Wrap-up of Summer

I haven’t been here almost like at all. |D;;;

Ah, well. It was a shorter summer for me since I spent most of my time at school. It went by faster since all my courses rushed through nearly a semester-full of material. Oi…I’m never doing that again. Though it was the only thing next to work that would get me out of the house. lol XD;

Had my first class today and seems pretty good so far. Got three more to go through and hope my Honors “Activism in Asia” class won’t require a paper. I’m so tired that I’d die if it’s 12+ pages. Dx Need to rearrange my sleep schedule otherwise I’ll be a walking zombie again until Christmas but when am I never one? |D;.

Mmkay, so here’s a general post of things, including some idea of what I’ll be doing in the fall.

NOTE: Sorry, but please keep all SC!-news/third season/manga comments down to a minimum.

Yes, of course I’ve been alert. Doesn’t mean I’m in the mood to talk about most of it. But I will make some brief, relevant mention about my attitude towards SC! somewhere in here. I just don’t want long ranting when it doesn’t apply to most of what I will be saying.

Now that I got that outta the way.

Before I get into anything…

Donation please!

Don’t worry, it isn’t for me but for the typhoon victims in Taiwan. It’s still all over the news on my TV (Chinese channel, that is) and oh god, I really can’t bring myself to describe how bad it is over there:


What’s worst is that there are now cases of swine flu popping up again and the government seems to be in disarray. From what I always hear or watch according to the news, the government in Taiwan always seems to be in disarray but you can imagine just how badly the floods are affecting everyone.

So if you can, please make a donation on this Red Cross page under the International Response Fund option. They’ll require a credit card (you can use debit, too, I’m sure) since they don’t take in-kind donations (or individual items such as food, clothing, etc) as that takes a lot of time and money to sort and send out. But even a $10 donation is fine (that’s the minimum you can submit anyway). I’m not Taiwanese nor have any relatives or friends from there (actually, Taiwan and the mainland don’t get along for various reasons) but that’s not what matters. These people really need aid and I’d be grateful to anyone who would help.



New banner:


K, this will be the final SoMT banner. Sorry that it came out so crappy cuz I did it in the rush this morning (finished it at like 2 AM xD; ) and I wanted a banner of Rima-tan with a summer theme since I didn’t have any summer banners this year. Ack, it’s so sucky. Forgive me, Rima. ;_____;

If you can’t read the text (ack, sorry for that, too; been experimenting to see what looked ok but I grew too impatient in the end), it says “Carrying your smiles…over to the next summer”. Clear indication that Rima will again be participating in next year’s SoMT lol, she looks like she’s jogging up there xD;. And of course, who doesn’t love Rima’s smile~? <333

Hehe, yea, so Rima's smile was a major focus for this one. I used screencaps and official anime pics with her in summer clothes and framed them with photo borders. Haha, I think I like the upper right photo the best. Rima's at her greatest in her comedy (well, duh, she’s been proclaimed a GOD after all, hahahaha). And whadda ya know, “Take it Easy” had its good use after all. =P xD

Don’t know if you all can notice it or not but I used the cloning brush to get rid of the lyrics text around Rima’s arm. It looks extremely ugly up close and I messed up big time on her beautiful hair (*SHAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMEEEE*) but since it’s been resized, it looks only slightly weird…I dunno, you tell me.

Anyways, this banner won’t be up for too long. I’m planning another banner and I want to have it up by the end of the month. Hopefully, that will come out better than all my past ones put together. But until then, pretend Xiao’s fail doesn’t exist and enjoy Rima’s smile~ <333


Xiao’s personal corner:

Hmm…well, I’ve been doing quite a bit of self-reflecting and deep thinking over the past three months. What’s that got to do with anything? Hmm, don’t really know how to explain it very well but it affects everything I’m going to look at as a whole from now on, which will also inevitably affect my writing (for blogging, for fun, whatever I’m in the mood to ramble off about). If I have to give a specific example, then here’s a heads-up to my readers:

Try not to use the term “favorites” or any of the like with me.

Don’t get me wrong, that wasn’t meant to come off as me sounding angry or anything. It’s just that lately, I’ve grown to…frown a bit when too-limited words like that are mentioned. I won’t say that I don’t have preferences but instead I’d prefer having many choices above all else.

This sounds very vague and “huh? What are you getting at?”, I know. But I figure if I really want to look at an anime or manga and reap everything I can get out of it, then I don’t want the “I’m only watching/reading it for _____” mentality to get it the way. I’ve already said this to a couple people I know but I’m a take-all kind of person. I don’t settle for just one thing and I won’t sit for nothing. I want everything (all the good and the bad) out of something as much as I can get.

