PreSpoiler: Nakayoshi Oct. ’09 Issue

Amu on the cover again! *happiness* <333

Well, I don't know how many of you actually believed ANN but according to end of chapter 44, it said SC! was “to be continued”, not “owari” (end). It didn’t specify if it would continue in next month’s issue like the other chapters or another one in the future but I have a feeling P-Pit’s just taking a break and will come back to give it a proper ending (do correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think I am since I checked the dictionary :P). Again, it’s just a hunch since, to me, it looked like there’s a promise for some sort of sequel. And I’ll just end it there. I don’t want this post swamped with crazy SC! comments. I can’t deal with that now.

Ok, so…wow, did I mention this month’s issue got me squealing a bit? xD Particulary, WnXXS! Kyaa~! Akira, you are so COOOOOL!!!! x3333

Oh, before that, a spoiler for SHK from RIBON:

Eh, it starts out with Aoba and Sakura now officially a couple (among their own small little group I guess). Lots of kissing between these two lovebirds from what I remember (really, I’m starting to think SHK’s greatest and weakest point is marked in this department). Then somewhere in the middle, Kohaku and Sakura have a girl-to-girl chat (yea!)…in a tree (lol). And Aoba is just stuck on the ground looking up at them with an exasperated look. Kohaku tells Sakura about her feelings for Hayate, I guess, who…turned back into a frog cuz the magic wore off (aww…). Then Sakura goes on to tell Kohaku about her older brother…who looks incredibly, suspiciously like Enju (seriously doppelganger…at least in face o.O ).

Aoba then calls Sakura down…she falls…he catches her…more kissing.

Then Sakura wanders off alone (dude, what is up with the wandering off all alone by yourself business here? Is it a trend in ancient Japan for young girls to do that? Yes. |D) and she meets Enju. Then he hugs her but she doesn’t fight him off. End of chapter.

And from what I heard on twitter, she apparently calls Enju her “Onii-sama”. Ohoho~

…I’ll just say I knew it. There wasn’t anything that said he wasn’t, yea? :P


The furoku for this month!

So there’s a some kind of a Navi Runa glitter pen (I think?), a SC! candy lead pen (OMGSOCUTE! *FAPS*), a sticker sheet with all the main heroines (and their mascots) and an Arisa notebook (kyaa~).

Basically, it’s a stationary set this time.

Since I really don’t follow “Boyfriend”, I’ll just skip over that to the other items.

Ah, I still have to get around to reading Navi Luna cuz it looks pretty interesting. Should put that on my reading list while I’m at it. Anyways…kyaa, this is so cute. At first, I thought it was lip gloss when I saw it but it looked more like a glue pen when I uncapped it. ^^;


There’s actually no candy inside. Just beads that resemble candy and the whole pen made to look like a wrapper. But still…oh so cute. All four of Amu’s Charas are on it with their heads against the respective-colored “Amulet” wrappers and oh geez, Amu holding a lollipop FTW. <333

And here’s the ARISA notebook. Tsubasa~ Arisa~ <333
Too cute to use. I kinda want to frame it…

Well, if anyone's wondering what I'm going to do about next month's Nakayoshi, I'm definitely going to get it. Why? Cuz I want next month's furoku:

It has a SC! wallet with Amu, her Charas, and Iru and Eru on it as well as this candy-something majigger that resembles a cellphone with Yukina on the screen (y’know, Yukina writes cellphone novels? Cute~).

Hmm, yes. DO WANT. WILL GET! 8D


And now, SPOILERS!

Sorry I don’t have any pictures to go with it this time. I really can’t find my way around Nakayoshi anymore so unless someone tells me where I can find preview splash pages and any other individual images I’m looking for on that site, the spoilers will be barren until then. *sad* ;__;

Chocolate: Again, mucho thanks to LGB for her wonderful translations of the last chapter (along with Million Girl). Sorry I haven’t been able to comment. I’ve been held up by a lot of things. ^^;

So apparently, the Rei-look alike was actually a guy named Takatori Miki who suffered an accident a while back and has no memories of what happened before then. Chi was convinced he was Rei and shows him the diary Rei gave her when they were still in elementary but Miki being an asshole said he was playing with her and rips it apart.

Yea, so this chapter starts with Chi crying. Then there’s a mini time skip with Riko walking around the school. She spots Chi on a tree branch looking for something there (um, why, Chi?? |D; ) and decides to help her look for it. I think here Chi tells Riko about what happened to the diary so they’re looking for the pages. Riko says something to help make Chi feel better (and gets oh-so-cutely embarrased while doing so). They manage to find a page and Chi thanks her.

