SoMT Stage 2, Round 1

And Stage 2 starts!

Like the new roster? All them sparkly stars are pretteh, aren’t they? hehe ^^
& oh yea, you can click on it for higher resolution, too. It’s BIG cuz I forgot and am too lazy to resize it. xD;

Well, I get more into the details on the roster under the cut. There’s also a new set of instruction that goes along with this stage so PLZ READ THEM, k? That includes the thing I have to say before you get to the polls.

Anyways, right now, to celebrate the halfway point of the tournament, I have made and uploaded a new banner of Rima! And you know what I think about it?





(Now you can skip this part if you want)

… T____________________________T

ACK! Just shoot me now for that lame tagline! I thought I had something so much greater to go with this. I’m sure I did and I think that goddamn invisible gnome residing in my house stole it while I was sleeping! I just know it! *doesn’t care that she’s blaming it on some nonexistent garden dwarf*

Iiyadayadaydada! *flails all over the floor* Dx Just when I got such a lovely vector from kanzie, I wanted to make it look really good but I failed! I’m sorry, kanz! I couldn’t make it live up to Rima’s awesomeness I felt like I butchered her instead. ;___________________;

*sigh* Well, this was my first time using Photoshop only so I was switching back between three tutorials all at once to try and get the effects right. Yea, I know, I should just stick to one so I don’t screw up but doing that doesn’t really tend to work for me either. -.-;
I usually use Paint Shop Pro because I’m more familiar with it but I do admit Photoshop has its own advantages (like the motion blur filter and the glow effects I can’t get on PSP cuz I’m too lazy to go find out if there are any :P). If they didn’t have all these confusing whatsitfor buttons everywhere, I would be so much happier.

So my negative thoughts aside, I wanted it to be red. Yes, I know fire isn’t Rima’s element (that’s Akatsuki’s) but I still wanted it to be red and glowy flame-like. I had no intention of actually making fire, though. And to tell you the truth, it’s really not. It’s just more glossy cuz of the chrome and cloud filter mixed in together. Then I wanted some ring of lightning/electricity to swerve around Rima (since that actually is her special technique) and it would’ve have worked if only it looked like electricity. I had no idea how to do that. Went online, looked at the tutorials, this was the best I could come up with. It looks more smokey than static but I kinda like the glow I applied to it (yes, I’m all about glow on this one). The white sparks were supposed to go with the curve line but it ended up looking like hail instead. *totally noobish*

At least I can amuse myself with the thought Rima, in all her awesomeness, can pwn every other vampire in VK with this image. Or just smack them hard with that badass heart wand of hers. That can definitely work, too (I want that wand~ *A*).

Last and certainly most in blehness, I hate that tagline. My basic idea was to include the term “magical girl” in it (cuz I’m a dork and believe that every girl has a mahou shoujo in her…which is true, do not deny it *brandishes her Sakura replica wand at anyone who does*) but the line is LAMO. I did, however, have a lot of fun crossing “vampire” out, though. I’m so sick of vampires, it’s not even funny. But strikeouts were. :D

Eh, yea. I guess you can look at the flames as some sort of visual representation of getting “fired up” for the tournament now. Since it’s getting more intense and moe also technically means “to get fired up”. Take it however you will. I’ll just admire how FIERCE! and COOL~ Rima still is with all that cruddy smudge surrounding her (I expected no less of this of this high fashion model empress who can make anything look good ;D).

And now I wish I included Pocky in there. T_T


Woot! Rambling over (for now), here are your new instructions!

Main Tournament

The main tournament consists of two stages. Stage 2 has now officially started as of July 18th and will run for 3 rounds.

Stage 2 ~ Diamond Star

Only the top 8 girls will proceed to Quarterfinals.

Contestants who have passed Stage 1 are randomly arranged onto their own respective corners of each diamond.

Voting Instructions

  • There will be 2 main rounds and 1 special round.
  • Each round contains 3 tri-knockouts and will last for 3 days.
  • For each respective match, you may only vote for ONE girl and you may only vote for her ONCE!

  • Final Wildcard Round

    This round’s purpose is to determine the last 2 girls who will move onto the Quarterfinals along with the 6 winners from the first two main rounds, and thereby, making the total number of passing contestants 8.

    • There will be two 3-way knockouts and this round will last for 3 days. Only the girls with the second most votes in their respective matches of the main rounds in Stage 2 qualify and are randomly arranged into those knockout spots.
    • For each respective knockout, you may only vote for ONE girl out of the three and you may only vote her ONCE!


