Where has Xiao been? 8(

Lounging around in my room and loving it there (OMG! I got lots of stuff! XDD)…well, that and school and work.

Ahhhh, gomen nasai, minna-san, for not leaving some sort of hiatus note or something of the sort! >.<
Actually, this wasn't even a planned hiatus or anything but I just fell out of episodic blogging for a while after that SC! episode four weeks ago and couldn't get back into it. I'm trying to now, though, but it's a bit hard with this public speaking class hanging over my head. Have to do research for the speeches I make so it'll be at least two more weeks until I'm really free to do whatever I want. Ugh, pain in the ass.

Alright, let's save the boo-hooing. I have no other excuse besides "I got my hands full of bullcrap I need to pass" so just wanted to give an update on what I plan to do/try to finish if I have free time and the energy to do it.

Nakayoshi & Ribon Prespoilers: I want to have this up by tonight so it’ll be the first thing I get to when I get home.

Nakayoshi RAWs: Doing it maybe tomorrow during breaks on writing that speech and should be up by…er, this weekend? There are 4 new chapters so look forward to it. ;D

General blog & summer post: Includes impressions on summer anime at this half-way point (I’m loving all the shows I’m currently watching so I feel like doing one <3) and just general ěk-sěn’trĭk things that won’t fit anywhere else. Not sure when I’ll have this up but soon, hopefully. Before school starts, hopefully. Summer’s going by way too fast this year. T_T

SoMT: I…don’t know when I’ll be done with making the wildcard roster. I’m kinda torn between finishing this up or doing the Nakayoshi scans for this month. Either way, I hope to at least have the first half of the quarterfinals done by the end of this month or I’ll pull my hair out. Don’t worry, it’s coming. Just need to kick my creative muse awake and it should be fair sailing from there…oh god, I also need to make a new banner. D8

SC! catchup: I miss my commenters~~~~!!!!!!!!!! WAAAAAHHHH!!! >AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA<
I really do (especially Chibi-san and LGB T_T). I miss reading your thoughts on the recent episodes (which were really "eh…" to me) and discussing them with you, no matter how "eh…" they are. Expect a merged up post of episodes 90-94+ sometime. It will be long, no doubt, but I probably won't go too deep into anything. Then again, there really isn't that much to go into since it's all filler. I'll just talk about what I saw as the highlights.

SC! chapter 42 + 43 merged post: Xiao is super depressed she didn’t get around to doing a review for last month’s chapter but she’s still determined to do it so she’ll include it with 43! Yes, it will be HELL LOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNGGGGG

Pandora Hearts focus post: Been pulled into the manga quite a bit so I feel like discussing it. Warning: HEAVY spoilers. Short critique on the anime included.

A manga (or manga-ka) introduction post

And I think one other that I won’t mention just yet.

Fwoo, that’s a lot…and I didn’t even eat lunch yet. Going to after this. And then I’ll come back to read and comment on other bloggers’ posts that are waiting in my Reader.

So yep, that’s the plan anyway. Again, I’m sorry, my visitors, for making all of you wait for my posts. I’ll try my best to get around to them when I can and that’s the best I can promise. Wish me luck in those speeches and that I don’t slack off and procrastinate to the last minute. I probably will. /P

Other than that, I hope you’re all still having a nice summer so far and enjoying the last month of it while you can! Take care~! ^^

*off to go buy lunch now* Hungy~…D/


9 thoughts on “Where has Xiao been? 8(

  1. Shame you’re so busy. School work and other stuff must totally suck and reminding me about the unfinished summer reading I still have. I hope to see more posts. When you’re not so busy of course. Good luck with those speeches. ^_^

  2. Eat. Food. Now! >o< You probably did, I'm sure, so that's it on that.

    Anyway, I wish you the best of luck when it comes to your speeches. I took a public speaking class my first semester and well…I'm really glad that's over. I'm no good at public speaking (at least I got to pick my topic each time and use PowerPoint though…except for one.) So, yes, the best of luck with that. Ganbatte~! ^0^

    Oh~ I'm looking forward the Nakayoshi raws! I get to practice my Japanese skillz with Chocolate…which I find highly interesting anyway. ^^; But yeah, that’s always quite fun! :)

    Summer anime…besides Hetalia, Pandora Hearts, the new Fullmetal Alchemist series, and Shugo Chara I haven’t watched many. I’ve been reading more manga this summer, though I would love to read your thoughts and opinions on the anime you’ve been watching this summer and just stuff in general. n.n

