Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 89

^^ <– Still smiling.


Ah, I really don't have a lot to say except that I'm satisfied (and that I was wrong in my half-predictions again but then again, I almost never get those right, lol) and happy and…well, just content with how all things turned out.

Gah, sorry. I really can't get over finally finishing Gurren Lagann yesterday so my mind is kinda distracted from SC! a little until next Friday. It's been on my mind the whole entire night so that's why the review is a bit later than usual. Too busy searching for images and fanfics. xD;

Eh, I don’t know what to say about this screencap. It was meant to be the opening up of my thoughts but…I can’t think of anything to say. ^^;

Oh, but I’d like to point out that Lulu’s eyes never glossed over when they were under her “EEEGANE!” spell. I know that it’s just because Lulu put the necklace on free will but I can’t help but wonder what zombie Lulu would look like. 8/ Well, it wouldn’t matter much anyway since after they Chara-nari, they become all sneering and evil so…yea, not much difference. lol ^^;

Rima is so cool! Protecting Tadase and telling him not to let his guard down! KYAAAA~! RIMA! You are such a queen through and through!


lol, Packy. xDDDD

Gah, I want some ice cream naaaooo…it’s sunny and warm outside today. :D

Aww, Yaya-chan~

Always the one getting chase by some weird egg thing.

Unless this is their way of training her with the secret intention of making her the fastest character in the cast. Pfft, yea, okay. What am I saying? It’s for the dash-choo choo, of course. xDDD

Nagi emos for a minute. Aww~ *huggles Nagi*

It’s alright, hun. You will get your moment soon. ;3;

But I was actually glad to see some Nagi emo-ing over not being able to Chara-nari and help the other Guardians. He’s emo-ed about his eggs still in hibernation that is the most weirdest thing I’ve said ALL day but during battles, he’s always managed to pull through without them. This time, it’s a little more tough because they’re going up against…well, not a “boss” but a mini-“boss”…or a bigger obstacle than usual…you get what I mean. So it really would have been more helpful if he could use his own power.

But it’s ok, Nagi! You’re still awesome for doing whatever you can and we still and always will love you for that! <333

Well, let me just say here that I think there’s a misinterpretation of Lulu’s usage of the necklace and as a result, trapping Nana inside her egg to Chara-nari. It’s not because Lulu’s thinks that “Nana isn’t good enough” that she has to use the necklace. It’s because Lulu knows that she doesn’t know how to Chara-nari by herself. And the only method she’s familiar with is the magic of jewelry. Obviously, the Humpty Lock isn’t going to help her Chara-nari so she’ll have to make use of her own power.

And besides, since when has Lulu ever looked down upon herself? And therefore, when has she ever looked down upon Nana? Stop thinking that everything has to be an Utau-Eru scenario even though I’m usually the only one doing the most comparing and just downgrading Lulu more just because she’s a filler you don’t like. It’s not that way at all. By far, Utau saw Eru as “trash” while Lulu had the decency to still see the value in her own Chara. >:(

We hear Lulu apologize to Nana quite a few times for putting on the necklace. In the very back of her mind, Lulu is somewhat aware that she’s suppressing her own side for her selfishness and there is regret. She’s just way too preoccupied at the moment with finding the Embryo to fully comprehend and accept those emotions. Capische?! Dx

I’ll just amuse myself with the thought that I wanted this to be a little more impressive (since Lulu knows how to do practically everything). Why not instead of just floating off the egg and having it chomp down on you whole, you do some eloquent Olympic dive technique right into its mouth?

…well, it would make everyone go “What the fack was that!?” but I would have laughed. Cuz that’s so Lulu, LOL. xDD;;

“Dream Dream!”


…Most unoriginal name ever.

But I think the costume design looks good and suits Lulu. Keh, she’s like a cross-mix of many things including but not limited to a siren, Ursula, Cleopatra, some Medusa (I get that impression from her hair color) and many other witch-fish-mythological terms I can think of.

