PreSpoiler: Nakayoshi & Ribon August ’09 Issue

A little late cuz of my Spanish exam but now that that’s over, here’s what I’m guessing what happened in the latest manga chapters I’m following.

Eh, but before that, sorry if I don’t sound enthusiastic like I usually do. I assure you the chapters were satisfying but I’m just slumped in a lot of things I have to fix and catch up on, including uploading the raws. Not to mention I’m tired from staying up late every night. I don’t mind doing scanning the raws, though, so please don’t misunderstand. Just wanted to let everyone know the reason for my recent slowdown lately…well, it’s not like it matters since I don’t post much anyway but anyways…

Isogashii~, isogashii desu~


Yukina-chan looks so lovely with her water gun. <3

Hmm, well before I get into the spoilers, I think next month, there's going to be a new manga series coming out. I have no clue what the title is or who is the manga-ka behind it but it definitely looks interesting cuz the girl's design reminds me so much of Fate from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. xD I know, rather shallow reason but I might check it out. Maybe I'll make a short post on it, too, if I'm really desperate to know. ;D

ARISA: And Arisa is the first chapter of this issue. We left off with Tsubasa and Takeru in panic over Arisa not being in her room. Tsubasa runs off to go look for her in the hospital while Mariko is sinisterly smiling to herself as she keeps focused on her cellphone. Meanwhile, Takeru convinces a distraught Tsubasa to return back to Arisa’s room for the time being and they are both shocked to see Arisa back where she is (though the roses are still all over her bed). Tsubasa runs to her and notices a clown doll sitting on the window edge. It starts talking (mechanically, so don’t freak out too much xD; ) and threatens to self-destruct or something in 5 seconds. Tsubasa hurries and covers Arisa to protect her but it just turns out that the box the doll was holding were just confetti and streamers. A pissed off Tsubasa flings the doll against the wall and a recorder that was attached to its back falls off. Tsubasa declares something (can’t understand) and she’s angry.

Next day, goody boyfriend goes up to talk to Mariko and she’s still the same freaky bitch as ever (clinging onto that teddy phone charm like that). Tsubasa (as Arisa) arrives in a deliquent-esque manner and everyone is surprised but quickly fawn over her on how cool she looks, I think. lol
Tsubasa mentions something about the king to her classmates, shocking Mariko a bit. Mariko then comes up to her and does a COMPLETE and UTTER fake glomp-cling, the whole doggy-eyed tears set included. Tsubasa says something to reassure her (I’m guessing) and then Mariko gets all happy and hugs onto her again.
At the same time, Manabe catches Tsubasa’s eye and she remembers what he said about his supsicions of Arisa being the King.

The class has home ec later that day and goody boyfriend drops by, asking if he could try some of Tsubasa’s cookies (they look terrible, lol xD). Seeing them get along so well, Mariko goes yandere and chops the apple she was holding in half like how someone would chop your head off. o.O;

She later offers Tsubasa some of her cookies and Tsubasa gladly eats them, unaware of Mariko smiling evilly to herself. At the end of the day, Tsubasa starts feeling weird (looks like she has a headache). She goes to her locker and finds a clown doll along with a letter related to the King, I suppose. She leaves the lockers quickly cuz she doesn’t want anyone else to find out but Manabe sees her leave just in time.

Tsubasa arrives at the pool and she collapses onto one of the jumping blocks after getting another headache (from those poisoned cookies). An unknown figure shows up behind her and pushes her into the water. He/she watches her sink before leaving. Manabe shows up shortly after, sees Tsubasa in the water and dives in to save her. After bringing her back to the surface, he asks if she’s alright but as he draws back his hand from her head, Tsubasa’s wig falls off to reveal her blonde hair.


