisfied about everything? WTF.

She had so many other options to choose from (counseling, etc) and she chose suicide without so much of a serious second thought. And it was so obvious she was afraid to die at the same time. Dumbass bitch.

Then again, she probably found death so attractive because Iza-, I mean, Nakura-san, reeled her in with those deceptive messages of his. But that just makes her all the more stupid for trusting a guy she only met through the internet.

Whatever. Like I said, no matter how complicated your reasons are behind your want to kill yourself, suicide is still stupid through and through. And if people still don’t see that, then they might as well just throw it aside as life shouldn’t be wasted on those who won’t take care of it in the first place.

Moving along, here’s Seiji Yagiri who was late on the first day of school…and immediately cut class right after coming in.

Well, I didn’t have much of an opinion of him at first but after him being so rude like that, I decided I wasn’t going to like him much. He can go be all lovey-dovey with his also-absent girlfriend for all I care. I’ll probably be so blergh to their relationship anyways since I don’t like couples that have no basis for me to support them on.

But on the matter of the absent girl, Mika Harima, she has the same voice actress (Mariya Ise) as the girl with the neck scar we saw in ep 1 so my guess on her being the same person is correct. Other than that, I don’t find anything else exciting about her except that scar, which might be an indication that she’ll die sooner or later. *shrug*

Back to the important stuff, lol, look at “Nakura-san’s” address book. Penelope?

I can’t help but laugh and wonder what face Izaya must be wearing while he chalks up all these depressing Nakura stories to his email buddies. If I were evil enough, I’d say these downright dirty lies are a bit hot. XD;

He’s got a lot of connections, too, if he can call up some shady-looking bozos, Celty and set it all up just so he can see people’s reactions to everything he planned. Damn, what a character! XD

I’ve also read that apart from his mutual hate towards Shizuo, he wants to start an all-out gang war in Ikebukuro for some reason and I wouldn’t put it pass the thought that he’d stir everyone up just so he can watch it for his own entertainment.

Breaking off from Izaya for a moment, we get a glimpse of Shinra, who works for a group I can’t remember the name of, seeing Celty off to go “deliver the package”. Now from what I’m assuming off of some novel illustrations, seems Shinra and Celty have known each other quite a while now but the status of their relationship is still unknown to me. They’re certainly not lovers (though there was one part where Shinra was embracing Celty rather close <– this made me go "awww") so maybe partners? Accomplices? I dunno. But I can't wait to see what they'll show us later on. ^^

I hope we get this hug scene, too. haha XD

My Shizun didn’t get enough screentime, DAMMIT! >:(

But ohhhh~, I loved what little he was given so so much anyways. *screams a little* xDDD
I mean hearing him crack his knuckles nearly cracked my spine but hearing OnoD’s low, threatening voice crescendo-ing maddeningly into crazy “I’M GONNA RIP YOU APART!!!1one” murder was like the GODLIEST symphony to my ears, one that not even the world’s greatest orchestra can play! *breathe*…

OnoD, please marry me~!

Ah! And top that all off with the nice sound of a vending machine crashing into the concrete, missing someone by less than a few inches gives everything a very lovely ring to it.


Gawd, he’s awesome. <3

Ok, so some things I found out on Shizuo as well: apparently he hates Izaya because Izaya framed him for a crime (he didn't commit? Not sure about this one) in the past. Furthermore, the reason why he's so strong is because "he injured his muscles trying to pick up something heavy when little, which broke down the mental limits that people usually impose to their muscle & uses them in full potential".

…wow. That's smexy. *drools*… *A*

I also think he has some kind of morality pet or will have one in the future cuz those two MADs floating around on youtube show him holding the hand of a little girl (who looks like a kindergartner). Damn, now I want to find more spoilers cuz when he was smiling, it made me melt. <3

So now that Shizuo’s moment (NUUUUU!!!!) is over, back to Izaya time lol, that sounded lame. We get a good idea of what he’s like in front of people but he still remains a big enigma. Possibly almost as mysterious as Celty?

Who knows?

I don’t know what brought about his twisted personality and hobby of toying with people over the internet and then almost leading them to their deaths but the reason behind that probably won’t be revealed for a while. Or it could just be that he was born twisted. I dunno. |S
Whatever the case, he makes everything interesting.

Judging from the way he likes to view everything from a distance, I can almost call him a master puppeteer of sorts, with the Ikebukuro citizens as his puppets and his cellphone equivalent to the strings used to loosely maneuver them around.

Oh, and he such a cruel way with his words, too.

“I like people…but I don’t like you personally.”