Hmm…now that I think about it, if this were an RPG and Lulu’s “villain-ness” was upped a few notches, she really would make a great boss to fight. haha XDD;;

Ah, I’d also like to say that the color contrasts between the hair and the eyes looked pretty nice, too. I’m not so fond of the sea-foam green hair but the sharp violet complements it so no complaints. :)

…Huh, can’t help but wonder now if the ?-Chara-naris were also brought into play so Satelight could just randomly change people’s hair and eye color for fun. I mean, you can only do so much with normal colors under normal circumstances (except for Ikuto and Amu apparently cuz they’re special~ lawl~ <D). Going through a Chara-nari and altering it that way makes more sense then just having some girl with vibrant green hair show up out of nowhere. D8

Or maybe I'm just thinking too much into it. I know there have been some orange and purple-heads but orange can be a type of brunette while darker shades like blue and purple are usually some kind of substitutes for black. They just use different colors to separate people from each other. Cuz if two people had black hair, fans who don't know any better might shout "OMG, THEY'RE RELATED POSSIBLY?! 8DDD" and then the incest stories will never end. Phah. xD;

Yay! Seeing Tadase so reliable and protecting Yaya makes me happeh~ <D

Not that I'm jumping on this ship but it can make sense since they’ve known each other for quite a while.
And as usual, I mention shipping cuz every other third person out there overdoes their romance every time a little something happens between two people. I happen to be that other third person today. :P

I kinda want a shounen version of this show now. Cuz then I would be able to see more Rima kick-ass action and we NEVER complain about more Rima kick-ass action, right~? 8D

Then again, better not. Shounen fics are so much worse than shoujo in that there are rarely any straight fics at all! *shudder* >.<


HOW DARE YOU HURT OUR RIMA-TAN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


FANS! Pick up your pitchforks and charge at Satelight studios! This is moe abuse!

Ah, hold on. Some nice Nagi rescuing first. <333


Kyaaa! Hearing Rima say that in such a surprised way makes me so happy~! x3333

lol, Rima is never going to thank Nagi for saving her all the time, huh? xDDD;;; Come to think of it, neither does Amu when she’s saved by Ikuto. Then again, it’s always him ruining the moment with a snide remark or her being too stubborn and shy and flustered at the same time. Gah, my tsunderekkos will make the best wives. Kahahahaha! xDDD;;;


Rima doesn’t give Nagi even a second to be depressed!

“What the hell are you saying?! We have to protect everyone’s dreams!”

That’s our Queen! XDDDDD

My god, she’s been on a roll for three weeks already! No wait, four counting the Yua episodes! RIMAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! You are GOD, I swear! <3

“You’re right.”

Nagi is sooo smitten by the Queen’s awesomeness and awesomely agrees because the Jack is the Queen‘s slave, not the King’s, hahahaha~/

“Of course I am.” *smirk*

Awesome~ <333

…Aww, it's over already? D:
Tch. =3=

FINALLY! The moment we’ve all been waiting for! Amu telling Lulu off that what she wants from the Embryo is for herself and not for her mom at all. Heck, she even adds on that what Lulu wants for herself is all messed up, too! OMG, AMU~! It took Satelight this long to voice out all the fans’ frustration on Lulu but the way Amu vented it out so angrily was…wonderful. KANAE ITO, I LOOOOOOOOOVVVVEEEEEEEE YOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! x3333333333333

Are all you people who were pissed about emo-Amu last episode happy now? Jeez, Amu is still Amu no matter what. She can be sad and happy and angry whenever the hell she feels like it. At that time, she still wasn’t fully aware of Lulu’s situation so how can she bring herself to be angry until she knew the full story like she does now. Huh? Didn’t all her past encounters with the bad guys teach her not to be so quick to judge? Didn’t she regret just that when she yelled at Ikuto that she never wanted to see him again after what he did to Tadase? Of course she’s still upset that they’re doing bad things but that doesn’t mean she has to outright rage at them on the spot based on her own biased assumptions! She’s learned that after bad-mouthing Ikuto so many times. And look where that had ended them both. In the worst situation possible. So for Lulu, Amu is allowed to be confused and troubled instead of downright pissed because she didn’t have much to go on. Amu is not as concerned about all the shit that’s thrown at her (because everybody gets shit thrown at them everyday, suck it up and deal) as she is about what’s happening and what could happen later on. Some people might go the other way around. Amu didn’t. So what? This is a normal way to act. It’s not a standard.

Going back to Amu not knowing enough about the reason behind Lulu’s act, all she got was when Nana came to visit them in the greenhouse was that Lulu was working for Easter and just like how it was for Utau and Ikuto, Amu thought Easter was just using another person again like they did with all the X-egg and ?-egg victims. Amu use to be a quick-to-judge person but she learned not to be. This shows it.