Which is probably a reason what drove me away from fandoms over the summer. To make it clear, I’m not saying you can’t have your preferences nor am I implying that I won’t respect your interests when it comes to certain matters (because I do and I will if you sound legitimate enough) but since this is my blog, it is subject to my own personal tastes. So those who read it and want to comment on something have to be willing to adjust a little when they walk on another person’s territory. This does NOT mean your opinions are not worth hearing. It’s just common courtesy to watch how you say things just as how it’s proper to take off your shoes before entering someone’s house (at least in my house, it is).

The same will go with assumptions, which seems to be quite a bothersome problem among a lot of bloggers. But it’s bound to happen, I know, because this is the internet after all. Nobody knows your face or what you’re really like pass your icon so they can only assume so much from what you write and sometimes forget to take you into consideration in the process. Still, it’s better if you don’t assume. Assuming is bad. Unless you have a very, very (and I can’t stress the “very” enough) highly-educated guess on the topic, then don’t assume on anything, no matter how trivial, at all. It can sound rather insulting to the author and lose you respect points. Unless your intention is to troll, then that’s a whole different story.

I admit, I do this every once in a while and am wrong for it. My bad, I learned from it and will try not to make the same mistake. It’s difficult to discern whether what you say might sound offensive or not but still, all the more reason to check yourself before you submit anything.

*breathe* …Yea.

I don’t want anyone to feel that they’re targeted at or labeled over what I just said (seriously, I’m really not pointing at fingers at anyone) because there hasn’t been anything that crossed me that went too much out of hand but it just needs to be addressed. Just…be aware of who you’re talking to, that’s all.

And with that, I’m done with my personal little corner for now.


Future plans:

Chii is so f*ckin’ CUTE!!! <333

So the question remains: Am I or am I not going to continue blogging?

…Well, technically, it wouldn’t be “blogging” anymore but I’ll still be making posts whenever I have the inspiration to write something. Even with me going back to school and being majorly busy with studying, work and other activities, I think I can still find a little time to give ěk-sěn’trĭk a good amount of my attention (it’s my baby~, I can’t leave it alone lol) for a day or two. Pfft, actually, I know I’ll procrastinate again and just spend hours on the computer doing nothing at all. |D;

So yea, this blog will still be active for a couple of things, such as end-of-the-season impressions, SoMT, PreSpoilers, RAWs (if I still continue buying the Nakayoshi issues, that is), reviews, etc. I still have a lot of things I want to do and since I’ve grown pretty comfortable with several WordPress functions, ěk-sěn’trĭk seems to be the best place to put them.

I know for sure that I want to open a store page, which I’ve already mentioned several posts back. Right now, I have several items I’d like to sell but I’ll wait it out a bit longer until I get more stuff and finish writing up the store policies. I’ll have to recheck WordPress’s rules if a store page is even allowed (they don’t really have a specific page for it which is a pain in the ass) but if it is, please stop by to see if anything would interest you. It’s going to be a small store and will probably stay that way but one advantage is shipping might be relatively cheaper through individual sellers than through main sites. Not sure if that’s true but we’ll see. ^^

Other projects I’ll just keep a secret for now since it’s still too early in the progress to see if it’ll fall through or not. I hope it will, though.


The SC! controversy:

Yea, I think I will.


One word: money.

I always knew that SC!’s rapid climb in popularity will lead it down the dooms path of all mahou shoujo anime. I had hoped it wouldn’t but that’s just a dream too good to be true. Really, can you think of any other possible explanation for it? Look at Sailor Moon, Full Moon wo Sagashite and even Cardcaptor Sakura, whose episodes are being re-released in Blu-ray DVDs for a price more than a three-month pay can afford. All respectable magical girl series of their own rights and not one of them has not suffered the endless filler disease. haha, I thought of Haruhi just now *shot*

Frankly, this is a smart move by the producers. Why? Simply because it’s easier to continue milking off of current customers than to go out and attract new ones. Less risk of few responses to a new series (especially for a shoujo), less advertisements that really won’t help much in the end, less cost. Don’t believe me? Ask a business professor. This is common sense on all grounds. Once you got a popularity firmly established, even if you generate crap, people will still follow your franchise.

As for me, of course I wasn’t really thrilled with the news. But I didn’t get majorly upset like I thought I would. Instead I felt something huge kinda drop when I first heard it and took it as a sign to just let go of any ill-feelings I had left. The manga chapter for this month had stated that it was “to be continued” though if there’s going to be a new chapter on Oct. 3rd, I’m still unsure. Either way, I’m looking forward to what exactly P-Pit plans to do with it from here.

