SoMT Stage 2 Results

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This post and the chart will be continually updated after every main round of Stage 2 is finished. RESULTS FINALIZED!

Note: Page number corresponds with the round number.

Round 1

Knockout 1

     VS          VS     

  Touya Rima  
  (Vampire Knight)     (Shugo Chara!)     (Shugo Chara!)  

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Knockout 3

     VS          VS     

  Yamamoto Megumi  
  (Shugo Chara!)     (Shugo Chara!)  
  (Special A)  

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Knockout 5

     VS          VS     

  Mashiro Rima  
  Mogami Kyoko  
  Yuiki Yaya  
  (Shugo Chara!)  
  (Skip Beat!)  
  (Shugo Chara!)  

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10 thoughts on “SoMT Stage 2 Results

  1. *my other comment didn’t seem to go through and I think I mistakenly used my cousin’s account on commenting or whatever but here’s my comment; please delete if it turns out that my comment wasn’t deleted or I didn’t use the wrong account ^^~*

    _* *_


    Mou~ Only 1/3 of my vote got in and I am not amused T^T But yeah, it just may be my biased side getting the better of me but the winners deserved it too~

    Rima-sama!!!!111one </3 Now I only have one Rima to support. *sigh*

    Anyhow, can't wait to see the next round ;D

  2. Poor Kotonami! I didn’t expect her to get far in the competition anyway, but since she was against Yaya and Rima, I then knew she didn’t even have a chance.
    I’m also a bit upset about Iru, she was so awesome…except I did vote for Rima (Vampire Knight) on that one.
    I pretty much just voted for people who weren’t from Shugo Chara! to keep the competition intense x)

  3. O___O So close for Rima and Megumi T___T… But glad my top 2 favorite charas still made it in ^^. Yay for SC!Rima pwning everyone that comes in her way!!!That’s my queen <3!!!

  4. Rima is adorable, I’m glad she won. :) Eru always make me laugh, but it’s so hard to choose a favourite between her and Miki, Miki’s awesome. *Didn’t get a chance to vote but is commenting anyway* ^_^;

  5. Everybody that I voted for won. My Shugo Chara girls and Kyoko. I feel bad for Maria too, *hugs Maria* but eveyone knows that Utau had that.

  6. I’m glad that everyone I voted for made it in. :]

    Kyoko! Yay she made it! I thought Dia would win, but I wanted Kyoko to. O_O Wow. One vote decided the rematch. But anyways, yay Kyoko!!

    I really do feel sorry for Maria. :( But she really didn’t stand a chance against Utau, unfortunately. Even so, I’m still happy Utau made it! I mean seriously, how could she not? xD

    And as expected, Amu won, and I’m happy!~ ^_^

    Overall, most of it was expected, and no one stood a chance in the last two. But I’m still very happy with the results. :]

  7. Yay! Another win for the SC! girls. Hehe~ the results for Rima, Utau and Eru were too easily predicted.

  8. YAY~♥

    I’m so glad that Rima and Megumi won in the Wildcard Round!

    I can’t wait for the next round XD Although sometimes, basing on the fanbase, I can predict that the winner would be an SC! girl but.. lol x3

  9. YES!!! Rima and Megumi!!! Lol going back at my comment up there, I was slightly lamenting but now I’m fully celebrating!! Yay~~ It’s so nice to see the not-so main characters in VK and SA going further over the main ones <33 HAHA, TAKE THAT, YUKI CROSS!.

    And yeah, I gotta give Yaya and Dia a very loud applause ‘cuz they’re really awesome in this competition. *claps*

    Looking at the final eight, uhh.. woah O__O it’s so difficult right now! Pretty much everyone really deserves to win ^^. Now the total fierceness is up!

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