And even when she was about to interrogate Lulu, she got kicked out because she was a guest in someone else’s house. Read the situation, people. God, I swear, are all the crappy feelings of the fillers clouding your common sense? It’s not just about what you see in the characters you like and the characters you don’t like. At least try to put this closer to a real scenario even if it is heavily fiction. *sigh* -_-;

Ah, and I really liked how Amu hit Lulu’s weakest spot at the same time. And not just gently, either. It was straight and full-on! YEA! That’s the way to do it, Amu! xD

And it’s great that I get to hear some accusation in her tone as well. Because that’s how it’s done with tsunderekkos who are so stuck on themselves. And the accusation is being made for them so it gets them even more confused because some other person realizes the personal issues that they themselves should be concerned about. Haha, I find that funny.

Animation quality dropped a lot here. I thought I was looking at a chibi when Lulu shot that shot. o.O;

Heh, it was pretty funny, though. Because it wasn’t epic or big like the attacks we’ve seen before. The impact, however, is still note-worthy. Proof shown below.

They really kick up the animation when it’s a close-up of Amu’s determined face. I like that. :D

But anyways, YES! Another speech that isn’t just another lollipop fished out the pocket!

I think I like Amu’s “It’s the same for me so I can understand!” speeches the most. And that’s self-explanatory. The more she can relate to the person, the stronger her words will be because she’s been through the same hardships. Ever heard of the expression (or something like it) “I can’t be kind unless I’ve been hurt”? I think that can be pretty much the same thing as understanding. Otherwise, it’s just shallow “You’re wrong!” and that just goes against the series’s themes. Yes, the heroine, of course, has the job to say that bad things are bad because that’s the truth. But she can’t just charge in with self-righteousness alone.

If we go back to the final Utau confrontation at the airport (yes, I’m going to keep on comparing until the end and I’m not going to regret it), Utau yelled at Amu for having no comprehension about why she had to steal X-eggs in the first place. That Amu didn’t understand what Utau had to go through and that she had no right to act so confident based on “weak feelings like being nice and naive”. And Utau was partially right and Amu acknowledged that part.

Amu didn’t know about Utau’s past as much as she would’ve like nor did she have Utau’s confidence and strength so it was more difficult to get through Utau but she nonetheless, still got through because she showed Utau how to regain her “shine”.
That was just one method. “No matter what, don’t lose sight of what you really want and of who you really are.” Utau already had her dreams. She just needed to grasp them instead of floundering in the opposite direction and let her past hinder her on the way.

In regards to Lulu, Amu knows only too well what it’s like to be confused and lost over who you want to be. In other words, they don’t know which way they ought to turn and that in itself is an overwhelming negativity right there. You feel like you must have at least some solid path to go off on but when you don’t, you lose security and your emotions go wild. Kind of like a kid who got separated from his parents in a huge department store. Their first instinct after not being able to locate said parents is to cry for help.

In a way, Lulu is like that lost kid as well. She doesn’t bother to confide in anyone (not even her own parents) about her dreams and got distracted by something else. What she was supposed to be following were her dreams but the idea of perfection (like a toy or some candy) led her astray. And right now, when Lulu is finally turning her attention back to those dreams and how she can’t locate them or even take hold of any at all, she’s crying for help despite the fact that she’s trying to beat everyone away. Lulu doesn’t realize it but she really does want someone to understand her. To tell her it’s alright and that they’ll help her. What’s preventing that from happening is that she has not interacted with people enough to trust them when they say that. If they don’t understand, she’s only going to get empty comfort and that can just make things worst. She is prideful but also afraid at the same time. Which is reasonable. It’s her own fault for not being social sooner so that this mess could have been stopped earlier on but it’s reasonable to be wary of others.

So Lulu is stuck. She needs help, she’s asking for help but she’s still being reserved and can’t take the first step forward by herself.

And that’s where Amu comes in to take the initiative. Because Amu knows, she can provide Lulu with the words she wants to hear and mean them. She’s willing to help pull Lulu out of the quicksand by the hand and even carry her for a way until she can stand again (if it actually went that far) but that can’t happen unless Lulu takes her hand/gives Amu an open ear and actually listen to what Amu has to say. Same meaning in telling Lulu that she has to trust Amu.

