SoMT Quick Rematch! Kyoko vs. Dia

This poll will close on Saturday, August 1st!

Alright, everyone. To tell you the truth, Kyoko had beaten Dia by two votes but I think that was due to my latest tweet plea for someone to make the match a tie and that is entirely my fault. I didn’t expect 4 people to respond in just two hours before I closed the poll.

Let me just make this clear, I do not blame ANYONE who voted on that tweet and I thank you for your cooperation. But because it was done under those circumstances where the judge used rather unfair tactics (it was, it really was) to get certain results, I want to make it up with a more fair rematch. This is not a tie-breaker. It’s a rematch because I counted the knockout as void due to the interference.

I’m truly sorry for abusing my authority and will not do it again. Hontou ni gomen nasai! *bows a dozen times* >.<

As for Yuuki, it was already clear that there was no possible way for her to catch up so she's out of this competition for good. You won't be seeing her here.

Ok, so please take the time to choose which girl you want to be part of the Top 8 and which one will have to go through the final Wildcard Round. This round will last for two days.

Again, my apologies to all the voters out there and I hope you will forgive me for my selfishness.


3 thoughts on “SoMT Quick Rematch! Kyoko vs. Dia

  1. *votes for Kyoko*

    Didn’t vote when you tweeted that, but at least Kyoko and Dia get a second chance that’s fair~

    Voting for Kyoko though~ SC characters taking over SoMT wouldn’t be that fun. Plus Kyoko is more moe than Dia, in my opinion. :’D

    Aw~ You weren’t selfish. I’d be much worse. I’d cheat a lot and be totally biased if I was holding a tournament like this. XDDDD You’re doing a pretty good job. :3

    • That’s probably one of the main reasons why I wanted a tie. hehe ^^;

      But I’m glad I gave these two another match. The first one just felt wrong and didn’t sit very well with me.

      And aww, thx! *huggles* <3 lol Actually, I'm totally biased and would love to cheat, too. But ya learn a lot about all this responsibility of being a host as you go along. It's tough but it's fun. ^^

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