Almost forgot…Happy Anniversary, ek-sen’trik!

Sh-shaddup! I’m still in the Christmas spirit! *throws fake snow everywhere*

Celebrating a day late since I was preoccupied with my wrap-up post yesterday. Funny cuz up until Christmas, it’s been nagging at the back of my mind constantly and then I forgot it exactly on its birthday. *such a bad blogger* |D;

Another funny thing is that I had planned it exactly the day after Christmas so that I wouldn’t forget its anniversary. *stupid* <P

But better late than never.

Anyways…gah, it’s been a year already?! o.O;;

Time moves so fast…really, it’s moving too fast for me. My brother is going to graduate in a year and a half and I feel like retiring already. *silly* xD;

So, um…yea, anniversaries have always been awkward for me. I still can’t get used to people singing happy birthday before I blow out the candles on my cake and going through a blog’s birthday for the first time left me stubbed on what to write. Because I have so much to say and so many people to thank and I just can’t express it all in an organized manner! @.@;;;

This is why I need pictures. They serve as good post marks. lol xD

And of course I would have Amu go first since she’s probably one of the biggest, most memorable turning points in the history of my passionate hobby I’ve had since I first got addicted to Sailor Moon (or whatever came first). Amuu~ <333

Ok, so first off, I have to thank all the people coming and going from my blog whether it's on a regular or sporadic basis. I especially have to thank my fellow bloggers:

Fuyu-san: For encouraging me to open a blog in the first place and being my first commenter because she demanded it, lol xD. If I didn’t run across your blog while looking for SC! summaries when there was actually a lack of it what happened to those times~?, a lot of stuff wouldn’t have happened so I’m very grateful for everything. Including for all the well written posts you always give (even if you say otherwise, I won’t listen~ :P), being one of my SoMT judges, my sempai and fangirl ally. Thanks so much! ^^

kanzie: For introducing the new definition of FIERCE! into my dictionary along with being one of the coolest bloggers I know out there. Seriously, I don’t know whether to be in awe or envy you…so I’ll just do both. lol xD You make the awesomest graphics and post the awesomest stuff that I’m often too lazy to go look for myself, haha. I always owe it to kanzie for inspiring SoMT with ANTM. It’s probably one of the most original projects I’ve ever come across and I must applaud you again for your creativity in putting two things you love together so well. Keep it FIERCE!, hun! ;Db

warrior: My fellow commenter dating way back to the LJ days and then continuing it through the blogosphere and GW. It’s been a lot of fun discussing shoujo (serious or just plain fangirl fun) and I always loved your “Worldly News” posts for all your snarky humor. I still miss those, btw, and can’t wait for your next post soon. Thanks for always commenting as well! ^^

7-san: I’m wondering how big your harem has gotten since the last time I chatted with you. |D; And grrr! I’m still mad about Nadeko! *claws you*
Hahaha, it’s fun chatting away on Gmail late into the morning. Either about Jersey or school or Jersey or anime in general (lol, of all things to finally go specific on, it was the harem topic) or Jersey. Because we hail from Jersey no, I’m from New York actually and as Jerseyians we gripe on and on about Jersey and in the end, it’s always going to be about sucky Jersey because neither of us has a car yet. :P Which reminds me, I still have to go looking for a driving school. So lazy~ Don’t wanna do it.
But yea, thanks for the chats, visiting here every now and then, and helping me promote SoMT. I still owe you and the other judges dedications which I will get to later. *procrastinate* And as much as you say you hate writing, I like your posts so keep on blogging to tone down your hate until it’s gone. haha XD

Also, muchos gracias to lostty-san, kitari-chan, blossom, cookie-san (thanks for the scans, too! <3), lea-chan, kel-san (I dub you my manga RSS from now on, haha), Rin and Mel-chan (we haven’t spoken in ages~, hope you’re doing fine, hun, :3).

