Happy Anniversary to my AWESOMEST! couple EVAR~!!! <333

Yes, I know it’s a week early but as of next Wednesday, it’s going be two years since TTGL, the anime, ended aka the final episode where two of my all-time biggest favorites (oh god, I’m using “favorites” so you know it’s serious) got married~!!! <333 …And then made my heart cry a thousand Niagra Falls for what happened a minute after.


Damn, I love this pairing so much that I’m still finding it hard to accept the ending…which I did and probably won’t ever…but I like the ending…but…yea…oh god, now I want to watch it just to cry again. TT_________TT

*cough* Eh, before I really get into full rambling LOVE mode, yea, what an odd way to do a post, huh? Well, I figure if fanboys can have their waifus, AMV makers their pelvic thrusts, and the rest of you with your oddities, then I think it’s just DAMN right I make a post and banner (which everything but the fading text is all credit to YoruAngel866) to commemorate the strongest OTP in my pairing cache!


So about why these two awesome people are so awesome together…

Guess I’ll start from all the way at the beginning then.

So I kept hearing about how mad awesome TTGL was and decided to marathon it over the summer. I thought it was pretty good 3 episodes in, then I paused it to go take exams. Came back, wiki-ed it a bit since I always do my spoiler-research before continuing watching, read Simon and Nia’s respective character profiles and nodded to myself “Oh yea, I’m definitely going to ship these two alright”.

…Shit, I fell for TTGL fast and HARD before I knew it. Like tripping and falling into the concrete face-first, breaking your nose AND all your teeth HARD. o.O;;;

I…I can’t even begin to describe how much I love this series and EVERYTHING about it. Honestly, I don’t think there is anything I don’t like about Gurren Lagann and even if so, I’ve watched it enough times to get over the smaller grudges I had (except for one but that will be saved for another day).

Damn, I can’t talk today. Made illiterate by awesome hot-blooded GAR. & yes, you will see “awesome” (and batshit CAPLOCKING) repeat about another gazillion times cuz IT. IS. THAT. AWESOME!!!!!!


Basically, I loved it so much that I wanted to go into a full-out rant review post about it but kept pushing it off cuz I wanted to really get to know the series better before I did. That, and I was kept busy with other stuff. I still plan to do one, a review that is, so until I have the time to get around make a lengthy post, this anime is again, AWESOMEAWESOMEAWESOME!!!!! The greatest mecha I’ve ever seen and hence, the ONLY mecha I will EVEREVEREVER fully acknowledge as a true favorite.

Crap, again with the “favorite” but it’s completely justified this time! XDDD;;;

If you haven’t watched it yet, get your ass to marathoning it RIGHT NAO!!!



The Couple

Without a doubt, the thing I love most about TTGL is Simon and Nia’s relationship. In fact, I think it was because of them that got me into loving everything else from the start. Sure, I was all for the manly GAR speeches I only half-understood yet still find so f*ckin’ cool, Kamina and his noble idiocy and huge amount of dumb luck, the weird-faced Gunmen and oh yea, how can I not laugh at the famous Gainaxing? <P

But I guess I am always going to be, foremost, a shipping fangirl, and once the Teppelin arc kicked into gear with Nia's appearance, everything just spiraled (no pun intended) into a frenzy of stupid grinning and pointless waltzing around my house that day. Indeed, I was the most incredible dork for the 10 hours in front of the comp and it never felt so great.

I admit, I wasn't expecting to fall for this pairing that hard even though I knew I was going to love it no matter what. I still had my intense love affair with my shoujo (coughAmutocough) but it was probably due to the fact that I became so fed up with crazy fanbitches, it made me switch back to shounen for some temporary relief and to search for something new to obsess over. It didn’t necessarily have to be romance but hey, like I said, the fangirl in me is unpredictable. I swear, it’s like my personal spoiled demon kitty that comes and goes as it pleases depending on the shipping I picked up. What? Are my romances catnip for you?! xD;

Anyways…SimonxNia had me absolutely floored and crippled (with love~) if I haven’t stressed it enough. They practically knocked out all, and I mean ALL of my top-ranked OTPs to steal first place. All of which originated from shoujo works, in just a matter of two episodes. That’s a pretty big task to top in a hardcore shoujo fan’s perspective, y’know.
I mean, I was convinced that no other romance can beat a shoujo romance. It’s rather unfair since romance is what shoujo thrives on and therefore, the focus is a lot bigger in that area than it would be in a shounen series but still, to me, shoujo always had the best romance.


