SoMT Closing Ceremony

This is my New Years post.

As I type this, I hope I publish it before midnight of tonight. I’m gonna make that deadline, dammit! I’M GONNA MAKE IT!!! *SPARTAN RAAAWWWWR!* >xDDDDDD


Our Shoujo Moe Queen and first victor of SoMT 2009 has been determined! In a relentless battle between these two popular tsunderekko beauties representing the now degrading hit mahou shoujo anime and manga, Shugo Chara!, who in the very end received the most favor from our moe-loving fans?

Well, I have some things to say first…and I’m the hostess so you better listen unless you wants to be smacked with my big cob of corn (with love~, of course). 8D

lol, I’m just kidding. Wait, so we get no love? D: (Naw, ya do. *smack* <3) But not only is this the closing ceremony, it will also be the final SoMT discussion for this tournament. And to start wrapping things up, I’d like to touch on a topic that I had planned to publish but never got around to completing (y’know the reasons why).

Fuyu-san, kanzie, no need to worry about it as we were all busy around that time. 7-san just sent me his response to the prompt so I would feel really bad if he went through all that writing for nothing. ^^;

Mmkay, so the topic waaaas

What are your thoughts on physical features and how much it affects a girl’s moe? Would a more attractive moe girl be more MOE to you than one whom you don’t find as appealing?
Or if that’s a little confusing, are looks a major part of your decision about a girl being moe?

Let me clarify that looks include but are not limited to: the face, the body, hair, eyes, style, age, etc. The focus here is the outer design of a character so personalities are going to take a temporary back seat though that does not mean it cannot have some contribution to your opinion.

Okie dokes, here is the response from 7-san:


Oh god…not a prompt asking the correlation between superficial physical looks and its contribution; that’s like taking two halves of the same whole! It’s rather hard to say that a moe figure is possible without looks, but saying something as such would make me look like a clueless idiot. So for this prompt, I would have to call on to speculation once again.

Say I’ve known and experienced what moe is and I suddenly go blind. Come a new anime season, and all I can ever do is to tune in and listen to the voice acting. When push comes to shove, I’m pretty sure I could separate what characters are moe and what characters aren’t, which then brings me to infer that looks do not completely define what is moe.

Of course, it’s kind of a different story when it comes to determining who is moe-er when physical appearances are put aside. It’s still possible for theoretical blind person to have a preference based on what he/she is hearing. Long story short, visual appeal can affect moe drastically; but can be topped off by something else, which in this case is the voice acting behind the character.

But seeing as to how I have not been blinded (yet), when it comes to looks, I really don’t a set preference written in stone. The girls in my Top Five Picks got to their current status by simple satisfying my criterion for moe. After all, moe can come in different shapes and colors. There is in fact one physical (sort of) quality that I’m fond of…and quite ironically, that physical quality is..well, the intentional deprivation of a physical ability. LOLWUT? Perhaps it is better to say that nobody exemplifies this better than Megumi of Special A. To put it simply, her refusal to talk and her written-form of communication is OH SO MOE.

Thank you very much for your insight. ^^

Hmm, I’d like to delve into a few certain points that have been brought up.

It’s rather hard to say that a moe figure is possible without looks…

I don’t disagree with this. Technically, the term “moe” was born on a fictional plane where majority all the time, the female characters we deem as cute are rarely ever with a physical flaw that big enough to be noticeably bothering to viewers personally (ex. a big gigantic mole on the tip of your nose). I mean, isn’t anime and manga and entertainment incorporating idealistic situations? Er…happy ends, anyway. The characters (or the artwork) themselves have to be somewhat appealing to us, otherwise it won’t attract our attention as much. I mean, not to be shallow or anything, but I think I can tend to give more sympathy to a glossy-eyed heroine than to one who’s…well, not. Of course, this is personal opinion and it varies a lot depending on the circumstances. So please don’t take it the wrong way.

Let’s take CLANNAD for example. Every single girl/woman in there is a bishoujo. And Key’s VNs wouldn’t have been as successful if not for this coupled with good plot routes, great themes and of course, KyoAni animation. Because we rather like seeing our cute, big-eyed bishoujos doing their best (“GAMBARIMASU!”) or creating a fuss (“I-it’s not l-like I’m doing it for you or anything so don’t take it the wrong way!”). It just makes their moe characteristics more apparent if the characters look better, is what I’m trying to get across.