Sadly though, this is where I’m going to pause any SC! posts for a while. I do miss reviewing and discussing the episodes and chapters with everyone but in the past weeks that I haven’t done so, it was kind of relaxing. Being away from most of the fandom, that is, and just enjoying my own thoughts to myself. Best of all, it was nearly peaceful~

I already promised to myself that when SC! ends (whenever it ends now *rolls eyes*) that I would end it on a good note and love the entire series a hundred times more than I did when I first got into it no matter how bad the anime got. Which is why I’m afraid if I interact too much with the fandom again, I won’t get that outcome. So my apologies to the SC! bloggers I’ve been following, my SC! readers, and so on but I’ll be breaking off for a bit.

I’ll still be hovering around the SC! community, though, for any news and good fics that happen to sprout up. And oh yea, obligatory IMAGESPAM!!! post for ep 100 since it will be the episode of all epicness and there’s no way I would allow myself to miss that…and the horsies, too. Who doesn’t love the horsies? <3

That's it for this part. And oh…

New girl Kilika has a nice character design (better than Mademoiselle Octupus-hair, definitely). As if nothing can escape MOAR LOLIS!, seems SC! got pulled into it, too. |D;

What I want out of this kid?

Triangle dorama with Hikaru and Ami. *SHOTSHOTSHOT*

…You know you want it, too. *cackles* xDDDDDD;;;;;




Higurashi: Yes, after 3 attempts (THREE!) to watch everything through, I finally finished Higurashi. I’ll spare the details on how I chickened out after seeing Rena’s demon face in the first few episodes but all in all, I enjoyed it. Have to admit I got really annoyed while watching the first season. All the things I expected to scare the shit out of me turned out to be everyone acting psycho over something…well, STUPID. Nevermind the Hinamizawa Syndrome or the fact that the whole thing is a serious exaggeration, the way people just came to the conclusion that killing was the best solution was stupid. And sorry, but Satoko “OH~HOHOHO!” Oujo-sama laugh made me want to fling a chair at her a couple of times (fuckin’ loli should know her place) while with Shion’s arc, I wish I had a gun to shoot her in head with everytime she yelled “USO DA! USO DA! USO DA!”. I can’t stand psycho, jealous, love-obsessed bitches. Ugh. xP

The only one I had a constant liking for was Rika (Xiao likes omniscient-ish characters for some reason, even more if they’re moe and voiced by Yukarin, haha~), but she didn’t play much of a big part until the answer arcs so it didn’t amount to much.
So I guess that meant I liked the second season much better than the first? Hmm, probably. It went by much slower and was incredibly boring at some parts (coughMiyoparasitefetishcough) but all the characters I ended up disliking at the end of season one redeemed themselves so it’s all good. Oh, and who could forget my adorable Hanyuu-chan~? <3

I already finished Rei as well and liked the twist on Rika being resurrected in a "sinless world". And fuck yeah! I got my wish of brat!Satoko getting beat up with a chair after all! Love for Rika = increase by 1,000 points. <3
The magatama episode was also very cute (RenaxKeiichi = my ship for this series with maybe some RikaxHanyuu following it) but uh, the first episode were they all went to the pool? I don’t mind the fanservice or the (LOL) Soul Brothers! whatevs but everything else didn’t make much sense to me. Wtf? You don’t go to a pool park to sit down and talk!

*cough* But hmm, yea. Since I’m done with the anime, I’m planning on reading all the manga adaptations, light novel editions if I can find any translated ones, and maybe search for the game if it’s still around. Just a habit of mine if I end up liking a series a lot. I don’t want to miss out on anything even if I have to go through stuff I already know a second/third/fourth/umpteenth time. xD;

& OOOOOO!!!! I want THESE:



Super-deformed Emotion Trading Figures by Takara Tomy A.R.T.S.

They’re coming out around the end of November and I soooo want one of Rika (kyaa~! Twin tails! XDDD), Hanyuu and Rena. Actually, this is the second set as the first came out quite a while ago, manufactured by Yujin. I know Yujin is a sub-branch (I’m sure) of Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. but I didn’t like the design for these figures as much as the second set ones. Shame, because I really wanted Hanyuu in her miko attire, too, but I guess not (she’s cute in her school uniform, though, d’aww~).

Well then, if I can get my hands on at least two of the ones I really want, I’ll be so happy. I really wanted the Wave Rika that’s coming out later this month because I thought the quality looked absolutely gorgeous but she’s so expensive! $67 for a figure that only stands 14/16 cm tall?! And they have a nice Hanyuu figure, too. Not as good as the Rika one, imo, but it comes very close oh yea, it’s so obvious I like these two together. Mind as well bury me and wallet alive in a pit if I were crazy enough to get them. *goes into mourning now* T______T

To Aru Majutsu no Index: I’m halfway done with this cuz what motivated me to watch it was the side story being animated in the fall…actually, the main reason why I want to watch that is because Aki Toyosaki and Kanae Itou *insert fangirl squeal* will have roles in it. XD;

