Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 90

Ah, a little late today because I woke up late. Then again, the torrent was late, too. :/

Well, yea, first of all, Happy 4th of July, Americans! :D

I’m currently at home alone cuz I decided not to go out with my family so I’ll probably be spending the rest of my evening doing either blogging, hwk, or some other stuff.

As for the episode, there is a lot to cover but I think this might have ended up shorter than my usual ones. I give reasons as to why somewhere in the middle of my review so I won’t explain them here. But before I get into anything…

NOTE: I do NOT want people talking too much about chapter 42 on this post. I have a chapter review post coming up so save all your thoughts for that when it’s actually up. Keep to the topic of the episode. Any other too-irrelevant comments will be deleted. I seriously don’t have the patience to deal with the crazy fangirls who can’t learn to deal.

OP: School Days

…Well, I’ll be really honest when I say I freaked out at the title when I first learned of the news. Of course, I knew it was nothing that ridiculous (absolutely could never happen) but that title is pretty infamous. I wish they could’ve done a better job with these new songs but do I seriously really expect more from the producers who made the decision to give us that god awful “Shugo! Shugo!” and hokey-pokey dancing just so they can make a few extra bucks off of some temporary entertainment group when Buono! would have sufficed? Not really.

As for the song, I liked “Omakase! Guardians!” a lot better but since Lulu already left, there really isn’t a point to keep showing that OP, is there? This one has yet to grow on me cuz it just sounds like another typical Hello!-Project song. At least “Omakase! Guardians!” sounded catchy, bouncy and something I wanted to dance to (lol). This one doesn’t. It just sounds cute. So what? :P
I can already tell that the lyrics are childish instead of having any in-depth, plot-relative meaning like Buono!’s songs so I guess that’s what keeping me from actually liking it.

Animation-wise, I’m more satisfied with Amu marching than Amu dancing. But now they’ve seriously turned the anime into another generic mahou shoujo with the “Hey~! The gang’s all here! Tea time, everyone!” shot at the end. Not that I’m against seeing Kukai back in the Royal Garden, Ikuto being his Ikuto self or Utau sitting on the steps but that’s just the feeling it gave off. Not plot-relative at all. Just typical mahou shoujo and nothing special.

I really can’t believe I’m saying this but ever since “Minna no Tamago”, it was probably an inevitable thing (I just kept denying it’ll drop that low and hoped it would save itself in time. Pfft, too late. :P). Though SC! wins with all the themes P-Pit has incorporated into it, it still, nonetheless, falls into the category of a magical girl series where the visuals will overpower those themes. I’m talking about all the colorful shapes, the cute mascots, the good-looking characters. These all appeal to the young viewers (all little girls ranging from kindergarten to middle school) and is what keeps them coming back for more. And the producers are going to make use of that and they did.

I know it’s impossible to ask for OPs ad EDs like the ones Cardcaptor Sakura has because SC! is so full of hearts and cutesy material but I would still like theme songs that can capture Amu’s progress of maturing instead of letting it constantly stand at the point where she’s just a charming heroine with “whoo~! Magical powers, I save everyone!” I can’t be the only who feels this way, right? At least those who have watched both Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura should know what I mean.

In any case, new OP is great for a lot of icon-making but not impressive at all.


Skipping Amu thinking about Lulu even though it’s a good small little reminder just put in there for the sake of reminding…

Onigiri~! <DDD

Hey~, who said they wanted Yoru to leave? *frown* :(

And he’s right! He’s so worn out, he needs food to keep him going. So don’t say things as “he doesn’t have “consideration” in mind” when you’re not going to consider what he’s going through. That just sounds so rude. *sigh* -_-;

Seriously, Yoru has been the only one who actually put some effort into looking for Ikuto while the girls are just lounging around and going about their saving-people business at their rather laidback (yes, laidback) pace. Though I know this is entirely Satelight’s fault, it doesn’t look good. It brings the image of Amu down a bit. I’m not saying that I want to see Amu constantly depressed and worried over him but since she’s growing up, I would like to see her thinking about why things are the way they are and trying to find some ways to start solving them, no matter how small they are at first. For example, I want to see Amu questioning to herself who Gozen is and why does he go through such lengths to catch the Embryo more often. I want to see her delving into Ikuto and Utau’s past with Easter, going back on Easter’s attack approaches and coming up with a strategy to continue thwarting them, even if it’s going to be extra difficult because Death Rebel will be their opponent now. But at least that shows me that Amu isn’t just another typical girl who only acts when she has to as the anime portrays her. She’ll be acting even when she doesn’t have to. That is the maturing Amu I want to see.

I guess Amu voicing to herself on wondering where Ikuto is right now is a start. Better than nothing. *shrug* :/

Lawl~ I love this family, I really do. XD

I don’t have much to say cuz the screencaps say it all. Ami politely refusing her papa cuz she’s going to have fun with her boy classmates and crazy Papa running away from home because “NOOOO! BOYS!”


And we get poser Amu again. How nice. ^^

I’m kind of wondering if her lack of flustered stuttering says anything about her current relationship with Tadase. Never mind chapter 42 for a moment here (which I will get the post up for when I can), this can either mean two things. One is that they’re comfortable with being an elementary, barely twosome or on a rather distant crush interaction where they both acknowledge that they like each other but there’s been no progress. The latter seems to be more like it.

