Fall Wrap-Up Pt. 2 & Winter Lineup

Now that January has landed on us, it’s time to anticipate some hopefuls and prepare our recycle bins for the disappointments. Good thing (or is it a bad thing?) Winter never really had a lot of interesting shows to follow anyway cuz since I mostly fail at computers, I want to keep the downloads to a minimum (ha, never works. I downloaded 40 GBs of two seasons last month :P) to avoid viruses and spyware as much as I can.

But before I get into that, still need to finish up with Fall. Or you can just go to pg 2 if you’re only interested in what I’m covering for Winter.

Ugh, I really hate to start off a post with more bad than good but let’s just get it out of the way quickly and end on a good note, shall we?



lulz. Eye candy literally.

Yay! Group hug for failing together!

11eyes– I learned two things from this show.

1) I’m never looking at Dogakobo again.

2) Your expectations will betray you going off on nothing but an unsupported whim. I still remember when everyone was all over this cuz of the cute girl and the guy with the eyepatch. That was pretty much drove me to look forward to 11eyes BUT!

First episode, Yuka’s panties were pink. Fifth episode, Yuka’s panties were pink again. 9th/10th/whatever episode, ok, I get it. Yuka doesn’t change her undies.
And I don’t know how popular the original game was but 11eyes’s plot and characters sucked ass. The only ones I could actually stand was Takahisa (he and Yukiko was the actual pairing worth looking at, not the other one :P), Kukuri (who didn’t talk!), and maybe Liselotte (only because her seiyuu was Ayano Niina, same voice for Mammon from Umineko, who I hope to hear more from the future).

Moreover, we had a pretty big yandere malfunction which was what I found the biggest disappointment of all. At least I was hoping to see Yuka go on a crazy massacre for love as that would have made me so amused. Kakeru was increasingly annoying, redhead swordgirl wanted to be a woman but didn’t know how until she had sex in the lab (I laughed through that, btw), and I would have preferred if they ended at ep 11 with Yuka self-destructing “KAKERU-KKKKKKUUUUNNNNNNN!!!” and the Red Night taking over reality. But no, we had to have a happy, rush-all-the-information end of and end. I pretty much zoned out when everything took a massive rewind through Kakeru’s eye. The action scenes were so lacking, it was painful to watch. And I felt nothing at the end. Absolutely nothing.

I stuck it out only because I was already that far in. That was a big regret. Lesson learned. Avoid this type of show from now on. =_=;

Nyankoi!– I liked this. Mostly for the cats…and then the twins…and maybe some JunpeixKaede…and it made me laugh…and that’s pretty much it.

I don’t know about a second season though but I’ll probably check it out, nonetheless. I’m not thrilled with the harem carry-over even if I like Nagi’s outrageous flamboyancy every once in a while but the problem for me is Kanako. She was starting to become more likable after supposedly letting go of Junpei until everyone saw him stark-naked in the friggin’ cold and that’s where I went “aww, crap”.
I mean, I can see why they’re doing this for the harem purpose…doesn’t mean I want to see the annoying jealousy tsundere act ALL OVER again. *sigh*

But yea…plz give me more NoirxTama. That’s all I need. <3

Trolling witch bitch shipping FTW, loves. ♥

Umineko– EVERYONE who wants to bitch about this or that…



Why yes, it sucked. So horribly. DEEN ruined everything. Your lives will never be the same ever again. DESPAIR, YOU INSOLENTS!!!


But srsly, it’s been what? Almost two weeks since the anime finished. Get over it. Or actually be a little smarter to get yourselves the game and download With Hunt’s English patch if you haven’t already and play all four episodes in it’s uncut goodness and pretend DEEN never even touched this at all. In other words, it was just a nightmare.

