SoMT Semifinals Results


(I’m imitating a drumroll, play along. :D)


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Aargghh, it’s almost like I’m watching those competition shows on TV or something. Love seeing everyone in the game but the eliminations always kills me. I don’t want anyone to leave~! You’re all a winner in my eyes! T.T
Oi, so frustrating…*sniff*

Well, I didn’t put everyone’s total number of votes on the results roster so for those of you who are too lazy to add, this pretty much shows the tie-breaker (like whoa… o.O):

Amu: 89
Rima (VK): 55
Utau: 106
Rima (SC!): 90

YEA… O.o
By one small vote, Rima was able to make it to the finals. And I’m being honest when I say that Amu’s been playing the rounds very close with her fellow SC! candidates for that past week. It kept jumping back and forth. Exciting, heck yea, but kept me on a bit of an edge. lol XD;

Yep! The fight for the first SoMT crown will be between Rima (SC!) and Utau! Waaaa!!! I’m not going to lie that I didn’t see it coming but woot! That was one hell of joyride to get here alright. But first, individual evaluations…


Amu: It really, really saddens me to see her go. I actually put a lot of hope in her chances of getting second place, believe it or not, since she got such a great amount of support. Yes, even over Rima, who I believe to be even more moe (especially since Rima is moe for Amu, ahaha~), but “moe” doesn’t really override “cute” in my book. Yep, the cuteness factor is practically dominated by my lovely Amu-chan and Rima-tan. Too bad this isn’t a “cute” contest (then it would get ugly) but eh, oh well. Moe is moe but cute is a natural pure element. They’re not the same~ <– *thinks so* :3

And I'm extremely satisfied with her performance, which is like…gold. No losses up until this point and again, going up against a big favorite, had a difference in votes by 1. Now that is a true SoMT competitor! A big applause and cheer for my baby, please!


Congrats on getting 3rd, Amu~!!!!

*HUGGLES~* x3333

Best match (OF THE ENTIRE TOURNAMENT AGAIN!): Against Utau. Difference in votes = 1.
Placing: 3rd


Rima (VK): I’m very pleased with Rima for coming this far and giving it her all despite the overwhelming SC! popularity. Nevermind that fail manga she comes from. She’s too good for it and needs her own. :P Kyaa, she’s great! A big thank you to all those who voted for her as well and kept the variety of the tournament interesting. Here’s to hoping for more Rima panel-time in the future (and Shiki, can’t forget Shiki, lol xDDD). ;D


Congrats on getting 4th, Rima~!!!!

Best match: Against Amu. Difference in votes = 14.
Placing: 4th


Utau: 106 votes total and Utau’s still going strong. *thumbs up* ;Db
I’m very interested to see how things will go between her and Rima in the final and I’m hoping for a very satisfying close match from them both as well. Or Xiao will be disappointed if you don’t know already. *pout* -3- Who can uphold their tsundere charm more, hmm? Kuhuhu~ >3

Best match: Against Amu. Difference in votes = 1.
Placing: TBD


Rima (SC!): Our current smallest, most cuddably~ *goes on and on and on…* contestant packs quite a punch in her, doesn’t she? XD
Kyaa, Rima-tan~! I wonder if the latest episodes boosted her moe points or something cuz I heard that she’s been very cute lately. I mean, come on, how can you not think a sly little girl like Rima blackmailing Nagi to go on a date with her treat her is just adorable? (aww, poor Nagi~ <3)

But woot, yea! Rima's going in for the big one. Please continue to give her all your support, Rima fans! ^^

Best match : Against Utau. Difference in votes = 18.
Placing: TBD


And that’s that…well, not really. I have a few more things to say, lol.

Technically, now that Amu is out of the tournament, a huge weight on her opponents has been lifted, ne? I mean, really, if you were watching the voting as it went along, you’ll have to agree. The biggest obstacle for the other two SC! girls wasn’t so much towards each other than it was towards Amu. There really was no way for me to tell who would make it on this round (except for Utau, that was pretty much a given) and what could have happened if I let it go on for a little bit longer.

So now I’m wondering where will those votes for Amu go to. Utau? Rima? Are there any people who are backing out already? xD;

Well, we’ll see. Share your thoughts, do your campaigns, bribe me and spread the word. The final round will take place this Saturday (unless all 3 of my computer crashes but don’t worry, I still have two more in this house! 8D). We will decide the first SHOUJO moe queen there.

Till then, laterz! (^^)/”


One thought on “SoMT Semifinals Results

  1. OMW congratz to the top two!!!!! It’s what I imagined it to be~ Utau and SC!Rima ftw <33

    Amu did great ^^. That was sooo close! But well, she indeed had a golden performance in this competition. The way she made it so far was just… d'awwwww. Go Amu!

    VK!Rima <3 I agree, my bb kept the variety of the tournament interesting. Rima would probably be huggled right now by Shiki on her loss, plans their own manga, then move over with moar modeling work that’s gonna stack upon her xD; If she had made it top two, I would so bribe you with boxes of Pocky and plushies *shot* j/k~

    Yeah, can’t wait for the finale! I wonder who’s gonna win now because both are truly most deserving. They’re all winners already this point ^___^

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