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I swear my love to this girl for as long as I exist. <333


Okie dokes. So here are the PreSpoilers. Gah, Nakayoshi changed the layout of its site to almost entirely Flash and I didn’t know where to look for pics of the color splash pages so this might be later than usual in the future. Then again, I’m not really sure if I’ll be buying Nakayoshi anymore after September since SC! ends next month. Plus, I’ll be busy with school and by the time I get around to doing spoilers, somebody will probably have them out anyway. With more accurate summaries than mine as well.

There’s a fair chance I might since it’s still serializing four series I’m following...well, kinda. Two I barely pay much attention to but I still look through them since I have it in my hands. Anyways, I’ll have to balance out my monthly and future spending before making any decisions. I’ll say what I’m going to do next month (maybe I’ll include a poll…).

Anyways, I won’t be including spoilers for SHK since Chibi from the SHK forum yes, Xiao has been lurking, nyuk nyuk nyuk~ >:3 already posted her raw scans AND translations up so go there and see it for yourself. It's a very cute (incredibly cheesy) chapter with hugging and kissing and d'awwing even though I'm still "eh..." on the romance between Sakura and Aoba (like the awesome Byakuya, I still don't like him :P) but at least Kohaku and Hayate were cute. x3

And oh Fuji-ouji-jiji, I feel bad for you. T_T
...and I love him even more for what he did! You go Fuji-chan! lol xDDD

So when is the new pink-haired miko chick coming in? I want triangle for dorama~ lololol >:D

Alright, now that that's over with.

Ah, but first~

Here are the furoku for this month's issue:

I didn't open the little SC! makeup box (I think that's what it is, right?) yet but it's so pretty~ Makes me wish I was a kid again. Then I can put this in a cute purse and prance around and act all girly. lol xDDD
Too bad I'm not girly at all. I only like pretty things. :P
And with that, it comes with an Arisa eyeliner I think? I'm sorry, I don't use makeup so I wouldn't know. =.=; Either that or it's a red color pencil.
And there's the cute Navi Runa keychain and lovely blue barette from this other manga I don't know the name of. I'm planning to give most of the furoku I have to my younger cousins. Problem is I don't know which to give to them. I don't want the furoku just used and thrown away after they break them cuz I know they will. My cousins are only toddlers and a 2nd/3rd grader. What would they know of furoku? lol XD;

And the last piece is a back-to-back poster of Arisa and Doki-Doki! Tama-tan. I forgot to take a picture of Tama but it was really cute. ^^
I bet cookie-san is very pleased. hehe x3
Oh, and if you're interested in Tama-tan, plz go to her blog! She also has some scans for Youkai Navi-Runa, which I still have to get around to reading.

& aaahhh, Arisa & Tsubasa look fabulous~
I'll probably sell this, though, when I have a "store" page up on this blog. It'll be cheap. $1. I'm not much of a poster person. ^^;

And in SC! news:

(You can click on it btw...)

Some more stuff about the DS game which came out a few days ago along with the second character album, which I'll be doing a review for when I receive my CD in the mail. Gah, I would really like to play this game~ The graphics really improved a lot and it's music and dancing and kyaaa! I want that Amu poster! It's GREEN! XDDD

And here's the 3rd DVD volume cover for the second season. Amu's wearing the outfit from that Utau episode when she first sang "Heartful Song" officially live. To be honest, it's one of the only outfits Amu wears that I'm not too fond of. I'm not sure if it was the horrible animation that came with that episode or because of her shoes...yea, I think it's her heels that kinda turned me off. I don't like a combo of shorts + high socks + heels. It looks...weird. But I love her pose, her hairdo and her expression, though, so it cancels out anything I don't like about it. My little Cool & Spicy model~ Only you can make any ensemble look good. <3

