Fall Wrap-up Pt. 1

I keep pushing this off and I’m never going to get it done. xD;

So, yea, fall is pretty much over like 2 months ago but it was still quite good…on a scale of how many shows I dropped kinda good. Which is only about…eh, 3 I had intended to follow seriously. And then there are still one or two more that are still ongoing, with some anime marathons I managed to do when I wasn’t suppose to :P and Winter starting up after New Years. Like most, I’m not at all enthusiastic about the coming lineup and put a lot of weight on the few shows I’m hoping won’t fail me but we will see.

Anyways, so how was Fall exactly?





Ordered by scheduled broadcast.

Fairy Tail – Let’s just skip past all the complaints about how “the manga was so much better!” because people, it is always going to be like that with adaptations (made by Satelight, no less, whom I’m all too much familiar with). Tell me something I don’t know. :P
Anyways, since I haven’t read the manga yet (and won’t until I feel so bored that I want to catch up 150+ chapters), it’s still entertaining for me to watch. I don’t have to take anything seriously and the humor is based a lot Natsu’s hot-headed stupidity and silliness but HEY, that’s exactly what I love about Natsu. Also, add the fact that NATSU! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!?!?!!?!? *squeal* xDDDDDDDD

People who know me well enough probably also know that I have a thing for redheads (pinkheads, too) in anime though it often varies with the character but that’s not the point. Kahaha, I don’t remember the last time I’ve seen a guy with pink hair (if ever) that didn’t make him look weird but since Natsu is nicknamed the “Salamander”, it’s fitting, I guess. Plus, his element is fire ( *big fan of firey stuff* xDDD), he’s a dragon (ok, ok, raised by one, same difference :P), HOT-BLOODED, GAR, and most of all… VOICED BY TETSUYA KAKIHARA! *fangirl scream~* xDDDDD
Ah, brings me a lot back to my love for Tetsuya-san that was born after watching TTGL again and again and again. Btw, the second film, Lagann-hen, is coming out on DVD in Jan. so somebody better torrent that with all the specials and send me an email alert the moment it’s up, Y’HEAR?! D8<

Yea…so I know most fans would rather go for the cool, Yuuichi Nakamura-voiced type that is Grey and his tendency to strip everywhere he goes or rather more correctly, ERZA, because she’s so awesome that you need to CAPSLOCK and bold her name in neon lights (which my budget can’t afford, /P), but it is IRRELEVANT to me…since I like everyone. I do! I like Lucy (Hirano’s doing a very nice job on her so far), all the Fairy Tail members, this “evil” Siegrain, and even Happy. Yes, even Happy. :P
I just have a deeper fondness for Natsu cuz of all the reasons stated above. *waves up there* xD

So yea, it’ll drag on and on with hefty annoying fillers as all shounen series do but I’m still following it faithfully every week. They’re delving more into Grey’s background so, um, yay for some plox. Nothing else to say.

Kobato– Just like Madhouse to take it ssssllllloooowwwwlllyyy with a CLAMP work. Well, any complaints on this is childishness or ignorance on your part. If you’ve read the slowly-updated manga and/or watched CCS at all, then fillers are kinda inevitable. It’s not like I can’t understand people’s frustration with this, as I also thought that firefly episode was flat-out boring and unnecessary. I don’t care if you find it a touching tragedy or if firefly stories made it all better, anyone can make a decent firefly episode better than that one and more original at that. xP

But anyways, if you want to like this show, then you’re going to have to stick with it all the way to the end. That’s pretty much how it worked with CCS for me and Kobato almost follows a similar episodic pattern CCS does. Though I think the only difference on the level of enjoyment between them is probably due to watching CCS back then when I was kid as oppose to me watching Kobato now. Frankly, I think there are really few children who care what fillers are if they are my age when I was watching CCS. They love and enjoy it all the same (at least, I did). Older viewers like us just need to watch an episode once and be done with it, on the rare occasion that we go back to watch a second time because the episode was extraordinarily great or something (note that subbed versions and episode reviews are not counted).

Also…I think CCS was a better watch cuz the heroine didn’t need to try to be moe. She WAS the beginning of natural, pure moe while everyone after had to make an effort to live up to her SaiMoe level. Um, no, never happening. And am I not right on most of what I’m saying? Sure, I do love Kobato for being so cute and full of “GAMBARIMASU!” energy but you have to agree her naivety is over-the-top sometimes, and therefore, a little more difficult to stand. So there’s another difference.

