SoMT Quarterfinals Results


Took me an hour or two to finish this up but wow, this was some quarterfinal alright. Makes me glad that I used this voting procedure. But nevermind that for now.


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There you have it…Amu, Utau, and the two Rimas.

Congratulations to our semi-finalists! Kyaa, Xiao is so proud of her Amu-chan! *BIG HUGE GLOMP/HUGGLE* <333

Before I get to commenting about each contestant, if anyone wants to see the pie/bar graphs of the results, feel free to ask. I didn't put them up this time around cuz it was too much of hassle as oppose to just putting them all under one roster *points up* but if you feel better looking at percentages or whatnot, that's your call. It'll take me a while to do all of them, though, so you'll have to bear with me if you want them.
That being said, yes, I have checked over each round's results about 5 times so there shouldn't be a miscount or switched votes or anything. I even have three hard paper copies in my hand. @.@;

Ok! Back to the girls:


Kyoko: I have to hand it to her for being the second girl with the most close matches on this level of competition, even though she only had 1 win. Not to mention, mucho thanks to all her fans for shouting out their support! Especially in the last round. Woot, lots of loyal Kyoko fans there. I appreciate seeing this in a tournament. ^^
Sadly, this is the last stop for her. Great job on making it this far, Kyoko! Pachi, pachi, pachi! *clapclapclap*

Best match: Against Megumi. Difference in votes = 3.
Placing: 7th


Amu: What can I say about her? My beloved ACE! performer? <333
For one thing, I want to shout out to all those who voted for her…


This makes me really happy as a hardcore Amu lover like you have no idea. And I know this isn’t right of me for being bias before the semifinals even start but I’m pretty much supporting Amu against anything from now on. Because I love her~ And she’s awesome~ Everything else (even SoMT) doesn’t hold a candle to cheering for my girl. Cool & Spicy FTW! YEA! XDDDD

Best match (OF THE ENTIRE TOURNAMENT!): Against Rima (SC!). Difference in votes = 1.
Placing: TBD


Eru: Cupid-chan is one tough little cookie to break. |D;
I honestly wasn’t expecting her to do this well. She and Rima (VK) were literally walking on thin ice with each other to see who would get the last win. In the end, Rima prevailed but thumbs up to Eru for giving me three close matches and securing a top 8 position as a mascot. ;Db

Best match: Against Kyoko. Difference in votes = 7.
Placing: 5th


Rima (VK): Bravo. Just bravo. 4 close matches (another best performer) and the only non-SC! contestant to make it to the top four. All Rima fans should be pleased. ^^

To be honest, since most of her turns didn’t come until the last rounds, I was kinda worried about how’d she do against all the others who had a significant number of wins already. But wow, she really pulled through, alright. And so awesomely, too! More points to her for her match against Utau. That left me on the edge of my seat, lol.
I wish her luck and the best in the semi-finals. Ganbatte, Rima! ;Db

Best match: Against Utau (now we all know how twin-tails are fatal, lolol). Difference in votes = 2.
Placing: TBD


Megumi: Sweetie, what happened?! D8
…Ok, ok. In terms of numbers of votes, she did pretty good against her opponents. It’s a shame cuz I thought she would have a higher placing. If not in the top 4, then at least in the top 6.

Gonzo, you will take most of the blame. *points and glares* >8(

I guess this is owed a lot to the size of the respective fandoms which is understandable. Look at Saki. And I don’t mean to undermine anyone so, let’s just avoid going there.
All in all, good job, Megumi. Thank you to everyone who supported her this far.

Best match: Against Kyoko. Difference in votes = 3.
Placing: 8th


Utau: Nothing much to say about her other than it was as I expected. I was a bit surprised at her match against Amu, though. o.O

So yep, onto the semi-finals you go.

Best match: Against Rima (VK). Difference in votes = 2.
Placing: TBD


Suu: Goodbye, Su~ ;___________;
She’s had some really good matches, too. Against non-SC! opponents, especially, so that makes me proud of Amu’s most moe-est Chara. Great job for placing so high! ^^

Best match: Against Kyoko. Difference in votes = 7.
Placing: 6th


Rima (SC!): Congrats, Rima-tan! x33 Hachaaa…well, I never doubted she would make this far. With that, the final rounds will be even more intense. Heh, as if her match against Amu and Utau’s against VK!Rima’s wasn’t FIERCE! enough already. Ladies, avoid sharp nails, k~? |D;

lol, all joking aside (cuz Rima doesn’t appreciate bad jokes), hope y’all Rima-tan fans will give her your full support! She’s going up against her own camp and another with the same name! Oi…

(kanzie, it will be okay. *patpat* ^^; )

Best match (like evar *smacked* xD;): Against Amu. Difference in votes =1.
Placing: TBD


And that’s all for now. Working on the semi-finals, which will have two rounds. And then it’s the final and then we’ll be finally done…so I can start preparing for next year’s. Haaa~ ^^;

Anyways, will try to get it up as soon as I can. Till then!