This can parallel Dia’s appearance before Nana and the other Charas in the last episode. Nana was able to go ask for help when Lulu couldn’t. Dia’s purpose was to reassure Nana everything was going to be alright because as Lulu’s Chara, Nana is the one who knows best about what Lulu wants to be. She just had to be honest and upfront about it instead of hesitating over it.

And…wow, an OPEN HEART! before the first half of the episode ends? Wow, that’s a first.

Aha, I can’t say how amused I was when I watched Lulu’s ? turn into an X. It looked so strange against the rest of Lulu’s outfit and gave me the impression of a small paper dunce hat with a giant hole through it. So I was eagerly waiting for it to turn into an X. xDD

Ah, I didn’t capture a screenshot of all the purified eggs flying around Lulu but I thought that it looked pretty nice. How they all flew up into the…big glowly almost-sun thing in that rainbow dimension or whatever it is. XDD

And yea, Lulu looks so pretty when there are no traces of angry, ebil Lulu in her. And maybe it’s the effect of large, watery shoujo eyes, too? Hmm…yea, everyone knows I love my purdy~ shoujo eyes. hehe ;D

Hmm…to tell you the truth, I didn’t get as much feeling over Lulu crying over Nana as much as I did when she came to realization over what she was doing. Maybe it’s because I already knew that Nana was going to hatch right out a second later but…I dunno. Akemi Kanda’s voice didn’t reach me this time. :/

But aww, you can’t help but feel happy for Lulu here. I’m glad for her that she got Nana back. :)

And more love points to Nana for telling Lulu “Ok, be nice and apologize like a good girl”.

That plus it gets Lulu to show her deredere side.

But what the hey, Lulu?! “I’m sorry for going overboard a bit.” Not just “a bit”, you silly girl! But I guess it’s alright now that you figured out you were wrong. That’s the most rewarding thing I got from this problem solved.

Yubi kiri genmen
Uso tsuitara
Hari sen bo nomasu
Yubi kitta!

Hehe, pinky promise song between children. ^^ It really does remind me that these kids are…well, sitll kids but then again, adults can do this, too. I rarely see it, though, and it’s usually done with little kids.

All in all, I thought this was a sweet scene. It’s kinda light-hearted in the aftermath of all that’s happen but I guess because such a weight has been brought off of everyone, it’s rather fitting and very meaningful at the same time. Amu making Lulu promise not to ?-egg rape again.
Plus, I can’t be the only one who took Amu teaching Lulu about little about Japanese culture into consideration, right? It’s small, yes, but this little song…I don’t know but I’ve heard it many times already so it must have an important significance, especially in youths such as Amu and the others.

In any case, it was very cute and sweet. Amu teaching Lulu something she wasn’t familiar with and at the same time, putting some depth into their relationship. ^^

Of course Lulu’s mama knew that what Lulu was doing (“whatever she was doing”, lol) was all because Lulu wanted the best for her mother. Mamas know everything about their kids, after all. Or at least they should.

And ooohhh boy, this is going to get rather personal now. ^^;

Another FINALLY!

Y’know they should have sat down for a talk so long ago. Like…at the beginning of this whole ?-egg charades thing but at least they’re sitting down now.

Before I get into anything, I like how this all happens at the end of the day. The light from the sunset really sets the atmosphere, y’know?

Anyways…at first, I was always saying that Lulu was dumb for not going to talk about her issues with her own mom and I still stand by that. But after all that analyzing in last week’s episode and this one, I can somewhat understand her reluctance on approaching her mom about it (plus her other reason that had to do with her aim towards perfection in everything she did). Taking into the account of everything that Lulu was feeling (sense of loss, pride, fear of being wrong), all those things can really bring you down in facing someone else about it if you can’t even face those problems yourselves.

So at this point, everyone who hates Lulu because they think she is “just selfish and only wants everything for herself” needs to shut your effin’ traps and GTFO my blog. I received a shallow comment last week and I did not take to it very well. I’m giving you fuckin’ warning right now. I spend a lot of time getting as much out of an episode as I can, even if it means delving into pointless fillers and I don’t mind that at all. But when I receive things like this:

“AAAAAHHH! I can’t wait! I want my Amuto/Rimahiko/Kutau NAO! Screw Lulu! I hate her! She should die and just leave! She’s being nothing but selfish and stupid!”