…Yea. :D

Chocolate: I’m sorry to say that despite reading what Kitari-chan wrote in her past chapter post and LGB’s translations of it that I don’t remember much about what happened except for the triangle being…well, there already. I will still scan it, though, and try my best with describing it here. It’s brief, though. Gah, I’m sorry. I’ve been busy with a lot of things that I figured I’d catch up on this later. >.<

Anyways, Chi gets all upset over Rei's sudden disapperance. Yuuto helps her try to find him (aww) and there are a lot of crying panels. Not to mention rain. Even Yuuto cries but he looks so cute (holding the umbrella for Chi as she cries). <3

They talk with an old (apparently rich cuz she has a limo and a butler-dude attending her) lady who probably has some relation to her. Then they go see this other girl and I guess Chi comes to accept that he's transferred, I guess? I dunno.

Then there's some sort of time-skip and we see Chi no longer in casual clothes but in school uniform (she probably graduated kiddy school not too long ago). And it's a very nice uniform, if I do say so myself. hehe :D *always liked good-looking uniforms*
Erhem, so she's marching her way down the steps to school and lo behold. Who passes her but Rei himself! Also in uniform! And he looks cool in it, too ;D

Then that's where the chapter ends. Look to the raws to figure the rest out on your own.

WnXXS!: So there was a preview for WnXXS! this month and Yukina orders Shigure to kiss her. They’re just about to do it when two girls pass by the room and notices them. Yukina lets him off but tells him he’ll definitely do it the next time she orders him to do it before leaving. Cue some embarassed blushing from Shigure and the other girls come up to ask him what happened and if he’s alright. Then Shigure smiles to himself (you can so tell he’s forming a plan right there).

Meanwhile, Yukina is blushing to herself about that almost kiss. Cute~ x3
Later that day, she and Akira go to her house for dinner and we meet Yukina’s parents. Her mother is a bubbly, cheery plump lady while her father is the megane-man with the always strict frown on his face (haha, so Yukina takes after her papa). They totally act like newlyweds in the most ODDEST way and I guess it weirds Yukina out a little (Akira is just eating, lol). But seeing them act like that, Yukina starts thinking up a plan.

Next day at school, Akira overhears some rumors (probably about Yukina and Shigure). Yukina goes into class to find her desk completely trashed and Shigure’s fangirl groupies confront her. They take her outside and unknown to all of them, Shigure is watching from a balcony not to far away.

Ok, break off for a minute, but what the hell is with Ema Tooyama and her habit of using bitch groups to gang up on the main girl all the time?! And over a boy?! Weird. xDDD;
Also, Shigure makes a pretty tricky little bitch himself (he looks like he’s really enjoying the fact that Yukina is about to get pummeled). HAHAHA

But when one of the girls grab Yukina by the collar, she freezes and can’t move. Yukina starts saying something (cool and dark aura rising up) and it scares the shit out of everyone that they all run away. Shigure is shocked and doesn’t understand what’s happening.
Then Akira shows up and hands what I think is a manuscript (or stack of papers) to Yukina. Still not knowing Shigure is watching them, Yukina voices out her thoughts out loud.

Later, we see Shigure hiding in a gym storage somewhere, scheming something with gym shorts (oi, what in the world are you doing? D/) but Yukina slams the door to the shed open and takes a picture of him with her cellphone. She then proceeds to threaten him in a PWN!-some way as usual and then follows like 4 pages of them getting ready to kiss…only for Shigure to back out. xD;

Yukina gets angry and demands to know why he didn’t kiss her. Reason (from what I’m seeing) is that he wants her take her glasses off and tries to grab them with his own hands. This freaks Yukina out like hell and she yells at him to let them go but he refuses. She screams something I can’t understand and at the same moment seeing her like that, Shigure successfully pulls the glasses off her face. But he just sits there shocked because Yukina is now covering her eyes and hiding her face from him.

…hwoo. That’s something alright. Poor Yukina. I wondered what happened to her that made her react that way. :(



Yep, only SHK again.