17 thoughts on “SoMT Quarterfinals Results

  1. No way! My number 1 and 2 picks got eliminated…and worse..they’re on the 8th and 6th places respectively! T_T Ah well, at least I still have my 3, 4 and 5.

    KYAAAAAAAA!!!! *goes insanely crazy* *can’t tyep properly*
    I. Can. Die. Now.
    …But I cannot yet~ xDD I gotta see this finish first~ ^^.

    WOW, Amu is so fabulous for winning all her matches *AAA*. And only one vote against the most epic match-upp EVAAAR against Rima-tan! Work so much at this girl~

    Poor Megumi for losing all her matches though T__T~ She should not sing while doing campaigns ^^;; and Kyoko too = T___T


    Congrats to VK!Rima for being the only non-SC girl making it in the semi-finals <3. Not really expecting her (I thought it's gonna be Eru tbh), but I'm glad that she can represent those side-characters who can own those useless female leads xD. I'm happy already for Rima making it further than Yuuki (BWAHAHAHA). I WUV U RIMAAAA~!!! Seriously, I'm gonna cry that my bb made it this far… T___T *tears of happeh*

    Ok Rima, you can rest and make way for Queen Utau and Rima-tan ftw *shot down* T_T

    OMG this competition is on fire!! The final four are awesome~ Great work on SoMT, Xiao-chan ^^ *applause to you*.

  3. T^T kyoko being eliminated… how sad. she only win one sad T0T

    wow! the next final match will be SC Vs VK, those all was very cute and have a different character.
    looks like amu chan and utau chan will be strong candidate for 1st and 2nd place, but if kyoko, eru, megumi, and suu fans vote the others…

    *-* i wonder what will be happen to the match(deg-deg)

  4. Too bad about Megumi and Kyoko._. Ah well, it’s awesome they came this far considering the heavy SC competion in this tourney. Eru and Suu are also awesome for being the most moe of the chara girls ^__^.

    I’m a little surprised that Amu is in the lead, since I usually associate Amu with awesomeness as opposed to moe, and with being a fairly realistic a girl in general. Congradulations to her though anyways. Also to Rima. Even though I’m not that into VK it’s nicce that at least one none SC girl got into the semi finals.

    Rima (SC) and Utau~ these were always the girls I wanted to win Shojo Saimoe. It’s really exciting now~

    (I offically nominate Sawako for the next Shojo sai moe btw)~

  5. I’m glad Amu and Utau and Rima are all in the finals (voted for them in that order, it had to be Amu all the way). It’ll be interesting to see who makes it to the finals.

  6. Nuuuu Suuuu (ToT) lol xD Well, I wasn’t expecting her to get this far anyway, but Suu will always be the most moe to me :’D

    But I don’t know how I will pick between Amu and Utau xD

  7. Megumi!!! I’m so sad she didn’t make it! You’re right that Utau was expected to make it, but with reason; she rocks. Also, I am proud of Rima from Vampire Knight!

  8. (Please excuse the incredibly messy post)

    The results~! *0*

    Wow, Amu did amazingly well so far. But then again, why would we expect different? xDD I was pretty surprised to see that Megumi had 0 wins (which made me TT^TT)…But despite that…

    Congratulations to all of the semi-finalists!!! *throws confetti*

    It makes me a little sad to see the other contestants go, but we have a good group of girls in the semi-finals. ^^ So many SC! girls. x_x

    Wow, 1 vote margin in the battle between Rima and Amu?! *A*

    Anyways, congrats for the other contestants for making it so far, I love all of them! *u* And I can’t wait for the semi-finals! :D

  9. Yayz! My 4 picks passed! Woohoo *Dances*

    I never wanted charas to win anyways >D

    2 Rimas @_@ Awawawawawa

    I don’t know if Utau is better than Amu so the next matches will be tough… From this point on, whoever wins is fine with meh :DD

  10. >.> Either I’m dumb for not reading the very first post of this…..or I just don’t get it *cry* Maybe ill go and read the first post lol

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