Yep, that's all for the extras. :3


Million Girl

New series always gets to be first. :D
Ok, so this new title I've been going on about in my last month's Nakayoshi post is by manga-ka Kotori Momoyuki, who authored "Love Lab", "Moekyun!", "Ōjisama no Tsukurikata", and "Pink Innocent". I haven't read "Moekyun!" or "Ojisama no Tsukurikata" (which is definitely a reverse harem, just look at it!) yet but I wasn't very pleased with the other two. Too much romance but that's just me. I can take romance as long as it's balanced out with good plot that doesn't have to rely completely on romance. That's hard to come by in shoujo, I know, but it's not like it's a rarity or anything. :/

Well, anyways, I'm happy to say that "Million Girl" seems to be a big step away from that. And here's why (description from Nagareboshi):

Sachi has always been known for her gorgeous amber-colored hair that she inherited from her mother. She has a happy enough life, except for the fact that her mother is dead, which she keeps a secret.
One day, she is approached by a classmate who seems to know all her family’s secrets, and is forced into his “Money Game”.

Hoho~...interesting. Xiao interested = Xiao pleased. :D

For the art, I can say it's very simple and doesn't stand out too much. Heck, the only person who stands out so far is Sachi (her hair is so purdy~) and the dude with the eyepatch. I sense a shipping coming looks a *coughnonillegalcough* shoujo version of SharonxBreak *SHOT* XDDD;;; But that's fine. I always find simple shoujo styles like these very refreshing in contrast with other series' I'm following. And for a Kotori Momoyuki series, I'm glad this one's not loaded with sparkles and hearts everywhere like "Love Lab" was. o.O;

On the plot so far, it just gives us a short insight into Sachi's life. Then one day she sees some guy bullying this poor kid and tells him to stop. I don't know what's going on but the dude's holding a bunch of munies in his hand and then eyepatch dude appears and then the munies are like flying everywhere. o.O;
Eyepatch says something to the kid who was being bullied (don't know what happened to the other guy, he's just gone) and the kid runs off. Eyepatch then gives Sachi his (shiny black, lawl~) business card, says something that causes Sachi to run off and him to smirk after her.
She meets up with her friends in the classroom and tells them what happened to which they are like "GASPETH! You did what?!" or something.

Later, Sachi walks into another room to find it completely wrecked and three mafia-looking men come up right behind her. Apparently, they're demanding something from her (something to do with money, I think, cuz there are bills flying everywhere again) and try to capture her but she grabs a vase, smacks the leader in the head with it and runs off. There are flashbacks about her mother's funeral as she runs through the street not knowing where to go and some of her father, I'm assuming, who’s yelling at her. Then she remembers the card she got from the eyepatch dude and she goes to his office where it appears he's been sitting there waiting for her lol, can't get over how Lelouch-wannabe he looks xDDD;;;.

So I think Sachi asks him what the hell is going on or something, talk talk, he flings a knife at her but it just missed her foot by inches (holy shit! Watch where you throw that thing! Dx), I think he demands something from her and if she doesn't comply, he won't help...or something. Sachi picks up the knife and points it to herself and here he goes "?!" but she only cuts of her long hair (NUUUUUUU!!!!!) and slams it on the table. He seems satisfied and pulls out a bunch of monies (where the hell is it all coming from!? D8) and I guess somewhere in the middle of it all, "Money Game" is introduced.

Gah, that was sloppy. It'll make more sense when I upload the RAWs.
Apparently, Nagareboshi is going to do scanlations for this as well. It's not like I have a problem with Nagareboshi's scanlations or anything (hell, they're wonderful and I appreciate all they do) but I wish they didn't monopolize most of the manga in Nakayoshi. I know that no one else would pay much attention to lesser known series since Japanese magazine issues are hard to come by so awareness is even less likely and most of all, not a lot of people can actually read them so it's good they're taking up this job for the sake of the fans but...they already have so many projects. A lot that are behind because they always keep taking up new ones. It wouldn't hurt to let some other groups take the workload, y'know? It's not like it's a competition or anything to see who can scanlate more/faster. Plus, dividing the projects means faster releases for us, right? :/

Whatever. I'm not part of any scanlation group so I wouldn't know. I just want this translated pronto so I can know what the heck is going on.