Back in the classroom (later on?), Miki notices Chi isn’t at her desk when attendance is being taken. Yuuto confronts Miki after class is over and I think Miki just spills on what happened between them (he’s such a jerk, all smiling about it, too). Yuuto gets ticked off, yells at him, there’s a fight. Chi walks in and goes in between to stop them only to get in the way of Miki’s foot which was aimed to kick Yuuto (it hits her ankle, ouch). She tells Miki to back off of Yuuto.

At the infirmary, Yuuto helps bandage her injury and when he sees her crying (over Miki not being Rei or rude, I guess), he becomes sad (so cute~) and bows his head against her chest. Don’t know what he’s saying but he ligthens up when Chi smiles at him (aww~). And it turns out Miki was outside the room listening to the whole thing before he walks off with a rather sulky face (serves ya right, ya jerk :P).

Later on, Chi’s homeroom teacher, Kusatsu Linda, scolds Chi for skipping class (lot’s of head abuse ^^; ) and as punishment, she has to take care of the school’s rabbits. As she’s doing so, her hair gets caught up against the wired fence and hwoo~, who’d you guess help her untangle it? Miki.

He’s still all smirky and gets too close for comfort so Chi backs away. Miki gets closer and actually kisses her (o.o!), then says something to make Chi blush (but not alot)…and then somehow the moment’s all ruined when he says something else causing Chi to smack him hard across the face, declare something at him before running off (he’s smirking as he watches her go).

Chi bumps into Riko as she’s running through the school and Riko asks her what’s wrong (?). Then Riko sees someone and calls out to him…the person is Miki and Riko introduces him as her boyfriend (yes, I can read this part, she’s says “kareshi“). She tells Chi that they’re going somewhere and as the two head off, Miki whispers something in Chi’s ear that ended with a “♥”.

…Ok, whoa, big twist there. Miki being Riko’s boyfriend?! o.O!!! Well, just remember that prior to Chi finding out, she never told Riko what Rei looked like so…yea.

Kaaah, now I can’t wait so see what happens in the next chapter. I doubt I’ll ever get to like Miki as much as liked Rei but Yuuto won a lot of points for always standing up for Chi in this chapter. ~.^b
And Riko is so cute. I hope she doesn’t go crazy over all this love business and still stays as Chi’s gal pal. For all I assume, this is will all be Miki’s fault in the end and it’ll come back and bite him hard in the ass in good time.

ARISA: Manabe is looking something up on the computer (his cellphone is hooked up to it) and Tsubasa is behind him as they discuss what to do about this password thing back from last chapter (she’s so cute, she gets all excited when Manabe says this one thing but he goes and shoots it down almost as fast and Tsubasa is “nuu~…” XD). Yep, talk, talk, Tsubasa then realizes the time and grabs her bag to leave only to knock it over and have all its content spill out.

Manabe notices the teddy bear keychain (yes, same one as Mariko’s) and he pulls out another one from his own bag. He then says this might have something to do with the person who left the self-destruct clown doll in Arisa’s hospital room.

Switch scene to Mariko who is walking to school (I think). Two girls from another school (they’re wearing different uniforms) bump into her, talk talk talk I can’t understand, they leave. Mariko pulls out a picture of her and Arisa and clings onto it (she looks really insecure at this point).

Turns out the class went to an observatory for a field trip that day. Tsubasa (as Arisa) is sitting next to her as they wait for the show in the dome to start and starts talking about things. Some guy calls the teacher out and when the door closed shut, “Secret King’s Room” appears on the dome screen. Everyone goes GASPETH! and pulls out their cellphones.

So as they wait for the sun to be eclipsed on the dome screen (that’s when the King will reveal the remaining four passwords to them), the slot machine appears on every cellphone screen again. When the sun is fully eclipsed, the passwords turn out to be “4632”, “2571”, “3903”, and “7426”. People go a bit crazy when they didn’t get any of those numbers but Mariko got “2571”. She gets all jank-faced again and sits and talks like she owned everyone one of them but Tsubasa grabs her hand with a stern look.

Mariko then goes all sweet (and annoying) but stops when Tsubasa holds out the teddy bear keychain in her hand. She asks Mariko something but Mariko runs off, causing Tsubasa to follow her (Manabe just looks surprised in this one panel). Tsubasa ends up in a room full of mirrors and Mariko goes on to explain (with a happy look on her face) about how happy she was with Arisa. Then Arisa got a boyfriend and Mariko got uberly jealous, started making fervent wishes (which got her so deeply involved with the King game, I suppose) and before Tsubasa can ask what she was doing on her cellphone a mysterious unknown figure walks into the room and cackles Arisa’s name.

…Um, you’ll get what I mean when the raws come out. Don’t know if this dark silhouette is the King or not (lol, there’s planets floating all around him) but something’s going to be revealed next chapter alright.
And I knew it. Mariko just has the crazy hots for Arisa. Pfft, she’s so boring. =P

WnxxS!: Ooo, love the splash page for this one~ x333!