I’ll rip your neck. My blog is NOT a place for you to leave your fangirling and hate bias that have absolutely no support on. I created it to have some actual discussions on the development of plot and characters. If you leave a positive or neutral one-liner, I’m okay with that. But don’t give me shit that you just pulled out of your ass. I absolutely hate shallowness in fans and I won’t stand for it. And those of you who are just like that know who you are. I write all this because I want intelligent responses, whether they be agreements or disagreements. Throwing crap my way is just the same as saying you haven’t read this review at all and just stepped on it like it was of no importance. It’s a direct insult to me and all the work I put into it.

Yes, I’m aware that I’m getting angry over trivial reasons but I have every right to be. This is MY blog. Not yours. Figure it out and don’t be stupid.

As you can see, Lulu not only loves her mother deeply, she really, really admires her as well. Role model, idol, call it whatever you may. Lulu’s is extremely proud to have such an accomplished parent and she has every right to be.

Then Lulu’s upbringing comes in and like any child born into high-status family, she plans to uphold it by “doing everything to perfection” just like her Grandmother told her to do. Now, I don’t think anyone’s to blame here. Lulu is a perfectionist and there’s nothing wrong with that. Her grandmother is strict because she was brought up to be like that. And this stuff still happens in real life. Lulu just took her grandmother’s advice a little more seriously than it should have been taken cuz back then, she was still young and didn’t really know any better. Add on the fact that she looks up to her older relatives a lot, she probably put them in a light that made it seem as if everything they say was right. It’s an innocent misinterpretation that just went a little too far.

So when her mother said “it’s perfect”, that immediately registered in Lulu’s (still-childlike) mind as “This is how Mama should always look like”. Because Lulu’s jewelry was the final touch of her mother’s “shine” and knowing that, Lulu must have been thrilled that she did something that “she was supposed to do” while making her mother happy at the same time. Look at Lulu’s mom in that screencap. She was happy as a renowned actress, too.

When her mom went off to do variety shows, which Lulu sees as meager programs as opposed to professional acting, Lulu must have put it hard on herself a bit because she didn’t see this “slump” she assumed her mom had succumbed to coming. Yea, Lulu never knew the real reason behind it and that’s why she’s dumb for not asking in the first place but on the other hand, if you go from something as big as acting to doing variety shows, you think there’s something up. And Lulu back then hardly wanted to think there was anything wrong with her family at all. Even “slumps” seemed like a disease that she can only cure with the Embryo. It’s silly but…Lulu’s a dramatic kid.

Being an only child who had to grow up surrounded mostly by prestigious adult figures, Lulu puts a lot of responsibility on herself as well in regards to her family. If they make a mistake, she’ll fix it. If there’s a problem, she’ll solve it. In truth, Lulu’s wish to get the Embryo may not be as selfish as we all think it is. Lulu has lived and been trained in the refined life, with her greatest priority being her family (because she is noble). It won’t be wrong to say that she could have set aside her own dreams selflessly to help her mother, even if it was only Lulu who thought her mom needed help. It looks stupid to us but the intention was first and purely devotion.

So anyone still accusing Lulu of being COMPLETELY selfish now is wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Lulu has always been thinking about what was best for her mother’s sake all the time, even when her own emotions and dreams started conflicting within her. At least if we focus on that for a moment, we can’t call Lulu selfish because her foremost reason for doing this was for someone important to her. And again, we have already seen this. Utau voluntarily joined Easter so that she could save Ikuto from them. Both had selfless goals in mind. They were just not aware of crossing the line into making one mistake after another because they were either got side-tracked or became too obsessed with their goal, that they end up doing more damage than really helping.

It is very, very complicated cuz human emotions and actions are so unreliable but I just want people to understand that Lulu wasn’t born a pure bitch, alright? She had her good reasons and her bad support for them but she nonetheless, still had a reason to go off on.

And now we get into her mother’s side of the story. Really, I got a little emotional here as well. NOTE: Prepare for a lot of parental-related talk.

Just like what I said back in the episode about Ikuto being discovered by Amu’s mom, I feel for Lulu’s mom, too. For a mother-to-daughter relationship, it really matters a lot to a mother when her own child needs her and she isn’t able to realize it in time. It’s not only because it’s a maternal duty but…this is just how mothers are. They always, always want the best for their children and are always, always going to do whatever it takes to protect and nurture them in the best way they can. When they think they have “failed”, it’s a serious concern.