Did I just hear something break into a million pieces? Kaahhh, I swear, Kamiyan is almost like reigning supreme at this point. Really can’t get enough of him sounding so deliciously evil. Kuhuhu~

And it seems that no matter what you do to try and get back at Izaya, he’s always one step ahead of your plan. There’s not much for him to lose from this little game of his yet he reaps a handful of satisfaction from people one way or another. I can see why Kida-kun calls him dangerous.

Hmm, too bad for him that Celty decides to save filler girl and ruin his fun a little. Oh well~

I never pictured Celty as a compassionate being (since she’s not a person) either. She really didn’t have anything to do with this nor did she have anything to gain by saving that girl but she saved her anyway. Hmm. Another interesting thing to think about.

Switching back to the present, I think it’s safe to assume that Anri can be an Iinchou (class representative) since she seems to be worried about the absent girl and Seiji skipping out on class. That or she might be somewhat aware of the unknown stuff happening in the city. Either one is plausible.

Nooo, she doesn’t have a crush on Seiji, I’m pretty sure about that. ^^;

lol Kida-kun being silly as always. I can’t help but just be reminded of Tamaki every time he self-flatters himself. I mean, Mamoru Miyano is just laying out the gratuitous Engrish so fabulously and the dramatic gestures and ugh, I give in and will shut up now. If I compare them anymore, I’ll hate myself. |D;

Loved Mikado’s expression here. “Uh, sorry, talk Japanese cuz I don’t understand what you’re saying.” lololol

So yep. I don’t know if this means that Celty and Izaya are on opposite sides now or what but this won’t be the last time they come into contact with each other.

Look at Izaya smirking. It’s like he knows exactly what’s going to happen. Oh dear…


Next time! More Kida-kun love = yay. Those extremely tan girls with the extreme make-up and the extreme wigs appear (to have their cellphones stomped on by Izaya), some other stuff, and HOLYSHITZOMG SHIZUOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!


And I might as well say it as this point but I’m positive that MikadoxAnri is going to me mah new O.T.P, bb! Kyaa~! Mikado, you’re so cute when you blush! <333
I don't think I've had a solid backing for a potential OTP in a while so I hope this works out in my favor. Doesn't have to be all but mostly.

Finally, Shizuuuuunnnn, y so hawt when you smoke? *A*


So yea, DRRR!! is still going great so far. The third episode is sure to better (anything would be better than this episode). Animation is still clean and consistent and gawd, did I mention I love the BGMs for this one? When is the OST coming out?! I want that jazzy tune they play in the preview! RAWR!!

*sigh* Yep, looking forward to next week's episode then. MOAR SHIZUUUUUUU!!!!!!! ;D


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  1. All the girls I see blogging this episode mainly fangirl over Izaya. 8D;

    Though I admit, if I watched this, I would too.

  2. After seeing people blog this episode, I decided to watch it. All I can say is the overwhelming amount of evilness and badass…ness radiating from Izaya made me decide I’m going to follow this series from now on. 8D Haha, I know nothing about this series and I’ve already got a favorite. And all I can say at how Hiroshi Kamiya is doing is job is… wow. And that was a good wow.

    Oh, and much love for Kida-kun and his cute jokes too. Plus, hearing Mamoru Miyano voicing him definitely adds to that. Mikado’s cute, and normally I wouldn’t find myself liking characters like him too much, but he’s really cute in a way that’s not tired and stupid. Oh, and plus, if he’s voiced by Toshiyuki Toyonaga, he gets automatic bonus points from me. Ahaha, bias. So fun.

    So yeah, I’m pretty impressed at this series, and thank you for capturing my interest with this post. c:

  3. Woah? The irrelevant-random-central-character-of-this-episode is voiced by Haruka T? I didn’t knew that.. She sounds very different in every role she has, and this one she sounds so gloomy etc I didn’t even know it was her O_O. Such versatility~ <3 I wish I could like her character though because I find her boring and emo.

    I'm intrigued by Miyuki Sawashiro playing the narrator. On my idea, I thought she was playing Celty xDD; lol, but yeah, Celty doesn't technically talk. Lol she doesn't even had a mouth and a head too~ So that idea was kinda scratched. But it still intrigued me *__* I love hearing her narrate, her voice is smexy~

    And speaking of smexy-ness~~~ IZAYAAAA~!!! <333 *smacked*

    Can't wait for next episode. So cute @ Anri and blushing Mikado. I approve of these two! :D

    and lastly, Shizuo needs to have lots of screentime next episode <3

  4. About this Mika girl and her scar… The color of skin under and above it is different. I bet she has a head of headless rider :D Won’t it be an inteteresting twist in plot?

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