  • The most important one of all: Read through everything (the instructions, the rules, etc) carefully. And I mean, everything.
  • Do NOT vote for more than 1 girl in each respective three-way match and do NOT vote for your choice more than once!
  • It is not required for you to vote for every match. Just vote in the ones you want to.
  • Please vote fairly and let the girls compete fairly. I will NOT tolerate any form of cheating. If it comes to the point where I can’t control it, I will either eliminate that competitor from the tournament or if worst comes to worst, I’ll shut this whole thing down. This is a contest made by a fan and not going in any official books except for ěk-sěn’trĭk’s archives. So be smart and don’t make me or the rest of the fans out there angry just because you want a certain girl to win.
  • Commenting: This will be in every set of rules for every single round. You are allowed to give as much support to a contestant as much as you want (to a reasonable degree). You are allowed to critically compare her with her opponent(s) as long as you do it civilly and have legitimate reasons to back your argument up. But any kind of childish bashing towards any of the contestants or other commenters will be marked as spam.
    I would very much appreciate it if we can avoid this problem. People are going to have different opinions and different candidates they will support. Please respect that. If you must be a fanbrat, then do it somewhere else where I can’t see you. I don’t want ridiculous immature remarks or wars littering all over my comments.
  • If you have any questions regarding anything about the tournament, please don’t hesitate to leave it in a comment or email me at I will try my best to reply back to you as soon as I can.
  • Have fun voting and enjoy the tournament! ^^


Haha, I actually had this roster finished before the end of last month. Then my flash drive broke and I couldn’t access any of my data so I had to rebuild it from scratch. Not that I’m complaining cuz compared to the original draft, this one is way better in everything. And I’m quite fond of the canary diamond (gawd, I just had to use canary diamonds for some reason <3) and the "Diamond Dreams" font I used. It just fitted so well and reminds of Vegas. Aha~ |D And we're shifting from flowers to stars (kind of another Sakura reference but it was not intentional time! lol)! Hurray! XD

Of course, that just means it's the opposite of being easy. As you can see, less rounds with more contestants going up against each other in each knockout means tougher decisions for you voters to make. Who's going to dominate out of the three and take the chance to SHINE gloriously into the final 8? Who do you see fit to be a STAR above all the girls nominated for this tournament? To be worthy of being declared a MOE god in the hall of MOE fame like our Sakura-chan?

Well, before you make your choice…


…Actually, no, that’s a lie but I hope you’re paying attention cuz it’s important to know before your vote. I think so, anyway.

As the instructions have told you, only the girls with the second most votes in her knockout will proceed to the final round. Confused about that?

Ex. Knockout 1 consists of Girl A, B, and C.
Girl A wins with the most votes, girl B has the second most votes and will go to the Wildcard round with the others who qualify. Girl C will be eliminated.

How is this crucial? Because only 2 out of the 6 girls who go to the Wildcard round will pass onto the quarterfinals. This time, I would like you all to think of who you really want to save with your vote just in case she doesn’t win in the main rounds so that she can make a comeback in the wildcards. This is STRICITLY OPTIONAL and probably a no-brainer to some of you but say if the random drawings were to put two big favorites up against each other and the loser favorite lost in the wildcard to an even bigger favorite…you somewhat get the idea, right?

I’m not telling you to vote for who and who. I just want people to think more critically before they choose because I want serious, worthy matches up in the final rounds that will keep me on the edge of my seat yes, it’s all about keeping Xiao happy, harharhar~ and that can’t be done without good competition, AMIRITE?! >8D

So here’s the deal:


It’s a reverse strategy to what I did for Stage 1, where I hid the results 24 hours after the start of the rounds. Here, I’m showing them for the almost the same period of time but just 24 hours before the round ends.

Got it? Any questions, just leave it in a comment. Or just go ahead and vote if it doesn’t matter so much to ya.


Told you it was going to be tough (I ish not ebil this time so no blame the hostess, k~? 83 ).

Again, if you want to wait it out and vote when I show the results, then keep alert on Monday (EST actually but still Monday). I’ll definitely remember (or try my best to) make a tweet update on it as well. But after Monday’s over, I’m hiding them for the rest of Tuesday before officially closing it at midnight.

So have fun being tormented~, mwauahahaha! with voting! I’ll try to get the results up by Friday or sooner. Have my first speech coming up this week so I’m very nervous. @.@;
And I’ll probably have a post up by later today or if not, tomorrow. I’m worn out so delays are inevitable.

Thanks for your participation! ^^


10 thoughts on “SoMT Stage 2, Round 1

  1. Kyaa!~ Diamonds! *A* So pretteh! I love the roster! *fangirls over it*

    Psh, nonsense. Don’t be so hard on yourself. The banner does not suck, seriously. I’ve used photoshop since the beginning of this year and I still can’t do those effects. Glow ftw!~ I think it’s a good banner, even though the only thing I would suggest (what, now I’m suggesting stuff? I’m not good enough to suggest! DL) is to change the font. Or add an effect to it to it, like a gradient or more glow, or possibly a drop shadow? Or if you’re willing to change the font completely, maybe Birth of a Hero font? Even though it doesn’t have flames, I think it would fit Rima’s fierceness quite well. Ah, you probably shouldn’t don’t listen to me, I’m still a noob at banner making, but just shooting out a suggestion, hope that’s okay. >_.< Whyyy???