So yeppers~ Does money, jewels, knives, and boss chair spell this as mafia-esque shoujo for me? ...Yea, I think so. Definite follow for this one until it bores me. :D


Aahhh, this one. First of all, I would like to give my UBER thanks and love to LGB for translating and explaining this chapter to me in my last month's RAWs post. Thank you~! You're the greatest! *huggles* <333

So for those of you who don't know, Rei apparently "died" in the last chapter and now Chi and that dark-haired boy are attending school in Tokyo, Rei's hometown. It left off with Chi bumping into a person who looked extremely suspiciously like Rei on her way to school. She goes forward and clings onto his school jacket, stuttering "R-Rei?" and wondering if it's really him. The boy is like "...huh?" and then the third wheel (I still don't know his name! XD) comes looking for her. She turns her head around for a second, all smiling and pointing at the guy she's clinging onto but when she turns around, he's no longer there.

Some orientation stuff, Riko, that new girl and Chi's roomate from last chapter, looks so cute (<3), Chi's homeroom teacher makes an awesome "SLAM!" entrance and then tells Chi to wake up the boy sitting next to her (he has his head down). It's the Rei-look alike and then Chi proceeds to get all happy until he says something contradictory to her claim or something. More talking, he pulls up her skirt revealing her panties (lol) and she smacks him hard on the head with some pipe that just came out of nowhere. XD
They're both scolded by the teacher and later, it's during phys. ed class (I think) that Chi finds him napping under a tree. She approaches him and I don't know what's going on by she starts crying of happiness. o.O?

Back in the dorm that night, I think Riko gives Chi encouragement about Rei and the next day, Chi shows Rei the diary she got from his grandmother back then. He looks through it...and then rips the whole book to pieces right in front her. Then I think he goes on to taunt her or something but whatever he did, he made her cry and she runs off.

...Kaahh, I'm so over this high school drama but it's entertaining to read. hehe

So yep, poor Chi. I guess this boy really is Rei but he doesn't have any memory of Chi so that's why he's such a jerk to her. Dunno. I'll just have to wait for the translation before I can make any more statements on this chapter.

WnxxS!: kitari-chan has already posted spoilers of chapter 4 in her own WnXXS! Ch. 3 post so please go check it out there. It's much more understandable than what I tried to explain but I was right when I saw that flashback of chibi-Yukina and how she got her glasses. She had a crush on a guy~ (kinda, she liked him because he was the only one who talked to her) and was heartbroken by him. Aww, poor Yukina-chan. :'(

I can't really call this kindergarten teacher of hers a jerk because everybody does talk about others behind their back, y'know. She just happened to eavesdrop at the wrong time. And it's not like he outright criticized her or anything. He just made a comment that was negative. *shrug*

So that's why the glasses have a great significance for Yukina's character. Shigure was an asshole for most of the first part but I still find him interesting, especially at the end when he stopped all his obnoxious taunting to seriously listen to Yukina's story. I don't know if I'll ever really like him (I only like him when he's being PWN!ed, lol) but seems like we're already moving down the couple road for these two.

As for Akira, ZOMG! We finally get to see his eyes! KYAAA! And he looks quite fine, yep yep! lol XDDDD
I wonder just how close Akira is to Yukina judging from how he's always with her a lot (and the fact that he seems to be "alone" in his own home like what chapter 3 revealed). Probably close but more so on his side than mutually (or maybe that's just Yukina being dead-panned, who knows?). Either way, I'm eager to know more about Akira (and his love for melon pan~) and to see what's going to happen next chapter. ^^

ARISA: No color splash page for this either.

Hmm, okay. So Manabe is waiting for Tsubasa to wake up (they're still on the pool deck) and she finally does. Tsubasa looks towards the water and notices that her wig isn't on and panics. She tries faking to be Arisa but Manabe doesn't buy it so she threatens him but he is unfazed.