And this is where my faith in shounen got renewed and my perspective took a notable 90-something degree turn.

Let me say this first to clarify things up a little. I don’t use terms like “favorites”…”rankings”…no, I don’t like using words as much because they’re always so limited even though this is probably one of the few methods to describe what you really want to say in the best way. I’d rather use…I dunno, paint, fireworks, atomic bombs, things that go BANG! to express my thoughts but that’s obviously not possible. :P Yet here I am going on about OTP rankings. Wth?

Well, it’s kind of a special exception in this case. My rankings consist of the top 5 pairings that have made the biggest impression on me out of all the pairings I come across. So it can mean two things or (usually) both at the same time: it is top ranked because I love it enough to call it a favorite (*eyetwitch*) and/or the relationship is strong enough to make it so memorable that if you say OTP, it’ll immediately pop off at the top of my head (doesn’t mean it’s a favorite, it’s just memorable).

Simon and Nia fall into both categories and I’m so glad they did. It just made me realize that genres and demographics are just classifications and not much more than that (kinda similar to my issues with words). I think I knew that all along but I was just being biased, I guess. Heh.

Well, then…




To really explain this as thoroughly as I can, I’ll have to start with the characters themselves though I’ll keep it brief cuz I want to save some more fan rambling for my extra big review post. x3


Of course everything began with Simon. And I’m completely dead honest (cross my heart and hope to die)that Simon had my immediate attention and love from the very beginning. I liked Kamina and Yoko alright but just because you come off as cool from episode 1 and continue to remain “cool” afterwards gets a little worn out after time. And this applies to all characters, regardless of the series they’re from, in my opinion.
That’s not to say that I liked them less (because I didn’t nor did I get bored). I just happen to like characters with HUGE amounts of potential for growth and development more. And it’s always been that way and it always will be that way. In simpler terms, the one who works their way up the ladder of crowning awesome will always be more cool than the one who just simply are. In my view, that is.

Going back to Simon, I’ve always thought of him as awesome, even in his lack-of-self-esteem moments. Maybe it’s also because I can relate to being hard on myself and being a pessimist all the time around his age. Oh, but wait, that doesn’t mean that being pessimistic is awesome or anything. I meant that it just came as more real to me and I always like seeing that in a character (if it’s shown in a good light). Not to mention, I felt kind of defensive about him whenever the other characters took him for granted, compared him to Kamina (I hated that, they’re both great in their own respective ways) or just plain treated him like a tag-along instead of an equal team member. But you know what? I’m not going to bitter-rant about that in this post. What really mattered to me was that Simon managed to overcome all the odds, the bad guys, the universe and ulimately, himself (and then kept on getting more awesome, which is awesome in itself…awesome :D).

Cheesy? Perhaps. But being able to see someone find the value in themselves means more to me than one would think. I liked Simon for exactly who he is, all the way through. Not because he’s the main character or that his Captain Starlock (yes, it’s Starlock, GARlock only appears on the prologue of ep 1 xP) hairstyle made him look more similar to Kamina in the last arc but just because he’s Simon. And I so knew he was going to save the universe and “BREAK THE HEAVENS!!!!” and all that wonderful badass GAR stuff. I friggin’ KNEW it before I even spoiled myself. This probably goes without saying but I love it when a character I support wholeheartedly goes up from the very bottom to accomplish more than what everyone thought possible. I’m one step ahead in my faith for them than all your late-comers are. Even though I’m two years late to the bandwagon. *SMACKED* XD; *smug* |3 It just really pays off after all that effort of being…well, right. 83

My smugness aside, I think Simon is the first male character in a while to really shake the foundations on how I view male protaganists and these few short paragraphs really don’t do him enough justice. I’ll have to dedicate at least 3 or 5 pages to him in the review post. *so ready to do it* YEA! XD

That being said, Simon is great and those who have watched TTGL every second till the end will have to agree. There’s no way you can’t agree. He shot up from a deep hole in the ground, PWNed! how many fleets of enemies on sheer determination, overthrew a 1,000-year old tyrant at the age of 14 (more or less, he was still part-shota <D), battled against the moon, went to the ends of the universe and saved humanity's ass from being barbequed. And having accomplished all these with enough Spiral Energy to name him as almost god, he's still the humble young man whom I've grown to love and admire immensely.

