Durarara!! ~ Ep. 1 ~ Headless Horseman goes TOKYO!modern?

No, no, this isn’t a lame joke. I AM quite AWESOME, Mikado.


Oh god, I love everyone in this show and the show itself SO. FRIGGIN’. MUCH. <333 <– Mentioned it for the second time.

First episode like all first episodes start off as introductory setup and also "WUT? That was not what I wanted" letdowns but DRRR! kinda balanced everything out quite evenly. And there were quite a few things going on at the same time. Mikado and Kida catching up with each other and touring around Ikebukuro, the kidnapping, the "Black Rider" pwning a group of misfits…*goes on and on*

I got to hand it to Brain's Base for pulling it off so well. I've seen it done in Baccano!, which I had much trouble trying to keep up with in the first place, and it's done here again in a manner I'm more than happy with.

But this is getting me nowhere so just read on…


OP: “Uragiri no Yūyake (裏切りの夕焼け, “Sunset of Betrayal”)” by Theatre Brook

Quite awesome. So awesome. <3
I don't think I need to say anymore, right? Haha…

Ok, first of all, let's get all Baccano!-related stuff out of the way cuz any comparisons after this will leave me wanting to strangle the person who brings it up, ok~? This isn’t Baccano!, loves. They’re animated by the same studios based on books written by the same author but other than that and the similar name screens animation sequence that Baccano! used in its own anime, THEY ARE NOTHING ALIKE.

Glad we got that out of the way.

So…when’s this single coming out, eh? XD “Uragiri no Yuyake” is a song I’m going to remember every time I see a cool person zoom by on a motorcycle from now on cuz the start of that opening with the drums and the wheels rolling were synchronized so well, it just can’t be helped for that impression to be glued to my brain. Needless to say, I’m not going to be skipping the OP anytime soon (if ever). I love watching the screen jump from one character to the other and have been smitten by this type of sequence since…well, that awesome jazzy OP in Baccano!.

Okie, Xiao will shut up and move along or she’ll end up strangling herself. :P

Oh, and since my Shizuo didn’t make as many apperances in this episode as I would’ve like, some spam of his uber RAWR!NESS from the OP:

Shizuo~ I love you~ <333

ED: “Trust Me” by Yuya Matsushita

Yea, I skipped a lot of people but that’s only because I covered them in the review later on. xP

Ahaha~, as soon as I finished watching it the first time I through, I rewound and watched it 3 million times over again and again. XD

Wow, Yuya Matsushita has a very lovely, gorgeous hip-hop/R&B voice and it prompted me to go searching for any singles he might have released already. Turns out he’s still fairly new in the industry (he’s got 3 singles out, all of which I’ve been listening to since yesterday and they are simply just AWESOME! x3) but I doubt it’ll be long before one of his songs make it among the top 50 on Oricon if it hadn’t already.

I have to admit I don’t always listen to a lot of hip-hop or R&B (I’m very selective when it comes to songs individually) so I don’t know how much I can comment on it but I hope he will go far. His ultimate dream is to be a singer after all so more support to ya, Yuya-kun! I also like him because he was greatly inspired when he came to New York, quote “the city of his dreams”. Since I was born in New York, that makes me more than thrilled to hear it from an artist. x3

lol, ok, back to business, animation sequence is not really much. Some shots of Ikebukuro (lol, there’s one with a billboard for Brain’s Base, haha) followed by a character ladder with circles rippling in the background and altering the color layers every few seconds. I quite like it…and I want a long poster of it so I can tape it to my wall. Too bad my wall is too short. *sad* :(

On the song itself, the lyrics and title remind me a lot of Gundam 00’s last ED “Trust You” by Yuna Itou except that one was a ballad instead of hip-hop but it nonetheless brought out an emotional response. I thought it was a great contrast to the RockON! atmosphere of the OP and both are fitting for the story that is set in a largely-commercial district. If I know what it’s like to be in a city…which I do. Heh.