Still have to get through Misaka’s sister clones dilemma. Eh, it’s alright. I’m not feeling any particular attachment to this series even though I find Index such a cute little nun at times. I like Touma a lot as well. Chick magnet. xDDD;; He falls into my “short of average with lots of kickass potential” long name is long category and I tend to have a HUGE fondness for these types of characters. hehe ^^
Plus I get to hear Atsushi Abe, same voice for Kuukai Souma from SC!, so you can guess how happy I was when I heard how familiar they sounded after ten minutes into the first episode. x3

lol, and I’m not surprised that this was taken up by J.C.Staff. This kind of series seems to fall down their alleyway. And woot! I got to hear Mami Kawada again! Been a while since Shana. Wonder if she’ll sing the OP for the OVA, too. :3?

Black Cat: DROPPED. Tried the first four episodes, didn’t fall through. I don’t think it’s bad or anything but simply because I find the animation too old to really keep much of my interest. The plot is okay enough but Train’s relationship with that whats-her-name Sweeper and his co-assassin fandude gave me heavy FF7 vibes. I thought Sven was going to make a big impression on me but he wasn’t as spectacular as I hoped (guess I raise my expectations too high). Even Eve, who I wanted to like the most came off as slightly meh. *shrug*

Guess I’ll cross out To Love-Ru out as well now. Yea, I can’t really believe I was planning to try it either. ^^;


Summer Impressions:

Eh, this was probably the season that I followed the most shows with a low percent of droppage. So summer wasn’t so bad after all. Heh.

Well, the ones on the top of my list would have to be Bakemonogatari and Umineko, each for their own obvious reasons. Hitagi continues to be the coolest lead female role of the summer (as well as absolute ultimate girlfriend, lawl~) and I’m enjoying the Nadeko snake arc though I heard it was going to be short but doesn’t matter since Hanekawa’s come right after, yea? I haven’t done any research on the original material so I’m not sure if this is going to be a continuation of her oddity or not. Still looking forward to it, though. :)

As for Umineko, pfffft. It has its ups and downs (oh DEEN, you suck x3). I just want episode 2 over with since it’s going by soooo slow for me so we can move onto the next one. And I’m sure we’re going to have at least another 12/13 or more episodes (what number was the last one again? *can’t remember* |D; ). This show’s too popular to air for less than that, thanks to the previous success of Higurashi.

Anyways, I got so drawn into the spoilers that I went ahead and got the game. Now I just have to figure out how to install it with the English patch but I’ll save it for the weekend after I get all of school sorted out of the way. I know I probably won’t be able to catch up to where we are in the anime in time but that’s fine with me. I don’t want to turn into an VN fanatic or anything. @.@;

And Lambda finally made her appearance~! Virigilia next, kthx. >8D

CANAAN’s last episode was pretty good but the whole concept dulled down pretty quickly. They should just rename the show to “ALPHARD” since she’s the only one who remains somewhat interesting to me. :P

Umi Monogatari, I’ve only been following the raws. It’s so slow-paced, I don’t even know why I’m keeping up with it. Maybe cuz the inner Junichi Sato-fan inside me is telling me, too. ^^;
I’ll just say that I’m very taken by the animation. Urin’s turn to the dark side is not that surprising and cliche to every corner but I still like it (and Yui Horie’s voice-acting, too). Glad that it’s ending this week, though. I’ll probably go back and watch it subbed if I ever feel extremely bored to want to do something but yea, so ready to get this off my watch-list already. :P

These two are being backlogged due to subs being a bit slow. Not complaining though. I watch these for light entertainment. TYM I enjoyed more than I thought I would and that’s probably owed to the great cast of seiyuus (Kanae-san~ <333). The gender issue tied in with baseball I'm mildly interested in since I'm slightly influenced by the strong women's studies department at my own school but other than that, meh.

Sora no ManiMani needs to finish up already. I might read the manga in the future but it's not on my priority list right. Shipping-wise…I'm not really shipping anyone together since none of them really made a lasting impression on me. I like all the characters alright but not enough to want to go into the romance department. Plus, I don't need slice-of-life drama. I just want to be lazy and watch stuff… |3


Fall Season:

Definite/Likely to sit through if relatively good:


11eyes – Risky move if you ask me. I can understand why they would pick lesser known/almost new seiyuus for the cast (more well-known means higher budget) and I’m looking forward to what the rookies have to offer but there’s also the studio to consider. Dogakobo, according to ANN, has done more second-hand animation than actual lead ones. I watched Shin Koihime†Musō for an episode or two out of curiosity (*shudder* Forgive me, Luo Guanzhong) and yea, animation seems pretty impressive but it was just another big (yuri) fanservice flop. And 11eyes is an eroge…which may or may not start to give Dogakobo some reputation for delivering hentai. That would be a shame since they have seem to have so much promise with their art. But 11eyes has a cool eyepatch guy so it should be better, RIGHT?! And NO! Not in that way! *putting what little hope I have on it now* TwT

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: PurrezaWat? You spelled “purity” wrong! xP Originally wasn’t going to watch this but the bandwagon looked like it was having a lot of fun so I hopped on, too.