Which drives me back to the point that you’ll have to bear with it to the end. Besides, Kobato is getting better now, it seems. Especially with the Fujimoto-centric episode last week. Though I’m still not all that big on him but I’m glad to see him gradually improving. In both the manga and the anime. I doubt I’ll ever be boy-crazy for him or shipping crazy for him and Kobato together (though I do support it~) since yes, girls, I’m not into sour jerks being nasty…just because it’s their default mask. Good looks and secretly being nice when you’re not looking don’t make up for an attitude that leaves off a really bad mark in my book.

In other matters, the latest episode was pretty cute. Kyaa~, we get to go back to the bakery (oh god, did I mention I love anything to do with cakes?! x3) and surprise! Yumi-chan is there! Expy from Chobits with her crush on her boss still intact. …oh, and he still gives her that same uniform she wore in Chobits as well, lolol What’s more is that Yumi is voiced by Aki Toyosaki, one of my favorite (haha, this word has been used) moe moe seiyuus of the year!
But eh, I can’t say I liked the romance part of this ep a lot. Not because it didn’t end with a confession (I don’t care about that) but the whole dramatization of Yumi running away after seeing Ueda *GASP!* in a cafe with another woman! …I mean, that is seriously overdone. No, I do not blame the girl for doing what most girls would tend to do when they think they’ve been OMGBETRAYED! but the running away business really annoys me. I would instead glare the guy down or make some kind of face at him and go home. And if he runs after me, I’d either tell him to leave me alone for a while so I can get my thoughts straight (cuz misunderstandings can sort itself out if you sort yourself out first = COMMON SENSE) or hear him out on whatever he has to say…where Ueda was also dumb about. He could’ve just told her. -.-;

Sure, that doesn’t make for much of story but still, this cliche, this silly idea of a girl always running away from her problems really gets on my nerves. I don’t think it would hurt to do this a little differently and maybe a little more realistically because hello, it’s not worth getting so visually and publicly upset over a guy. Especially when you’re still on a boss-to-employee relationship.

But whatever. Here’s what was really the highlight for me:

Kobato struggling to pick up a cake and put it in a box = SO FRIGGIN’ CUTE!!! <3333

Kobato success while holding a cake box/ “DEKIMASHITA!” = KYAAA!!!! SO CUTE!!! SO CUTE!!! XDDDDD

lol, haaa…well, as much as I’m all for Kobato cuteness such as this, I want Okiura (the guy with the cigarette who called the nursery) to come back soon so we can get more of a plot moving even if it’s going to be anime-original, which I don’t mind at all. We’re about halfway there so unless they’re planning a second season, which at the point looks likely, Kobato needs to heal a whole crowd full of people soon and Okiura needs to start looking more like a mafia boss threat instead of a loan shark nagger. And damn, with Shinichiro Miki as his seiyuu, he just can’t get anymore deliciously “evil”. Haha, yea, I like the bad guy. He’s hot and he only seems to enjoy “playing the role of the bad guy”. I’m aware we still don’t know much about him but going on that impression he gives with that description alone, I’d say he isn’t your typical villain.

Not that Fujimoto cares cuz to him, that guy is a completely evil bastard but who cares about him? Have a nice chat with Kobato in the next chapter. Then we’ll talk. /3

Kurumi’s sparklies currently invading your personal space~

Kimi ni Todoke– I’ve spammed this on kanzie’s blog so many times but I’ll say it again anyway. KnT is without a doubt the best shoujo anime of the year. Want to know how good it is? Hmm, well, when I count how many good comments made by guys I’ve come across, it’s pretty good. Yea. *nodnod* :)

Of course I’m not going to judge on that alone but it’s been a while since I’ve come across this near-phenomenon as I’d like to call it. Guys taking a shoujo anime seriosuly? No wai…

lol, moving on, I honestly didn’t plan to watch this as all. I was kind of weirded out by the character designs and the premises didn’t really impress me. School drama, woot woot, been there, done that. I can do without slices of life of other things since my personal cake ain’t that great either. But I figured I’d watched the first episode since everyone was so excited for it and apparently, the manga was really good.
And then the bandwagon just totally sped off without stopping after I finished the first episode. xD

The story is simple but very heartwarming. I mean, how else can I describe it? A socially inept girl slowly but steadily developing strong relationships with her classmates thanks to the help of this too-good-to-be-true guy who has the cutest crush on her? Hmm…haha, I say it’s simple but it’s actually harder to put into words than I thought. ^^;
But it’s not like the whole thing can be put into words anyway. This is one of those series where you have to really watch/read it to really comprehend what’s going on. It’s all in there as you go through the story. So it’s pointless for me to continue on like this. Just watch it.