That’s how I get by. Sleep things off. :P

Moving on, I probably skimmed over one or two conclusion summaries already so there’s not much to add to the overall review of all 26 episodes. Some things I do want to cover on this last episode, though:

1) Only the first half of it is anything worth watching. I was glad that they didn’t show the OP given how much material that was left and really needed to be covered in only 25 minutes (not even since they didn’t take out the ED which was “uh, wut?” to me). The scene where Ange revived Sakutaro and brought the good Maria back made me “d’aww” so no complaints there. It was all done pretty decently even though on a rush.
And the revelation of Beatrice not being a “real witch” because she couldn’t do what Ange did left me pretty satisfied as well. Serves the bitch right. I can’t tolerate people for leaving a huge mess of things only to wander off back to their rooms without cleaning up afterwards. Beatrice lost a lot points from me after I read that in the game and even more after seeing it animated.

2) Aww, god, this made me BAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWW like a baby. ANGGGEEEE!!!! ………


Though DEEN didn’t do her character to it’s full potential, they still got the basics of it down, I guess. Lots of her dialogue, which were important in building up her character for EP 4, was compromised for coverage of the gameboard so instead of her coming off as BADASS AWESOME IMOUTO, it kind of dulled down a bit from the lack of effectiveness of her lines. Course I say this because being the impatient person I am, I went and finished the whole game before this arc even ended, heh. But still, reading the content is, as you all know, drastically different than watching it altogether (therefore, play the game).

I didn’t mind Rina Satou voicing for Ange either but it didn’t really kick in completely until we got to this part. Which is a shame. Ange is blunt, gloomy and wary for good reasons but it was only when she was dealing with issues regarding her family and magic did I really get a good appreciation of Rina-san’s acting (angst = good). It’s a minor problem but they could’ve done it a lot better instead of regarding her as someone only important for this episode.

As for the reasons why I bring light on Ange so much…there’s so many.

At the beginning, only her name is barely mentioned in the novel and it’s not even dropped anywhere in the anime until the near-end of the third game. Naturally, this peaks my interest as I quite like secret-mystery characters like her, almost always. And naturally (again), when I do bump into these situations on occasion…I go look for spoilers. Cuz I’m a spoiler whore. Hah. xD

So Ange is the latecomer into the series but the significance of her presence is quite a big one, which is why I can’t call her a secondary character (like Jessica, Ronove, etc) even though she’s mostly limited to EP 4. Though I can’t really call her a main one either…but I will settle with “main supporting” character. And that’s what she is. In more ways than one.

First, let’s look at her lifestory. It’s needless to say I love Ange because I sympathize for her so very much on the tragic loss of her entire family that hit her when she was just a six-year old girl out of nowhere along with all the hardships she had to endure because of that, especially under Eva who lost her sanity after surviving the massacre. Sure, Battler and everyone else lost their lives but for those who are still living after them, they feel the pain of the loss much more. And Ange cherished her family a lot, so that hurt multiplies everyday, year by year. And she lived 12 years of that with abuse from all sides, all alone. Her aunt, the tabloids, her black-hearted classmates. There was no one there for her.

She even thought the magic that helped her was her own delusions.

And when she’s finally figured out the crucial truth to fight against witches in order to save her family from reset hell on the near zero-chance of a miracle that her own 1998 life would turn around, she’s played cruelly around by them again no thanks to that identity rule.

Yet despite that, she told Battler who she was anyway, resulting in her own death and an even sicker end that follows. And here is where my sympathy changes to admiration for her selflessness. She, above all people, had every right to take up that tempting chance Lambda showed her so she could stay with her brother forever as long as she kept the game at an endless draw. Her family was ripped away from her, her life turned into a paintless hell, and then the promise Bern had made with her was revealed to be a lie. There’s not even a tiny fragment of hope beyond Battler’s victory for her so nobody can blame her if she wanted to stay with him by helping the enemy.

But she didn’t. She made the right choice, casting away all benefits for herself. It’s a cruel, unfair consequence but there wasn’t any regret since her sacrifice brought Battler out of his stupor and motivated him to fight again. As long as Battler defeats Beatrice, he’ll be able to return home and no one would have to be murdered over and over and the Ange in that world wouldn’t have to be lonely.