So yea, this single is coming out in February. I can’t wait! x3


Summary: No need for one. Everyone probably watched it already (and if you haven’t, get your butt down to doing it right now!) and subs are already out.


First off, let’s start with the main protaganist…

Ryuugamine Mikado

Aww my god, I don’t care what you people say about uncoolness or uke-ness or what of the like because you’re wrong anyway. <P Mikado's cute (hence, he earned my "cute~" tag) and he's not annoying like those tourists that always frequent around my school because City Hall is right across the street (if you're wondering why, they're more interested in the squirrels that live in the park adjacent to it *rolls eyes*).

Having not been able to leave his town even for field trips, Mikado sets out to Ikebukuro "in search of unusual beings, and adventure" (is what the description says) on the invitation his childhood friend has sent him.
Now I started to admire him right there. I mean, it's one thing to convince your parents to live away from home while still in high school but to actually have the guts to go into the city all by yourself when you have no prior familiarity with an urban setting at all. That's just impressive to me. I mean, I'm a college student so I should know about these things (I have a few friends who hail all the way from the Midwest just to go to school in the Big Apple) but it's not like I've had the same experience. Furthermore, I like his drive for independence despite his reluctance because he's not used to the new environment yet. It's something I'm barely poking at trying since I can't afford to live on my own yet so seeing Mikado do what I can't makes me a little happy if not envious.

Haha, above all and going back to how cute he is, he's so uncertain about what to do and where to go…and so shy that it's hard not to want to give him a reassuring pat/hug. Plus, he's got an awesome name, too. *squeals ecstatically* x3

I'm more than confident that he'll get some significant character development later (if those illustrations I've been looking around for indicate anything) and can't wait to see how much he'll grow after getting accustomed to the city.

Also, I'll be watching his seiyuu, Toshiyuki Toyonaga, more closely from now on. His acting for Mikado kinda reminds me fondly of Miyu Irino, whom I love for awesomeness and cute stuttering, hehe. xD It’s my first encounter with this voice actor but he seems to hold a lot of potential. FINALLY! I love the female rookies who’ve been popping up like carrots lately and all but nice to see some fresh guy seiyuus. lol
If this ends up being a big success, hope we’ll be seeing more of him around. ;)

Moving along, we get three hints as to who Mikado’s best friend is…

Ichi…Kida Masaomi!

Ni…Kida Masaomi!

San…Kida Masaomi!

Oh, Kida-kun~! <333

Haha, really, his cheery, joker personality brings back some memories of the eccentric Tamaki from Ouran only that he's more grounded than Tamaki ever will be. lolol xDDD
But ah, it's great to hear from Mamoru Miyano again (I missed him so~). I don't think he's been having many big active roles since Setsuna in G00 and my biggest guess is probably to spend some quality time with his wife and son which is just d'awwsome. Now I want to see a picture of the family. <3

But going back to Kida-kun, awgh, he's just awesome~ Him and his lame jokes and the whole package! Haha!

Well yep, coin-termed by Mikado himself as an "Ikebukuronese", he'll probably get himself and Mikado into a few tight spots later on even though he’s the one giving out the warnings on who to avoid. I dunno that much about the plot but it’s just a feeling…and goddamn, I’d like to see it happen. C’MON! XDDDD

Now to just make it clear, I don’t like anyone more or less than the other. I mean, yea, I do have a special squeal factor for hot-blooded Shizuo but I love EVERYONE~ equally because everyone is equally awesome in their own unique way. So no love balance here. Keep it to yourselves. <3

That being said, I can't help but feel a little dread about the future for these two. I mean, I think they have an awesome close friendship despite being separated for four years but it turns out, things go darker as the plot goes along (I don't know what, though, so don't ask me). Well, wasn't that obvious from the start with all the promos floating around? :P

Still, if there's are any signs of that starting to happen, I will start BAWWWW-ing like a banshee and need someone to hit me for being right. ;______;

But unlucky thoughts aside for now, let's continue.