Please don’t ask me to scan Ribon since I don’t buy Ribon. I only check it out for SHK. -.-;

Ok, it’s been a few days so my memory might not be as accurate (heck, I forgot quite a lot since Tuesday) but I’ll try my best to relay what I read.

Sakura transformed into her other form and tells Enju she’ll never forgive him for what he did to Oumi. He doesn’t seem to care however. Somewhere around here (and I don’t know how it happened) but Aoba transformed back to his human self.
Then the old creepy advisor arrives and literally commits suicide (while smiling, eww, creepy) by turning himself into a demon in the same way that Oumi did. Only he’s a gigantic worm this time.

Sakura fights him. Kohaku, Hayate (and I think Byakuya, too) show up sometime either during or before it. I’m not sure, can’t remember. It proves to be a difficult fight but here’s the highlight:

Aoba somehow got injured or knocked away or something and Sakura holds him tight to her and says some things to him (he’s concious, btw). Daww, daww, daww, lovey moment. Aoba blushes. Can’t understand anything past that.

And then in attempt to protect Kohaku, froggy Hayate finally changed back to a human!


And his look is damn fine, peoplez! lol xDD His character design is very similar to Sarai’s from TSK. And it’s oh-so-cute. Kohaku is all blushy around him and there’s some hugging and ohhh~… x333

So they manage to defeat creepy counciler worm somehow. Enju takes his leave but not before saying something to Sakura. Sakura then worries about Oumi who fell of the cliff and it turns out she’s still alive (but still in demon form, apparently severely injured from the fall) when they reach the bottom. Sakura doesn’t want to kill Oumi but knows that she must because it’s her duty and using Chizakura, kills the demon (I think there’s some sort of ring of fire that surrounds them when it happens). Sakura’s crying for Oumi but we see Oumi at peace at the end and her life letter floats down into Sakura’s hand.

Oumiiii! ;_________; I’m just glad she’s at peace even if it meant she had to die.


So yea, that’s it. Sorry for the vague and cloudy descriptions. ^^;

I’ll start scanning all the three Nakayoshi chapters I listed tomorrow. No promise of when they’ll be up since I want to do some other posts before that (and work on SoMT) but it shouldn’t be too long.


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    Judging by all your summaries of the series above, these chapters are really worth looking-forward to. Especially Arisa, and WnxxS! and.. and.. ah all of them are worth it! But yeah, I’m just so excited to see ARISA ch. 7 and WnxxS! ch. 3. Kihihihihihi~ *fails* *shot*

    Wow. So Tsubasa gets busted huh? I wonder what’ll happen then… Will Manabe get mad at her or something or will he..? Wahh I dunno! >.< All I can say is that I'm just awaiting for the next. ( I always seem to say that, huh~? xD)

    On WnxxS!.. D`awwwww Yukina is being so deredere. Shigure and Yukina's story makes me want to giggle. X3

    Thanks for the summaries <3 *hugs*

    Can't wait to see the scans~

  2. omg, all of these series chapters look to be extremely exciting!!! : D

    Thanks SOOO much for taking the time to do this!!

    And I’m pretty sure the new Nakayoshi series is by Mayu Shinjo? It was some manga-ka that usually does more josei work, because I remember people being suprised that she was going to be running a serial in Nakayoshi.

    Oh wait…I just googled it and she’s starting a new series in Ribon, not Nakayoshi…. xD So I have no idea about the new Nakayoshi serial, sorry. D:

  3. Oh man! I really want to read the new scanalated chapters of ARISA and Watashi ni xx Shinasai now. Thanks for those summaries.

  4. Oh my god!!!! Is Arisa so suspenseful or not?! XD Basing by your description, I would totally beg for a double release instead because I just can’t get enough of one chapter per month XD *so greedy~*.

    And WnXXXS!!! I’m just loving it more and more~ I can’t wait for the scanlations to come ^^.

    Thank you very much for the spoilers <3

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