And I’m not saying this based on my bias because believe it or not, I’m not really in Amuto mood. Again, I’ll get to why a little later but as of now, all romantic interactions involving Amu I don’t really consider earth-shattering at the moment. These are just the phases she goes through when she likes someone. And that’s something anyone can relate to even if you haven’t gone as far into a relationship with a guy like Amu has.

Ok, let’s move on before I ramble into something irrelevant.

Miki… ^^;

Lol, my love for Pepe continues to grow at how bluntly she states everything. Moar Pepe love~ x3

OMG! Suu made an Eru reference! 8DDDD



Haha, I’m not so surprised. The two most moe Charas can relate to each other on a subject in love and –desu! memes. xDDD

Ne…Yaya, aren’t you just a little desperate today? ^^;

I wouldn’t be surprised if she wanted to busy herself with love confessions not only because she wants to get away from doing serious work but cuz she wants to get into a renai situation herself. Latest chapter seems to imply that, too.

Ohh, Yaya…love sucks, y’know? ^^;

Of course, I’m thinking too much cuz…

Like Rima says, she’s probably quoting from a manga. xD;

Though what she says would be pretty helpful advice to every sitting right there (and another guy sleeping in a cell elsewhere) but it’s not like everyone is in the mood to take her seriously right now.

Tough being Yaya, yea. *nodnod*

Y’know, when they say “you’ll be bound forever” if two people publicly reciprocate each other’s feelings in front of a large crowd…that’s such a cheap trick!

Cuz then everyone will remember you two as a couple and you’ll have to constantly keep that image up. Then again, it’s your own choice if you want to shout out your “love” but I always think that true love and “wanting to be with each other forever” is much more personal and serious. And therefore, should not be treated as something you flaunt to the public. Because those feelings and emotions you have for your special person should only be shown to him/her alone. That’s what makes your love so special and full of meaning.

True love is not measured on how others see your affection for one another but on how you two cherish your moments together. No outside interferences.

That is why I can never look at these public confessions as anything more than an activity to get everyone all sparked up. Because everyone overrates romance and continually mix it up with “love”. But I know better. This isn’t love. Love is not meant to be thrown around like that.

And don’t just say “forever” so easily, either. To me, using such strong words over something so silly is almost as offensive as public confessions. That should only be applied when two people are really dead sure that they want to spend the rest of their lives with each other. For people to spread rumors about it like utter cheap entertainment crap (yes, it’s utter cheap entertainment crap), you’re degrading love down to the same thing. It’s not romantic and it’s annoying. Don’t do it. Ugh. -_-#

Obviously, these two don’t really get it but can’t really blame them cuz they don’t really understand the concept of real love at their current age. That’s how all elementary/middle-school kids are. They get so caught up in the moment “Oh, I have someone I like/a boyfriend/a girlfriend” and with all these supposedly wonderful (usually false) things being said about romance that they hardly take the time to appreciate each other. Which is what they should be doing if they really love each other.

And Amu and Tadase’s reaction are just the opposite of that. It just goes to show you how inexperienced they are. That they can only live in the blushy-giggly stage of their little attractions and not take it beyond that cuz nothing deep has been established to allow them to move forward.


And Nagi’s approval quickly reminded me that despite being the smartest person on the entire cast, he’s still just a kid who doesn’t know anything either. -.-;

And pfft, it’s true that Easter was going to be there but he totally used that as an excuse to just get the Guardians to go. I see right through you, Nagi, you sly trickster who can fool everyone cuz you’re such an awesome trap.

But not me! Nope! 8P

Even though this is just a reuse of animation We finally get back to you, Ikkun. *sigh*

I don’t even have the energy anymore to bash that asshole director (I’m still hating him a lot though, enough to mentally chop him into millions of pieces with my gigantic butcher knife D8<) nor go out into all-out frenzy cuz frankly…I already got everything I want from SC!. Now I'm just waiting to see what exactly P-Pit will do with the ending. Big surprise because of the latest chapter? Well, let’s not get too off-topic since this is an episode review, not a chapter one but no, not really.

I have my reasons why but like I said, I’ll get to that another time. I just want those of you who plan on commenting this week to not go off into the chapter so much for this episode post. They’re almost completely separate as far as I’m concerned and any chapter 42-related talk should be saved for when I get that post up.

Hmm, caught up in the moment of young love. You two are so predictable.

Yea, I’m no longer panicking over any Tadamu moments or any clues of development either. Not so much because of the latest update on the triangle but because I know in the end, even if Amu did not choose to get with Ikuto, she’ll never really stay with Tadase either. Right now, I can finally fully accept the fact that she’s just a 12-year old girl who still has much to learn about what “love” really is. I don’t know what has been preventing me from seeing that all this time, though I’ve always acknowledge it over and over, but in truth, I’ve always had faith that Amu would eventually figure it out on her own as she grew up.

