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Yes, image is relevant~

Still taking a small break before I go back to regular posts, though. School left me quite “meh, don’t want to do anything for awhile~” yesterday. But I’ll probably get started on it later tonight. Gah, have so much to say. hehe ^^

Ok~, anyways…ah, I actually wasn’t planning on doing any news blurbs since I dropped the idea quite a while ago (like a few months after I started blogging) but I couldn’t resist after getting these in my Reader so

ALL sources: ANN (who got it from other sources that I’m too lazy to list :P)

Ryukishi07, Peach-Pit’s Ōkamikakushi Game Gets Anime

The TBS Anime Festa 2009 event has announced on Saturday that a television anime adaptation of Konami’s Ōkamikakushi adventure game for the Sony PSP console has been green-lit. The mystery game features creator and director Ryukishi07 (Higurashi: When They Cry, Umineko no Naku Koro ni) and the character designer duo Peach-Pit (Rozen Maiden, Shugo Chara!, DearS). No details about the anime version have been announced yet.


Damn, now I want this game! >3<

Anyways, I heard quite a while ago that my lovely P-Pit was doing character designs for some game but didn't pay much attention to it. Particularly because I wanted to see the actual designs before saying anything. And now that I recently got hooked onto Umineko and got back into marathoning Higurashi, well, I'm THRILLED!!! What more can I say? xDD

I love Ryukishi07’s mystery-horror plots but frankly, their characters designs (or only the game sprites) are not good at all. In fact, let me just say it outright. They’re bad. Not bad enough that I wouldn’t want to look at it but bad in an *CRINGEUPYOURFACE* bad. D/

And then you bring in P-Pit, who is like…CLAMP’s protégée though not really. xD;

It’s like a wonderful matrimony made in Heaven (or wherever you want it to be, HAHAHAHAHAHA!). *is weird*

Well, P-Pit isn’t a stranger to gore (Zombie Loan comes to mind, which btw, I have to remind myself to catch up on) and vice versa so I already see a lot of promise with this game and the anime. And if all the titles of their work aren’t enough to convince you, then how can you resist Miss Loli with the kickass scythe up there, hmm? /3

Haha, yes, I’ll be paying very close attention to this now. In the meantime, someone get this game out to me in English PRONTO! if you don’t want to be demoned away! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! >8D

*gets shot* …

EDIT: Synopsis of the game that came out a few days ago.

The story follows Hiroshi Kuzumi, a 16-year-old boy who has just moved to the seemingly serene village of Jogamachi. Nestled in the mountains far away from the city, the village is divided by a river that separates old Jogamachi from new Jogamachi. Young Hiroshi soon discovers that the village’s ancient as well as mysterious traditions and customs have been kept alive over the ages. Although a bit bewildered by the new environment, Hiroshi begins to settle into his new life. While he has never been the type to win any popularity contests, he quickly earns the affection of his classmates. That is with the exception of aloof class president, Nemuru Kushinada, whose only words to Hiroshi are a warning to stay away from old part of town. It is there that terror and mystery await him.

Hatsune Miku Anime with Yutaka Yamamoto Confirmed for Spring

The official website for the “Black Rock Shooter” song from the virtual idol singer Hatsune Miku has confirmed that supervisor Yutaka Yamamoto and his Ordet studio are developing an anime project for next spring. A “Pilot Edition” of the anime will ship on DVD or Blu-ray Disc (BD) on September 30. The Pilot Edition will bundle a CD single with a new recording of the song’s “live perfomance” version, as well as a booklet with image sketches for the anime.

The song’s creator huke and musical composer/producer ryo are collaborating with Ordet on the project. Yamamoto (Kannagi, Lucky Star, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) is supervising the project, although Shinobu Yoshioka (episode director on Lucky Star, Haruhi) is the actual director.

In a related development, the consumer electronics company Pioneer demonstrated its new “FV-1 Floating Vision” personal 3D monitor by screening a Hatsune Miku dance movie created with the Dance Mixer software.



I said this to a lot of people already but I don’t really follow the Vocaloid series. That or any of its however many branches. @~@ But I will say I’ve been expecting some sort of animated adaptation since it’s so popular though I can understand if they’ve been holding back with the reason they wanted to keep it to the game/music franchise only (oi, that was confusing). But I wouldn’t know since I don’t follow it. Feel free to correct me, any of you who are big fans.

Hmm, but BRS? Why am I not surprised it’s her before Miku? lol XD
I love BRS, though. Only watched the first minute of the MV but I instantly liked her when I saw Good Smile Company’s first PVC figure of her (I want the second version, though) so I’m definitely looking forward to this anime (haha, maybe it’ll break the bad curse on the Spring season this coming 2010).

