SoMT Quarterfinals, Round 4

Oiya, oiya…I’m freezing in my room right now. *shivers* =w=
But anyways…here’s Round 4! And it’s a tough one alright. 6 matches and I think almost half of which I’ll abstain from voting.



Only the top 4 girls with the most wins against their opponents will proceed to the Semifinals.

Voting Instructions

  • Each contestant will go up against all the other 7 quarterfinalists in individual duels. Therefore, each contestant needs to complete 7 matches before it is determined whether she can move onto the semifinals or not.
  • Wins and losses are determined by how many votes a contestant receives in each duel.
  • There will be 5 rounds and each will last 3 days.
  • Each round consists of 5 or 6 duels.
  • For each respective duel, you may only vote for ONE girl and you may only vote for her ONCE!
  • If there is a tie in a duel, that match can either be extended or there will be another match between those two contestants before tallying up the results.
  • If two or more contestants have received an equal number of wins, the one who received more votes overall will qualify to join the rest of the top 3.


  • The most important one of all: Read through everything (the instructions, the rules, etc) carefully. And I mean, everything.
  • Do NOT vote for more than 1 girl in each respective match and do NOT vote for your choice more than once!
  • It is not required for you to vote for every match. Just vote in the ones you want to.
  • Please vote fairly and let the girls compete fairly. I will NOT tolerate any form of cheating. If it comes to the point where I can’t control it, I will either eliminate that competitor from the tournament or if worst comes to worst, I’ll shut this whole thing down. This is a contest made by a fan and not going in any official books except for ěk-sěn’trĭk’s archives. So be smart and don’t make me or the rest of the fans out there angry just because you want a certain girl to win.
  • Commenting: This will be in every set of rules for every single round. You are allowed to give as much support to a contestant as much as you want (to a reasonable degree). You are allowed to critically compare her with her opponent(s) as long as you do it civilly and have legitimate reasons to back your argument up. But any kind of childish bashing towards any of the contestants or other commenters will be marked as spam.
    I would very much appreciate it if we can avoid this problem. People are going to have different opinions and different candidates they will support. Please respect that. If you must be a fanbrat, then do it somewhere else where I can’t see you. I don’t want ridiculous immature remarks or wars littering all over my comments.
  • If you have any questions regarding anything about the tournament, please don’t hesitate to leave it in a comment or email me at I will try my best to reply back to you as soon as I can.
  • Have fun voting and enjoy the tournament! ^^



Your long awaited Rima vs Rima.

OI! And if that’s not difficult enough, Rima takes up 3 matches and Utau is up against her fellow series rivals. Tafu choisu desu…watashi korosenai de kudasai…



Till the next and final round then. ^^;


9 thoughts on “SoMT Quarterfinals, Round 4

  1. oh so hard in the rima vs rima one I voted for (VK) Rima because I know (SC!)Rima will win and I like (VK) a teeny bit more

  2. Rima VS Rima was indeed tough…
    Chara VS Chara made me laugh xD
    Utau VS Fellow Series Rivals was unfair ><
    And overall the matches were great ;p

  3. I keep voting for the underdog for SoMT because well, it’s always awesome to see an upset. =3 And when I say underdog, I mean Kyoko Mogami (she wouldn’t be an underdog elsewhere but she is here thanks to the SC environment) and Rima from VK (what are the chances she’ll win against the other Rima? Even if she is more unique character-wise…). Otherwise, UTAU! <3 :P I'm such an Utau fangirl that I'm sort of ashamed of myself. ^^;;

    The matches are so exciting this round and let's hope Tsundere Queen wins out against Well Done And Likable For Once Mary Sue. ^^

  4. lol. I can only imagine the drama Rima vs. Rima will cause.

    Kyoko-chan ftw.

    Rima vs. Utau. -__- I wanted them both to win…

  5. The long-awaited Rima fight is here OMG XD!!! Voted VK!Rima since I feel bad for her. I kinda did like some mercy voting… lol xD

    I find Megumi vs Kyoko hard because they’re both underdogs that I’m (secretly) rooting for in this competition >__<

    SC!Rima vs Utau is hard too since they're my personal Top 2…

    Sorry Suu but I'm all for Eru when it comes to who's the most moe among all charas :3

    Voting Utau over Amu (sorry Amu, but you still have SaiMoe honey, good luck there~!)

  6. Although i like rima(Sc) so much.. i still cannot vote for her when againts Kyoko chan (what happens to me?!)

    at last..i hope i will met rima(SC) and Kyoko again at other round.. to make a decision who the best i like to T0T

  7. Ahhh, Rima vs Rima. I chose VK because I like her much better XD What with the Pocky, and the attitude. She was a wonderful side character that always made me giggle.

    Amu beats Utau, sorry, but I love her so much more. *cuddles* =)

    I love Su more than Eru. But I love them both very very much ^^

    I’ve never watched Skip Beat or that other one… So I voted randomly XD

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