SoMT Discussions 4 & Moe Spotlight Special: Shugo Charas!

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And the very delayed special is here! Yay! *throws confetti around*

lol Yea, I already knew this special would win the poll by a huge landslide and truthfully, had intended it to be that way. Gomen to those who voted for Hikari or Sakura for my selfishness. *bows* But I doubt we’ll get another chance to really go into moemoe mascots after SC! is over. In fact, I think SC! is the only shoujo series with the best mascots ever. And that will never be argued CUZ I’M THE ONE WHO REIGNS SUPREME HERE!!!. :P

Haha, k.

Our fourth discussion!

This should be fairly interesting cuz the topic is centered on seiyuus. Ah, seiyuus. Voice actors. The ones who truly bring a character to life with the talent of their acting and the magic of their voices. Sounds great. Too bad I can’t say that for every anime I’ve watched but that’s another story. Phah.

Did I mention that I am a very die-hard fan of seiyuus and will watch even the worst of shows for about five or less minutes just to hear them? xD

Well, I guess that would explain the reason why I made SoMT an animated-series only tournament. I didn’t really realize it until after I thought this prompt up but it all makes sense. To me, a moe girl can’t be complete without a voice. I won’t say moe voice cuz quite frankly, I’m pretty detached from the term “moe” and what it’s definition is. In fact, the more I think about the more confused I get. But that’s not the point here. *going too off-topic*
Putting it simply, yea, I can identify moe on a rather average level (I think) but when I hear a certain seiyuu voicing for a certain female character, that’s pretty much the time I either squeal my head off because “AAAAAHHHHHH!! ______ is voicing _______ and sounds so CUTE/AWESOME!!!!! XDDDD” or go “MEEEHHHH” at moe overload or whatever.

lol, yea, that’s how I work. xD;

So! How much does a seiyuu’s contribution to the portrayal of a female character really affect the rise or fall of the girl’s moe level?



Oh yes ^^. The voice behind the character is like the gasoline running the moe engine~. A seiyuu’s work totally makes or breaks a character. I don’t really mind the popularity of the seiyuu because I’m all after how she performs that character. And if I felt that she’s giving moe-justice to it, then it’s definitely awesome ^^.

By the way, I think that we have yet to find “the” seiyuu for Shoujo Moe just like how Rie Kugimiya is associated with tsundere roles and Noto Mamiko on soft-spoken/shy ones. Right now, who’s currently on my mind is the highly-respected seiyuu goddess idol Nana Mizuki-sama ^__^. (Second choice might be Marina Inoue for being an awesome Kyoko-SB!). I wonder if everyone has their own preffered seiyuu as well when it comes to shoujo anime heroines?

Ooo, that last question is what I want to know, too. 8D


I’d say part of a seiyuu influencing the moe appeal of a character has to depend on how much you like that seiyuu. It’s like everything else, different ones appeal to different people. Though good seiyuu have the benefit of being versatile and being able to give a broader appeal (which is why we get angry when certain good seiyuu are constantly cast as tsundere lolis). I know that 90% of the seiyuu I give my undying love to have these roles where they can use an unbearably cute (to me) voice. Hearing certain things said by those certain seiyuu make me want to throw myself out a window while screaming, “Moe!” (dramatic, but you get the idea).

But then it’s opposite as well. If a seiyuu’s voice is unattractive to you, the character is going to annoy you. I can understand Fuuko from Clannad’s charm somewhat (even if she isn’t my sort of character), but because Ai Nonoka voicing her just doesn’t appeal to me, she annoys me. It sounds brutal, but that’s just how it is.

Then there’s your miscasts. A miscasting can ruin your view of a character to severely that frustration and annoyance may follow them back to the source material. I would say Hikari from SA is a victim of this, but Gonzo and AIC’s whole way of handling SA helped me lose love for her character.

But back on seiyuu, there are just certain ways that certain seiyuu do something that just completely sells it for you. To me, no one does stubborn, embarrassed tsundere like Nana Mizuki.


Hmmm… seiyuus. It just so happens that I really don’t pay much attention to who they are until I realize I’ve heard of their voice somewhere before. So I’m going to speculate for a bit. As far as moe levels and how the seiyuus can affect them are concerned, I guess it all comes down to who that seiyuu is, or more specifically, what characters they’ve portrayed in the past. If a particular seiyuu in question is known (to me) to have provided the voice for uhm…let’s see…Alphonse Elric of Full Metal Alchemist (Kugimiya Rie) comes up and does voice acting on a moe character, I would probably be repelled to that moe character to some extent, though not necessarily enough shun me away completely….that’s most likely because I also happen to know her as the voice behind Louise de la Vallière. (Do note that I try not to make an example out of seiyuus who are reputed to have done shoujo moe voices, since they will automatically increase move levels by default). If there’s anything I can haphazardly conclude, whenever someone does a voice acting on a particular moe character, you can bet on the the seiyuu’s voice acting history to have a significant effect on that characters moeness.