Because their children was born from their own body, they feel the heavier responsibility of making sure their children get whatever they need in order to grow fully and healthily. With daughters, the responsibility is even heavier because more likely than not, only a woman can really understand what a girl is going through. So they have to be there even more for their daughters than their sons. Who else is going to be there for them and teach them all about “this and that” that only us women know? The girl’s father? Pfft, changing genders is a lot easier. :P

Point is, because Lulu’s mom didn’t think she was there enough for Lulu like she should be that they moved to Japan in the first place so that she would have more time to spend together with her family. Lulu’s mom was also thinking for Lulu’s benefit and though she may enjoy doing variety shows, her main and foremost reason is Lulu just like how she is Lulu’s main and foremost reason.

They just didn’t connect with each other very well and it caused Lulu to run rampant around the city with her crazy jewelry. But the problem’s solved so it’s all good.

I suppose I’ll take the time here to say how very jealous I am of this close relationship Lulu has with her mom and how understanding and forgiving they are of each other. My mother and I use to be like that as well. To me, there was no one more important than her but then we got into a fight over something really stupid and it’s going to be almost two years this December since I’ve been able to have a decent talk with her.

I kind of miss it sometimes and when I watch and read SC!, everything gets me so choked up. That’s why I rage and rant so much in a lot of my posts. Because I can emphasize with everyone (yes, everyone) and can understand why both children and adults act the way they do. Because I’m still a child but I also know what it’s like to be an adult. That’s why I can look at Lulu and never truly hate her because I acted just like her a few years back. Though it didn’t affect others as massively, yea, I was pretty selfish about “doing this for mom” as well. And I was wrong but I’m sure my feelings were in the right place.

So as of now, criticize Lulu’s development and character as reasonably as you want. But if you’re going bash her because she’s so devoted to her mom that she even got so confused over that, I’m going to hunt you down, chew you out and spit you onto the concrete. I take family matters very personally.

Ehh~ ^^;

I press pause to take a screencap and it just ended up this way.

lol, Lulu’s papa has another papa growing out of his thigh or backside, whatever. XDD;;;

And here is Lulu doing Utau’s signature hands on the hips pose with the signature Utau front.

Damn, idol girl, how much are your pirating fans selling cosplay items for? They’re really good. Especially that mask but not quite. lawl~ xD

Hey hey hey! I want to be invited to the Chara table!


AAAHHH! They’re so cute! xDDD We’re just missing…*counts*…8 Charas. Wow, that’s a lot. o.O;

Well, it’s about time Lulu came to pass on the information about Easter like she should after being peptalked to (hahaha) but there’s nothing too new to go upon. Death Rebel plan has started more than 10 weeks ago. Just get to the tower already. *facedesk*

In the meantime, lol @ Yaya’s imagination. You know what, Yaya. I think we’d all like him better if he really was like that. *nodnod*


“World domination is cliche anyway.”




…So pwned.

……Pwned even more cuz it’s the truth (really, what’s so special about owning the world?).

LAWL~ KusuKusu gets my eternal love of the day (wut? xD; ) for giggling “Cliche! Cliche!” all over him. Umg, you are too cute! XDDDDDDDDDDDD

So Lulu is going back to France after all. *shrug* Hmm, ok. I personally wouldn’t have cared if she stayed or not but I agree that France seems to be the better choice for her. She’s solved her problem in Japan and her story is done. Whoopee.

As for her mom, I’m even more happy that she and Lulu came to an consensus that she wouldn’t have to quit acting after all. Even though I don’t think Lulu’s mom would have minded if she no longer did acting or not, I can tell she’s excited to go back to her profession. And the variety shows she’ll pick up later on so she can spend more time with her family…well, it sounds like an excuse (though a good excuse because every celebrity needs a break once in a while) but I think Lulu is aware that her mother isn’t only limited to acting and if her mom wanted to do those shows purely for fun, then she won’t object. So it works out for both. Lulu is happy that she “got her wish” as well as being able to spend time with her mother more now and her mom got hers in that she’s returning to the movie-making industry while sparing some personal time for her daughther.

Happy end. Yay~

Animation quality dropped here.

But if this isn’t an indication of future Amuto, then slam a tree into me. Cuz any tiny hint I catch will go towards easing my drying patience on getting plot. And when I mean drying, doesn’t mean I’m no longer patient…I’m just very thirsty. D/

Hmm…well, even though Amu and Lulu’s friendship didn’t really develop into anything majorly close, I’m fine with it. At least Amu had the greatest impact on Lulu for being her first true friend and that’s all there is to it.