Ange started out as a bitter, lost kid hanging onto her hate. The development she’s gained over the course of her search for answers and understanding what true magic really is…well, truly amazing. I mean, she didn’t even hate Beatrice, who claimed to be the culprit behind all the murders and the cause for shutting the family away on Rokkenjima, in the end. And technically, strong characters are the ones who don’t let these feelings weigh them down. There’s more important things at stakes (in this case, having Battler win the game and take his family back home). Fighting for hate isn’t one of them.

Those who haven’t had a real taste of what it’s really like to hate someone or something and then letting go of it will probably not be able to understand what I’m trying to explain but it’s all there in Ryukishi’s novels. And it’s been illustrated most clearly through Ange.

So I guess I’ll end my little Ange-support ramble here. She’s just simply one of the most awesome, selfless little sisters I’ve ever come across as well as one of the strongest characters of this entire series. God, Ryukishi, if you don’t give Ange her happy ending (and I mean ALL of them!), I will cry forever. TT_______TT

Back on track, HELL YEAZ!!! for Battler getting back his reason to fight again!

3) From there, I totally zoned out and went off to do other things while he and Beatrice had their shiny little debate. Oh wait, correct that, it wasn’t SHINEH! enough so that’s why I didn’t even bother to go watch the subs.
*sigh* I don’t know why DEEN held back on the brutality of Battler’s blue truths stabbing Beatrice repeatedly and so mercilessly at that. Time constraint, I can understand but it’s very watered down (due to low budget, most likely). Not to mention, the scene where gets a massive stake driven through her was so laughable (oh god, that bow on top, what a troll you are, DEEN) and the huge drop in the expression of Beatrice’s lines added to the letdown. I’m not at all concerned that DEEN didn’t give the fangirls their hug (you can go watch the Fandisk version if you’re so desperate for the shipping) since I’ve pretty much lost all love I have for Beatrice at the end of this episode.

Wow, wow. Hard to believe. Giving up on Beato?!

Well…yea. What could have possibly saved my liking for her was Sayaka Ohara’s execution of Beatrice’s last riddle but it didn’t happen and that was the last straw. Maybe I’m not being lenient enough since it’s only adaptation decay but no, it’s been growing on me since I finished reading the novel. Around EP 3, I was still all for her after that massive troll act but then, like I said in the first point, I really hated how she gave up on the game on a whim. Pile on the facts that she clings to other real witches (Lambda, Maria) so that she could be recognized as one herself when she’s really fake, her arrogant attitude and hypocritical words “not worthy to be my opponent” when she’s far lower that what she sees herself to be, and then that sick humor of hers over stepping on others…I just couldn’t find a reason to like her anymore.

True, apparently now that the Core arcs are starting to reveal there’s some meaningful motive behind her game, Beatrice might not be evil or intended to kill anyone but that’s not enough for me to forgive her cruelty. Not just because of Ange but for all the reasons I stated above. I don’t loathe Beatrice or anything, I just can’t like her anymore. I’m well aware that 95% of the fandom still love her as their #1 favorite Umineko character of all time and I won’t hold anyone against that. Just please don’t reiterate your opinion so forcefully on me. I have kept up with the latest content and analyzed the situation surrounding her from all sides so I’m not just disliking someone on a shallow basis, ok? I can still acknowledge that there is some good in her but the negatives outweighs the positives is my case.

That being said, of course I’m going to drop the BeatricexBattler shipping. If I can’t have mutual love for both parties, then the unbalance bothers me and I just stop supporting them all together. It’s not going against the popularity of this couple, it’s just my principles on shipping. And it doesn’t help that I have this little big crush on Battler for some time, which makes it harder for me to ship a couple if I have a crush on one of them. ^^; Plus, despite all that foe yay buildup of a relationship they have and how everyone is all hopeful that is near canon as of EP 5, I don’t see how it’ll become some solid romance, much less an OTP (OTP by my perspective).
Even though I wouldn’t put it pass Ryukishi to pull out some cracked up miracle for this (since he loves all those corny love themes, lol), there’s still the facts that Battler and Beatrice still and always will view each other as enemies/opponents. Battler will never accept the existence of witches, which denies Beatrice in the process. Beatrice wants to be killed and Battler vowed that he’d kill her. It’s a grim foresight for any couple points no matter which way you slice it. Beatrice has no chance of victory and she’s resigned herself to death. Battler has to end the game and free his family. So there you go. :/