Checking out:

Armed Librarians – Interested in the premise. Animation looks nice. Books should eat people. Y’know. :D

Letter Bee – I saw this at the bookstore and found it intriguing…well, of course, I only looked at the art! I couldn’t read it at all! =P

Fairy Tale – Seiyuu cast. Looking for a good shounen title. Hope this one will be it (but not killer-filler long, kthx).

To Aru Kaguka…wha? Stupid long-ass title! – Kanae Itou and Aki Toyosaki. I ish shamelessly devoted. :3

No, nice bumping into you. Bai.

Kampfer – For the seiyuu cast. Non-cunning magical trap + promised fanservice = heap of “do not care, stop wasting my time.”

The Sacred Blacksmith – Blacksmiths are sacred now?! *changing my profession*

Nyan Koi! – Everybody wants to be cat! Cuz the cat’s the only cat, who know’s where it’s at♪ Ooo! Someone make an AMV! XDDDD;;;

Miracle Train ~Ooedo-sen e Youkoso~ – I hate you, Japan, and all you other countries with advanced subway trains. MTA still looks like a giant toilet bowl.

Inuyasha – They have nice Jpop opening and ending sequences~

Aaaaannnddd…that’s all for this part. :)


Cont. on next page.


13 thoughts on “Wrap-up of Summer

  1. TYM is love~

    Yeah, I figured the money thing was the main factor too. Still not to fond of it, but oh well. I thought/hoped her name was Rikka (Rikka is the name of Tadase’s kid in the 2nd generation SC roleplay I’m involved in).

    Taiwan thing sucks. :/ I’ll definitly donate the next time I get a master card giftcard to buy CR subscripson. Hopefully my school will have some kind of fundraiser.

    Yeah, the favorites thing makes sense. Like fangirls/boys who say they watch a certain show for a boy, girl, or couple. I don’t think that will oftend anyone, either since you were so polite about it.^___^ (Xiao is very tactiful).

    • Crap! Also, the Rima banner is extremely EPIC (she has such a beautiful smile~). It’s not crappy at all.

      • Indeed it is~ <3

        Such is the destiny of every mahou shoujo adapted out there. In the end, we are all capitalists feeding off of magical grade school girls and their frilly costumes… & ooo, you roleplay? Cool! :D

        Thank you so much! Anything that goes towards to help, I'm very grateful for. ^^

        I try to be as composed about my own views as much as I can since I sometimes hold back quite a large amount of bitterness but don't want that to cloud my judgement…that's almost the same as assuming. It's understandable why most fans would just stick with something for only one thing but I just don't like "pocketed perspectives" since it closes you off to a lot of what a series can offer you. Then again, I'm a person who wants to know/learn as much I can so that's a factor for my attitude as well.

        And so glad you liked the banner! Hehe, I think Rima's smile takes all the credit for making it awesome. I just compiled it together. ^^

        • Except ones that don’t sell like Karin….*shot* (yep. As Yaya and Kairi’s yaoi fangirl daughter)

          No problem. I like doing things like that. ^__^

          It was Rima’s smile and your banner making skills~

  2. Heya! Just to mention that WordPress has several e-commerce/store widgets that you might be able to add on (I’m no sure if you have to have a paid account or not for them) but it’s something worth looking into!

    I’m also disappointed about the cancellation of the Clover figure though! It was the only one I wanted :_c

    I’m really looking forward to Kobato too c: And Yumeiro Patisserie – a Ribon manga – is getting an anime adaption as well c:

  3. Seems someone else understands the long ranting fangirls will get into about SC! if you let them.

    Rima~ So many images makes me such a happy girl~

    *gasp* Xiao is an inhuman fangirl to never use “favorite” at all! Of course, I’m kidding because I can understand what you’re saying. Even if I do use favorite, I’ve kind of gone in the opposite direction where I overuse it so it has no meaning. lol Everyone and everything becomes a favorite.

    If they don’t allow stores you can always still join Kokidokom~ I’m sure 7 won’t mind even if you’re going to be in a permanent slowdown. He just likes collecting bloggers. XD

    Oddly enough (I have to say something quick on SC!), the little optimistic fangirl in me is feeling kind of happy that a shoujo, especially a shoujo I like, is popular enough to be dragged out for its money. It’s just too bad that after 100 episodes it seems like it hit that point where people will call it overrated just because they want to. ;_; So on that note, breaking away from the fandom is a great idea! Worked wonders for me~

    No shipping in Sora no Manimani! But the latest episode upgraded us from 1 obvious couple to 3 possibly obvious couples!

    lawl. Reading all the girls talking about the eyepatch guy reminds me how odd I am sitting her going, “No! No! Cute girl with a cute hat and adorable blue eyes!!” I’m a defective fangirl.