It’s not about which boy I would prefer to see her with but more importantly, how much Amu will come to realize that romance is just a fraction of her life. The Amu we see now is just like any other shipping fangirl out there. “I see romance, everything else takes the backseat.” But there are other things she’ll be more concerned about later on. Like focusing on her dreams, her studies, etc. If she finds a boy who she’s happy with, that’s great. If she doesn’t, then it’s not like she lost anything. She’ll still be Amu, she’ll still be awesome, and I’ll still love her with all my heart. Perhaps even more so because a lot of my respect and adoration for Amu stems from the strong sense of independence she shows. Her crushes on Tadase and Ikuto are little fantasies that any girl would easily succumb to.

I really am not lying when I say I’ve fallen in love with Amu. I don’t expect anyone to understand but I love Amu for everything she is. How she treats other boys is not so much of my concern. All I know is that if I knew her personally, regardless of whether I’m a girl or a boy and regardless of whether she’s a girl or a boy, I’d fall for her even harder. That’s probably why I’m not frantic about all the Tadamu in this episode. Amu deserves those happy moments with her crush, whomever that may be, and if it doesn’t work out, then it just doesn’t. She’ll move on and that’s what’s important.

Ami, you look so cute and pretty~ <3

Lol, I love you three. Really, Amu-chan, if you’re going to go through with this like you said you would, you should step-up your game in the wardrobe, y’know! *does a striking pose*

Lol XD;

(Whoa, everybody is extremely chibi here)

Nice point her Charas make. Amu really isn’t honest with herself so that’s also another setback as to why Tadamu has never progressed. Tadase already did his part in confessing his “love” (daily, we must add) but Amu never even got an “I like you, too” as a response.

Ran, Miki, Suu, you three are the best because you can make Amu realize her faults! No doubt about it! <3

Lol Always getting interrupted.

It’s alright because Yoru is naively adorable about his own view of this “love-contest” and “I love Ikuto!” and “I’m lonely without you, Ikuto-nya~!” xD;

And this is the part where all the yaoi fangirls go crazy with the crack Chara-pairing up with his owner. Oi…

Pfft, even Amu is a little taken aback by Yoru’s confession. I’m really starting to see a pattern here on every time someone confesses that they like/love Ikuto, she gets so surprised.
Hmm…well, it’s subtle development in the romantic Amuto part.

Took this shot because I love Amu’s outfit~ <333
Even though I think this is just something she put on for the heck of it (I can recognize different parts from the past ensembles she wore), it still looks…Amu. haha


And look! Maa-kun is there as well! Lol

Omg, this is way too cute.

“I can’t choose just one of you…” Like your Onee-chan? *slapped* xD;

“I love you all!”

Everyone: “Yay!!!”



Oh, so that’s what most of the fuss is about…I have to admit, that hula hoop is pretty cool. Lol XD;

Haha, Papa is so relieved. XD;

Oh god, I love these two, too.

But what in the world are you planning to do with Utau’s new song choreography and that hula hoop?! XDDD;;;

This?! *facepalm*

…Ok, I really don’t know how to comment on this one so I just won’t say anything (except that Utau really did make an (OOC) appearance after all, :P).

I swear, if I hear a happy pop song on the second CD collection, I’ll flip.

Lol, give ten points to this hostess for making everything interesting. xDD

Aww, no jealous Suu? *pout* :(

Well, she understands…and I friggin’ love her all the more for it! SUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!! C’MERE! *huggles* x33333

Cute. Why don’t you two just get back together already? We all know you will. xD;

Lol, why is Suu so excited? xD I think Eru really rubbed off on her the most. xDDD;;;

Amu is so nervous and cute.

And um…Tadase, is it necessary for you to go off into a slightly lengthy speech before you actually say what you only have to say? ^^;

It’s sweet of him, I guess, cuz it shows his sincerity but I would get so bored if I had a boyfriend like that. And he’s speaking to the crowd instead of at Amu. I think it would have more of an effect if he actually faced the person he liked than the ones he didn’t know at all. It’s not like you’re announcing to the world you’re going to get married. You two are only 12 years old for Christ’s sake. *rolls eyes*

My sentiments, exactly, Papa. I’d rather keep Amu-chan all to myself, as well. x(

Oiya…interrupted just like I predicted.

And now all the rabid Tadamu fans hate Ikuto even more when it’s not even his fault. Pfft, don’t be so immature, ALL of you shipping brats. Including the Amuto ones. I told you, I’m not in a shipping mood at all right now.

Nuu!!! ;_________;

Words can’t express how I feel right now. It just says everything as it plays.

Damn, he’s fast.

Too strong.

I was waiting for this (a confrontation between Amu and Ikuto) so I’m a bit slightly happy.

Though I guess I was hoping a little too much for Amu to be the one to try and talk-snap him out of his trance but it really falls to Yoru this time and no complaints there.

Omg, Yoru~! Saying things that you’ll take all the blame for everything you two did as long as Ikuto can get back to his old self! *cries for Yoru* ;________;

It worked! It worked! Yoru, your words got through! ^^

Ah, and I did get some words from Amu to Ikuto, too. And this part was replayed 3 times in this episode. 3 times. Now if only you hugged him right there but darn, that must be saved for that moment, huh? X(

Yes! Even if it’s for a moment, Ikuto’s mind is freed! *rejoices while I still can*

Shit. Damn! *throws a table*
As usual, the director needs to DIE! DIE! DIE!