Closing this up, I’d say the only good thing about the anime are the voice actors (where all the money for this project has gone –> explains the QUALITY). I’m also impressed that DEEN tried its best to keep close to the original plot as much as possible but by doing so on a fixed number of episodes, did them more bad then good for all the fan RAGE! at the cuts. If they had allowed themselves a stretch to maybe, I dunno, 40 or 50 episodes, it would have done tremendously better. But it’s the recession, everyone needs some quick money, the only shows that do have 52+ episodes anymore are popular shounen manga like Naruto or mahou shoujo series like Shugo Chara!…the anime industry’s not as flexible as it has been 10 years ago.

I’d say more but this is long enough. Do I anticipate a second season for Chiru? OH MY GOHDA, NO. Knowing that DEEN has some contract with 07th Expansion, it’ll eventually happen anyways (T_____T). Brace yourselves for EP 6 then. We have some MASSIVE trolling ahead of us. @.@;;



Shugo Chara!!! Puki! Puki!Mispelled on purpose. 8P Haven’t watched a single episode of this at all since its air date. Sorry but I’ve had a hard time following last season’s final episodes to begin with and there’s no convincing reasons to motivate me into this third season even for just 10 minutes of non-live action every week. I feel really bad about it since I don’t get to see Amu quite as often anymore along with all the other Guardians (and Kuukai, haha) but that’s just the way it goes. I have no interest in Rikka or Hikaru’s apprenticeship, whatsoever, and anything that’s not manga-related is filler. No more fillers. Had enough. Kthx, bai.

I did hear about a 3rd Song Collection album, though, and I saw the cover. lol, yay, show off more of them shiny loli skin. You can never have enough of it. :P *SMACKED* XD;

Haruka– Look at everyone else who made a post about this.

Armed Librarians: Book of Bantorra: It was cool when Colio was still around. *cry* :'( He and his calico-haired girlfriend made this show for me. Afterwards, nothing was worth getting excited about anymore.



Yep! In my boredom and wanting to be distracted from studying, I managed to finish some completed series before Christmas and have one or two on pause for the time being. Haha, one of these dated all the way back to October or November and two others are rewatching some oldies but eh, I’ll put it here anyway. xD;

Gundam 00– My most recent obsession (defined by months I’ve been addicted, if you will, lol) and possibly my most favorite Gundam series out of the whole franchise so far. Yea, I haven’t watched every single Gundam anime out there yet (much less find all of them subbed, I think) but I’m in the progress of doing that right now. Still, there’s little doubt this will remain at the top of my Gundam list (though on the mecha one, Gurren Lagann still tops all, yesh <3). For one thing, after attending NYAF last year and all the panels that Yoshiyuki Tomino, the father of Gundam, was in, I made a plan to marathon and look into all the complexities (namely war) of this humongous mecha success and usually the first will always remain the first. This one's an exception. G Gundam was my first but I wasn't as into mecha then so it doesn't count. ^^;

It was quite convenient that TTGL renewed my love for mecha wait, you had one? a few months before this and that they had G00 screenings right after his last panel as well, though it was the dub, not sub (eww). I was kinda “meh” on the English script but it sparked my interest enough and a week or so later, I started marathoning it everywhere there was a seat and a free computer. xD;

To be honest, I went into it hoping not to get too attached but urk, why does that plan always backfire on me? ^^; I’m going to put all the blame on the character designs *coughYunKouga&herbishiescough* though it kinda scares me that the boys are skinner than the girls at times. =.=;
Haha, well, that’s not the only thing that drew me in but also the universe it’s set in, the issues on terrorism that still persisted and of course, the Gundams are so much prettier and shinier this time around. Shiny~ |D

*cough* But yes, I like how Sunrise has drawn attention to the problem that most of the people in the world are aware of today. My opinion was that is was a risky move to take on a series only a few years after the 9/11 attacks at first but watching it changed my mind around quite a bit. I usually don’t read newspapers or watch the news as often because I find it all depressing but I can’t think that way anymore. Not after watching this. With all this political shit and crisis happening everywhere, turning away from it like it doesn’t concern you really just proves that ignorance is a sin.