So Tsubasa takes him to the hospital where Arisa is staying and explains to him why she's pretending to be Arisa. Manabe is understandably shocked by all this and Tsubasa tries to talk to him but he just says something and leaves. Next day at school, Tsubasa greets him cheerfully (as Arisa) but is ignored. She doesn't notice Mariko behind her (freaky creepy staring) but when she turns around, Mariko just grabs her arm and puts on that fake innocent face. When Tsubasa walks away, Mariko goes back to "I am possessed and obsessed" mode. I think it's quite clear she knows that Tsubasa is only acting as Arisa.

Later, it's King Game time (even Manabe takes out his cell phone) but the response everyone gets is "Game Over"...uh, ok, what?
Everyone starts saying "What?! What's that mean?!" and then this slot machine appears on their screens. The slot stops at the number 8001.

While Tsubasa is trying to figure out what this means, Mariko grabs the top of her phone and I think she starts accusing Tsubasa there (whether if she's talking to "Arisa" or "girl who's acting as" Arisa, I don't know). The whole class then goes against her (I guess it's because they found out that she's not their Arisa then but still not sure) and the back her up against the end of the classroom (she even gets slapped by one). Arisa's boyfriend (I can't remember his name :P) tries to protect her but he doesn't really do anything useful cuz some other guy grabs her and he's nowhere to be seen (weird). Then Tsubasa starts talking about Arisa and I think accusing them (Manabe is like surprised during the whole entire time, lol XD) and just when they backed her up against a book shelf, a cardboard of stuff falls over and is about to crash onto her...only Manabe blocks her from the impact and whoo~ Shipping time~ (Mariko is like "Eh...?").

Then Manabe ends up bleeding and a frantic Tsubasa drags him out of the room to the nurse's office. Arisa's boyfriend just stands there looking dumbfounded (I'm getting even more annoyed with him cuz all he does is just stand there...plastic boyfriend) and Mariko is back to "willll...killll....youuuu" face. D/

In the nurse's office, Tsubasa's treating Manabe's wound and while he's remembering Arisa (smiling Arisa, btw), I think he tells Tsubasa the significance of the number 8001.

And that's it.

Woot. New development in lot of areas. I bet the TsubasaxManabe shippers are happy. Heh.
So, uh...well, the highlights for me for this chapter obviously goes to them. I'm still not in a shipping stage for anyone as I'm more interested in what's going to happen with Tsubasa from this point out. Nobody seems to trust her anymore but it seems she finally gained a strong ally in Manabe. And I guess in their little rebellion against the king, maybe their relationship will progress slowly from there. Who knows? Maybe an inevitable triangle with Takeru? Possible.

I just hope someone swings a lamppost at Mariko's face soon (doesn't help that the first two syllables of her name remind of certain "Uuuu~" Dx). I'm getting really bored of all her creep looks and fake genki-ness. Bitch, grab a knife and kill already! *slapped* XD; And uh...yea, 8001, too. What's that mean? o.O?


Yep. So I'll be splitting the raws into two parts. First will be Million Girl and Arisa. Hopefully I can have that up soon. Then it will be WnXXS! and Chocolate.

If anyone already found raws somewhere else that are open to the public to take, please inform me so I don't have to go through all the trouble of uploading the same scans. But only if those scans are not good and/or it's not the full chapter. Otherwise, I'll be happy to scan the chapters. Just wait a little longer, k? ^^

Look forward to them! ;D


11 thoughts on “PreSpoiler: Nakayoshi Sept. ‘09 Issue

  1. “at least Kohaku and Hayate were cute”
    omg, I almost died of laughter at the part with Hayate talking about how Kohaku doesn’t treat him like a guy when he’s a frog and puts him between her boobs. xD

    “Makes me wish I was a kid again. Then I can put this in a cute purse and prance around and act all girly. lol xDDD”

    Psh. I totally use the furoku I get. xD I have little furoku mirrors and bags all over my purse. xD And you said you weren’t sure about the hair thing, but isn’t it from Doki Doki Tama-tan? It looks kinda like the hair clip she wear (albeit about a thousand times smaller, lol).