I would also like to especially thank my commenters cuz you all seriously make my day every time I get a reply to a post. Namely Chibidoucet (awesome Amu fans forever <D) and my fanfiction idol, LGB, whose comments I always look forward to discussing with. Chibi-san, I hope you're doing okay and much support to you and your novel! Gambare! x33
And LGB, haven’t talked to you in ages! Sorry about not posting the latest chapters for Chocolate and Million Girl. Are you on your study abroad trip now? If so, I hope you’re having fun! I’ll try to make some time to go back to if I can. ^^

…and anyone else I have not mentioned. Gah, sorry about that. It’s 1 AM as I’m typing this so I’m starting to feel droopy-eyed but you all have my thanks. Bloggers, readers, lurkers, love ya all. Couldn’t done it without you. Hontou ni arigato! ^.^


Not really relevant but Xiao loves Nia so yea…Nia~ <333

So I’m not much of stats person but this is worth mentioning for celebrating.

Yay! I’m happy! 97,783 views! Woot! xD

With my busiest day being April 4th, also the opening of SoMT. ^^

I probably would have gotten more if it weren’t for my long absence due to school (and/or kept up the SC! posts) but I’m still glad the blog gets at least 100 views a day. Though it’s kind of frustrating that most of them are just hits on the old Nakayoshi scan posts:

‘Tis clickable. Damn this column for having a fixed width! But yay for my SoMT beating all them out! *satisfied*
So yea, most of them consists of SoMT, scans/PreSpoilers (I actually like that my PreSpoilers received more attention than the scans posts since I worked on them more), or SC! posts. Haha, and my Summer Wrap-up post barely passed the 20th mark which is surprising cuz I haven’t done a lot of blogging during the summer before school started. ^^;

And here are my top search terms:

I’m actually not surprised that Watashi ni xx Shinasai! is prevalent over SC! since I’m pretty sure I was the one who promoted it first (scans and all) on the internet so I can be a little smug about that even though I’m a little annoyed with the manga overall. What I found really funny was that Yaya was my biggest SC! term search. xDDD Who would’ve thought?

Nice seeing my blog’s name up there, too.

Ah, and “rimahiko” right after it. That makes me giggly inside. *giggle* x3 I would’ve liked to have seen more “Amuto” since it is my second greatest OTP of all time…even if I slightly disapprove of Ikuto…cuz I’m jealous of him. Nuu, Amu~ Don’t leave me for that jerk!


*smacked* …back on topic…

And here are my top referrers:

The top 5 being:

Simplicity – Whoa. There’s never a time I’m never surprised about the traffic coming to and from Fuyu-san’s blog. lol xD
Metanorn – Yay! It’s a honor to be referred to from her site! ^^
Shojo Lover – ;D
kelakagandy’s ramblings – Hehe. :3
Random Stuff About アニメ – :D

Thanks a lot for the referrals, girls! Love ya lots! ^^

And I suppose that’s it, which then leads me to…



Hmm…well, on blogging in general, I think I might just try out shorter posts to see how it’ll work since when I get back to school, I won’t have the time or the energy to do the long drawn-out posts I usually do. Also, Winter doesn’t have anything of interest to do any serious analyzation for. At the very least, I think Durarara! will be getting the most feedback but Ookamikakushi just might surprise me crap, I just cursed it xP so we’ll just have to see. Oh, but I do plan on giving a nice review for the Katanagatari OVA, though. I looked through a book about it last week in my Kinokuniya bookstore and it pulled the fangirl out of me a little. *giggle*

I would also like to review some manga I’ve been following for a while. Namely Pandora Hearts for whose post that I’m really well behind on, Sakura-hime Kaden possibly being the most disappointing work I’ve seen from Arina Tanemura ever (I’m sorry but it is) and Letter Bee as well. They’ll be long and therefore, will take me long to compose my thoughts together but I’ll try my best to get it out when I can.
SC! Encore! is pretty much out of the question, whether it’ll be good or bad. I still love the series with all the fan love I offer but it’s just been better to enjoy it myself now rather than with a community that I’m sure will drive me nuts to no end with the huge fanbrat population still alive and well. *lovely drips of sarcasm*

I also might sneak in a review for any anime I finished marathoning though I doubt it. None of the ones I’ve watched recently are really that good enough to make me want to say something about them. And if I never got around to doing that review for TTGL, which I still love so much, then it’s never going to happen for anything else. |D;

On SoMT, yep, I’m still going to run it next year. Same time as usual (Sakura-chan’s birthday~). Place…err, not sure about that but if I can’t do anything about it before March or so, then it’s going to be held here. The system isn’t going to change, I don’t think, but I’ll try to make better graphics this time around.
So yea, I’ve already looked through the year of 2009 for all the shoujo titles and listed them already. I expect a better competition than this year’s since we had some notable adapations, yes? ;D
And I’m working on the final results. They should be up soon.