Philosophical views aside, hmm, I’m trying to remember what Yoshiyuki Tomino had said during his Q&As about making this series. It’s pretty clear to whoever bothers to research their shows that Gundam isn’t a supa robboto type of mecha but tackles everything in a more realistic way. I guess that’s the non-MS reason why it became so appealing to me because the producers didn’t only make the series from a black and white standpoint but rather multiple standpoints. We have our protagonists who fall more or less in the gray area for being such a paradox (like really to the max -.-;), the antagonists who we can’t really call completely evil (except for the Innovaters and those employed under them)…just really dumb (:P), and of course, many victims of the war and how their own actions are justified.

…lol, this is so general and has probably been repeated so many times that I wouldn’t blame you if you rolled your eyes at me but it feels good to finally say it all out. I’m hesitant on being too talkative about Gundam in particular since I still have a lot to critically think over and don’t want to sound like a noob among those who know better. Then again, I don’t you’ll find me participating in this fandom anyway, especially G00’s. The fangirls coming from a shounen-aimed series seem to be even more vicious than the shoujo ones. Especially the yaoi department…oh god, yaoi… ^^;

But yea, other than that…gah, can I go into fangirl mode now? lol XD; I’ve heard that Gundam Wing was the one that started the main character bishie trend but that was quality then. This is quality NOW. Haha, I have a deep fondness for all the Meisters (lookie at my New Years banner! Isn’t it so cute?! xDDDD), especially Setsuna, and find all their backstories very interesting to the composition of their personalities if not heartrendingly tragic. Well, Tieria’s a special case but he got some teary moments at the end of season 1! & stupid sexy Lockon! ;____;

Outside those four, I have a few others that I really love…ok, not really. Just one, I suppose. Everyone else, it depends. I can like them at one point and want to hit them at another if they do something I find rather stupid.
And nuu~, I won’t reveal my shippings for this series. The majority of the fandom seems to run against me anyway. I’m sad. Where are my allies? T-T Gah, and I told myself that I shouldn’t delve into any romances because this is SUNRISE, after all. I said “NOOO!!! Xiao, don’t fall for it! Sunrise will NEVER make you happy…!!!” and my reply “I KNOW BUT I’M JUST A LOSER WHO CAN’T LET GO OF MY OTP…!!!”

*sniff* …Stupid, stupid Sunrise! *kicks a bucket* T.T

Well, yep. I still go back and rewatch the episodes when I don’t want to watch anything else. I’ve gone a little crazy with figure purchasing, too, but my collection only consists of the Calendar characters (+ exclusives, aka the ones on my banner) and two keychains. Ah, and I’m also really excited about the movie! The new Gundams look hot on the promo vid. Some info was released a few days ago (?) on the LJ community (yes, I’ve been lurking, nyuknyuknyuk >|3) and that got me quite jumpy all around. hehehe
Maybe if I’m lucky and if I do go to Japan this summer (hopefully, the movie will be out by then :P), I’ll somehow find a way to buy a ticket and go see it…huu~, who am I kidding? Never going to happen. *sulks in a corner*

…But yea, looking forward to it. ^^

Gundam SEED: *GASP!* Oh no you didn’t, Xiao…

… XD

That’s what I imagine my best friend would say to me if I told her I finished this. I don’t know why but she hates it enough to repel it with cross signs. lol
So…curiosity over why it’s so hated by everyone got the better of me and I went for this first after 00 was done. I was going to take a break from SEED and go watch Gundam Wing before resuming Destiny but in the end, couldn’t help but want more SuzakuxEuphie KiraxLacus~! <333

I remember once attempting to watch this but all the new terms like Coordinators and such left me so confused that I gave up 5 minutes into the first episode. And damn, it's long for one season. Brings me back memories when all seasons were at least 52+ episodes. Good times, good times…now no one can afford it except Satelight for some ridiculous reason! o.O;;;.