So we left off with Yukina telling Shigure to teach her what love is and Akira is still standing a little away hidden from them both. Yukina looks so innocent and pleading (w/o her glasses) that it makes Shigure blush a little and say something in a tsundere manner. Yukina then puts her glasses back on and goes back into PWN!YOU mode, making Shigure all “WTF?!”

Yukina reveals something she’s been hiding under her coat and it pisses Shigure off but she just walks away. Yukina didn’t notice Akira as she walked by the pillar he was leaning against though and he says something with his bangs over his eyes.

The next day, everything seems normal as Yukina and Akira walk to school together (Akira eating a hot dog is adorable~ <3) and Yukina seems exceptionally cheerful for some reason. She sees Shigure surrounded by girls and they freak out when the two make eye contact but they greet each other casually before going separate ways. Behind each other's backs, though, they get all smirky while coming up with their schemes. Akira exclaims something that shoots Yukina out of her thoughts but is hesistant to say what's on his mind (I think) so Yukina walks off ahead of him, leaving him looking sadly after her.

And then the next day, Shigure and Yukina are walking to school together arm in arm making everyone shocked at how close they are (they even took a picture together on a cellphone ^^; ). Shigure then says something and takes off her glasses (and she lets him). He turns to walk away but she pulls on the end of his jacket and gives him a smile which makes him feel a little uncomfortable before leaving.

So Yukina is left there to stand in among the crowd of students walking to school and she bumps into another girl. Then every one (or just mostly the girls) notices Yukina without her glasses on and they start to crowd around her. Yukina begins to panic and remembers the incident where she was surrounded by the teachers back when she was a kid.

A little away, Shigure is playing with Yukina’s glasses in his hand and even puts them on when two guys go rushing past him saying that Yukina was in some sort of trouble. He sees Yukina surrounded by the group of girls, is surprised, smirks to himself a bit but it quickly fades. Someone pushes pass him and it’s Akira.

Akira stands protectively over Yukina (OMG! SOHAWT! *A*), he takes her by the hand and leads her away from the crowd but not before snatching Yukina’s glasses from Shigure’s hand, getting up in his face and either made a silent threat or told him to back off of Yukina CORRECTION!: Akira told Shigure he was THE WORST. *SCREAMS* AKIRAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! XDDDDDDDDD

The two leave and Shigure is looking troubled (HAHAHA!). Getting back to those two, Yukina tries to tell Akira what’s going on (or something) as he hands her back her glasses but suddenly, Akira takes her into his arms (*FAINTS*) and confesses something says “I won’t hand Yukina-chan over to guy like him. I’m here for Yukina-chan” to her. Last page, he tells her that he will be her lover yes, I translated that several times to make sure so it is correct.

Xiao’s reaction: *dead*………dude, I don’t care if they’re cousins. Akira is made of fucking awesomeness and I want to ship these two against all odds. HUZZAH! *smackpunch!*

…I’ll probably continue translating the last three pages since I want to know what Akira said. If you want to be updated on that before the raws come out, go look at my tweets.

Million Girl: I think most of this chapter is dedicated to explaining the rules of the Money Game so I’ll leave this up to the translations. Leon opened up a hidden platform behind Sachi and it turns out a couple of students from her school are also participating in the game. That purple-haired girl from last month’s splash page makes her apperance and I think Leon introduces her to Sachi as some elite or something (either way, the new girl looks so cool~). Sachi then gets put onto an even lower platform (the competition platform, I guess, since the other students are watching the game happen below them) and her opponent is up against that kid whom she tried to help from being bullied last chapter.

Again, you’ll understand better when the RAWs come out. I can’t really explain it. Sorry. @.@;


Yep, so that’s it for the spoilers. Sorry for it being so sloppy but I’m kind of in a rush. If anyone who bought a Nakayoshi would like to make any correction on anything, please feel free to do so. I’d gladly appreciate it as well.

Look forward to the RAWs then! They should be up by at least Monday but if not, bear with me. I’ll get them out alright. ^^


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  1. This month’s… everything sounds so epic! I’m seriously dying for taht new chapter of Watashi ni xx Shinasai now! Thanks for the spilers.

  2. WnxxS sounds epic lately. ^___^ I have to start following again.

    SHK. (Shrugs) it’s too be expected. It’s kind of werid for a Heroine/main guy to get to gather so easily in a Arina manga. A lot of period shojo mangas suffer from that problem though really. *gets idea for a bitching post*

    Arisa notebook *so cute* I want one now.

    Thanks for the spoilers

  3. I’ve always wondered, where do you get this? Do you import it, or is there some shop that has this avaliable to you?

    and, OMG WnxxS EPICNESS! Akira is win~~~~

  4. ☆~YAY!~☆

    D`awww awesome job with the spoilers Xiao-chama~ lawl.