In addition, I can’t help but feel there’s some point a lot of people are missing. Sure, Amu and Lulu were not meant to be BFFs or anything (huh, no chance so it’s a good thing they didn’t even bother trying) but I think that after reading chapter 41, Lulu’s arc’s purpose only boosted the idea of Amu “loving everyone” even more. Regardless of whether or not Amu knows a certain filler well enough for friendship to really be considered, she still sees the people she interacts with of great importance. It’s more than them being her charges. Some of them are really just thrown in there for the sake of fillers but I think there is also something in it for Amu’s character as well.

In episode 51, Amu even told her Charas that one of her wishes was to “gain more friends” and she’s been very successful with that. The more socializing and saving she did with each passing episode, the closer she’s coming to that point where her Chara-naris will no longer be as necessary as they have in the past. Meaning, the Amulets will only serve in battle against X-eggs and all the bad guy stuff. Amu will still remain the same. She’ll just be in different costume. Chara-changes I’m not so sure of but I think those will be relied on only in emergencies as well. So everything, every filler, has made some contribution to something (even if it’s not for Amu) and therefore, not completely pointless.

I know I probably sound like I’m uttering nonsense right now but that’s the way I see it.

Aww, Yoru~

Such a sloppy sleeper. So cute! xD

lol Suu lightly reprimands him of sleeping habits but gives him a blanket anyways. Great, now I want to see Amu do this for Ikuto, too. And you know you want the same! >8D

Well, it’s been a while since Amu has thought about Ikuto privately. Though in this case, it’s more about Yoru than Ikuto but all the same.

Ah! Did I mention that second to Amuto on my “Amu and *insert male character here*” list is Amu and Yoru? xD
I’m serious cuz I think more than any other male in the entire group, Yoru is the one who’s spoiled the most by her. First the catnip, then the sardines, and junk foods and then hugging…well, I guess you can say that Yoru is Ikuto’s actual rival for close affections (romance is a different story, don’t mix it up). lol Because Amu helps Yoru willingly (cuz he’s so cute and Amu loves Charas because they’re so cute; especially Yoru cuz he’s such a cute kitty and he reminds her of Ikuto~ lawl~ x3) while with Ikuto…she’s either pulled into helping him or just doesn’t have much of a choice. Well, more of the time anyway. xD;

Ohh~, so cute! How funny will it be to see Ikuto jealous over his own Chara! Now I want to see!

Aww, now I’m being inspired. Don’t any of you steal my idea! This is mine! *goes off to plan fanfics that she’s too lazy to start* xD;

Kyaa! Chin rubbing! I want Ikuto see this!

IKUTOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Where are youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu?! ;_________________________; (and yes! We are back to normal! xDDD)

Ok, on 3. 1, 2, 3…



He acts just like a baby!

…seriously, it’s so cute, it hurts. xDDDD;;;;;

Oh god, Yoru even teeths like a baby, too. xDDDDDD;;;;;

Well, think of it this way, Amu-chan. It will be perfect practice for you and Ikuto’s future children. Kittens~ They’ll teeth a lot. Nyahahahaha~! xDDDDD

Jeez, what is with all these inconsistencies? D8

Hmm…forgot what I wanted to say here but Lulu’s outfit would be okay without that tiny hat. It doesn’t even match her outfit cuz it’s that color. Now if you were dressed up in lolita clothing that might be different but she’s not. :P

Not a good way to leave a last impression, Lulu. Fashion is everything in this show. *rolls eyes*

AWWWW, NANA~!!!! *glomps and huggles~* <333

Aww, I feel a bit sad that we won’t see Nana again. Her “play time” with the other Charas were a lot of fun and I guess it was too good to be true to see ALL the Charas getting another fun-filled episode all to themselves before the series end. Maybe we’ll have it with the main cast ones but I want to include Nana in, too. Cuz she’s so cute and I’ll miss her “DAGYA~!” xDDD

Aww, I guess I’ll miss Lulu a bit, too. For being Amu’s occasional playmate or whatever. xD;

And seeing her a little sad and blushy like this is cute. It’s hard letting go of a first true friend but…Lulu has many chances to make other friends in Paris. Amu will just be the most memorable one cuz she was the first. ^^

Although I would have liked it if Lulu actually put more work into the necklace she made since Amu was her first friend. I dunno, make it a different color (even though P-Pit confirmed it themselves that Amu’s favorite color is red) or put some special design onto it or something.