    I had to vote for Suu. I've heard lots about Rima being moe, but I haven't seen VK (sadly enough, I don't have the guts) yet. So Suu was more familiar with me, and I have just loved her moe-ness from the start. She just has that adorable classic moe to her. My love for her has grown very much recently, thanks to the keychain I got (?). Sooo, Suu ftw!

    Soo very hard to choose between Eru and Megumi. Dx Sorry Miki, you’re out of the question~ I’ll get back to that one later since I’ll need some massive thinking about this. TT^TT The adorable cute moe vs the silent cute moe…

    And lastly…Rima~ I was just so sad when I saw who was competing against each other. Afterall, I was just so happy before that Yaya made it in, only to have to face…Rima. The goddess of moe. TT^TT I’m sorry Yaya! Let’s hope in saving her for the wildcard round…again! XDD

    Good luck on your speech! Just don’t imagine people as…people (think of them as objects when your doing your speech xDD). That always helps me out. And be sure to give yourself a break once in awhile. ;]

  2. *sees the banner*

    Oops, wrong site…

    /just kidding~ XP


    Nah, it doesn't completely suck! *pats* It's actually half-awesome. Well erm… halfway as in literally from the Rima part only. lol kidding XD;; Though I just thought it could have been more "Alice in Wonderland"-esque because I thought it work more on her attire and the "<3" wand ;). But Rima's high fashion empress-ness still looks awesomely FIERCE! in everything though so it’s alright :D.

    The lightning around her and those red flames are so hell damn fierce! And I guess I like the tagline too because at least you can express yourself in there ^^. So yeah~ *tries my best to stay positive because I was the one to blame for providing you the image T___T* Uuuuuu~

    But the fact that you made that pic as a banner just makes me happy already ^^ because when she gets eliminated later, she’ll be like an SoMT guardian and zap all the other losing b*tches XD! Bwahahaha!!! cough~

    And YAY~!! Round two officially starts!!!

    …*gets in shock ones she saw the voting*

    T___T. So hard to vote XD!!! Yeah, I’m just so excited to vote immediately ^^;; But I can’t wait to see the early results peek though~. I went on with my regular favorites, and I did mercy voting too XD. I’m totally torn apart on Rima and Suu; the round Eru & Megumi are in was also a killer. But as early as now and as intense the competition is already, I can already hope if ever some of them loses, they would still get through the final wildcards ^^ *prays*.

    Amazing round! Can’t wait for the results~. (OMG the suspense!!!)

  3. I can honestly say when I saw the banner I though, “hey look at that awesome electricity!” (I totally thought it was part of the original image). So, no you most definitely did not do a bad job, at all!! I think it’s perfect, and the tagline really does fit (and I LOVE how you put SOMT in her wand, it fits perfectly there!!). And kudos to you for having/using Photoshop, I still use Gimp (though tbh I’m completely happy with it). I’ve used Photoshop before at school, and it confused the heck out of me (like you said, WAAAAAY too many buttons that I never used, and didn’t know how to).

    I have to say, I like the idea of voting to save the girls for the wildcard round (especially since I know Eru is going to win in her round; it made me happier to vote for Megumi ~is shot~).

  4. Awesome banner. *0*
    It doesn’t suck. It’s pretty good. :’D

    Agh~ Well I had to vote for Suu in the first poll, because she’s my favorite chara. XDDD
    But I chose Megumi and Kanae for the second two polls. Having SC characters take over SoMT wouldn’t be too much fun… ^^;;

  5. D`AWWWW what are you saying!? The banner looks great! and totally fierce-looking that’s just really matching for the whole competition, don’t you think? Plus, seeing Rima looking as cool as ever over there(rhymes~) makes it even more beautiful. ^w^

    Moving on…

    OMGZYESH! Stage 2 has finally started! *cheers to no end~*

    And wow, that diamond roulette is so cool! <3

    Geez, Xiao you ebil person you! Gahh it's so hard too choose le~ But in the end, I ended up choosing both my Rimas and Megumi (so sorry Eru!). All of these are my favorite kind of Moe~ ebil and deredere moe.. hehe xD

    Can't wait to see the results!

  6. 1: Suu-chan~! Sorry Iru.

    2: Uh…I’m going to have to vote for Megumi, since I’m fairly sure Eru will get in anyway.


    The banner rocks my soul.

  7. I know this is horribly offtopic but I didn’t know where else to say this. I have a word of the day calendar, and today’s (the 21st) word was ‘eccentric’ Then I looked at the pronuciation key and guess what I saw! \ik-‘sen-trik\ and I was like, whoa! That looks familar! So my question is, does this have anything to do with your blog name by any chance?

    Thanks and I profusely apologize for being offtopic D:

  8. Your new banner is awesome. Better than something that I could’ve done. The picture of Rima is beautiful.

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