Hmm…what else?
Well, most of my other plans I want to keep secret…just in case I don’t have enough time to get to them so I don’t regret saying I will do something and never do it. ^^;
There are some special posts (long rants on certain topics or issues that I’ve been pondering occasionally) that I would like to publish and I’m sure I can get those out if I manage my time properly.

I guess that’s all for now. Not really a lot and it’s rather sloppy (an indication that I should get back to practicing my writing cuz it’s really horrible when I look at it, ugh) but then again, I’m in dire need of sleep right now. I’m so happy to be in college and have this month-long break before the next semester starts like you have no idea. *on the verge of dropping my head on the keyboard*



As for what I’m currently doing NOW now, well…I’m having a bit of a “YOU’REDRIVINGMENUTS!!!!” problem with installing Umineko EP 5 so going to see if it’ll work on my other computer since Vista’s being a bitch. I hate you, Vista. Go die in a fire or something. xP
Yea, I’m still pretty much obsessed with the VN and can’t wait for EP 6 which is coming out in less than 2 days! KYAA! *excited* xDDDD

And something random to show you guys…

…it’s a corn plush! XD

And it’s not mine. I don’t know where it came from but I bet it’s something my dad brought back as a souvenir when he and my brother went to Japan for a hot springs trip last week (damn bastards *couldn’t go b/c she had an exam*). Though it’s weird b/c this is manufactured by Disney and they were nowhere near the Disney World in Japan…but who cares? It’s mine now. Kuhuhu~ >x3 I absolutely love plushes and I love the odd ones even more. lol
This is going to be my “special” item from now on. And you’ll see what I mean if I ever get around to posting it.

I took a nap on this today. Not really the most comfortable pillow but it’s great for hugging onto. x3

So there, some pointless current Xiao rambles for ya.

I’m going to bed.

Again, thank you so much to everyone for visiting and I hope we’ll get along in the year ahead! Please continue to give me your support!


14 thoughts on “Almost forgot…Happy Anniversary, ek-sen’trik!


    I forgot my first anniversary by 5 days, so there’s some comfort in forgetting your own :) Sometimes the things you want to remember most become the things you forget the most I guess…
    A month vacation :o I am so jealous with my two week only vacation, but that’s life.
    I laughed so much at the “Corn Plush” thing. Its so weird yet so intriguing, I wish I had one of my own x)
    Anyway, I can’t wait to read your awesome posts in the new year! Congratulations once more!!!

  2. Congratulations!!!
    The fierce witch Beatrice is here to greet you bb ♥

    I remember that I didn’t even had the chance to post about my one year anniversary because I totally forgot about it and I became so confused when to celebrate it because I re-started my blog back then on September ^^; Then I became all lazy and all so yeah, no anniversary for me *baka*

    And aww~ thanks a lot for those kind words!!! Let’s keep it FIERCE! all the time! Not to mention the stunning, relevant, etc ^__~

    Fuyu-san’s blog is also my highest referrer to my site. Yay Fuyu-san ftw~!!

    Yay DRRR! Yeah, that’s probably the only one I’m sure to watch. The other shows are all carry-overs from Fall. I might try out Sora no Woto, Vampire Bund and Ookami ^^. Katanagatari is so intriguing, the art is so nice~

    Looking forward to your future posts. I kinda dropped SHK (lawlz..) and still thinking if I should pick it up again. I was quite underwhelmed by that work of Arina-sensei.

    SoMT 2010!!! Can I suggest nominations now? Can I? Can I??? xDDD *smacked* Looking forward to it too! You’re improving more and more with your graphics so I’m excited what will you put up on season 2. YEAZ~ Good luck to all of your future projects on blogging!

    I hate Vista too >.> When I tried it first time, I switched back again on WinXP. I’m using Win7 now ^^. Still thinking if I’ll try out the Umineko EP5 VN or just lurk around sites to see what’s happening on EP6 instead *lazy* xD

    The corn plush is so randomly cute! ♥__♥

    So yeah, congratulations to your anniversary again and looking forward for more years of your FIERCE!ness to come!!!

