SoMT Surprise Poll Results

Our winner is…


Yay! Way to go, Sakura-chan~!!! <333

And the stats:

Hehe, I’m very happy to be reassured that the Sakura’s fanbase is still running as strong as ever. How can anyone resist such a heartwarming girl like her? <3 Thanks for showing your support for Sakura, voters! ;D

Utau didn't fair too badly in this match either. Getting over 1/4 of the votes is pretty impressive from my view. Thank you, Utau fans! ^^

And with this, I'll see you later around the end of February/early March for the nominations of 2010! Get all your names ready cuz I'm really looking forward to the competition. ^O^


6 thoughts on “SoMT Surprise Poll Results

  1. Yay! Somehow I missed the poll (darn my past lack of a stable computer!), but since who I would have voted for won, it’s all good. :]

    And again, I’m totally backing Sawako already! :D (she does count right, since KimiTodo started in 2009?)

  2. Sakura = Quhween~ <3
    It's really nice to see Utau having very loyal fans too :3

    KnT for SoMT!!! I also wanna see Razette from 07-Ghost too ^^.

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