Now if I ever have a son, I'll name him Simon…and he'll love me for it just because granted that I can succeed in turning my offspring into otakus as well. XD;


Ah, but where would our awesome Simon the Digger, hero of the universe, be without Nia?

…Well, lots of theories (or er, maybe even AUs) for that particular question but we’re only going to talk about the 27 episodes that Gainax had produced for us so far.

Nia…oh god, Nia, Nia, Nia. <33333

Another it's-been-quite-a-while circumstances regarding a female lead though not really but you can kinda get what I mean. When I first saw Nia, before I knew a particle of what TTGL was, on official images, the first thing that drew my attention was the peculiarity of her eyes. I didn’t really have an opinion or anything, I just thought it looked quite different from what I usually see and…I liked it. *nod* Her design and her image, it was unique and possibly even ethereal (the clouds in your hair♪ hehe ^^).

Naturally, I thought to myself that if a character was to have such a lovely design, there’s a high (almost guaranteed) chance of her being an airhead (and no, it is not because she is blonde, let’s not proceed with old jokes). And how do I view airheads? It depends. And I mean it really depends on the context of what I’m reading or watching. You can have your generic genki shoujo heroine that can include dango hair and glutton stomach accessories FY’s Miaka OR you can have a rather naive girl with a great sense of justice along with a brilliant pure heart of gold.

What surprises me (and not) is that a lot of crappy fans don’t really to bother to try and distinguish these details before jumping on the Sue-ACCUSE! button like a bitch on heat…well, that explains why they’re crappy.
Ah, but negatives aside, negatives aside for a moment…

Nia isn’t a Sue. And it has been firmly established.
I can understand that Nia’s personality can initially rub people off in the wrong way and the timing of her appearance and her traits gave off a very heavy Sue-ish vibe but in all honesty, I think that’s just Gainax’s abusive humor of an English-born term (which, I must add, had strong roots in fanfiction before it became muddled by the canon world, you lamos :P) and Nia was the spotlight guinea pig to show it. Haha, alright, I get your little joke and can’t say I’m entirely lol-ing over it but since you made Nia and I love Nia to bits, I can forgive the crude mocking through the medium and even laugh along if I feel like it. Besides, fandoms need to be trolled anyway. When they don’t even realize they’re being trolled, it’s more fun to laugh at them. <3

But back to Nia, you can throw whatever claims against her you want and I will gladly counter them so f*ckin' bruise-your-ego hard that you'd wish you'd never cross a fan like me.
The fact that she's a princess (which for many STUPID people would equal damsel-in-distress), that she doesn’t “fight with a weapon” and therefore declared to be a deadweight, that Gainax had that beach episode, that she wears pink, that “YOKODIDMORETHANNIA!” and she cockblocks your yaoi (oh, this one I’ll have an extra special rant for).


Shut the hell up and listen.

Yes, Nia is a princess and a f*ckin’ awesome princess she is. Tell me, since when did we revert back to assigning all princesses under the save-me-I’m-helpless category, huh? Did Nia’s retaliation at Adiane and defendance for the human side mean nothing or did you all purposely neglected it because you’re just afraid you’ll lose the argument in the end? Does the fact that despite being casted away as if she was no longer of any worth by her own father, she still went and confronted him, rebelled against him because she knew without second thoughts that his methods were wrong?

The only princesses that should be labeled as damsels-in-distress are the ones who don’t take their responsibilities as a princess and just sits there waiting for someone to save them. That is obviously not Nia.

And she “doesn’t fight” so she’s useless? Excuse me? In this whole entire show where even babies are hot-blooded, who the hell hasn’t stood up and fought on there own? If anything, Nia contributed as much as any other Dai-Gurren member have. Maybe even MORE since she was the one who voluntarily went out and spoke for them against the Beastmen, which motivated them to fight even harder for their cause. Nia’s weapons aren’t artillery or Gunmen. They are her words of understanding and support. She is the morale booster for the team and even the growing population coming up to the surface after Lordgenome’s defeat as stated in the light novels written by Kazuki Nakashima himself. Most importantly, she is the one who always (even when she was taken over by Anti-Spiral Messenger) believed in Simon the most (next to Kamina) and gave him the strength to fight. If it weren’t for her, we wouldn’t have seen such development in Simon, much less development in the anime at all.