  3. Happy anniversary! I’m still here, I just don’t comment as much (I was so disappointed Amu lost in the tournament I couldn’t comment even though I wanted to). School and… blah all of that stuff made it so that for a while there I barely had time to give passing glances at blogs, much less actually sit down and read them.

    I just looked through your last post and it was a T_T I don’t recognize ANY of these (except Kobato) moment. The only ones I’ve kept up with are Yumeiro Patissierre and SC, of course, even though Rikka is driving me crazy (stupid girl). Couldn’t give up on Amu even if I wanted to. I do like that lately she seems more grown up, it makes me happy to see her becoming such a beautiful young lady. Amu~…

    Anyway. Looking forward to your posts in the New Year, and to the winner of SOMT.

  4. O(≧∇≦)O congrats on your one year anniversary~~~!!

    I lso don’t like celebrating birthdays and such so much (なんか…はずかしいですね~!)

    I look forward to more blog posts from you in the coming year~

  5. Happy Anniversary!! ^^ this is my first time coming here (I think) so I’m not really sure what to say xD.. wow you have sooo many viewers o_o I hope one day I can become like that. The corn plush is SO SO SO ADORABLE!!! <3 I want one :3 ~

  6. Heeeeey, I’m a random person who’s been following your blog for a long time! Huzzah!
    XD Anyway, congrats on the anniversary and everything~ I look forward to everything in le future!
    Anyway, I really enjoy following you and Fuyu…I lurvs your blogs le most, and whenever you have new posts it’s like, “Oooh! Oooh! New stuff to read! YAY!” (yes, I do have a life beyond this)
    Anyway, long story short: Congrats, luff ya, and can’t wait for more!
    Bye bye!

  7. Happy blogging anniversary! Dammit, it’s hard to think of anything to say. Though I may not comment much, I really enjoy reading your posts and I hope to read future posts as well. Have a great new year.

  8. yay~~~ Congrats on your 1-year anniversary!!! :D

    haha, I can definitely live with manga RSS. :3

    You doing a Katanagatari review=me loving you even more! I’m sooo excited for it…I can’t believe it’s only one hour long episode a month though. D’:

    I shall follow SoMT anywhere it (and you) goes. :] And hopefully figure out what in the world was going on with my blog’s html thing in the side bar so I can finally post a link! :D

    I have to say, your corn plush just makes me happy. xD It’s unusual, but in a super cute way~

    Ah! It’s been forever since I’ve seen a Xiao ramble! :[ But this more than makes up for it. ;] (I had to use notepad so I could scroll through to type up my comment, haha).

    Again, congrats!!!

  9. OAO Sorry for the late comment!! >_<" Didn't have the time to finish my comment yesterday…TT^TT *Ahem* Anyways…

    Congratulations!! Happy Anniversary!! ^_^ Cheers! First of all, keep up the awesome work! Your blog is simply amazing and it’s no surprise it’s managed strong and well still. :D

    Aw, thanks for the mention! I feel honored~ <3

    *A* @ your stats. Congrats at all the hits! Lol, I also have Yaya as one of my most popular SC! search term if I'm not mistaken as well. X) It's pretty surprising, haha.

    Can't wait for your future posts! Seeing what you said about Katanagari makes me actually want to watch it now. ^^ Oh, and now I'm glad I didn't check out Sakura-hime Kaden…

    CORN PLUSHIE!! So cute! I love corn and plushies, and so even if it’s random, seeing a corn plushie is so random and awesome. :3

    Anyways, congratulations and I’m looking forward to seeing more of ěk-sěn’trĭk! ^^

  10. OMG! I can’t believe I missed this…even more shameful is the fact that I took a mental note on my mental calendar when you started blogging last year, back when you just got home from a vacation at Disneyland!

    Happy Blogging Anniversary..and to think that you said you were thinking of quitting blogging – yea right…at least not if I can help it. And look at you now. If anything, I’m glad that you’ve sticked around.

    So congratulations for the your 1-year anniversary as well as the wonderful project that is SOMT.

    And hooray for moar SOMT!

  11. おめでとう!!!

    .☆.+:^ヽ(∇ ̄*)o♪Congratulations♪o(* ̄∇)ノ^;+.☆.