But anyways, this wasn’t so bad, I think. The drama angst came at me at larger amounts that usual (to be expected since almost every major character had tons of relationship problems, oic) but I think that’s a given, whether you like it or not. With all the war and racism gone wild in this universe, it almost makes you want to think that 00 is docile (I can’t word it properly, sorry) in comparison. Or maybe it’s just the fact that PLANT has a bigger BFG than the A-LAWs did. *shrug*

That doesn’t make it short on its supply of extreme controversies, though. *sarcastic laugh* I didn’t quite make this clear in the previous summary but Sunrise just loves its controversies, eh? And also something I failed to mention: advanced technology. I mean, yea, mobile suits are advanced technology but that’s not exactly my point. I’m talking about human evolution aka NewTypes and I’d be happy if someone could clarify this for me. How exactly…do you gain the ability of a NewType? I mean, I wouldn’t call anyone from the Cosmic Era one since they don’t fully fit the description of one (and some of them have their genes manipulated as well so it can’t really…count) but yea. I haven’t read all the stuff describing it on the wikias but my hunch is that has something to do with your exposure to battles in space. :/
Still, it’s an intriguing thing to muse on in the middle of a war. Oh, Sunrise…*shakes head*

Anyways, it was a decent watch until the end. I didn’t find the stock footage too annoying (except Ramius’s bouncing boobs every time something hit the Archangel *rolls eyes*) and kyaa, I absolutely love Rie Tanaka’s image songs for Lacus! Her voice is so beautiful! x333
*sigh* I wish I had more to say about this one but all I really want to talk about are my ships. Isn’t this the major reason why it became so popular and brought on all the aversion hype? XD; Oh, and I loved Freedom, too. Don’t remember Justice very well…other than it was red…or purple…or both? *gets shot by hardcore fan* @.@;

I’ll save all the negative talks for Destiny. lol xD;

Valkyria Chronicles– I really thought this was going to be a slow one so I put it on pause after episode one…and then went back and watched it halfway, then paused again, then went back and finished it. This seems to be regular pattern for anything I marathon. Hmm. :/

But uwaah, it was a very satisfying watch. Some might call whatever and whatever cliche but all the stories are so fussy over creating OMG!themostoriginal ending EVAR these days that good ol’ save-the-day happy endings don’t happen anymore. At least they’re not as good as they use to be. T.T
Luckily, VC didn’t fail me at that part. :D

I’m quite glad I marathoned this instead of watching it episodically cuz if I did, you can be sure I’d throw a fit when all the drama shit hit the fan. Heh. But even so, the whole thing was relatively good and nicely balanced. I liked all the characters (except for Lelouch-wannabe Maximillian and those asshole Regular generals of the Gallian army) and god, wished Isara and Faldio didn’t have to die. T_T Yes, I liked Faldio because I find his honest little crush on Alicia very cute (and it made shy boy Welkin all troubled and flustered~ *giggle*) and felt sorry for him when he went off the edge after witnessing Selvaria’s Valkyria powers…aww, and poor Selvaria, too. She was appreciated more by her enemy than the master she served. ;__; Max, you bastard! *throws fire extinguishers at his face* Dx

But it’s all good and good because Alicia (she’s so cute, omgawd, I wanna hug her! x33) and Welkin got together in the end. And YEA! for Welkin awakening his inner MAN then, too. lol XD

If you’re wondering, no, I haven’t played the game and don’t plan to cuz I get real dizzy and nauseous if I play for even half and hour. @.@;

Ponyo– Stayed up and was distracted all night watching this with an 8-paged research paper due less than 10 hours before the deadline. XD; …Yea, I managed to finish it in time but aww man, it was horrible. Fun, yes, but don’t ever save term papers to the last minute when you’re in college, peoplez. Luckily, my professor was the awesomest professor EVAR and said we only needed to email it to him so I stayed home all day that day and slept…and he gave me an A-, too. SCORE! I love his class! <3