    …But my first figure was so long ago. Actually a year ago in August. (Rin~<3)

    I wish I could say I was critical, but that disappears for any character I love enough (unless they go so far as to ruin them like those new Clannad figures! Gah!) and if it's on sale. Oh my mother's weakness.

    But ooo~ The Shugo Chara! gashapon! I've been holding off on getting those for so long. Though I know right now if any single one is directly in front of me at NYAF, I'm going to leap across the table to grab it and then run off into the sunset with it (after legally paying of course!)

    Psh, don't try explaining anything wrong with Utau to me. I have a HUEG Utau bias. But at least I know it. ^_^

    But God…all of this just makes me think that the second set of gashapons should have just been made into awesome 1/8 PVC instead. I want an awesome Utau and a cute Amu (though admittedly, I'm more stuck on the idea of an Amulet Dia figure than Amulet Angel, even if I love Amulet Angel more).

    And oh god the deformed figures. Seeing a picture of them again makes me want them. I was even going to hold back this time! *fail*

    Amu-chan is the best hope for Shugo Chara! Since it's just her and Utau left anyway I think…and like you said about Utau. I'm just glad she was allowed to do herself credit this time around.

    …I stayed out of Ushio vs Rima because I would have been happy either way. But addmittedly, Ushio brings out the protection and umgz adorable definitions of moe and Rima only gets umgz adorable because these days she definitely takes care of herself!

    And this year…I want a Nagisa victory! (Since most of my girls have gotten knocked out anyway…) Hinagiku would be a deserving winner, but I'm wanting the Saki girls to stay out. Unnatural hatred since I have nothing to do with their fanbase or series. I just feel like first year competitors from a series that's still airing haven't earned it the same. They have an unfair advantage of not letting the new love wear off.

    Nuuu! Not fair! If you're going to all three days of the convention, then I should be exempt from the identity secrecy! Especially if you really did see me at Kinikuniya that time, then it's unfair~ lol

    Though I guess in the meantime you'll see me at the AMV contest and at any Yui Makino event you go to (of course I made the decision to go for Makino-san~), but…I won't see you. *sulks*

    And…I'm done! It's been too long since I left a big relatively spammy comment on your blog. You don't have to reply to all of it (since most of it's stupidity anyway lol).

  4. I don’t need help with my banner anymore. XD
    But, how do you make your posts appear short on the homepage?
    Sorry if I’m a pest….

  5. Wow, that’s a lot of words. If only papers came as easily as ths post. On the commenting business, I usually post on what I just read last, since it’s in my mind. So yeah…Have fun at NYAF! :D Sounds like a lot of fun, well cons in general, hope you have fun~ And I just said that twice .-. oh well…

  6. Our country’s just below Taiwan and yeah, the situation here’s just really bad :(. I twitpic’d before the pic of my school in flood and it was just crazy, our school turned to a huge lake -__-.

    On to a brighter note now, CUTE Rima banner is CUTE!!! And hell yeaz for two Rima banners in a row~ I love you! <33 *huggles*

    On Higurashi, hehe~ I was pretty annoyed with Satoko as well! Argh! Sometimes there are moments (ok, not sometimes.. all the time.) where I just want to staple her mouth Ooh @ the Bakemonogatari reference XD. But yeah, b!tch deserved some epic beating xD. Rika was freaking awesome later on I agree ^^. Rena is love~ And UMG I want those figures too! So adorable!!!

    Bakemonogatari is win, though the latest episodes miserably lacks Senjougahara T ^ T…

    Oh my God Umineko anime is so bad it’s good XD. I’m also trying out the VN these days but I’m checking out a non-busy day to play it fufufu~ But right now I’m enjoying playing innocent and have nothing to whine/compare about the adaptation because that’s one thing I’m quite scared of and it might lessen my enjoyment of the show ^^;;
    …and lolz I don’t even know who Virgilia is XDD *stabbed by everyone*

    Yeah I agree… Canaan dulled down :/

    God TYM is extremely backlogged to me, but I totally like one male character of the show btw XD. I don’t even know his name (he’s like, on the kitchen duties, I think? XD) I kinda watch it… for him? XDD Lol yeah.

    I was kinda wrong with Sora no Manimani than what I had expected it to be. But Mihoshi is still <3 ^__^.