    I need to catch up on Arisa and WnxxS! D: I’m so behind, I couldn’t bring myself to spoil myself either. xD

  2. Aww, poor Hayate~ <3 …He's a bit slow, though. & you know what I mean. lol XDD;;

    Lucky girl! I don't even have a decent purse to do that! So I just store it all in a plastic bag that I lamely labeled "furoku box". xDDD;;;
    & nope. Looked at the Nakayoshi site and it's for another series. Doki Doki Tama-tan already has one furoku item and I don't think a series can have more than one for every issue…even though DDT's is only the other side of a poster so it's not really a full item either. ^^;

    You should~ Catch up so you can spoil yourself. lol XD

  3. I looked…and failed at finding scans! D:

    Let’s see, before I get into anything, I’ll just make a few comments on your last post (about where you’ve been and such.)

    We really do need to keep in touch through e-mails or something! And, I figured you’ve been reading my updates, but I also figured that you were uber busy with school, and thus, wouldn’t be able to review them…which is perfectly fine.

    I’m going to be busy very, very soon with packing and stuff (but I’ve come to learn how to live out of a suitcase! XD) Everything should go smoothly this time with the moving and packing, since I have way more experience with it then I did the first time I packed up for college…>.>;

    Ah, and I’ll be studying abroad second semester this year (hopefully) and I’ll be going to Japan. I’m going to be going to Momoyama Gakuin, in Osaka(since I have a college friend who is going there, so my mom wants me to go there too, she’ll be less frantic about me studying abroad if a friend is there with me), so now I’m all worried about that darn Osaka accent! D\ Oh well, I’m still really looking forward to it! ^,^

    One day I’ll get around to watching one or two of the summer anime that came out this year. But I still have to watch some (a lot) of anime. And speaking of anime that need to be watched, I suggest Mononoke to you. (Oh, and does going to see Ponyo at the movies this Friday count as seeing a summer anime? XDD)

    Now, moving onto the stuff in this post…

    Amu does look wonderful on the front cover! The colors are quite lovely. : ) The furoku look adorable (though I have no idea what any of them are! ^^;;>) And, the game’s graphics do look new and improved. If the font wasn’t so colorful (and I wasn’t so lazy) I would see if I could translate something or another, but…yeah. Sorry! -0- Other than that, I totally agree about short skirts + long socks + high heels =/= good style.

    Moving on Million Girl sounds very interesting indeed! I’ll definitely want to check that out (and I’ll take a look at the raws; see if I can make anything out of them.) The simplistic style is very appealing to me (I’m reading enough manga with highly detailed drawings; Vampire Knight (why am I still reading this!?), Tsubasa (KuroFai! <3 Only reason I'm reading this! =P), and etc.) so lines and spaces are all quite welcoming at the moment. Oh, and when I first looked at the splash page I thought, "Eye patch guy with silver/white hair = Break, Girl with blonde hair = Sharon…"

    (Then you went ahead and made that comment! You are full of WIN! ^0^)

    I also like Shoujo anime/manga that don’t depend solely on the romance to keep the plot going. That’s why, in my mind, Fruits Basket is the highlight Shoujo manga. While there is romance everywhere I never found the romance to be the main point of the story, or even the fabric that kept everything together. The plot never got lost to the romance; the characters were what kept everything moving. The curse and the Sohma’s finding acceptance were always central to the plot first and foremost, even when romance was blossoming everywhere.

    Ack! Sorry about the Furuba rant…thing. I was just re-acquainting myself with that series (research, one could say, for an Unexpected one-shot. I’ll just leave it at that.)

    So yeah, I’m looking forward to this new series.

    Translating (what little) that I can of Chocolate… You’re welcome! ^0^ I have fun translating it. Argh, I want to know the dark haired kids name too! But they don’t say it enough, so I’m never sure when they are saying his name… =3= I *will* find it out though (perhaps in this chapter, that would be wonderful!)