Character-wise, the whole cast hasn’t reached the level where I would give it an A-rating. A-rating as in I find every person colorfully unique enough (among other casts of other series) to remember specially by. There’s also the setting, the circumstances, etc, that play around them though it’s usually the characters that make the story, right? That’s a strange way to put it…hmm. Well, this can only be understood from my perspective anyway since I made it up for my own use. But currently, I can say it’s B…er, B+? Hmm. Well, this is all personal opinion.
But I like everyone all the same. That’s right. Everyone again and pretty equally at that.

The one that catches most of my attention right now, though, has to be Kurumi. First of all, I find Sawako adorable…even if her slow speech and constant stuttering tends to annoy me at times but since it’s part of her character, I’m okay with it. And of course I support her with Kazehaya, who I find just as cute especially when he’s jealous but not someone I’d go crazy over (he’s still too good to be true no matter how I look at it <– I find this type rather "eh").

Clearing that out of the way, I guess I like Kurumi because she's so nicely two-faced. :)
And more often she'll be violently flamed for that in addition to "bitch trying to get in the way of an OTP". Well, before getting to that last part, I wonder how many people know exactly how it feels to act all nice in front of people and not when they're alone. Not on the internet. In real life. They probably know it very well but just don't realize it until they're older. This is especially true for me when I started working for the first time and it became even more apparent when I started having problems with my immediate family. So I rather sympathize with Kurumi on that, which helped me look at her from a different perspective instead of one that is completely Sawako-biased. It's true, I think her actions of trying to keep everyone, especially Sawako, clear of Kazehaya is very selfish and wrong all while putting on fake persona at the same time but I don't think her wanting to be special to Kazehaya is wrong. And it's natural for a girl to go some desperate measures just to make sure the guy she likes doesn't go off to someone else. Kurumi's method of doing it just wasn't the best way.

Which is also why I'm glad she's going about it almost in a better manner after Sawako refused to help her (yea girl, stay true to your feelings! xD) and saying that she’ll get Kazehaya her own way. Though her plan to try and make Sawako and Ryuu a couple completely backfired both ways, lol. Oh god, that was great. Ryuu confessing he only loved Chizu was d’awwwsome (<3) and Kazehaya getting all rigidty at seeing Sawako with another guy pretty much sealed the deal. So Kurumi is no threat and all this hate aimed at her is just hot air. Can't say I don't enjoy seeing her get frustrated over and over, though. Sawako is tough, haha. xD

I also like the interactions between Yano and Yoshida (Chizu). They’re such a funny pair of BFFs. And Pin! I love Pin~ What kind of teacher would just casually waltz into his student’s house as if he lived there himself? lol
And uh…yea, that’s it for now. Pretty sure KnT will continue staying awesome. Btw, is this going to be 26 episodes? How long is the manga now? Hmm? 83

Railgun– Let’s spread around the yuri friendship love~ <3
Gawd, Railgun is probably the most consistent out of all the shows I’ve been following, I think. Then again, I was as into this series as I was the others and only watched it cuz I was nearly done with Index. Well, either way, it’s still going pretty well so far. I didn’t demand much from it and got back a little above satisfying entertainment.

And I can finally call Misaka “FRIGGIN’ COOL!” xDDD

I like Misaka a lot more after getting into this one. She just seemed so full of it and almost-moe fodder in Index but here she actually has more character (well, duh, it’s her story after all :P) thanks to her interactions with the other characters. Heh, gotta love Kuroko for delivering more than half the humor for the most of it as well.
Oh, and can’t forget Rina Satou’s awesome voice acting skills~ Switching from Gekotan-eager!Misaka to srsbznz!Misaka to tsundere!Misaka all in one episode makes me <333

Oh, but I especially love Saten and Uiharu~ I'm glad their personalities aren't entirely revolved around Misaka like I thought it would be (and I blame all the Misaka hype that I really didn't understand for that). Each had to face their shortcomings on their own and the problem was resolved pretty nicely. I sympathize even more with Saten as I'm too familiar with inferiority complexities due to the lack of an ability. Plus she's voiced by my beloved Kanae Itou~ (double the <333) And of course, this:

GAH!!! I love these moments! Uiharu is so MOE! x333

Hmm, so yea, think I’ll skip on the bikini-beach episode and resume on ep 14. I’m guessing most of the episodes up until the 26th one will deal with the coming of The Sisters (if that’s correct) and the Accelerator. Not sure what to think since I wasn’t as interested in that arc in Index but we’ll see.