Mmmhmm. *nodnod* So we all agree that Nana-sama is the seiyuu MEGAMI of all infinity, right? lol xD

Haha, other than that, I really don’t have anymore to what everyone else said as I agree…yea, completely. I think so. hehe ^^

Hmm…now that we’re on this topic anyway, I’m kind of curious to know who exactly was responsible for starting the trend of moe voicing (wait, isn’t that that nearly almost the same as calling the seiyuu themselves moe? xD; I dunno, just fun to think about). I would like to say Sakura Tange, who gave such a wonderful performance for our Sakura-chan, but I think the one who really brought the moe aspect out had to be…Yui Horie?

What’s your guess? ^^


Moe Spotlight

Our mascot nominations this year are Ran, Miki, Suu, Dia, Eru, Iru, Pepe, Kusu Kusu, and Kiran!

God, finding and taking good screencaps of everyone was a pain in the ass. Urgh! =_=;

Whoo hoo, so here’s our Chara-special!

I don’t remember quite clearly if I said this in a previous post or not but I decided to group all the Charas under one mascot post since…them being mascots and incredibly one-dimensional (though so adorably so), we wouldn’t have much to really delve into. So I thought, “Put them together!” Yea! Chibis unite! haha xD

So what do our judges have to say about our mascot contestants and who they want to see come out on top? 83


Shugo Chara is so awesome for making such cute tiny mascots we’re reffering to as “Charas”. That’s probably one factor that made SC! moe a hundred more times. The Charas also had their own respective personality, and I think everyone’s one-of-a-kind and each represents a different moe of their kind. Here are some of my thoughts on the Charas here on SoMT:

Eru – OH MY GOD I just LOVE Eru. Her cuteness is just unrivaled amongst all the other charas. She’s such an angel of love and her kind-heartedness just makes her moe points raise up to infinity XD!!! And it’s so epic everytime she says “Shut up!” xDD. Ugh, it’s just beyond my words to describe Eru~<3

Suu – She is just perfectly MOE!!! Suu is just so cute that it makes me go “d-awwww”!!! Totally my favorite out of all the first three charas of Amu.

Dia – Besides from the very amusing fact that Dia is voiced by the same seiyuu of Amu (Kanae Ito), what also makes Dia very lovable is that she is a star chara, like a diva~ lol. And yeah, I totally love her 60’s inspired look as well ^^.

Ran – Ran is definitely one of the most significant charas because I remember her being one of the first to hatch out of Amu’s eggs. Plus, she’s sporting the cheerleader look… and pink!

Miki – Blue is also one of my favorite colors that’s why I love Miki as well. Plus, she’s being really cool yet moe at the same time ^^.

Kiran – Kiran totally worked out very well being an anime-original chara. I really love her polite-ness and she’s just… lovable ^^. I want more of her >__<.

Pepe – The baby!!!!! Uwoo~ That one makes her instant moe already.

Kusu Kusu – I’m not a personal fan of the clown look she has but since she is Rima-tan’s chara, I just can’t seem to stop loving her~

Iru – I think her nagging looks moe. Her devious charm just wins ^^.


Woot! Chara special! Look forward to 5 paragraphs on how super moe Eru is, ‘kay? …Nah. There’s a lot on charas I want to talk about anyway. Aside from how super moe my angel of love is. Failing so adorably so that you just want to pick her up like Amu and give her all of the love that she’s missing. Even though she still loved Utau so much! Ah~! Eru! *tackleglomplove*

Ahem. Really though. Eru is moe. The most moe through actions rather than just her character traits. Ran is obvious genki moe Suu is obvious…well I’d say she’s some form of classic moe where it’s just described as moe. Eru’s got the “doing her best despite failing and being cute the whole while doing other things as well~” …moe. It’s Eru trademarked moe. No one else uses Engrish like my Eru-run! No one sings a song about themselves like my Eru-run! And NO ONE has as great of chara-nari’s as my Eru-run. Amulet Angel is just super silly moe (oh yes, Eru’s dominates the “silly moe” even with Rima and KusuKusu around) and Seraphic Charm was just so beautiful and it has that benefit of having Angel Cradle as the main attack…therefore the only one to use super beautiful (and moe) Nana-sama singing to purify the dreams of children. Take that Suu, she does what you do, but with the benefit of Nana-sama singing. (Oi, so competitive)

But yes, I’ll set Eru aside for now, though I really had to ramble on her to my heart’s content because she’s the only mascot character that I’ve ever been able to get excited about being moe. I find Iru and Suu both moe as well, perhaps KusuKusu and Dia to some extent (KusuKusu was moe when she’s trying so hard to make Rima smile, but Dia seems more separated so she just strikes me as cute and “special” but not really moe, a real distinct personality aside from being wise has yet to appear and “wise” isn’t really moe…sorry). But mascot characters are just too one-dimensional. They’re supposed to be. They also are too chibi and so any moe physical appeal would be quite obviously missing. All of this means that they’re cute as the dickens, but it’s really a different “cute” than the one I associate with moe. Moe is that, “I wanna hug you~” feeling for me.