I don’t think I’m wrong in saying that this was the highlight of the episode. Amu talking about how words can surely get through to Ikuto but it can’t be just words alone. You have to put your heart behind them and sometimes, action as well. Otherwise, they won’t work.

And Platina Heart.


And Embryo not.


That’s right, Amu. I’m not going to say “it’s about time” cuz in truth, she’s always been sad thinking about Ikuto being in such a state but to actually see him up close and in so much pain at the same time…it must really hurt her a lot inside.

Plus, this time they were able to bring him back only briefly. That doesn’t mean they already found the solution to save him. In fact, they still have no solution to it at all. For she knows, Easter could tighten their hold on Ikuto the next time they come face-to-face.

*sigh* Amu…Ikuto… ;_____________;

Yaya, in the light of all that’s happened the day before, you’re really throwing “confessions” around too carelessly. A simple “I love you” isn’t going to make things all the better and really, she should have saved cheering up method for another time.

Though I liked it when she gets all “Grr! Shut up and listen!” at Nagi (Rima is like “Aren’t you use to this already?” xD).

Hmm, Tadase’s reflection back on that confrontation must have put him on defense mode.

How else can you explain this?

I mean, yes, Tadase does know that saving Ikuto is the priority right now but he’s also aware that Amu and Ikuto have a special bond going on that he and Amu don’t really have. And it’s not that he’s against it but by him taking hold of her hand, it relays the message that “We’re going to save Ikuto but that doesn’t mean I’m going to lose to him because I still like you, Amu-chan.”

And you know what? That’s how it should be done. That’s definitely what I would have done with the person I liked as well. Tadase is finally acting properly in his feelings in that he’s no longer anti-Ikuto over everything and that he’s actually treating everything about Amu with respect, including her relationship with Ikuto. And instead of the daily “I love you”s he gave her (that were already starting lose its effect because it’s been said too many times), he chooses to take a step further on their relationship by holding her hand. Now that’s saying a lot, especially in a society where physical displays of affection are not as common or approved as it is here. Maybe it’s not a major development but for the romance on Tadase’s part, it is. Can’t say the same for Amu, though. She’s still stuck in between two guys.

Anyways, bravo, Tadase. You’ve come such a long way. *claps* You’re hardly a man yet but at least you’re finally a proper boy (no other negative implications intended on this last statement).

Even though I don’t think Amu really gets the full meaning of what you’re trying to say to her, it’s fine that way.

And now I can go back to feeling jealous about Tadase doing PDA with Amu. Grr! Let go of my Amu-chan’s hand! She’s mine, I tell you! *jealous Xiao is jealous* )8<

And interrupted again…but I bet the Tadamu fans are happy. *shrug*

ED: Take it Easy!

I miss “MY BOY!” T_____________T
But I like it. I don’t know if I love it yet, but I definitely like it cuz it’s Buono!~ <333

It’s very laidback and fits the whole summer feel of the ED really nicely.

Plus that’s what I love most about this new ED. All the girls getting dressed to go to the beach and…KYAAAAA!!!! They all look adorable! xDDDD

And lots of Tadamu in this one. But I’m not worried (seriously, I’m not…which is kinda weird, isn’t it? ^^; ). It’s really just the Guardians and this feels like a slice-of-life ED above all else. I’m not a real huge fan of slice-of-life anime anymore and I don’t know how that’s really settling in with my SC! but I think I’ll get use to it. Not to mention, the fact that they’re just in middle school (or close to it) is so apparent to me now that all the blushing (Doki-ified blushing, I must add) I see really just reinforces the thought it’s nothing to be serious about. It’s just purely for enjoyment.

And I guess Rhythm’s appearance in here and in the preview means he’s going to come out soon.

So yea, before getting into the preview…this is probably one of the best ED sequences since “Honto ni Jibun” in my opinion. Because people are actually moving for once! 8D

And that’s all.


Nagi-centered next week. I’m not really excited but I’m definitely looking forward to it, especially since Rhythm has a chance of popping out.

And this. Lol YEA! Kuukai’s back! XDDD

And omg, is that Kirishima-kun playing basketball?!

OMG, CONSISTENCY! Ep 69, possible triangle in the development, Satelight is finally catering to us the right way. Will there be a lot of crazy rage from the Rimahiko fans? You bet. *will laugh at them*


And now I’m curious to know who Rythym’s seiyuu is. Her voice (I know it’s a she, you can just tell) fits him pretty well. Lol He sounds so cool and not really gangsta but…very DJ-like. XD;

Ah, and that’s all. I didn’t mean to sound too bitchy about shipping so I apologize that. I just couldn’t stand hearing all the Amuto fans complaining on, on and on about Ikuto leaving and now I’m pretty sure Tadamu fans are rejoicing that the anime seems to be going in their favor. Whatever. I’m still loving SC! but I don’t need shipping to satisfy me. The plot suffices.

