Nakayoshi August ’09 RAWs

Looks like I might be adding another manga onto the raws upload list if “Million Girl” by Momoyuki Kotori interests me. Yes, that’s the title of the new manga series coming out next month. I’m not familiar with her work so I’m currently reading all the scanlated chapters of her other manga I can find so far. To say the least about her one-shots, they’re okay. But she relies so heavily on romance, though. And that’s the one thing that turns me severely off about shoujo series. -_-;

Well, we’ll see.

DISCLAIMER: “Watashi ni xx Shinasai!” © Ema Toyama, “ARISA” © Natsumi Andou and “Chocolate” © Fukushima Haruka. Xiao Jie does not own ANYTHING nor is she making a profit out of sharing these scans. So don’t sue!


1) Please feel free to use these scans for scanlations, hosting on your blogs, and/or other personal use ONLY!
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3) Please give credit to me if you choose to use them for scanlations or your blog posts. I spent a very long time trying to scan them in the best quality I can get. They are not the greatest scans in the world but they’re my work so please respect it by just mentioning where it came from.


Chocolate Ch. 2
WnXXS! Ch. 3

The links for the scans are no longer available. Please do not ask me to put them again.

Okie dokes. Tell me if they don’t work or if there’s something wrong with the .zip file and I’ll try my best to fix it ASAP. But I’m pretty sure I double-checked on every page being the right side up this time. lol xD;

Yep, enjoy! ^^


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  1. Oh~ Thanks for the raws! Wow, I had nearly forgotten what had happened in Chocolate too (and I was the one who translated it! OTZ) But, I’ve been busy lately and have had a lot of catching up with anime and manga.

    Anyway, I can give you a little summary of what happens in this chapter (I would translate it, but I have a lot that I want to do tonight, and I still want to get a decent amount of sleep. Harry Potter tomorrow! Yay! ^0^ Then Otakon! W00t! >3<) So, yeah, I'll give a summary.

    Apparently Rie 'died.' I had translated the last sentence wrong in the first chapter. I knew that it could have been translated as "That morning, Hakushima Rie-kun died." but I didn't think that that was the actually translation, so I went with the other meaning, "disappeared." I was wrong though, it was "died." Because the next page, Chii doesn't believe it and is in shock.

    She says that his death is, "Ridiculous," and that, "He was perfectly fine!" Her classmates tell her to calm down. Chii runs away thinking that it has to be a lie. "That guy…he's dead? Even after that promise…" She then questioned why he died and such, when the dark haired boy (what's his name again? XD) comes up to her with an umbrella and covers her with it, "So you don't get wet." He tells her. Then he questions her, "You liked (loved, he uses suki here) that guy, didn't you?" She cries at him that he, "Doesn't understand."

    Chii then thinks, "But…I want to see you (Rei) right now."

    The black haired boy then brings Chii to Rei's house, where Chii catches Rei's (mother? grandmother? I'm not to sure here, since who the woman is exactly isn't mentioned.) The woman is ready to drive away, but Chii tells the woman her name, and then the woman gives Chii Rei's diary. She tells Chii, "Thank you for being such a good friend to Rei."

    Then Chii reads what Rei wrote. I'll translate all of this, since it tells us quite a bit about Rei and it's very…interesting and important (I think):

    Chi is dangerous. I've never seen such an odd girl before. This girl is like a boy; she's crude, uber clumsy, and a very obstinate person. It was only the first day and I was laughing myself to death.

    While reading this Chii thinks, "What is this!? Insults!" Then continues to read:

    It was boring. But my life has been changed. I think.

    I want to meet Chii.

    I want to see her right now.

    I can't wait until tomorrow.

    I want to share this wonderful feeling with this special person.

    Chii, "This is love."

    She then repeatedly thinks about "Love," and how she "Wants to meet Rei." The black haired boy points out to Chii that she is crying and then he gets all upset at Rei, calling him an idiot and asking why he had to go and die.

    Then they are both crying and Chii thinks about what Rei told her (though, it looks like this was written in Rei's diary as well), "Love is bittersweet chocolate." (I changed this translation too, bittersweet sounds the best.)

    The last line in Rei's diary reads: It melted and then disappeared within my mouth.

    A year passes and Chii and the black haired boy now live in Tokyo, which is where Rei came from. I think they are in middle school now, though I'm not 100 percent certain on this (I'm too lazy to actually translate it! XD)

    They have that 'up close and personal moment', and then a girl interrupts them. Neither of them realized that there was someone in the room. Her name is Kokutaiji Riko. Chii thinks she is very pretty looking and introduces herself. I think they might be roommates. They have introductions and such (there's a lot of kanji and such here that I don't know and don't feel like looking up…^^;)

    Though Chii says, "I can tell you that the person I like is very different." (Or a "different person," but that sounded kinda weird.)

    And she thinks, as she's unpacking her stuff and picks up Rei's diary, "That's right, I never, ever forget."

    She thinks of how Tokyo is Rei's hometown and how she wants to see him. And then it goes to her rushing to school (she's probably late, since it seems to be her first day.) Then…

    She's running up the stairs and she passes Rei. He seems to be singing something maybe (or just saying something that doesn't really translate, I don't know.) But, Chii's thinking, "It can't be…No way…No (it's a lie)…"

    Rei stops (and says, "To," this was part of that song he was singing (or the nonsense he was singing.)) While Chii calls out his name, "R-Rei…"

    All the while the text on this page and the last translates to:

    On that day, that first taste of chocolate I had, melted and disappeared.

    So, this chapter got my interest up again! ^^ It's very interesting and now I'm wondering if that really is Rei, if it's just someone that looks like him (a doppleganger), or possibly a twin. But, I'm thinking it really is him, since he turned around when she said his name, and he had a sneaky smirk on his face. Of course, this then brings up the question of why he left and why his family lied to everyone by saying that he was died. Hmm…very intriguing. I want to know more.

    And, of course, I'm adoring this chocolate metaphor. I'm wondering how it's going to evolve through the course of the series.

    My, this turned out to be a long summary, but oh well! =P Anyway, thanks again for the raws Xiao Jie and take care (I hope you did good on that Spanish test!) Get some nice rest and relaxation (if you can.) ^-^

  2. YAY! *dances in joy*
    Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! You’ve made my awful day better Xiao Jie-chama~ <3

    *stops acting like a crazy fangirl*

    But really, thanks~

    On the new series.. I'm actually looking forward to see it; even just the RAWs. It's looks interesting and the coloring style is somewhat fine yet so cool~

    Romance only? Psshh. Please don't let it be like that! Hey, I like romance but too much cheesy stuff..? I'm allergic to those. Haha xD

    Anyways, THANKS again~ ;D

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