Back to Ponyo…do you have any idea how many Ponyo-related articles ANN has posted in the past year? They did it enough to make me want to hate Ponyo but I couldn’t. It’s a work by the renowned Hayao Miyazaki, who directed some of my childhood favorites, Kiki’s Delivery Service and My Neighbor, Totoro. How can I hate Ponyo? ^^;

Well, I watched it livestream in crappy quality, all subbed. Story-wise, there’s the nice twist on the whole little mermaid thing (though Ponyo looks so freaky halfway through transformation o.O;) but it’s high points for me were undoubtedly the visuals. I…didn’t know you can make water…look like whales or garbage have eyes for that matter. It’s really strange. When I was young, his take on fantasy creatures were more subtle and secretive to reality. Then Spirited Away became a huge success and lol, what happened to all that? I admit, I haven’t seen all of his films so I can’t say much but it’s not hard to notice the changes when comparing.

Still, Ponyo was very entertaining and cute. I agree with what most of the reviews say, that it’s not his best work but nonetheless, was wonderful to watch. :)

After this, I went back and watched Kiki and Totoro again. lol Ah, good times, good times. XD

And speaking of marathoning movies…

Digimon Adventure (movies)– Hehe, went ahead and watched the Japanese version of the first three Digimon ones. Though I practically can’t stand dubs now, I still have fond memories of Digimon and Pokemon even with all the alterations they made to fit for an American audience. Perhaps that’s just my naivety when I was a child but Saturday morning cartoons was the what I looked forward to most so maybe that’s why.

Anyways…the differences between the American version and the Japanese version are quite obvious if you just watch it. Apparently, Taichi’s mom didn’t have crazy recipes in the original and everyone came off as much cuter because they just were! :P

Ahhh, and though I was kind of lamenting on the fact that Wallace’s speaking was soooo slow in the Digimon Adventure 2 movie whatever its name was (it wasn’t as fun as the first two so not going to bother remember it) and boo, not enough Takari!, Bokura no War Game! was just as awesome as I remembered it. Haha, it was hilarious watching Taichi’s “We’re screwed…oh, we’re so screwed” face when he was trying to gather all the Chosen Children together to fight that virus digimon and failing miserably because it was summer vacation. Silly Tai. I still love him, though. *has a soft spot for courageous, reckless leaders* <3

Man, I wish Yamato could have kept his haircut, though. He wasn't as hot when he grew older. D/
And ugh, I know Sora's a girl and all but seeing her make a huge deal over Taichi giving her present was something I did not enjoy. WTF, be the tomboy you are for once and DO NOT CARE! Add that to my frustration of her and Yamato getting together on some never-shown proof when I supported her and Taichi together from the beginning and it just pisses me off even more.

So I resorted to this…after Omnimon finished merge-digivolving and sliced that bomb-bug’s head in half, Taichi and Yamato make a better team/couple than Sora does with either. Nuff said. XP

Ok, I need to break away from broken Xiao baby fangirl talks now (but it’s fun~)…god, I must miss my childhood more than I thought. ^^;


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Gundam SEED Destiny– Alright, some 10 or so episodes into this, I could understand why Destiny plummeted to what it became. Already you bring in a range of new cast members (not very likable ones at that, mind you) to butt heads with the first season’s favorites. Um, not cool, Sunrise. As far as I’ve gotten (which is a little more than halfway), Shinn had very minimal character development even with all those lectures and bitchslaps Athrun gave him. Nobody likes seeing a moody brat throw his attitude around as if he’s always right just because he claims to justify it with rage over the loss of his family.