This might not be anything special but as I was watching them walk through the streets, I remember the shopping districts I visited whenever I went back to mainland China, Hong Kong and Japan. I don’t know if it’s just because I can’t understand anything that are written on the neon signs/billboards but I can’t seem to get quite used to the lights and activities every time I go there…even though I travel back and forth to New York very often so it shouldn’t be such a major culture shock or anything the second time through but…I dunno, it’s just wonderful to experience over and over again (like how Mikado is right now, lol).

I’m sure tourists who come to New York from areas like these feel the same way, too, so I can’t really call them too annoying anymore…but still…they’re annoying. Pfft. Haha. Don’t worry, I’m not as rude as I sound. XD

I’m probably annoying, too, but I don’t care~. *obnoxious* XDDD;;

Ok, ladies and gents. If you look to your left and up, you will see Brain’s Base self-advertising in the big HD screen. Please be sure to pick up a volume of the Baccano! series at the end of this tour since our sponsers are really. Just. That. AWESOME!!!

For giving the Winter season something watchable.

*insert angel choir HALLELUJAH!!! here*


And if you’re just not looking ahead of yourself enough, you might just bump into Horo of Spice and Wolf fame!

Why hi thar, Ms. Horo! You’re looking mighty fine in your cardboard self!

*steals it when no one’s looking*

Kyakahahahaha… XDDD

So here are two of the four acquaintances of Kida-kun and they seem like an interesting bunch. I’ll have to make an effort to remember their names by next week but looking forward to what roles they’ll be playing in the story (they have a van…yea).

And here are the online chats that are, my guess, going to be quite important in the future serving as informats about the urban legends and stuff like that. I’m curious to know if one of the other two besides Mikado (blue avatar) is Kida-kun or not since they’ve been keeping in touch via internet. The orange guy (er, even though it’s a girl avatar) seems to fit more than the gray one but I’ll leave the guessing for later.

Um…okay so apparently this shot overtook the kidnapping one but no matter since the dumb girl had it coming to her anyway. :P

Here we have the first appearance of Izaya Orihara, who is described as one of the dangerous type that should be avoided and voiced by none other than the awesome Hiroshi Kamiya himself~! <3
Haha, well, other than stamping out a cigarette, Izaya didn't do much but look dangerously cool in an alleyway which I'm totally more than happy to take in right now. Save badassness for later is fine with me. XD

From what I know so far, judging from how he's portrayed in the OP and the manga chapters available, he's got a pretty big part in the "grand scheme of things" I'm going to term temporarily. He and Shizuo also seems to be always butting heads whenever they encounter each other which makes me curious as to what brought about this fight between them.
If you looked at any magazine scans or even the CD covers for the OP and ED, you'll see both of them on there along with Mikado, Kida-kun, and/or Shinra (Jun Fukuyama-voiced professor guy who has not shown up yet) and the Dark Rider. So yea, I'm wondering if this is somehow going to reflect Mikado and Kida-kun as well. In what way, I have no clue. And I'm still to afraid to think that far especially since we're just starting. o.O;

*cough* Well, anyways, I think most of the fangirl majority will go crazy for him (cuz they love the dark type the most) and maybe half that amount will go to Shizuo while leaving Mikado and Kida-kun in the sad dust…kind of a depressing image. Ah, it can't be helped. I'm into stats when it comes to these things for some reason and I find stats unfair but it's not like I can do anything about it anyway.

Which is why I'm going to shower Shizuo, Mikado and Kida-kun with even more love to make up for it. YEA!

*silly fangirl* 8D;

AHHHH! Can’t forget about Simon! Man, I love Simon to bits! He’s the coolest African-American descent Russian gaijin I’ve ever come across! Wait, you mean you have before?! o.O;

LOL, I absolutely love the way how he says “Sa-shi-bu-rii~” and “Ii yo…sushi wa ii yo…” Aww man, just awesome win. XD
Can’t wait to see him in kickass action either. Hee~ ^^

Ah, and Shizuo’s appearance consists of nothing more than a vending machine he’s thrown up into the air, him (barely visible) storming down a street and flinging someone 10-something feet high into the air (again) in the opposite direction. Er, the last one I couldn’t catch but it’s not like you can see the guy who’s thrown anyway (plus, he looked like a putty stick figure :P).

