I’m back~…


Just woke up from a pretty long nap after dinner but oh god, NYAF was so fun! I can’t wait to go back next year and I hope they’ll bring more awesome guests! xD

lol Well, too late for me to do anything now (lucky thing I have the day off tomorrow cuz of Jewish holiday) so I’ll just give a brief list of what I’ll try to do this week:

SC! catchup post – The last few ones only. Yea, yea, I know you’re all disappointed and boohoo, what else is there to say other than that. Pfft, whatever. Get over it if you still haven’t. *rolls eyes*
I’m going to approach this post a little differently though and probably the same with the third season if I have enough energy and interest to really say anything. Does this mean regular blogging resuming? Haha…no.

NYAF: Gawd, this will be long…and good…and long…yea, will try to get it up by the weekend. :D

SoMT: 4th round should be up sometime this week.

RAWs: Postponed/halted until further notice…actually, you definitely won’t be finding them on here anymore (all the hits I got from the MangaFox forums annoyed the hell outta me) but I still can upload them given I have the time and mindset to do so. Of course, there will be new (more strict, heh) rules…and yea, don’t spam me please. I mean it. Someone delete that link from that Watashi ni XX Shinasai! thread or I’ll ban that site and make the downloads private for approved visiters. That’s the new policy. Don’t like it? Don’t mean to be a bitch but too bad.

Yea, those are the four main things I wanted to make note of. Ah, and I’ll get around to catching up on other blogs later. Gotta clean up my room and do hwk before then so ttyl! ;D


5 thoughts on “I’m back~…

  1. Okari Xiao chan :D

    SC! ^^

    NYAF: Liau Kai desu~ \(^0^)

    SoMT: i’ll waiting for it, although i didn’t participate the past one..

    RAWs: i…i have always wait for Raws from Xiao, can i become approved visiters?? Onegai

    First comment at u blog, although i open ya’ blog many times a week ^^

  2. glad nyaf was good~

    I for one was quite happy with the SC! end, I guess they will put in the other material after the Rikka mini-arc. Satelight have yet to leave out major plot points.

    I can understand about the raws, it’s really annoying when people post the links up and then don’t post back to where they got them from :<<

    • We all know Satelight does this all the time. They hold off plot points until like 10 episodes later than when we expect it to be but we still get them at least. I mean, if Ikuto’s arc doesn’t serve as an example than I don’t know what does. -.-;

      Aye. *nodnod*

  3. shugo chara!: I don’t blame you the series will proably be filled with fillers even if it wasn’t anime original

    NYAF: you…are…so..lucky the only thing my city gets thats as close to an anime convention is armagedon…..

  4. Okaeri! (^0^)o

    I’m happy to hear NYAF was fun! The wedding I went to was nice, and fun too, but in a different way. You know, catching up with family members and doing some dancing, but cons are always special. ^^

    SC! I understand about not really putting much effort into those posts anymore. I’ve moved on, when it comes to FF writing (Eden of the East! <3), but if something really sparks my imagination (or comes up in the manga) I'll probably write a one-shot or something.

    I'll talk more about the ending when you actually do your post, but it really wasn't that bad, there were quite a few things that I actually liked about it (Kuukai (implied Kutau moment), Kairi, Nikaidou (implied Yukaidou moment), Rimahiko moment, Hikaru crying (my goodness! I just wanted to give the boy a big, big hug!) and yes: the kiss. There were some things I didn't like about it, but that's okay. The anime is the anime, the manga is the manga, and that's it. Anime's are (usually) adaptations, which mean that they will be different from the cannon source. The sooner some people learn this fact, the better it will be for them.

    Also, where do these rumors pop up!? I swear, just because Ikuto isn’t in the very short preview for Party doesn’t mean that he won’t be in the season. =0= Ah, but let me stop my ranting, I don’t have the energy for this. Anyway, moving on…

    Ugh, that sucks when it comes to the raws! >.< I hope people stop giving you trouble, or at least that they give you less trouble. I understand if you won’t be able to do them anymore though. ^^

    Hmm, I think that’s it. Take care! (^^)o

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