    Hey, hey! (^^)o Long time no see (or read…or whatever…>.>; ) I’m not studying abroad yet, but I’m going to be going to Japan for a year starting next year in the Fall Semester.

    I figured I needed more time to improve my Japanese…and this semester Japanese (and just Japan in general) consumed my life with the large amounts of homework/reading that I had for my Japanese class and Contemporary Japan class.

    I also had Math, which I suck at, and I’ve decided to minor in Anthropology, so I took a class on that (but the teacher was so hard to understand because of her extremely heavy Russian accent). Then I had all of the deep, drawn out thinking and tough reading that I had to do for Philosophy class this semester too.

    So I haven’t had much time for catching up on anime, commenting on your blog, or translating Chocolate or Million Girl. Besides, I’m pretty sure those two got picked up by translating groups, so don’t worry about not being able to provide RAWs.

    Oh, and just to let you know, you are my blogger idol! =P

    Now, getting back to your blog…which this post is about. That’s amazing: 97,783 views!! O.O Really, congrats on that. Also, I always really enjoyed your Pre-Spoilers Post, so I’m glad those got a good ranking. ^^

    Go Yaya! (^0^) Getting serious though, that’s slightly odd that Yaya was your top SC! search term. o.O; And…Lolz! XD I love how you want to protect and keep Amu all to yourself, when it’s usually the other way around. It’s so much better than all those scary fanbrats who want to keep Ikuto all to themselves. They unnerve me sometimes…::twitch, twitch::

    For your future plans, I’ll look forward to a Pandora Hearts post. I <3 that series so much! Really, the manga is fantastic. The pace of the plot, and the plot itself, is consist. It hardly ever lags and there is just the right amount of foreshadowing and red herrings to get the readers discussing, debating, and just horribly confused (in a good way). And there is just the right amount of fanservice to make any and all pairings seem appealing, even the ones you know are morally wrong! |D Finally, the characters are some of the best I've ever seen. They seem to have stereotypical personalities, until all their little quirks start showing up and the chapters progress onward revealing new aspects like an onion peeling away or adding more layers like a painting. I swear, with each new chapter that gets released the characters just seem to continue to grow and evolve.

    And, while we are on the topic of other manga. I suggest you read Dengeki Daisy (if you haven't already). The main character is strong female, the plot has (thus far) evaded all of the cliches of the usually Shoujo manga, the artwork is lovely, and, best of all, it is written and drawn by a guy. How awesome is that!? One of the best Shoujo's out there is written by a male. Major kudos in my opinion.

    Let's see…ah! I understand about the whole Encore! thing. Luckily it seems as if it may be short and it is apparently going to be focusing more on the other characters (and couples), rather than on Amu, though she will be present. And it is supposedly going to divulge a little bit more into the other characters. That'll be nice for a change.

    Sadly I'm still stuck in the Shugo Chara community, blame it on my uber soft heart (I can't help providing summaries and rough translations when I can), my stubborn loyalty (I try to complete every series until it's end and that usually involves the fandom too), and my absolute frustration at the fanbrats (for the last time: Ikuto is not a pedo, Tadase is not gay, and people can like whatever pairing, character, or etc. they like, gosh!), the fact that rumors in this fandom get started far too easily (just because Tsukasa is mysterious does not mean he is evil and just because Tadase happens to resemble his uncle doesn't mean they are one in the same, people) or they just never die (Ikuto does not have another Chara… =.= ). It's so tiring, but I do my job to give this fandom just a little bit of guidance and restraint/structure. Well, I try to anyway.

    Moving on, I understand completely about the nice, long month break. I've been doing nothing (even though I know I really should be studying my Japanese…I'll get on it, I swear! OTL ::is talking to herself:: ) And Vista is a bitch. I have it on my crappy school computer. Thankfully though, I'll be getting a new, crappy school computer at the end of this semester, which hopefully won't be crappy at all. Because, according to the college grapevine (and tech services) these new school computers will have a built-in webcam and Windows 2007! I'm excited! Whoo! ^V^

    Other than that: I love plushes too! ^w^ Yay for corn! ^-^ And, as long as you continue to write/blog, I'll continue to support.

    Good luck with 2010, I wish you all the best, and Happy New Year! : D

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