Letter Bee– D’aww…Niche being a good dingo and waiting with her “fellow dingo”. How adorable~ x333

Hey, I’m still loving this every weekend. I was really surprised when I heard Tegami Bachi was getting an anime only after two months I discovered the manga in my bookstore. Naturally, I jumped onto this as soon I saw it and it hasn’t disappointed me one bit yet. It’s staying faithful to the original plot so far with the exception of the Christmas filler but I loved that, too, so it’s alright. Yea, I really have nothing bad to say about this one. I’m just a little worried at where they will stop cuz it’s not one of the shows of the season that’s attracting a lot of viewers and there’s a lot of content that has yet to be covered (like Niche’s awesome Maka fight with her big sis! Hohoho!). They’re either going to have to go for a second season or an anime-original ending if a second season is unlikely. :/

In the meantime, I found this scene so cute:


Oh, Lag. Your crying is contagious. lol

*sigh* I know a lot of people absolutely hate seeing Lag breaking into tears over and over again but it doesn't bother me. That's always been apart of his character from the start. Plus, Lag is such a nice kid and all. I'm not going to get angry at him just because he's emotional all the time. *rolls eyes*

And yay for some:

Zazie focus this ep!
I don’t think we’ve gone too far into his background yet in the manga even though it’s been mentioned somewhere already that he’s more intent on killing Gaichuu instead of delivering letters so this serves as a good speedup for the anime.
And Sonja was so cute~ Voiced by Chiwa Saitou, too, if you didn’t know. I’m glad she’s landing a lot of roles recently thanks to Bakemonogatari, even if they’re smaller roles for the time being. I can’t wait until she gets another main part next year. x3

Which leads me to…

Artwork source unknown. Please contact me if you know where it’s from. I’m not sure if it’s a fanart or not.

Bakemonogatari– Yes, I’m sorry for nagging about it on and on and on but I want the last two episodes now! *stomps feet* >:(
Or at least, SHAFT, release the OST for the show already. With the fourth volume delayed by a month and my Petit Nendos not coming until April or whenever, it’s such a boring wait.

Need more Yui Horie nyaa~speech and another HitagixAraragi date. *miserable* T_T


And that’s all for now. I’ll finish the other half tomorrow along with closing the SoMT if I can.

…ah, I just realized I didn’t mention much about the animation for each one so here’s a quick run down:

Fairy Tail: Decent. Lots of stock footage…but this is Satelight so it’s kind of expected.
Kobato: Nice. I’m slightly bothered about the blushes on their face though. They don’t look…natural. And is it supposed to be that shiny even for the little kids? o.O;
KnT: Don’t have much to say about this one since I’ve never been a big fan of the art. It looks okay…just that Yano’s lips needs to be unpuckered every now and then. I get the impression she’s been chewing down on a lemon every time I see her. ^^;
Railgun: Consistent. No complaints here. Thank you, J.C. Staff! *nod of approval* (-.-)V
Letter Bee: Yay! They stayed true to the original designs! I mean, everyone looked a little weird (chubby and cutely bug-eyed) in the manga so I’m glad for that. As for the 3D Gaichuu and “snow”, eh, I’m not too bothered by them. It’s one of the things I’ll remember the anime by.

*sigh* Yea, silly me. I didn’t want to go back and insert all these comments with their respective summaries so they’ll just crash at the end here for now.
Funny, I’m not really critical of the animation quality if I enjoyed an episode thoroughly through. I know inspecting how the studio did executed the works is important for me to address since those are one of the reasons I am watching anime in the first place but…I dunno. I just can’t seem to look at things and make educated comments on them. If it looks averagely good to me than I won’t have anything to say.
Aish, I still got a lot to learn. ^^;

Mmkay, part 2 will be up as soon as I’m done with it. ^.^


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