Again, note that I haven’t ruled out other factors. This is just being specific on one point.

If I may say this, moe is almost like a type of advertising. Going back to what 7-san explained about voice playing a huge part as well, I see “moe” as a package that can’t really be bought separately. So in order for you to want to buy the whole deal (or it’s a no-deal), they have to make it look presentable. Which, in my mind, regardless of your perspective, physical features do play a rather crucial chunk of it all.

Going on preferences of any kind, however…hmm, I’d have to agree nothing is set in stone for me either and it really only cements in after I’m halfway through a series and have gotten the gist of what’s going on. Naturally, unpredictable changes of “favoritism” (*frowns*) can occur as well. For all I know, I can be riding along with the crowd rooting for a certain girl at one point and after some critical thinking, turn a good 100 degrees or something and think another is more…worthy of my affection? Something like that. And it can be anyone…based on anything (I can find someone’s grandma more cute if I wanted to :P). So yea, that’s a counterpoint to this topic.

Haha, wow, that was confusing and probably went off on a tangent a little. Please feel free to share your thoughts cuz I’m always curious to know how you all judge what’s moe to you, too (on whatever grounds). I personally don’t believe the standard “I usually like the supporting characters more than the main one” or any alike excuse cuz think about it. How you like things are not revolved around what usually happens. You’re looking at everything the unique character embodies and what you find interesting about it, not a fixed tendency.


Alright, so I’m sorry to say that I have no Moe Spotlight to accompany our prompt. BUT! I do have a (sort of) Flashback! Spotlight:

And here are the standings so far! For some reason, Dr. Suess’s forest has hijacked my background. Bottom row are all the candidates eliminated in the preliminaries and arranged in an order according to their series’s name instead of votes received. If you want specifics, please refer back to the Prelims Results post.
Not much to say for this row. I recognize some cute girls in there but none really strong enough to go into the upper stages of competition. That or it’s just that they’re not well-known enough. :/ Better luck next time if you have a sequel (lol, I know PreCure will be back for sure xD).

The row above that, eliminations of stage 1! It’s going to be hard to explain the order of this row but from left to right, everyone is ordered by the round number they participated in first and then their wildcard elimination. Nothing is based on the number of votes received.
Haa, and this is the part where tension starts to boil a little. The big favorites made it through with ease but it was sad to see a few others with great potential go after the wildcard round (like Sakura).

Third row up, eliminations of stage 2! First six from the left = ranked last out of the three competitors in their respective round arrangements and therefore, did not qualify for the wildcard round. The last four following are eliminations ranked first by knockout number, and then votes received. And I guess this was the part I really enjoyed a lot. Mostly due to all the Yaya love and support that just really wowed me. haha XD

The rest, I don’t need to explain since it’s all up their in red. Quite honestly, I think everyone had received a deserving spot on this roster (not saying that to spite the ones who lost early on either) and I’m quite happy with how everything turned out. ^^

What are your thoughts, though? Was there any girl who you really wanted to see make the top 8 or gone higher than her position on this chart? Feel free to share (but keep your grudge-bashings to yourself, thanks).


Alright, without further ado…


7 thoughts on “SoMT Closing Ceremony

  1. Congradulations to Eru and Utau. They both deserve. It reminds me of happier times in the Shugo Chara fandom (here’s to looking forward to Encore not sucking?)

    This was really an awesome and creative project, and you’re awesome and creative for coming up with it. I look forward to this year’s too (maybe).

  2. First of all, Happy New Years! SoMT is already over? Ah~ it was a really fun run though and I’m glad I got to follow it. ^^ So vigorous! XDD

    I personally think that appearance does have some factor in determining moe. I agree with what you said about the package. They should have some appearance that could count for moe to go with the personality. Or else I wouldn’t even take a glance at them or even consider them moe. It’d take a little more effort for the characters to show us how moe they are. And first impressions are pretty important. So if they seem moe at first and are, I’ll usually remember them a little more, and their moe-ness will seem a little more than someone whose appearance didn’t seem moe? But like you both said, nothing is set in stone. Agh~ This is really hard to explain. @_@


    I’m so happy she won. She’s just so awesome. ^^ It was a good battle. Congrats to the runner up as well for making it this far (though I’m not surprised). :)

    And congrats to all of the winners for the individual awards. They definitely deserve it, and omg @ how well Amu did throughout the competition.