I wish all my fellow Americans a very happy 4th of July and that you all have a safe weekend. Chapter post will be up when it’s ready. Thanks for reading. ^^


16 thoughts on “Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 90

  1. HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!!

    Mind if I say this? I hope this isn’t pushing it, but…
    Amuto psycho fangirls get emo whenever something happens to Amu and Ikuto… don’t mind them. =.=
    Of course, I don’t want Ikuto to go, but sheesh people! He’s not going to be gone for the rest of Shugo Chara!!!!!! >:O

    Bleh, when watching this I wasn’t in the mood for any romance (I actually woke up at 3 when watching this), and so whenever there was a romance moment with Tadase and Amu, I was just like, “Okeey… Cheesy development here. =.=;” I would say that Tadase and Amu’s relationship is C.R.U.D. (Character Relationship Under Development) but it’s not really, so yeah… Whether Amuto or Tadamu, I wasn’t in the mood to see an AMU pairing. But of course, being a crazed Rimahiko fangirl, I had my hopes too high for Rimahiko~~~

    lol. Don’t worry- you’re not the only one who freaked out at the title of the new opening. (I hate that anime… ugh >.>) I actually listened to the song before knowing it’s name, so I didn’t really have a chance to worry about whether it would have gore in it or not, which I highly doubt would happen in Shugo Chara. (I mean, pfft. It’s a manga aimed for people from 8-whatever age) I don’t like the tune. I’m too used to stuff that start out low… if that made any sense. It’s not a reasonable reason, but I don’t like the song anyways because it’s so… cute. >.<
    Well, hey. It's not like Shugo! Shugo! (makes me want to barf so badly…) so I'm perfectly content, but nonetheless…

    My prediction came true. They'd make it very fillery for the majority of the episode… probably about 80% and then the rest would be plot-related. Of course, most people were predicting that, presuming it had an event that wasn't related to the manga. I'm sick of Tadamu moments now. Not because I'm a dedicated Amuto fan, because their moments are so cheesy and fake that it's just near the borderline of becoming extremely annoying.
    But since for the episode, I was in Rimahiko Mode (and ended up examining every little detail of what Rima and Nagi were doing), I was squealing over stupid things like how Rima and Nagihiko looked like they were a couple as well…… (I am stupid like that)

    The ending was nice. It had people in non-chibi mode MOVING!!!! :O HOW AMAZING!!! SATELIGHT HAS MADE A NEW DEVELOPMENT FOR SHUGO CHARA!!! lol.
    I liked the ending a lot. It's not something that I had to turn down to the lowest the computer could go in order to NOT wake people up in my house. =w=
    Also, I like their outfits~ Especially Rima's!! And her hair too~ CUTEMOEISTAKINGCONTROLOFME!!!!! I'm not worried about Tadamu either. Because I'm not against it because I used to support it. (OMG THE WORLD DIDN'T EXPLODE OR CATCH ON FIRE WHEN I SAID THAT?! That's AMAZING! *rolls eyes*) I'm glad Rhythm was in here. Cuz that made the most awesome trap more awesome with his, um, non-trappy chara even though the chara looks exactly like him! (<– Made no sense)

    Now for the preview… Wow. I couldn't tell who that was until you did a still frame. I thought it might be that sickenly guyish girl who liked baseball from a few episodes ago. I also considered it to be the girl (who also looked a lot like a guy) from the manga who got her Heart's Egg turned into a X Egg. But what am I, insane? That's obviously Kirishima-kun!

    "Will there be a lot of crazy rage from the Rimahiko fans? You bet. *will laugh at them*"

    Haha, crazy rage from me? That's most likely to happen, so please go ahead and laugh at me! :D lol. I'm actually happy Kirishima's back… though I still don't understand how Yaya thought that Rima picking up a basketball for him means he's really in love with her… bleh well I don't know. I just feel cranky (meaning feeling the urge to criticize pointless things) but hyper today. :P
    But that's not what I'm looking forward to. Rhythm~! I was expecting this, though. Satelight bores me. I knew, just KNEW they wouldn't make Rhythm hatch at the right time. Now I'm just left to assume they'll only leave Temari to hatch when they battle the girl who can't jump in basketball.
    Anyway, Rhythm’s voice sounds like someone from Pokemon. I like Rhythm’s voice. It’s not low nor is it half-geeky but still keeping the ‘cool’ touch in it(like I imagined it… I’m so stupid =.=). Since Rhythm’s appearing… I’m half betting and hoping that the end of this episode will leave off with the idea that they’re going to FINALLY go to Easter and stop procrastinating. >:( (I still have my doubts, though)

    Happy 4th of July to you too! ^_^ And everybody else, of course. =D

  2. Hmm, the opening was cute. I liked Omakase! Guardians better because it was catchier, but anything is a step up from Minna no Tamago and Shugo Shugo so I’ll take it! I think the OP was so calm and Amu-centric because it’s trying to reflect how Amu is following her own path, but I think it should have been… I dunno, darker? It makes me worry how Ikuto’s arc will be done. The ending OP was neat, seeing everyone going to the beach. I had to laugh at the end when Yaya pushed Amu at Tadase.