    Hmm, from the summary that you’ve given, it seems as if Rei’s lost his memories of Chi, which would explain why he’s being such a jerk to her. He did find her very annoying and stupid at first. But, I won’t comment anymore either until I’ve seen (and translated some, at least) of the raws. ^^

    High school drama isn’t my forte either, but I really like the Chocolate concept in the series (and Rei interests me!) So, I’ll keep with this series, I think. :D

  4. ahaha yes I was! Tama-tan <333 Though my poster was all crinkled T_T It's going to be such a pain to stitch together in Photoshop.

    I haven't had time to read Nakayoshi properly yet (not even this month's Tama-tan) But I like the look of Million Girl! I enjoyed her last manga Pink Innocent, and also guy with eye patch ftw!

    I think the hair tie is for Boyfriend… even though you would think making one for Tama-tan would make more sense? OTL

  5. Thanks for the spoilers! someone who is in-love with spoilers *shot* No scans yet so I can’t comment on what I think about them (a post, comment or so..) but don’t worry, I can wait. Afterall, scanning is one tough job XD So I guess I’ll say what I think of the chapters basing on your spoilers ;D

    On Million Girl. Honestly, at first, I didn’t recognize that Kotori Momoyuki was the mangaka behind this because being someone who’s read most of her manga, that is not her usual coloring style at all. It shocked me to see a new style from her.

    Anyways, plotwise, Million Girl looks interesting by the way you interpret it. So it’s kind of a game, huh? I’ve always been into mangas about games or mind tricks (aka Liar Game ^^b) Since this is shoujo, I expect to have ore fun reading. I just hope that some group will pick this up :P Still annoyed by the fact that no one’s picking up Chocolate yet; however I am pleased by reading LGB-chan’s summaries/explainations on that events :D OMG I can’t wait to see the raws for this and make an impression post after the exams~ (I’m still haven’t gotten raws from my no. 1 source xD) I’m definitely following your coverage on this ^^

    As for Chocolate, I’d like to comment first how big her eyes have become. xDD I dunno if it’s intentional but I just felt like lol`ing at that XP Anyways, I’m confused =__=;; I am just betting that that guy is really Rei and maybe he just got amnesia yadda..yadda..yadda.. Some group should really pick this up (rather than releasing a series that’s already been taken by others.. -_-)

    Random: I’m sad that there’s no colored splash page on both WnxxS! and Arisa in this month… *sigh*

    lololololololz. Akira’s eyes showing makes me eager to see even just the raws. Is he hot stuff or what? Oh I dunno~ It looks like a chapter more focused on character development rather than their little ‘game’ at all.

    And lastly, for Arisa… Oh dear, Mariko’s derranged, I tell you! She never fails to make me wanna kill her in every chapter XP Hohoho~ I’m sure the shippers and I feel somewhat happy seeing those two like that but who cares when there’s this great twist in front of you? Haha :D

    Again, thanks for your post, can’t wait to see Xiao Jie’s awesome raws! :]

  6. Uahh…I feel so bad for not being able to take the time to comment! Gomen!! But here I am now!~ [/offtopic]

    *ahem* Anyways, yess!! Amu looks absolutely dazzling in the cover. *u* It’s too bad that her face is covered by all of the other Nakayoshi stuff (but isn’t it always like that?).

    I remember seeing the new Nakayoshi layout. It’s really cute but it will take some time getting used to. And google. translator doesn’t help when it comes to flash, either. :(

    As usual, the furoku is so cute. :D Aww…you can always have your little kid moments if you want (lol, sort of like…be a kid at heart!~). And aww, that’s nice of you~ If it was me I’d keep them for myself >:3 and do who knows what with them, lol. But you can always wait for them to get older.

    The Arisa poster looks so pretty, and look, their hair is back to normal. xD And ooh, you’re planning a store page? Sounds interesting!~ Unfortunately I can’t buy stuff off the internet myself yet, it sucks.