    On SaiMoe, go Amu!!! I feel bad for Utau going to face off with that Tacos girl from Saki T__T, but I guess Amu still has some hope there. I just realize that she has that unique moe thing going on with her so I guess I'm on with the support for her in her round ^^. Nagisa and Hinagiku hopefully for the final two as well. Hell yeah!

    More than 8k word-post… That's… a LOT!!! O___O Lol.

  7. Haha. The first time I saw your Rima banner, I have been waiting vigilantly for Fuyu to pop up and fangirl about it. So let’s see…you posted on September 9 and she replied September 10. Took her a day?! That’s unacceptable..lolololol.

    As far as favoritism is concerned…we’re pretty much on the same boat. I get a little ticked off when somebody mentions the phrase..’my favorite is because .’ Why? That’s because most of the time, they’re making favorites based off quick impulsive thoughts. They really don’t like whatever they said was their favorite; they’re just saying that from the heat of the moment. Give them something else to watch and watch them say a different favorite…well, most of the ones I’ve encountered anyway.
    As for me, it’s hard for me to declare one since I’m really the variety kind of person and the fact that I easily get bored with a particular series/manga/etc.

    As for SC!…well, I don’t I’m in the position say anything. However, when you put money in to things, everything clicks and I’ve already understood what you’re saying.

    One word: money.

    Point taken. XD

    Now for the series…

    Higurashi: What?! You’d beat up a poor loli Satoko? Noooooo! While I do admit she was pissing me off with her brother-everything logic, I tried to justify her actions with the syndrome and her horrible past. And yeah…that loli thing..it’s easy to see that SHE is indeed a loli..but for some reason, she really didn’t click in my head as one.

    Index: Will start as soon as I can.

    Black Cat: More like lolwut… I wanted to see killing since it’s an assassin theme after all but it kind of lessened when Saya was put in the picture. Everything else was lolwut…

    But…thank goodness for Jenoz Hazard a.k.a. Chronos VII. XD

    NYAF: Sigh….take some pictures -_-. The Oyashiro-sama in me will not be pleased and I’m scared it will make me do hellish things.

    I do look forward to seeing you at ANEXT.

  8. warrior: *never read Karin* XD; Oh god, that’s just way to awesome. MAKE IT PLOX! XDDDD


    My skills run on my huge love for Rima…so it’s love, not my skills. Lol


    cookie-san: Ah, I did! I was originally not going to use that since I’m not good with plug-ins (yea, I don’t think you need a paid account since they didn’t say) but seems like it’ll be much easier to handle transactions with. I dunno, we’ll see. Thanks for reminding me, though. ^^

    Clover~ TT______TT

    Haha, yea. All the shoujo fans I know are…well, can’t say “anticipating” but I’ll check it out just to see how it is. It’s not a shoujo-type I’d follow but I’m curious.


    cookiekarin5: Ack, sorry for replying so late. Was busy. Urgh. >.<
    But cool! You have a blog now! ^^

    As for how to make cuts to shorten the length of your post, see the “more” button among the tags above the window where you edit your post? Yea, click on that anywhere you want to hide the rest of your post and it should show up AFTER you publish it. It won’t show on preview but it’ll be there.
    I hope that helps. Feel free to email me if you need anything else. ^^


    Fuyu-san: Only too well…so that’s why I do it.

    Who isn’t happy to see Rima? <3

    Yea, that’s pretty much how I feel, too. It’s an obsolete term kinda. I can like someone a little more than everyone else but placing a…word on him/her is like closing off all others. Well, that’s what I think. I like everyone~ Words don’t apply~ x3

    Haha, I know that only too well. And I might if WP doesn’t work out.

    I would ONLY not mind if it doesn’t compromise the story. I mean, look what Satelight had done with Lulu and what a mess that became. At least there’s some hints that the manga plot is going to continue so even if the anime splits away from the manga starting now, it wouldn’t hurt to watch as much it did for this past year. Cuz there’s nothing to compare while Ikuto’s arc…there was.
    Ah, whatevs. It’s going to take more than that to give up on the SC! I love. But fans are allowed to be annoyed, though. *nodnod* :/

    But it’s so obvious Saku is going to go for Mi-chan. And I’m cheering Sou-nii on cuz if it weren’t for him, Saku would still be a stubborn little monkey who doesn’t realize his own feelings. But oh wait, that would mean I ship SakuxMihoshi, right? lol xD;

    Naw, I so love the cute girls, too. (Yuka’s hat is love~) Just comparing 11eyes to Dogakobo’s past works is all. See if they can make me forget it’s adapted from an eroge.