As for the rest, I’ll save for another time so not to further spoil this post with my criticisms though I probably will since I’m only 2/3 done, haha. Not to mention, I’m getting too emotional as usual but I still stand by what I say. Nia’s role holds so much importance that if you have the nerve to negate it or call it something it’s obviously not, then you are pretty much insulting a lot of what the anime stands for.

And since I didn’t make this clear yet, Nia isn’t perfect. Her flaws are so evident in that she doesn’t always understand the complexities of being human (even 7 years after she’s been exposed to the outside world) and sometimes it results in coming out the misinterpreted way. But what’s wrong with that? It’s part of her charm and is what makes Nia Nia. If anything, it is a good flaw and we all have them.
Moreover, Nia’s good points make up for more than enough of her little quirks. She’s so strong-willed and has such a strong faith in others, even the ones who are hostile to her. She’s not violent but knows if she has to fight for what’s right, then she will. And she’s so cute and sweet but that’s not the equivalent of “sugary nice” like a guy like him. There’s a fine line between trying to see the positive in everything and being smiley just because it’s convenient.

So you can’t say that she’s too good over here, absolute no use over here, then slap a Sue on top without acknowledging the true merits of her character and leave it as it is. It’s so sloppy that it wouldn’t be incorrect to call you utterly wrong.

…Yea, I think my avid love for Nia is more than clear enough so I’ll come back later to make this more organized.

And just several more times: Nia, you’re absolutely awesome. And awesome and awesome and AWESOME. AISHITERUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!! <333

Btw, pink is absolute awesome, too. :P


Ok, we’re going to get into the couple for REAL now. XD;

I already stated a few reasons on why they’re so awesome on their own. What makes them awesome together?


There are too many awesome reasons to list in this post alone but if I had to pick out the strongest, most apparent one, it would have to be their belief in each other.
Seriously, I can’t recall the last time I’ve seen two people with such an enormous, mutual trust between them. Even though this is such a crucial requirement for my shippings, all my other top OTPs combined cannot come halfway close to Simon and Nia. Again, it seems to be unfair since they consist mostly of people still in their middle-school to high school age, where they didn’t have the long-enough period to establish that deep bond that Simon and Nia did in the 7 years they had together.

BUT! From the moment they met (both roughly around the age of 14), we were already proceeding pretty fast in that direction so even if I don’t count the time-skip arcs, they would still top my other couples with ease. Perhaps it is owed to the age of adolescence or Nia’s innocence and the situation surrounding Simon at the time that boosted my support for them so quickly. Frankly, things like these are very common in everything I watch but I felt the impact more in these two than I did for others.

Simon, still mourning over the painful loss of an important person to him, was pretty much in desperate need for someone to understand and sympathize with him even when he pushed everyone away. And yet, everyone else on the team, all grieving the same over Kamina’s death, considered him a lost cause without so much of what I see as half of a good effort to help bring Simon back to senses before they turned away from him (with maybe the exception of Rossiu if Yoko didn’t hold him back but I doubt he would have made things much better anyway).

Then in comes Nia (or rather, Nia out of the box), who knows nothing about Kamina or anything about what they were fighting for. Simon, who is just as clueless about who she is or why she was even in a box he just so happens to see thrown off a cliff, has no reason to really get involved with her yet he still answers her curious questions, gives her his shoes so her bare feet wouldn’t be injured by the ground, and tries his best to protect her from the enemy even when Lagann wouldn’t respond to him.
It wouldn’t be so surprising as to why Nia’s belief in him formed so fast. Nia might not have known much when she climbed out of that box but it doesn’t take a genius to realize that those actions mean a lot. If we interpret Nia’s exposure to the outside world as her real birth then it’s comparable to a child opening his/her eyes for the first time to seeing the affectionate, protective gaze of his/her parent. Not that Nia views Simon as a parental figure or anything but he had already secured a very special place in her mind purely based on what Simon was willing to do for her, similar to how a baby would view his/her parents who are the first to look after him/her. And this is reinforced with what she said to Guame:

“Simon is the boy who always protects me.”

She didn’t question whether Simon really would’ve been able to come through to save her when Guame pointed the trigger at her head nor did she register that in such a predicament (with Simon still emo before she was taken into custody by the Beastmen), her reasoning was highly illogical with very small chances of survival in her favor. But she just knew he would and that he’d be able to do anything, regardless of the odds. Just like how he tried to protect her from the Gunmen when they first met, she knew he would do the same again and again and again.