    Uwah~ Can’t wait to see what this surprise is! :D And btw, how did you add those sparkles on “SPECIAL”? Just wondering, it’s really neat. xDD

    Thanks so much for holding this competition! It’s been awesome and I can’t wait for SoMT 2010!! ^_^

  3. Happy New Year Xiao ^^!!!

    Oh my god.. I think I overlooked that mail because I was busy at that time @___@ sorry… I’ll just make my speech in here:

    What are your thoughts on physical features and how much it affects a girl’s moe? Would a more attractive moe girl be more MOE to you than one whom you don’t find as appealing?
    Or if that’s a little confusing, are looks a major part of your decision about a girl being moe?

    On physical features, I guess it really makes a portion of the character moe. I have a thing for blonde in twintails and I guess that’s the physical quality (particularly hair) I find moe because twintails has a sense of childish-ness and being young to it, and those are what I find cute. I don’t find the alluring type obviously moe (unless their stunning personality makes up for it, like Senjougahara) but they get points on the fierce/hot department ^^. And I agree, I guess it’s really depends on their creators on how they sell the characters to the public.

    When a character does something that you just wanna glomp her, or pull her cheeks, I guess I am really drawn in to that character being moe in terms of personality.

    I also agree with 7-san, voice acting is also a huge factor for me determining who is moe because, you know, it’s quite freaky to see some cute twintail character that sounds like a 78 year-old grandpa (lol).

    It’s really hard to say what moe factor weighs more for judging someone who’s moe, so I guess it’s up to its overall package/presentation ^___^.

    lol I think I didn’t made sense (as usual… OTL)

    And congrats to our very first SoMT QUEEN OF SHOUJO MOE 2009!!! And Queen of Charas too ^^. Woot~! *clapclapclap* Thank you very much for providing us SoMT, I really love this competition because it made me learn A LOT, I swear. Thank you very much for giving me an opportunity to judge too ^.^ Happy New Year again and looking forward to SoMT 2010!!!

  4. I’m happy Utau won (I had a feeling she would – Rima is extremely moe but it’s Utau~), even though I’m still disappointed that Amu didn’t. It was a good contest. You did an awesome job struggling through with it, especially when school got so hard (I can feel that on so many levels… damn exams).

  5. warrior: I’m scared to hope actually. Even if it is good, all I can see is MOARDORAMA~ and fussy teenagers. Oh god, almost DNW. o.O;

    But thanks a lot! And please do! It shall be fun~ xD


    blossom: Happy New Years! Hehe, I try my best. ^^

    YES! THAT’S what I’m talking about. First impressions. I mean, quite often we know we shouldn’t judge by a book’s cover but y’know, this is entertainment. It’s only smart that you should make things look interesting in order for people to be interested. So no worries. I understand everything you said.

    Indeed. ^^

    I wish I could give everyone an award but then I never would’ve finished this. lol XD;

    Oh, that’s simple. Just use this html code:

    write something here

    Only without the spaces between the arrowheads. ^^

    Thank you for following it. I’ll do my best for next year’s, too! :D


    kanzie: Happy New Years, kanzie~! <3
    And s'okay. I knew you were very busy so don't worry about it.

    Ah, I like how you laid out what I call the 3 major points of modeling moe. Hehe, I totally see blonde twin-tails as a big moe quality, too. And since moe tends to lean towards middle-school to high-school aged girls anyway, it just serves to make them more…oh, I dunno but it's just something you really can't get out of RL no matter how hard you try. haha xD;

    D'aww, I agree. Glomp-fests are another hug factor. You can't have moe without it.

    I actually know a character voiced by Chiwa Saitou and she's tsundere (no pig tails, though) and she sounds older than she looks…and she looks like a loli. o.O;

    You're very welcome and I’m glad SoMT was of some use to you. *happy!* x3
    Thank you for volunteering to be my judge! It was uber fun! I’ll try to make SoMT 2010 even better! ;Db


    Chibi-san: Aww, me, too…which is why I made lots of special awards to follow. LOL
    It seems kind of bias but I checked through all the results twice and pretty much only Dia and Amu qualified.

    & thanks a lot (ugh, yea, exams, yucky xP)! I’m really glad you enjoyed it. ^^


    cookie-san: You’re welcome! ^^

    Ooo, I’ve got another potential name?! *excited* 8DDD

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