Hmm? Still can’t see Shizuo in that last one?


There he is! <D

lol, Shizuo…

This isn't going to be the first time I've heard Daisuke Ono (one of the reasons why I'm so hyper about Shizuo) voicing GAR but it's probably the first where he's SCREAMING and YELLING out the most. Hmm, yes, looking forward to it. <3

And finally, we get to our resident urban legend, the “Dark Rider” whose real name is Certy Sturluson, a Dullahan from Ireland who came to Japan in search of her lost head (nice helmet, no kidding).

Haha, my lame post title being lame, it just might be that the legend of the Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow might have been based on the description of this Unseelie faerie coming from overseas which was why I thought “wait a minute, why does this seem so familiar?”. Hmm, I never knew this until I read it a few days ago.

Well, anyways…ooo! So Certy’s awesome bike is some dark shadow horse in disguise:

And, and she can make it do cool stuff like slamming a dumbass’s face into the wall like this:

And, and that’s not all! Certy can pull out a giant scythe from her headless body and do some awesome smiting with it like this:

WHOOOOAAAAA!!! *claps crazily like a 5-year old who’s had too much cotton candy* 8DDDDD

Hmm…so I wonder what effect does her scythe have on this she sliced (since the fatass didn’t really die, I don’t think, darn it) and who stole her head in the first place…interesting…

In the meantime, this is the first time the gang “Dollars” has been mentioned and no more. I wonder what they’ll do in the future and just how dangerous are they?

And Ms. seemingly a victim of Certy’s scythe looks oddly familiar to that girlfriend character (w/o a name, oi…) in the OP. Hmm…

Well she runs off and we’re left with “what the hell?” and even more “Ooo! Dark Rider coming through!” to end the day with.

All in all, if I didn’t say this enough times already, THIS WAS JUST AWESOME! and I can’t wait for more. Even with all the basic stuff introduced in this episode, I still have no clue what’s going to happen and that just makes me anticipate ep 2 like x333!



Oho~, Brain’s Base, you bastard, you! Piling up Anri (kyaa~ Anri~ <3), Shizuo, Shinra, more Izaya and Seiji (the dude who's the boyfriend character) all on top of this goodness I have to wait a week for. GRR! GIMME IT NAO!!! *goes nuts and flails all over*

*cough* Hmm, erhem, yea. So yep, I'll continue blogging this if I can manage. If worst comes to worst, I'll just shorten the post and drop Ookami Kakushi (bleh) because this series is just too good to give up. I had a lot of fun writing it even though it’s already 3 AM and I have to go to bed and wake up in four hours for piano class which I’m totally screwed for and I hope it won’t burn out or anything but I don’t think so. If anything, I think I’ll love it all the way regardless of the end.

Unless someone dies…which isn’t impossible or anything but…no, please don’t let anyone die. ;________;

…yea. Ok, gotta go to bed. Will get around to doing stuff…er…if I’m still alive later today. Yea, ok. Haha, I’m doomed~ *cloud of impending doom over my head* |D;

K, laterz! ^^


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  1. Wow it does look decent. I’ll probably stock pile episodes and than marathon during reading week though.

  2. There’s so much stuff to love in this show!! The fierce headless rider (with cute helmet~), Mikado’s cute awkwardness, Kida <3, the flying vending machine, the smexay OP and ED, the seiyuus, the Horo standee, Izaya, Izaya, Izaya~ <333… etc, etc ^^. Can't wait for Anri to show up next ep too ^^!

    And thanks for pointing that out! I was quite busy with the smexy-ness of the OP I forgot to mention that the girlfriend-girl has no name O_O; Oooh~ Mystery!

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