Hellooo~! BREAK! x3

YES! My semester is over!

…Actually, it was over Monday but I had work today so I figured I’d get that over with first before relaxing for the weekend…then going back next Wednesday. :P

Anyways, with this, I think I can resume some activity around here…hmm, yea, I need to make plans to refurbish the blog for the new year at least. Try out a new theme…attempt to make a new banner. I’m honestly not enthusiastic about graphics now (as you can probably tell with the Kanon image I just resized and slapped up there) but I’ll try to somehow get back to it.

Hmm, I have one or two posts I want to get out this week. Should be no problem since I’m free~!!! I can’t stress that enough! Freedom! Salvation! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

Yea, I guess I’ll start on that tonight if I can. If not, tomorrow since I’m still worn out. Also have to reorganize my room, learn how to drive and all that schmit.

Here’s a headsup on the raws, though. They’re practically postponed indefinitely since I have to regulate my budget for other things so please visit cookie-san’s blog if you’re looking for Nakayoshi and Ribon scans.
cookie-san, thanks so much for sharing your scans! I really appreciate it cuz I haven’t said that enough yet! (lol, really) x3

And uh…me being the silly person that I am finally realized that I forgot my flash drive at home and I can’t do much without it since all my plans are on there. *frsutrated sigh* The traffic is going to be awful, too, so I guess I’ll have to push everything to tomorrow then. D:

Ack, I’m rambling. Anyways, if I don’t catch you or vice versa on Friday, happy holidays everyone! Hope anyone who’s traveling has a safe trip and the rest of you, have a safe Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/whatever awesome traditional stuff you may be doing. :D