SoMT Stage 1 Results

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This post and the chart will be continually updated after every main round of Stage 1 is finished. CHART RESULTS FINALIZED.

Note: Page number corresponds with the round number. Results for wildcard round is page 6.

Round 1

Duel 1


  Angelique (Neo Angelique Abyss)     Takarada Maria (Skip Beat!)  

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Duel 2


  Cross Yuki (Vampire Knight)     Rahzel Anadis (Hatenkou Yuugi)  

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So close! I’ve been snapping my fingers at it since the poll closed. >.<

Duel 3


  Tsukishima Kirari (Kirarin Revolution)     Iru (Shugo Chara!)  

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13 thoughts on “SoMT Stage 1 Results

  1. HAHAHA! MARIA VICTORY! The curse dolls worked. Muahahaha~

    I’m pleased with the Yuki vs Rahzel fight being so even because it turned out one episode wasn’t enough for me to really make a decision in good conscience not based on Yuki-blehness.

    And of course, tsundere chibi victory makes me happy as well. ^_^

  2. Oooh~ the results for Round 2 is out! X3

    BAWWWW Yaya-chan didn’t win >.<;; :D

    Yeah, that’s right, the latter two felt like an easy win for Megumi and Kyoko because no matter how moe their opponents can get, they’re even moe-er. ;D

    Can’t wait for the next round~ Keep it up!

  3. Ah, Duel 4 was a good match. ^_^ I’m a little sad, but I believe both of them deserve going through, so I was satisfied with either one. But now it brings me to another reason I voted for Yaya: I wanted to give her more votes because it seemed like Suu had the lead to me, so I gave Yaya a vote to catch up. ^^;; But congrats to Suu for going through to the next round!!

    As expected, yay Megumi!! She totally deserved it. If she didn’t win the round, I would’ve been in shock. So yay for our adorable SA girl! :D

    And another win I expected, congrats to Kyoko! Kiran would’ve had a better chance if she wasn’t a filler. But I’m glad that Kyoko made it through. ^_^

  4. Woot! Round 3 results! I didn’t talk about round 2, silly me, but I’m back now. *loves talking about moe 24/7!*

    Hmm, as much as I adore Moko-san, hearing things about Noda Megumi made me kind of wish it was a little closer. Especially since she’s probably the only representative for a josei series. But oh well~ Moko-san moves on! Hurry for one tsundere friend’s success!

    Hey, I never would have guessed Reiko would get any votes at all, good job girl~ But yeah, everyone knew how this was going to turn out. I, of course, am quite pleased.

    I’m also pleased with Hikari’s victory, but I kind of expected more of a fight here. VK and SA are on the same level, but I guess the difference might be between a minor character and the MAIN character, huh? Oh well, it works for me~

    Every girl I voted for won this round. Hurray! \o/

  5. *is happy with the results* ^w^

    *hugs my Rima-tans~*

    Ohohohoho~ I think it’s `cuz of my coughlatecough vote that made Eru win~ YAY! :D

  6. Wow, Eru beat Dia by ONE vote. Shows what a hard choice and close duel it was. I hope Dia moves on with the wildcard round. >w<

  7. So Round 1 is over. I’m happy overall with who went through. My top three girls all moved on. Round 2 ought to be interesting!

  8. I’m happy with the results~

    Maybe I shouldn’t have voted…cause it would’ve been a tie. Dx But I wanted to vote for her anyways, so congrats Lydia for winning by one vote! xD

    OMG YAY! Yaya!!~ I’m so happy Yaya made it through! :]

    I expected this, but I’m glad that Ami put up a better fight than I expected. ^_^ I’m glad she was second place, even though first would be better xD. But congratulations to Dia! It was a good round since I found everyone moe in their own ways.

  9. Ara~ I’m so happy with the results ^^ It’s sad to see the others go (especially Sakura and Akira~) but I’m just excited to see what’s going to happen in Stage 2! ;D

    Can’t wait for more SoMT awesomeness!

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