    I MISS YOU TOO!!!! <3333 I miss commenting on your insanely long posts and having intelligent SC! discussions! Ah, and even though there hasn't been that much going on (since most of these episodes have been filler) will still find random crap to talk about (and you know it)! XD Speaking of fillers, I'm planning out my Alice in Wonderland one-shot and my ‘Amu has a sleep over with Rima, Yaya, and Utau’ one-shot for Unexpected. I know you and FuyuMaiden have been dying to see those fillers (which Satelight simply won’t provide), thus, I shall provide them for you! =P

    Oh god…You UBER long post on Ch. 42+43 will mean an UBER long post from me as well (so much writing and so much time!) BUT, it will be worth it, definitely. So I also look forward to reading (and commenting) on this. Since SO MUCH has happened recently (and I’m eager to hear your take on this ‘new development’, which many a fan are saying is going to be a new arc… =.=)

    W00t! Pandora Hearts! Excellent series! Definitely one of the better manga out right now. It has just the right amount of foreshadowing to give the readers ideas/theories and *lead* them in the right direction, but not make it completely obvious about what’s going on. It brings me back when Harry Potter wasn’t quite finished and there was still so much speculation, yet no one got everything right. I’ll leave the rest of my comments on this series for when you actually write up the post on it, but the Alice in Wonderland twist on everything is nice…just nice. Also, the characters and their relationships with each other are one of the most interesting I’ve seen/read in a while.

    So, yeah, I’m excited for that! XDD

    Anyway, relax and take your time with everything. I totally understand about being busy, I’ve been really busy lately myself. I’ve had two cons within the space of three weeks (for both Otakon and ConnectiCon I cosplayed as Amu.) I got everything for my Amu costume about two weeks before my first con (and my friend and I made the locket, her little bag that she keeps her eggs in, and the eggs themselves.) Sometime inbetween the two cons I went I a mini (four day) vacation to New Hampshire with my parents and uncle, and now I’m getting prepared to go back to school (and my job!) So that means figuring out among my college friends (and future roommate/suitemate) whos bringing out, starting to organize and pack said items, and finding on-line (and ordering) my school books.

    Then at college I’m going to be busy with school work, work, obtaining scholarships, and doing stuff for my Study Abroad next semester…ugh, I’m not looking forward to that! >.>;

    Before I end this far too long post (but I simply missed you so much!) I must tell you of the amazing discovery I made about two days ago. At ConnectiCon I bought a book filled with pictures of Gackt’s (go figure! =P ) first solo tour Mars>/i>. Everything about the book is really high quality from the outer cover, the cover underneath, to the paper the pictures are printed on inside. I paid 60 bucks for it. At first I was slightly hestiant, but besides an adorable, little figurine of Ikuto that I bought (for 35 bucks) this was my ‘big buy’ for the con.

    Now, that 60 bucks seems like nothing, since I recently discovered on the back cover (nearly completely covered by the outer sleeve) a message from Gackt to his Dears Fanclub and his signature!!!! >v< I totally fangirled. Then I checked to make sure it was the real deal…and it was. The handwriting (and signature) are his, without a doubt, and the black marker was obviously handwritten onto the inside back cover.

    I just wanted to share that with you, since it made my day when I found out, and sent me to La La land or something! XDD

    Once again, good luck and take care! (^^)o

  3. You’ve gone missing?! Impossible. You’re always going to be under my radar.

    @SOMT: Oh lordy…I’ve been a bad judge lately for running around and not being able to think with a prompt response immediately. Hopefully, I”ll be able to sit properly and finish it soon.

    You should take your time as well, or rather, do whatever is more fun.

    @Pandora Hearts: I just caught up to the manga! Now I can join discussions in your post..hohohoho.

  4. I was wondering where Xiao has been and now I know that you’ve been as busy as I am! XD
    Don’t worry, we can understand you, take a break if you want so that you won’t get stressed. ;D

  5. I will wait forever for your posts, my fiercess xDD. Lawl~ Looking forward to your new posts ^^. Don’t pressure yourself with them~

    On SoMT, I’ll really try my best on doing a proper prompt…. Because all my prompts just look so lazy -__-. Really sorry, but I guess I have free time by the end of next week after exams so I can work on that ^^. (Err… btw, can I ask when will be the deadline of the submissions for the prompt?)

    I can’t wait to see your complete thoughts about Pandora Hearts XD. Will I see flying knives there when you’ll be tackling the anime? XD. But lol… I kinda stopped with the manga though because I read too much and reading some PH will just mindraep me more XD. But omg I’m so hungry for spoilers so I can’t wait for that ^^.

    And ooooooh~~~ That “manga/manga-ka introduction post” thing got me intrigued. I can’t wait for that ^__^.

