SoMT Suprise Poll!


Happy New Years, loves! Am I not eviiiillllllll~? Kyahahahaha!!! >8D

Utau may have won the crown but can she beat THE ALL-TIME GODDESS of moe herself? EH?!

To the large of the world, Sakura is probably the biggest, most known moe icon in the history of Japanese animation (and it’s true, it’s true so hard you can’t deny that it is~). The first winner of SaiMoe and protaganist of the immensely popular Cardcaptor Sakura authored by CLAMP, and in Xiao’s mind, perhaps the only character whose moe is of the purest, most natural form, she is still gathering a lot of love with her adorable, mahou shoujo charm today. Can Utau, of recent tsundere hype, beat the mother of champions? The center of what I’ve dedicated my entire tournament to?

Xiao says NO. I’m taking my loyalty for my moe princess to the grave, come Heaven or Hell. 8D

But who will you choose if you can even make the choice? >83

The poll will end on Sunday night. Results will be posted on Tuesday.

And don’t blame me…I couldn’t resist. Kihihihi~

Think of it as a special honor. Not every girl gets the chance to go one-on-one with Sakura, especially not with what we’re watching today. And this is shoujo-exclusive, too. Hee~

I hope you despair enjoy this final New Years surprise of mine. Love yaz. ♥ Kuhuhu~ >x3


8 thoughts on “SoMT Suprise Poll!

  1. I picked Utau (yeah, I know, gasp shock horror sin against the world of moe). It wasn’t even that difficult of a choice for me.

  2. This was a extremely hard decision, I think Sakura is gonna win no matter what >_> so thats why I picked Utau xD,, one of my most fav character <3

  3. Sakura has my vote. I think it was the fact that she is almost the moe icon that did it, besides her youth and cuteness. :3

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