The director…makes me think this is going to be animated by KyoAni. Which I’m kinda hoping isn’t. WORK ON LITTLE BUSTERS, GODAMMIT! But I don’t really care. Big franchise getting big studio is fine with me as well.

Gundam Unicorn’s Japanese Cast, English Site Unveiled

Eh, I don’t really care about the site right now but here’s the cast:

Character – Voice
Banagher Links – Kouki Uchiyama
Audrey Burne – Ayumi Fujimura
Takuya Irei – Hiro Shimono
Micott Bartsch – Haruka Tomatsu
Riddhe Marcenas – Daisuke Namikawa
Mihiro Oiwakken – Megumi Toyoguchi
Marida Cruz – Yuko Kaida
Full Frontal – Shuuichi Ikeda
Angelo Sauper – Tetsuya Kakihara
Suberoa Zinnerman – Hideaki Tezuka
Cardeas Vist – Takayuki Sugo
Syam Vist – Ichirô Nagai
Alberto – Wataru Takagi
Flaste Schole – Rikiya Koyama
Daguza Mackle – Hiroki Touchi

(Sorry, no linkage cuz I’m too lazy. Go find them on your own. \P)

First off, I haven’t been active in the Gundam fandom since G Gundam (yea, that’s soooo ancient. lol, the Toonami days… |D; ) but I want to get back into it now.
It’s already been announced this will be 2 OVAs (if my memory serves me right) and though I’m kinda eh… on how this promo pic looks (along with the “Unicorn” title lolshounenrandomness), I still want to watch it anyway. :P

I already see a handful of seiyuus I’m familiar with. The rest I’ll have to do more research on.

And yea, that’s it…haha, unicorn…this should be interesting…

Hopefully, I’ll have a general post up by tomorrow. K, bai for now. :D


5 thoughts on “Short Couple of News Blurbs

  1. I don’t have much to say, since I don’t know much about any of these series, but…

    Hmm, first things first, I don’t like Gundam, so I don’t care about the Gundam news! XD I could never get into the series (and I didn’t watch it when it was on Toonami either.) Gundam 00 looks cool…but I just can’t. Nothing about the series appeals to me. It’s blasphmy, I know… ^^;>

    Moving on, I’ve never heard of Ookamikakushi, but the plot sounds very interesting and Peach-Pit’s style of drawing really appeals to me (even though I’ve only read one of their works, and have no desire to read the others.) So, I’ll definitely be checking out this series as well. I’m looking forward to it!

    Just like I’m looking forward to the Vocaloid anime as well. I agree with you on it being about time. I was wondering when they were going to get around to doing an anime on this. I, like you, don’t know that much about Vocaloids, but whenever I see anything for them, I always like it (especially the Miku one CLAMP did.) I just think it’s hard to get into this fandom unless you are fluent or near fluent in Japanese (or just have amazing searching skillz.) So, I think this will be a very unique anime series that I’m definitely checking out.

    Anyway, after all your hard work at school and studies, I understand completely about you not wanting to do anything. ^^ Enjoy the free time that you have and take care! (^^)o

  2. HELL YEAH! Ryukishi07 + P-Pit = epicness. A must see for me.

    My thoughts exactly. Finally. Miku is everywhere and an anime for Vocaloid. It’d be nice for it to be animated by KyoAni but come on~ KyoAni needs to get out Little Busters~

    -doesn’t recognize any of the seiyu- The last and only Gundam anime I watched was G Gundam as well. I might watch those two OVAs

  3. Oh sweet! I’ve watched Umineko no Naku Koro ni and just a tad bit of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni(not much though), they’re pretty good. Now we get another anime from the same people with Peach-Pit as the character designers. Sweet awesome-sauce is all I have to say. I’m a big fan of Peach-Pit(art that is), so I’m really excited for this anime to come out.

  4. lol Glad I’m not the only one excited for Ōkamikakushi. And heh P-Pit does really seem like they’re trying to be the next Clamp at times.

    Dai-kun is going to be in the next gundam series? I might check it out just for that (ashamed of her shallowness). Also, lol’d at the unicorn subtitle (not what I think about when I think of Mecha).

  5. Hot damn. P-P and Ryukishi07? That’s like horror concept and horror art in one package!

    BRS will make a lot of boys (and girls) happy.

    And LOLWUT? Gundam Unicorn?! Either the world lost its style for naming things or the economy’s really bad because a unicorn Gundam would mean one horn on the head as compared to the usual two found on 99.99% of the previous Gundams.

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