    Lol, more DS games that I didn’t yet should take notice of. But actually, the graphics don’t look too bad. :D I’ll take a look at the game. ^^

    Oh, and I agree about the SC! DVD cover. I’m not fond of the outfit either. I think it’s just me but it looks a little too “mature” for Amu to wear? I guess it’s mainly just the bottom half that’s throwing me off. And seeing the high heels didn’t help either. But the top half off her looks so cool that it makes me forget about it as well. ^^;; Her hair reminds me of Risa Koizumi’s hair from Lovely Complex, lol. But Amu makes it work so much more. xD

    Ooh, Million Girl sounds so interesting!~ Could it be that dark themes or strange games are the “in” thing for shoujo now? Cause I keep linking Million Girl and Arisa together somehow. xD The eyepatch guy is working that eyepatch, lol. And I already want to ship the Sachi with him, but I know I should set sail yet. Even though the art is simplistic, I kind of like it for that, haha. It’s kind of nice to see some shoujo with art like that. Oh, and who is the girl with red violet-ish hair?
    OAO Where do they get all of that money?!! Lol I wanna see how Lelouch-wannabe he looks. xD Overall, the chapter sounds really good!
    I can’t for it to be scanlated. And aw, Nagareboshi is scanlating? Right when I read that the same thing you wrote was going through my head. I kind of wish they’d give some projects to other scanlators, because lots of their projects are behind and taking more is just harder and makes things slower. I mean seriously, Koko ni Iru Yo! is already finished! D:<

    I wanna see chibi Yukina!~ Can’t wait for the raws, cause I really want to see Akira’s eyes, xD lol. And, yeah I don’t think her old preschool or kindergarten teacher was really doing something mean. If what the summary said was true, then he just said that her vision wasn’t really good. It’s not like it was his opinion, more of a negative fact. And after all, after he said that she got glasses, which actually came around to help her, no?

    Uwahh…Arisa’s just getting more and more interesting! Hmm…8001. I’m totally clueless on what it could mean. But hehe…I was pretty pleased with the TsubasaxManabe. I’m haven’t set the ship sail yet, but I’m leaning towards them right now.
    And yess! I’m right there with you! I’m tired if Mariko and her fake-ness and want her to get slapped in the face or something. Tsubasa pwn that Mariko somehow!!

    And, can’t wait for your scans~ Thanks so much for the prespoilers! ^^

  7. Ohoho~ I feel so special commenting on a PreSpoiler when I was able to get the magazine myself. (Kinokuniya~ <3) Looking at the furoku and stuff and going, "Aha~ I have that." And then going, "Oh I thought that too!" When reading your comments.

    Like Sachi's hair…oh so very purdy. Why does it get cut off at the very end of the first chapter!? TT___TT And judging by other pictures in Nakayoshi it doesn't miraculously reattach itself either. (Why would they do this!?)

    Also, I have the same thoughts on Nagareboshi. They seem to be keeping up fairly well with Watashi ni xx Shinasai and Arisa, but I mean…how long has it been since the last release on Koko ni iru yo? Though I can’t say for sure how well they’re doing since I’ve been spacing out on releases in general. I’m not sure if I’m properly remembering them because I read them or because I read spoilers. -_-;

  8. Akira’s eyes? Seriously? Cool. ^___^

    Arisa sounds as crazy as always. I really need to get caught up.

    “Too bad I’m not girly at all. I only like pretty things. :P”

    Lol me too. I still kind of want that makeup box though.

    Arisa poster~ So pretty!

    Mmm…I kinda of wonder what Nakayoshi series is going to be animated once Shugo Chara finishes. I’m hoping for Arisa, though it probably isn’t likely.

  9. Thanks for the Arisa spoilers! Was looking all around for raws since Nakayoshi came out on the 3rd. To a disappointment, none yet. I’d like to translate it/read it for personal interest. *sighs*

    *goes off to search the web more*

    (As for 8001, I have no idea what that could mean. Someone’s shoe locker number?Important date? Um, birthday? Arisa’s hospital file number? Hospital room number? No clue… )

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