    Short comment (I’m saving it up for the chapter 42 post) but I thought the ep was decent. It was a good transition from Lulu back into the Ikuto situation. I felt soooo bad for Yoru, though. :( Being a chara without an owner must be incredibly hard. As much as, I’m sure, Yoru loves Amu, she’s not Ikuto. I’m really interested to see Yoru’s and Ikuto’s reunion, cause I think it’s going to be really touching. Oh, and yay for Amu beginning to realize that words (and actions) with heart behind them are what’s going to save Ikuto. We all know what THAT leads up to. ;)

  3. I’m not going to go in order but ahh bear with me ^^

    OP: I thought it was adorable when Amu high fived Dia, I don’t know why but it was just so cute. It’s a lot of happy colors, but at least it’s nice to look at. I like my bright colors :3

    Suu: I was cracking up so hard over her Eru (El? whatever) impression, I was half expecting her to show up, but alas no D: And her “I feel sad but I wish them the best”

    ED: Haha I noticed that they showed Rythym in the ED, I was like, wait what? But I guess since he’s going to appear in the next episode after the new ED premieres its ok, I just laughed because if I was just watching the anime series I would of been like dotdotdot, what was that? I dunno it’s like one of those first episode spoiler deals in a bizzarre way. I was also suprised at Amu’s wardrobe choice, with the light pinks and whites, and the yellow skirt,different from her normal attire.

    I thought it was very interesting at the end of the episode the director was looking at the embryo and said “could it be…” or something along the lines of that, hinting towards whats coming up.

    Anyway it was a pretty good episode for me, I was and always will be easily amused by the pretty colors :)

  4. You amaze me. Just saying.

    I think I really liked this theme because it distracts from the OMG IKUTO arch stuff that’s happening and it’s just casual and cute. The ending made me smile. I like that Buono! does different music styles. This is more calm and peaceful than MY BOY, which is okay.

    I actually have never had a problem with Lulu, but it’s nice that she’s out of the picture and the anime can start following the manga once again.

    “Y’know, when they say “you’ll be bound forever” if two people publicly reciprocate each other’s feelings in front of a large crowd…that’s such a cheap trick!”

    I have friends who are ‘the perfect couple’ and the girl has started getting stressed because everyone around them is pushing for them to work out until the very end. And, as nice as it is to know that people ‘love’ each other, telling the whole world outside of a proprosal is kind of dangerous. Odds are the couple might not work out, and then what? Constant reminder of what should have been?

    “True love is not measured on how others see your affection for one another but on how you two cherish your moments together. No outside interferences.”

    THANK YOU. I wish more people were as smart as you…

    Great comments. Thanks!

  5. i really liked this episode it had plot (lol i’m still ary that we’ll get horrible fillers like the oes in lulu’s arc )

  6. I really like the new ED. I liked “My Boy” better since it really suited the Ikuto arc, but this one is cute. Its fun seeing all the guardians dressing up for a beach day, especially since their beach trip was replaced with a ski trip in the anime~ The song is laid back and nice, but its not really something I’d listen to outside the ED, unlike “My Boy”.
    What I’m really excited for is next week. Its a Nagi centered episode with Nagi arm-wrestling Kukai and a possible love triangle involving Rima. And best of all, Rhythm!!!!1111 I really like his voice. It fits him well.
    Oh my gosh, I haven’t been excited for a SC episode like this in a long time.

  7. Happy (late) 4th of July to you too! ^^

    And, yes, I agree with you on the fanbrats and shipping…so I won’t really go there…>.>;

    Second…ZOMG! Uber Uke Boy makes a return!? O.O I love Satelight, for that anyway. And I’m looking forward to next weeks episode, with Nagi, Kuukai, and Rima in it. Of course, Rythym too, but you know what I mean.

    Third…I may like Yaoi…but ew… ::shudder shudder:: I wouldn’t even go there with Ikuto and Yoru. That’s sorta like (but not really) Sora and Roxas, so…yeah…

    Now, to start at the beginning. The opening…I didn’t like it. Not the song nor the sequence of events that took place in it. I will admit that it was nice to see everyone in it at the end (it was nice to see Utau glancing at Kuukai…she totally was! XD Also, seeing Nikaidou and Yukari standing next to each other was cute too.) It was that cute factor (and everything else you said about the opening) that made me not like it. Oh well.

    Onigiri! I really want to eat some. And I would want Yoru to stay with Amu all the time (with Ikuto by his side, of course. ^.~)

    Ah, Yoru. My goodness, he made me cry when I was watching this. His voice was just so tired and worn-out. I truly felt for him. Anyone who could say that he is inconsiderate or that he needs to stop freeloading, obviously have no hearts. Poor Yoru’s been through enough, free room and board doesn’t even compenstate for it.

    And I agree with you on the whole “laid-back” attitude deal. Out of all the Charas, I think Yoru has been the most loyal and dedicated. He’s even above Eru in this category. Because, no matter if the episode is filler or not, and despite whatever may be taking place, Yoru is constantly searching for Ikuto.

    When I saw Amu thinking about Ikuto like that, I thought the same thing, “Well, it’s a start.”