    SHK: WTF? Lot’s of kissing eh? What does Arina-cchi want from us by giving us this?

    OMG Kyaaa~ Those furoku are so awesome! Both the Navi Luna glitter pen and Shugo Chara pen are AWESOME! Oh and the Arisa notebook is love~ I wouldn’t write on it too because it’s so cute!

    Wow, just wow. So that isn’t Rei then? Though I still think that Miki might be Rei because he did mention that he forgot things form the past due to an accident *shrugs* Booooo. He’s being bad to Chi, that’s why Yuuto’s getting the advantage. But oh~ I did catch that eavesdropping from him! Maybe… just maybe… *murmurs*

    Biggest shock from the chapter would be that he’s actually Riko’s boyfriend. =-=;; Just like you, I hope that nothing drastic will happen to Riko and Chi’s friendship just because of this :P

    About Arisa, duuuude it’s as if you own’t understand what’s happening unless you can see it yourself XDDD it’s looks like an all-right-to-be-awesome chapter. *is still happy to see Tsubasa and Manabe as allies~* Maybe next chapter will be a hell lot awesome!

    As expected, it’s the explain-the-rules chapter. *sigh* At least we’ll get to know how the whole money game works now huh? XD

    As for WnxxS! Gawwwwwd, I’m melting~ No matter how much I still find Shigure cute, I can’t help but say ‘Serves you right!’ in his face xD I’m getting quite confused here as to why Yukina and him are acting like that BUT! that’s not the spotlight here.. it’s Akira! *insert fangirling here* While I’m still somewhat bothered by this whole slight-incest-in-a-way thing, Akira is just LOVE. That was a pretty brave thing to do and I can’t blame those who’d fall for him just because of that XD

    Thanks for the spoilers, Xiao! Can’t wait to see the raws~ Ganbatte!

  5. Hey! (^^)o I’m going to reserve all Shugo Chara talk for a Shugo Chara post, as of right now I will just say that Amu looks wonderful on the cover again and all the furoku are adorable! =3 Goodness!

    Second…WHAT!? Miki is Riko’s boyfriend, I totally didn’t see that one coming! O.O; Awesome plot twist! This is definitely going to be interesting and totally just gave this series huge points. Yuuto also got huge points from what I read in your summary, Miki (who, I believe, really is Rei) is an asshole, plain and simple. But he isn’t even a ‘cool’ asshole, like Leon in Million Girl. Anyway, I’m looking forward to translating this chapter and seeing (and reading) for myself what exactly in going on…

    Million Girl, even though it doesn’t sound like much will be happening this chapter, we will be meeting some new people, so that will be nice. Plus, I just really like this series already and am just looking forward to it regardless. The simple and light drawing style is such a welcomed change and makes translating far easier.

    Anyway, thank you for the summaries, good luck in your classes, and take your time with the scans. I’m busy as anything right now (I have to look into study abroad programs (and discuss them with my family), I’m adding a minor in Anthropology (hopefully I can declare it this upcoming Tuesday), I have to already start working on a presentation for my Anthropology of Language and Communication class (we have to pick a country/language and become ‘experts’ in that language, the presentation has to be ten minutes long…>.>; My teacher would like it, if we could, to get interviews from people who actually speak or are from the country we are doing (if possible), luckily I picked Japan and there are two students from Tokyo here who I am friends with, so I’m going to ask them.), and I already have to start thinking of topics for class essays in Contemporary Japan, Anthropology (we have to write an essay on a book dealing with the miscommunication between men and women, which is a very entertaining book to read, by the way), and an essay for Mathematical Perspectives (yes, for Math, this is a class more on the history of Math, rather than Math itself, which I am very happy about.)

    Anyway, that was a little tangent and totally off topic. Basically, I understand about being busy, so don’t worry about it and take your time. Take care! (^^)o

  6. Thank you SO MUCH!
    Could you also PLEASE be so kind to tell me where you buy/order your Nakayoshi? I wan 1 so bad but I’m nowhere near Asia TT^TT And no one really sells the issues I want on Ebay…..
    Onegai, Xiao!!!

    • Even though I’m not Xiao, I’m pretty sure she gets her Nakayoshi from a Japanese bookstore called Kinokuniya. That’s where I get my Japanese manga anthologies and magazines. Of course, there are also Sanseido bookstores as well. If you don’t have either of those around, you can try searching for Japanese bookstores near you. Good luck! ^^

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  8. Xiao, instead of giving your extra furoku to little kids, why not sell or trade it to people who really want it and will take care of it? ^_^I have my extra stuff up for sale or trade. If you have anything extra you don’t want right now please let me know…

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