And he did. Because she believed in him, as Simon, not the Simon who claimed he needed to be like Kamina, not the hero who stands triumphant at the end of the day, not anything but just simply the Simon she liked unconditionally from the very smart, he was able to save her along with everyone else.
And even if Simon snapping out of his funk was delayed for whatever reasons, Nia’s belief in him would still be frim and resolute and ever increasing. Because Simon was the first to show her true, continuing care and concern when she was abandoned so what’s going to stop him from doing that? Nothing. Simon cared for her and wanted protect her. That is what mattered the most.

It’s no wonder why Nia is so special and irreplacable to Simon in return. She’s always been there for him, never hesitating in her faith and giving him the strength he needed to fight through just that. Because of Nia, he was able to accept himself and to break the limits imposed on him. Together with the kindness, empathy and sincerity she showed when he needed it the most, it’s inevitable that he’d fall in love with her as she did with him.

And the last arc gives us even MORE proof about how strong their feelings are for each other, taking a reverse direction in which it is Simon’s turn to bring Nia back to her old self. Her optimism has rubbed off on him to the point where one would probably think it as nearly ridiculous and even foolish for him to go up such a powerful enemy. But he still prevailed against all the “despair” the Anti-Spirals tried to inflict upon Earth. Nia, her mind taken over by the Messenger-program, sought to annihilate humanity and life because she thinks her purpose of existence is just that and that alone. Simon disagrees. He still believes that the true Nia is in there somewhere, the Nia who wanted to “walk towards tomorrow”, the Nia who believed in him so strongly and fought alongside him. He states that her appearances before him in critical situations were her ways of fighting against the Anti-Spiral’s control, testing humanity to make them stronger and telling him not to give in. And that was how Simon was able to get there in time to stop the moon from colliding with Earth. Because that was exactly what Nia wanted to happen, not the destruction she thought she was commanded to do. Nia tries to deny this but her resolution wavered and the true Nia was finally able to break through because Simon believed in her.

That was what enabled Simon to go to the ends of the universe to save her. That was what kept Nia holding on as he struggled with the Anti-Spiral fleets. That was what saved the universe. And THAT is one of the reasons why I have to honor such a beautiful love a week before such a memorable day in my personal calendar.

In canon, Nia only had a week to live and spend time with Simon before her wedding. I can only imagine how much I’d really cry if that 7-day period was ever to be animated (which it probably won’t *more crying* T_T).

And yes, I can go on and on for so long that you’d never be able to finish reading this post cuz my love for this couple is so intense, it’d scorch the shipping world over several times till nothing’s left. But as of now, I’m still relatively new into the series, even with all the material I’ve been reading up on, and as you can see, I have a long way to go before I can call myself worthy of shipping such an OTP. Rather strange way to put it but…

I’m an extremely proud shipper.

And I only ship true, blue mutual passionate love. This is exactly why there are no more than 5 that can occupy my OTP rankings because quite honestly, even in anime, with all its exaggerated perfections and whatnot, true love is hard to find. But I found one and as sappy as it sounds, I’m willing to dedicate all of myself to it. Even if I have to clash heads with those who disagree, I’d do it. Even if I have to change the ways I act as a shipper, I’d do it.

I’m pretty much married to my OTP and I’m DAMN happy about it, alright. <333

So with that, I'll end this post here for now to continue and better it for another day. I had originally planned to write a one-shot but sadly, time didn't permit me to have a life. :P
But if I ever finish something for this awesome couple of mine, I'll be sure to post it (if it's good enough, that is).

Once again…




Wow, this took me quite a few days to finish. And now I have to go make another short celebratory post before I go swimming. Should really get around to making that calendar for next year. lol XD;


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  1. I started watching Gurren Lagaan or Laggaananlf;ja;dfkl arggh can’t spell and then I kind of fizzled off but my sister likes it and she introduced me to my favorite tv show/anime of all time, so I think I’ll take it up again haha. They seem really made for each other :)

    • Ooo, do tell me what you think when you finish. It really is one of the greatest contemporary mecha of this era. :)
      Haha, I’ll have to correct you on that last one (just cuz I’m such a fangirl xD; ) but they are made for each other. <3

  2. Awwww.. You’re making me want to watch this! lol. Actually, I’ve wanted to watch this for some time already but I kept on procrastinating whether or not I should watch this since no offense but I dislike mecha..

    But since you’re giving me one good reason, I’ll definitely check it out once I have time ^^

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