    You don’t have to say anything else. Gods, I love Amu’s family so much! XDD They are just made of WIN! =P

    Poser!Amu, long time no see! (^^)o

    I agree with you, I think Amu and Tadase’s relationship is at the stage of, “We both know that we have crushes on each other, but where do we go from here?” That’s the thing, they both don’t know “where to go”, so to say, and this is where it shows that Amu (and Tadase) still has some phases they need to go through first before they can fully fall in love with someone.

    “Miki…” is right. =p

    Pepe has grown so much on me in the past couple of episodes. I’m surprised, and yet, really happy.

    Suu was just full of EPIC WIN here! ^0^ When she impersonated Eru here I was just loving every second of it. I can just imagine it now, Suu and Eru sitting down to some tea together, discussing everyone’s love life and how to make a heart shaped cake or something! xD <3

    Yaya is desperate. I won't say anymore than that and I'll leave it for your later post on the recent chapter. : )

    She was definitely quoting from a manga here (*cough*cough*Loveless*cough*cough*). And you're right. If more of those people sitting around Yaya listened to her, then a lot of problems would be solved. But, yeah, people don't usually take good advice, do they?

    Ugh. =.= I feel the same way as you about the "shouting out your feelings" thing. The power of words are strong, but some lose their affect when directed at the wrong thing, or said in the wrong way. This would be one of those "wrong ways."

    I have nothing more to add to your bit about Amu and Tadase's reactions to the Love Shout-Out. I agree completely.

    Ah, yes, Nagi is just a 12 year old. It's sad when we get reminded of this fact, isn't it? : (

    At least his excuse was a good excuse, I give him that much! |D

    Yay for the reuse of animation! ^0^ I really don't care, I'm just happy to see Ikuto again; I'm looking forward to where P-Pit is going to take the manga too. But I won't go any further than that. : )

    Those two are predictable. =P I'm happy to read that you are no longer freak out at their moments (can I say that I'm proud!? XD) Once again, I agree with what you say here about Amu and her love life.

    I don't understand your love for Amu, but that's perfectly fine. What I *do* understand though, is that this is prime example of love (in the sense that you can love something, no matter the age, gender, or even if it's real or not.) People can fall in love with an idea…anything. It's such a pure thing, truly wonderful. ^^

    Ami looks so precious here! <3 And, gosh, I wish I had Ran, Miki, and Suu to help me plan my outfits and stuff…I'd be much more stylish if I did. ^^;

    Uber chibi-ness = WIN! ^.^

    Amu really isn't honest with herself, thank goodness she has Ran, Miki, and Suu to set her straight on her emotions…sometimes.

    Lol, there's always an interruption. : P

    Oh, Yoru's naive response of, "I love Ikuto!"…Gosh, that really got to me. It's another one of those moments that show just how connected Chara's and their owner's are. It must be breaking Yoru's heart to be so far away from Ikuto… T^T

    I saw Amu's shock here being from how raw and emotional Yoru's words were, not necessarily what the words were. But, that's a personal opinion. ^^

    Pfft, when I was first scrolling down and looking at the screen caps that you took, I could have sworn that you took this one because Nagi and Rima were standing next to each other! XDD I was wrong, you took it because Amu has an awesome outfit on (a really awesome outfit!

    LMAO! XD; I like the man and woman who are looking at Papa like he’s got a screw loose (which he probably does…)


    I was waiting for this confrontation between the two too, and I’m also quite happy about it.

    I cried for Yoru here, definitely. I was so touched by his words! ;^;

    Ah, and I’m kinda glad that it wasn’t Amu who snapped Ikuto out of his trance-like state. It would have been more cliche. Besides, Yoru will always be the closest to Ikuto no matter what, since he *came from* Ikuto, unlike Amu. And Yoru has always been the most loyal to his owner (along with Eru.)

    This…This scene is the perfect example of the power of words. Yoru shouted to Ikuto, he shouted his words for Ikuto and Ikuto alone. He didn’t shout them out loud for a whole crowd to hear, he shouted them simply to get them across to the person he cares about the most. This a prime example of the message that is being put across in this episode. Perfect.

    And, when Ikuto snapped out of it, and looked at Amu with those wide, hurt and sad eyes…Then he said her name…and, gah, I nearly died. It was a very powerful moment between the two. Very quick, but very impacting on the both of them. It must kill Ikuto inside to know that he’s attacking Amu, yet Amu doesn’t even seem to mind this, she just seems to be relieved that Ikuto knew she was there and said her name. Of course, it must be painful for her too…but I think that relief (in that moment, anyway) completely outweighed it.

    You always cover my anger on the director.

    This speech by Amu was definitely the highlight of the episode. She finally realizes the impact of the words we say; how we can never take back what comes out of our mouth, and how words can be useless without any action placed behind them. I bet, at that moment, she was thinking of how she said she would help Ikuto, and yet, she has yet to do anything to give proof…existence, to these words of her. This was a life altering moment for her, and also a nice way to transition from fillers back into plot related episodes.