And was it really necessary for Athrun to have a harem? D/ I mean, you can do without Lunamaria (who I want to push off a cliff) and Meyrin. Meer is more than enough trouble and she gets shot anyway…oops, that was a spoiler. /P

That aside, according to what I read and if I can remember it right, lots of the original planning had been scraped because the show’s ratings were dropping? Is that correct? If so, I’m going to be mad. I haven’t seen this so-called de-characterization that my faves, Lacus and Kira, went through yet but signs were already showing when Kira scolded Cagalli for not being firm enough as leader even though he was the one who made the decision to kidnap her on her wedding day. Not that I’m not grateful for his act (cuz eww, I don’t want to see Cagalli marrying that slimy coward) but one moment he’s comforting her and then another, he’s reprimanding her? Maybe I missed something but I got so CONFUSED at that part. Someone please make sense of this! @.@;

There’s nothing else I can comment on as of now since it’s been a while when I put this on pause but I will say one thing. I still don’t know what this is aiming for. They keep throwing all these arguments back and forth about who’s right and who’s wrong and the Archangel’s “neutral” interventions just muddles everything up even further. The more I try to understand things from this person to the other, the more difficult it is to keep my thoughts straight. I’m not even sure if I can recognize if something goes wrong with someone anymore because I want to believe that the good characters are good but how can I when I’ve been told they’re going to screw up?

Oi, and it’s sure to get worst once I go back and finish this. I don’t have to but it’s my personal policy to do so.

*sigh* I wish someone would just write out all the problems for me on Destiny. Maybe if I had a clearer idea on what sucked, I don’t have to fear seeing it when it comes later on.

Or maybe it’s time I go check out Gundam Wing…

Phantom ~ Requiem for the Phantom ~ Kind of a redundant title, don’t you think? Ahh, I’m only on episode 2 so far not much to say for this one. Liking it so far though I’m not all for Zwei’s dead, robot personality. I’ve listened to Miyu Irino’s emotionless voice quite a number of times already and prefer it much more when he’s lively and stuttering. Don’t know if that’s promised in Zwei’s character but Ein seems to be a different story.

So yea, this will be on pause, too, until I’m in the mood to do some marathoning again. The ending’s no surprise to me since all that raging reaction did more than spoil enough so here’s to hoping the story leading up to it doesn’t disappoint.



7 thoughts on “Fall Wrap-Up Pt. 2 & Winter Lineup

  1. Er, tl;dr most of it. 8D; Starting with your uber long Umineko rant…ramble…thing.

    Sora no Woto is really…nice. But this is coming from a person who has long been obsessed with it, so no more from me! (…For now.)
    Kanata is flippin’ adorable though. Like Akari~
    By the way, did you miss the troll for it? I was amused.

    I read from some comment on some blog somewhere that Ookamikakushi had poor reception or something.

    Read Durarara!! here?

    I think Katanagatari will do well for the aesthetics only. D: (Though I never knew the guy who composed the TTGL music (/recently finished marathoning it has taken root in brain) is behind Katanagatari’s…Still. Aesthetics.)

    • XD I don’t blame you. It felt good to write out, though. haha

      She is~ <3
      I wasn't anticipating this at all so yea, pretty sure I did.

      Aww nuuz. =3=
      Well, makes it easier for me if it does suck.

      Manga Fox but I found the scanlator's website through there.

      Perhaps. I guess I can still like it for that, though, because what drew me in was the artwork anyways. (And he's awesome~…just like the whole thing is awesome~ You should listen to the OST if you want. 83)

  2. Ok, I can understand the disgust at the whole Shugo Chara thing (Rikka is annoying and Hikaru gets on my nerves too) but I’m really surprised you haven’t watched the episode where Nadeshiko makes a reappearence. The reunion between Amu and Nadeshiko was soooo well done… She was so happy, it made me cry. It was a really good one and as far as I remember, the only characters were Amu, Nagihiko, and Rima. So, shame on you for that!

    • Ah, yes, that one. I’m actually planning to watch only that one sometime soon. So please forgive me, Chibi-san~! *sniff* x'(

      • Ah you’re forgiven but I hope you watch it soon… it’s really the only Dokki Doki episode I enjoyed (Rima was just like normal in it, too). Well, that and the brief scene between Amu and Ikuto when he was teasing her again. Gives me hope SC might go back to normal someday, heh. Anyway. Do try to get it in; it’s a filler but a worthwhile one.

  3. Bah! Missed the Katangatari op! D: I’m sure it was lovely though. I’ve read that bad review too, and I’m thinking that that adaptation will take things differently than the original novels, since they are an older work (I believe), and I’m guessing his style’s changed some.

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