    So yup~ don’t stress yourself and good luck with your speeches. …And eat lunch on time ^^;

  6. Well, I understand how easy it is to fall behind. I made myself a catch up list and I haven’t completed it yet… orz
    Good for you though, trying to catch up. I’ve pretty much just given up on my list thinger.. XDDD

    Yay~ Looking forward to your posts. Your blog is always lots of fun to read. ^___^

  7. Rin: Thank you! I’ll try to get some posts out before my last one. I should be able to do it. :3


    LGB: Thank you~!
    Yea, I’m no good at it either. In fact, I think it’s wrong that they’re making us take it because of requirements! Boo! But I got to chose my topic, too…still don’t want to do it, though. Lol

    I’m glad you’re making use of the raws! And of course, anything for fellow fan. ;D

    There’s a lot I want to talk about. I just need to get school out of the way first. Urgh.
    You should definitely marathon one of the summer shows at least. They might not have quite a big impact but still entertaining to watch. ^^

    Yes! We must huggle cuz of all that! *HUGGLE~* x3
    Haha, of course~ I am known for my great ability to spout on and on about the most trivial things. :P lol
    & ooo! Thank you! You granted my (well, our, haha) wish so you get the golden seat of honor this month…oh, and the special crown and scepter, too. haha xDDD I can’t wait to read it! I’ve been following your updates and I’m truly sorry for not reviewing lately (not enough time with all this work) but I still enjoy everything you write! I’ll be sure to spam review you once I get the time…and maybe when the fandom calms down cuz it is way far from being calm even with the manga ending.

    Everything about the last two chapters is worth talking about. And I’m glad that I’ll be receiving a long response from you. I always look forward to those and it just makes me very happy to know someone reads through my long, long ranting. Hehe ^^
    Psh. New arc. Any more new arcs and I will hurl a trailer at someone. =P

    Ooo! You’re right! I was such a HP geek during my middle school days. Now not so much but I still love the books and ah, I think that’s exactly how I’m enjoying PH as well. But we’ll save all this talk for later. And yes, I agree whole heartedly on that last statement. ^^

    So I’ve heard (from reading your fics). Wow, you busy lucky girl! Kyaa! You cosplayed as Amu?! Ok, we have got to chat sometime so you can send me these pics, woman! >8D
    Ah, but yes, just one more month (not even) until school starts again, eh? Bleh. Must be tough for you since you’ll have to move a lot of stuff. But at least it’s only once. I have to commute everyday. *sigh* Hope everything settles in nice and smooth for you, though!

    Oh? Studying abroad? Where to? 8D

    (I KNOW! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH TOO! We should go out for a drink and discuss ways how to worship flying rhinos or something. *doesn’t know what she’s talking about* xDD;; )

    And…OH MY GOD. OAO …KYAAAA!!! I’m so happy for you! That $60 was worth it, ne?! But I totally get what you mean about hesitating on buying something that expensive. Especially for a book. But hey, if there is an autograph AND a message with it, then girl, you were smart to purchase that. It’s better to regret spending a few extra dollars but still being satisfied with what you got than not spending and not being happy with what you wish you could’ve got, right? :3
    And wow…Ikuto is expensive. Not surprised. Lol xD

    Thank you for sharing your con experience with me! We definitely need to email/chat with each other sometime! I’ll contact you!

    And I hope you take care, too! *sends you more huggles* <3


    7-san: I haven’t gone missing. I was just…absent.
    Lol & Gmail isn’t technically a radar but whatever works for you, I guess. You stalker. XD

    It’s fine. You have a life outside of SoMT, too. Take your time with it.

    And everything I do on this blog is fun~ …I just can’t decide what I should do first (except put of hwk, lol).

    Yay! I’ll be looking forward to your response on my long rants (get ready to type a LOT, mwuahaha!).


    kitari-chan: Xiao was always here…she just slumped in hwk. =3=
    & thanks~ Haha, I took a long break today so now I don’t feel so tired (but I still have work to finish, oh boy). ^^;


    kanz: *happy~* <3
    Haha, I always end up doing just that…and I think it’s fun. *weirdo* xD;

    No no no! I like your prompts just the way they are! But if you want to do something different, go right ahead. Can’t wait to read what you wrote. And take your time~ I know you’re busy with icky college. ^^
    (I’ll send you all a deadline when…I think of one. I’ll think of one soon, don’t worry)

    Haha, now that you mention it, may~be ;3
    It’s quite confusing, I know. But at least not as confusing as TRC. And yesh, spoilers are always guud. |3

    I hope it’ll interest you enough to pick it up for a read. ^^

    Thank you! ^^


    Karen: Thank you! I’m really glad to hear that! ^^


    Ammy: I won’t. Thanks for the comment! ^^


    Lea-chan: We’ll all eventually finish our lists…eventually. Lawl~ |D;

    And I’m glad you enjoy reading my posts. I’ll try to get out the next ones as soon as I’m able to. ^_^

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