    …And then you got like a dozen *exaggerating* more after that! XD;

    I go very critical when I’m making a review but when I’m not, I really do love all the figures and stuff I get. Cuz I’m the type to debate with myself for days on whether I should get it or not and if I do, I’m usually very satisfied with the purchase. So yea, I love all of them, even the less-than-good ones. I just like ranting a lot, too. Lol
    (Btw, I want to see those CLANNAD figures you ordered :D)

    Lol Fuyu-san pulling a literal “I’M GONNA TAKE YOU HOME~!” is what I like to see. And I’m sure there will be people selling SC! gashapons there. Heck, conventions are probably the only place where you don’t have to order them from online.

    It’s more of a personal problem and Utau kinda reminds me of it…but I’ll explain about it later.

    I wish it was. But Yujin’s probably trying to play it safe since this is a shoujo series. I know SC! is still very popular but…yea, you get what I mean. They need to make sales no matter what and funding to manufacture/make PVC figures aren’t cheap. :/
    But if they do, Amu has a great chance of getting a figure regardless of the form and I’ll get all of them, of course xD;. It would be nice to see an Utau figure as well, if possible, but I hope they’ll give her a different outfit than her uniform.

    Haha, so you’re getting them, too? ^^

    If she makes it into the top 8…I don’t know what I’d do. I’ll be so happy I’ll scream for a week. XD;

    I wanted Rima to win because she had the more refined moe. And the “protectiveness” feeling doesn’t seem to apply to me but it varies. :/

    As for Saki, I think it’s unfair that they have so many applicants for one series anyway but what can you do when it’s an anime full of girls and…well, moe. HnG is the same but like you said, they’ve been around to earn that huge amount of support from voters. Saki is a rookie. Even Lucky Star in its first year of competition didn’t win first place. *frown* >:/


    Gomen nasai. ^^; If you come next year, I’ll reveal my identity to you. huhu |3

    But I can’t wait to see you and your cosplay costume! I’ll probably take a picture of…all the Amu (or Nagisa, who are you going as?) just to narrow down who can possibly be Fuyu-san. Haha
    Anyways, you’ll have lots of fun, I’m sure. ^^

    And thanks for the long spammy comment! *lurves* Haha, you think I wasn’t going to respond to it all, silly idol-san? >:D


    Karen: Oh, you have no idea how many times I say that to myself. D/
    And thanks! ^^


    kanzie: Poor you. *huggles* :’( I hope your house is okay. Got your tweet saying that you need a boat to get across the street. ^^;

    Yay! Spreading the Rima love all around! *more Rima-love huggles* x333

    It’s such an awesome reference cuz of Senjougahara’s awesomeness XDD Haha, I think Higurashi, for me, is awesome for Rika and Rena (and maybe Keiichi…and Kasai and Akasaka, lol). Everyone else can be okay but those two are absolute love. <3

    I miss her, too. T__T

    Haha, I know, right? But yea, that’s what I’m doing, too. I can’t play the game at the moment either, even when I do have time cuz the installation went wrong somewhere and the English patch won’t show. Ugh. -_-#
    Are you stabbed with stakes? 8D

    I’m sticking it out for him, too. And getting together with Koume mostly. He’s so cute! lol xDDD

    SnM is okay. Mihoshi makes it funny. Hehe

    Yea, too bad for Utau but I hope Amu still gets enough support where I can walk away feeling okay if she lost. I mean, seriously, Komoe has NOTHING compared to my Cool & Spicy girl! I really do see Amu as the next generation of mahou shoujo…it’s just the shoujo that keeps them from getting far. NO FAIR! T_T
    But oh yea, Nagisa and Hinagiku for the top two. I would not have it any other way!

    That’s Xiao, alright. LOL XD;


    7-san: lol Can’t believe you stalk my page just for her comments. That’s awesome. XDDD

    YEA! If you really think about it, there’s no such thing as “favorites” if they like close to everything about that anime/manga/etc. It’s just the first thing that comes to their heads when it’s mentioned…which I find irresponsible. One thing can’t represent a whole thing…or something like that.
    And I get your second point, too. It always varies for me…like a lot. ^^;

    A very frustrating point, I must add. /(

    Only when she’s doing her obnoxious laugh or has that better-than-you rich b!tch attitude I don’t like. Other than that, I sympathize with Satoko over the loss of her brother and her illness and I do admire how she’s become self-dependent since he left.
    I don’t see her so much of loli in character (she’s very cunning with her traps). I guess it’s just her young age and looks. Couple that with what I said earlier and it’s not something I’m really fond of.

    I didn’t even get to “lolwut”. I just “wut”. No “lol”. Not fun. >:/

    I will. Shame you can’t come. :(

    Haha, yea, I’ll be there next year. Can’t promise I’ll tell you who I am, though. And nooo, you will NEVER find me. xD

  9. A lot of people are very imprecise with their use of terms like “favorite.” It can get annoying, so I sympathize.

    Fairy Tale’s manga and premise are pretty good, though it does get caught up in typical shounen problems at some points. Let’s hope for the best.

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