Of course, that’s where you can look to the chara-nari and chara-changes for that extra boost, but they’re not too different from the charas on their own. Just a new look, which can be quite moe. Eru, Suu, and Ran all have different moe appeals when they chara-nari. And I guess Rima’s chara change with KusuKusu has silly moe written all over it. Amulet Dia is really pretty and awesome, but I guess you could really only attribute that vague “mahou shoujo” specific moe to it.

But the most moe thing about any chara is how much they love their owner or…whatever it is we’re supposed to call that relationship. It’s so special that it needs its own word. Just like “moe” did. So that might be the answer for it! It’s a moe relationship! XD

So much rambling on the mascot characters because I’m so strict. But yes, some of them are moe, but I really think you have to be careful. If you just pretend that mascot characters are meant to be moe rather than just funny and entertaining, if you’re like me you’ll find them to be disturbingly similar to pandering characters from certain 4-koma manga. It’s only when the charas have some really touching one-on-one scenes or struggles (the one-one-one is important) with a main character that I bring down my chibi restriction.


I’m going for Su, hands down. I mean why wouldn’t when she’s on my top five favorite to win? Looks like I just answered the part of who is the moest of all the charas. As to why I think that way, I’m going to refer back to my definition of moe. And for those of you who might have forgotten, let’s just say it deals a lot with how adorable a character is. Guess what…nobody falls under this category better than Su (for me that is). When I compare her to the other charas, the adorable things I see in Su simply trumps everyone else’s. For one thing…a maid outfit for an attire and the tendency to clean up somebody else’s stuff? Moe! Her tendency to silly mistakes? Very Moe! Lady-like speech? Exquisitely Moe! And my favorite…her dislikes of caterpillars…..EPIC MOE! Well you get the point. I find those things adorable. And oh…I almost overlooked the fact that Charas are indeed chibis. Well what else can I say about chibis in this particular series other than the fact that they draw attention? Of course, that doesn’t mean anything that isn’t a chibi can’t draw attention, but I simply cannot imagine the charas un-chibified (if that’s even a word) to have the same effect. A non chibi Su would be nice…but she most likely wouldn’t be as good as her original chibi self.

7-san needs to see more Suukaidou fanart. 8DDD;;;

Waaaahhh, thank you, judges, for your thoughts! I always enjoy reading opinions about the Shugo Charas because there simply aren’t enough to go around. Hence, it would explain for maybe 1/3 of the length of my SC! posts. lol xD;

But wait! We’re not done! For I have…



Though it’s not really a tournament then but oh well. It’s still part of the tournament. And compensation for delaying everything. :P

So! Since we already have three Chara competitors knocked out of the game already, there’s no telling what might happen to the ones remaining. It’s inevitable that all (save for maybe one or two, who knows?) will get knocked out of Stage 2. But I still like to think of mascots as a separate category sometimes just to entertain me. *yapyapyap*


1) Do not vote for more than one and do not vote more than ONCE! If you do, your vote and your comment will taken away.
2) Do not bash/spam in the comments. Any rude and shallow remarks will be edited and/or removed by me. I want good responses, please.
3) Do not go off-topic. Those will be removed as well.

Now vote:

And now that you voted for your top pick already (or if you plan to later on), I want you to list your next top two choices in your comment! It’s a shame that I can’t make a ranking poll from 1 to 3 so I’ll have to make do with this method. Plus, then I don’t have to feel so bad cuz I can’t vote for my other girls. ;3;
Yep, if I get enough responses (some good promoting reasons would be nice to add into your comment, ;D), I just might count those, too. It’s a bit of kill-thrill but it’s optional so you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.

The one who obviously have the most votes out of all the Charas will be named the first Moe Mascot Champion of SoMT. And then we’ll have a runner-up, and then third place and so on.


Hai! That is all for now! Xiao is going to faint in a minute cuz she feels dizzy but SoMT, Stage 2 will definitely resume by this coming weekend (if not, assume that I have gone MIA and come find me…and bring me food, too!). In the meantime, I have to uh…chuck out the raws post, get the data on my flash drive back cuz I was too stupid to back it up somewhere else (how was I supposed to know they can break like that?! Dx), make a banner, read other posts and a bunch of other stuff that I have been putting off. And I have public speaking next week! URGH! Dx<

Have a better week than I will.