    Platina Heart is so sparkly! *.*

    We know you’re a fake now, Mr. Embryo! =P Though, I wonder if that will still be the case with the anime…

    Yaya tried, I give her that much. But she had wrong timing and a wrong technique. Also, she will always be the type of person that takes things lightly (I think, anyway) and that means using “I love you,” lightly too. : /

    When Yaya is set on something, she can get scary too. Nagi has learned this lesson. ^^;

    Tadase did go on defense mood here. It seemed to me that Tadase started to notice that Amu and Ikuto have a pretty deep bond and connection at the moment. He’s probably starting to realize that they might have feelings for each other (he might be certain that Ikuto does anyway.) That full realization won’t happen until we get to the hug, but…he’s starting to catch on.

    Also, even though it is a Tadamu moment, I like the fact that Tadase taking hold of Amu’s hand shows that he actually listened to what she said in her speech. He’s putting action to the words he always tells her. He’s trying to show her that he “loves her.” And I feel so proud of him for it. Now I can say, whether Amu needs up with Ikuto or not, that he put up a good fight and really tried his best to be with Amu and share his feelings with her. He’s really starting to mature.

    Amu just seems happy, and that’s good. After all that happened with Ikuto, she needs something that can make her smile and blush a little. ^^

    These types of scenes always get interrupted! XD And I’m glad that the Tadamu fans can get a scene to get excited and happy over. Really, they deserve it. Most of them have been really good sports, even though they have been mocked and teased and who-knows-what else by fanbrat Amuto fans. Good for them. ^___^

    The ending. Meh. I like the song and the summer fun in the water deal that’s going on here is cute. But…I’ve only ever liked two endings for Shugo Chara, “My Boy” and the one with Ami in it. Other than that they’ve just sorta been there. Also, I think it might just be an awkward transition from the newest manga chapter to the newest anime episode (since the two mediums are leaning towards the two different pairings at the moment.) It was just odd to see. Hopefully I’ll warm up to this…the opening, I don’t know. Though, it’s far better than “Shugo Shugo”…that was just painful… -O-

    I’ll just wrap this up now…Take care, okay? (^^)o

  8. Rhythm’s seiyuu is Miyata Kouki! ^^
    I liked this episode but I can’t wait for the next! :3
    Kids don’t know ANYTHING at all about love… it’s stupid.
    It’s not like shouting you love that person in front of the whole crowd will actually make you a couple. Sheesh, people are always so gullible to stupid rumours. wtf

  9. Ok so I’ve always wondered, why are there pictures of roosters and baby chicks on Amu’s bedroom wall? o___O I’ve noticed it before, but I just remembered after seeing some of your screenshots. Does it have to do with her having ‘eggs’ and whatnot??

  10. umm…Isn’t Rythum supposed to pop out when they start running to save ikuto?
    Because, is it just me-or is statelight not staying close to the manga plot?
    I wish they would though. :)

  11. Bweh~ I guess this episode just made me mad because it’s really starting to look like they’re going for an anime original ending. Which just… isn’t fair. ;3;
    Wish I had time for a longer comment. DX I feel pretty “meh” about Shugo Chara in general.

    The OP and ED… again… kind of “meh”. I wish they had the “Take it Easy” one before “MY BOY”.

    Happy late 4th of July though. ^___^

  12. I feel idiotic for asking this, but what is an anime original ending? Is it when the whole story isn’t finished and they all dance into the sunset? :\

    • It’s usually when the anime ends a different way than the manga. This could be ending before the material is finished (Special A), completely seperating the two entities (FMA manga vs. anime), or doing something that doesn’t happen in the original source. (Kuroshitsuji) Most of the times it will happen because the anime filler or added stuff changes the plot so it ends differently, or it will end after a big arc early on in the series. Often it will just end after a major moment, loosely tying up the ends. For example Gakuen Alice barely covers the 5th volume of the manga in the anime, and they add on an original ending that somewhat goes along with what just happened, for anime original endings, this is common if it’s only 26, 13, etc. episodes long of a long series. For Shugo Chara, I feel that they won’t run out of material (90+ episodes going strong) but there’s a chance it could end differently from the manga, whether a big or small difference. In short, it could be where they all just go dance off into the sunset in the anime instead of going on to defeat the ‘real’ final boss 60 chapters later or whatever, but it could also be a complete deviation from the original source, just plain ENDING without anything, or they could end it with a new twist.
      Hope that helps, I never can answer with only one sentence :/

      • Ooh now I get it! Thank you! =] I wish there was an handbook for anime knowledge or something. >.> But I’m keeping my fingers crossed about Shugo Chara! *prepares big hammer for Satelight* Thanks again! x)

  13. Happy late 4th of July Xiao Jie! ^_^

    Anyway, I will say this bluntly, the opening sucks man. What happened to the hidden Amuto in it? I mean where did it go!? Back to the episode. This was an okay episode. I want to kill that asshole of a director, but I do like how Amu and Ikuto finally meet again(even if they were fighting eachother).

    The part where Nikaidou was thinking of Utau hoola-hooping was hilarious. I really do hope they do get together again.

    Yaya’s speech about love was hilarious. She got pwned by Rima(Rima must pwn someone in every episode) though.

    The ending, I personally don’t like it. I don’t like the song, neither do I like the animation. Again, what happened to Amuto!?

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