*dies* D|


6 thoughts on “SoMT Discussions 4 & Moe Spotlight Special: Shugo Charas!

  1. it was chossing between iru and eru but i chose eru in the end because shes so determind to help utau. my second choice would be iru because well shes iru~ she stayed with utau till the end and only went to amu because she realised amu could help utau. third choice is….suu shes just ..just my definition of moe and how she was kept hostage but cleaned they’re room was just EPIC

  2. OMG yes I agree ^^. of course, the moest moe all started on Sakura’s very own seiyuu ^^. Yui Horie is also doing a reeaaalllly really great job on voicing moe characters too ^^. And indeed Nana Mizuki is TEH MEGAMI to the highest level~.

    OMG the images you’ve made with the charas are so CUTEEE!!! *glomps the charas one by one*. Chibis unite indeed! XD. Great great job! Plus, just gotta love the SC!-esque plaid.

    ‘Orz… When I saw the other judges’ prompts here, I thought “OMG wrong format kanzie!!1 Wrong format!!!11 T^T!!!” XDD. Lmao. I totally agree with my co-judges too~

    And the mini tournament idea is awesome ^^. I voted for none other than… Eru XD. Of coursey, Eru is just… Eru. Just lovable moe~ ^^. My second choice has got to be Suu, because she’s classic moe all over. My third choice is Dia.. Hmm, I think I just saw this order some time ago? XD. De ja vu lololol coughmy promptcough.

    So yeah, take care! You sure look very busy (like me too, lol). I can’t wait for the next Stage, the new banner and everything ^^.

  3. Haha, I enjoyed this post. ;]
    Diadiadia-chan all the way. <33
    I think Ran next. I just love her. She's so cute and cheery~ "Go go Amu-chan, you can do it Amu-chan!~" x33
    And my third choice would have been Iru. I love her chara-nari with Amu, and she's spunkeh~

  4. OF COURSE IT’S ERU FTW EVERYONE! RIGHT!? But I’ll get more to Eru in a minute.

    You’re really right about a girl not being completely moe until she has a voice. It’s the same for me. There’s just something that is so easy to adore in certain seiyuu and when they’re perfectly match up with a character…it just multiplies everything all the way to…perfection! Like hearing Sayuri Yahagi voicing Rima, that was just way too perfect.
    To be completely corny I suppose I could say that the real thing that adds color in the transition from manga to anime is the seiyuu. Because that’s what it feels like when a character comes alive (they’re suddenly in color~) and it’s really the voice that does that!

    Now the charas, of course I have to say that I love all of the chara images you chose. The top image just looks…well it’s great. KusuKusu really got an extra “Aww~” from me there. Then the screencaps were all perfect too. You chose the best Iru one! Whenever I think of Iru being moe that’s always the first image that comes to mind!

    Of course, I can’t agree more with Kanzeon’s separated thoughts on the charas (except more rambling for KusuKusu on my part~). Especially Eru-run because she’s Eru-run~ As for 7…I say he’s not qualified to say which chara is the moe-est until he’s seen all the charas. This is what he gets for refusing to tell me how far along he is. For all I know he’s missed out on both versions of Dia, Eru (*gasp* for shame!), KusuKusu, and maybe even Iru! Kiran goes without saying of course.

    Though I have to say, commenting now after watching episode 91 makes me a little sad. Where’s Temari? I mean I guess no one thought to nominate her since we’re not sure that she is a “her” but…still… T_T I am sad. Temari is definitely moe.

    Oh, but I’ve rambled enough already. My favorite is obvious: ERU!!!!!11 But then it’s Iru (my tsuntsun weakness is as obvious as ever) then KusuKusu (I just die whenever she says Rima’s name somehow).

    Now then, time to start sharpening those cupid rabu arrows for my Eru-run so she can defeat all other charas! People should be careful about declaring someone other than Eru a favorite~ Hehehe~

    • As for 7…I say he’s not qualified to say which chara is the moe-est until he’s seen all the charas. This is what he gets for refusing to tell me how far along he is. For all I know he’s missed out on both versions of Dia, Eru (*gasp* for shame!), KusuKusu, and maybe even Iru! Kiran goes without saying of course.

      Ahahahahaha….it’s a quite a shame when the only thing you can do is make assumptions LOLOLOLOL.

      I’m am sooo glad I haven’t disclosed how far I am in SC! :)

  5. I was actually kind of surprised how difficult it was to make a decision for the poll. In the end, I just had to vote for Eru first because she has never had a bad moment and always is the funniest. Then it would be pretty much a tie between Iru and Suu, who are both just so adorable in their own ways!
    For some reason, I never really was a fan of Ran. She gets the most attention for the most part and I can see why, but I find her not as interesting as the others charas. I’m also not much of a fan for Dia, except she was so cool in her X egg form :D

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