But ah well.

The kid’s not lost on her dreams anymore and back to listing off all her career dreams right off the top of her head. That’s good. ^^

Handshake~ Yay~! ^^

Ok, I want to know if there is anyone who hasn’t had a sparkly/glowly moment with Amu yet! If not, get in line! It’s required. *chews on chocolate cigar*

lol xD;

But seriously, this was a very nice way to end it off. Man, Amu looks so grown up and she’s shaking hands and made so many friends and s’cuse me for a moment…

*goes to a corner and blows her nose* … *sniff*

Gah, even these two girls do a better handshake than any other two guys in the show ever did. Ikuto, Tadase. You both suck until you can do the same and let bygones be bygones. :P

I don’t think there really is anything to say here because you’ll really have to watch it to really appreciate everything about it.

“We’ll always be friends.”

Nice and simple. And so full of promise. Just the way I like it. ^^

Miki is so emotional. xDDD

And dude, Yoru’s floating higher than all of them there. What’s up with that? Is it because Ikuto’s the tallest that he has to be “taller” than all the Charas, too? Is it because he’s the oldest Chara of them all?

…*thinking too much again* lol

Well, see ya, Lulu. It was a bit annoying with you around but can’t say it was complete boredom and no fun.

Maybe the next time she comes back, they’ll actually take a group photo or something…yea, like a certain someone’s wedding or something. <– I told you I'm parched. XD; And btw, it will be a BIG wedding. 8DDD

One where I wish our resident Ouji would finally find a suitable girl for himself. *is now lamenting that the number of boys and girls are no longer even* T3T


Next time, the public shout of love thing? Yea, I think those are pretty common in Japan, aren’t they? It’s been done in SDC, too. Confess your love on a stage in front of a hundred people and get either accepted or the greatest public rejection in your life.

…I have no idea why they love to do these things but no biggie. The episode looks like it’s promising some blushy Tadamu moments but it’ll probably reset again…no, not probably. It just will. That’s common knowledge that I’m not even boasting about. -.-;

But I’m going to love it cuz of Yoru~ <333

So cute. Convey your feelings to your brainwashed owner in the loudest way possible, Yoru!

Ganbatte! Ganbaru ganbaru ganbaru, YO-RU-KUN!!! x333

Yukari’s apperance = Utau appearing as well?

…I dunno but I think I see some jealous Suukaidou. DO WANT. 8DDD

And I don’t even have the heart to take a screencap of Death Rebel cuz one, the animation is horrid. Two, IKUTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDx

He looks even worse than before!

*huggles the sad Yoru to comfort us both* ;____________;

Yea…that’s it. Brace yourselves for going back to plot now. We have…approximately 16 more episodes if we are really going to finish the second season in 52 total.

Satelight, plz don’t disappoint. T_T


7 thoughts on “Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 89

  1. I want to start off by saying that I was really happy with how Lulu’s arc ended. At first, I didn’t like her very much at all, but the more screen time she got, the more I liked (and understood) her. I’m glad she got the happy ending she deserved, and that she wasn’t just pushed aside or something like that. People need to learn to be more patient; be grateful Lulu’s arc was finished up properly rather than having it infringe on Ikuto’s arc later on!

    Anyway, aww, Nagi! D: I felt so bad for him. He does the best that he can without his charas but it’s got to be hard watching everyone else fight and knowing that you can’t really do anything. It must be extra frustrating during situations like this, where their enemy is so powerful and his friends are getting pummeled. I must say, he did an excellent job of saving Rima! Hehe. It does make me wonder, though, if soon we’re going to start seeing the eggs ‘shake’ in that way that means they’re going to be born soon. I hope so.

    Lulu putting on the necklace was not because she looked down on Nana OR herself. If you ask me, it was just a last ditch effort to find the embryo using the only power she knows how to use. I also think that on some level, Lulu wanted the power that a ?-chara nari could give. She said it herself, she doesn’t know what her dream is, and maybe she was hoping that a ?-chara nari could give her some insight. Not to mention, I think she wanted to fight Amu: it tortures Lulu that she doesn’t know what her dream was and I think that she thought Amu DID know. It probably bothered her. Oh, and I didn’t think the name was silly, though. I thought it was very fitting considering Lulu didn’t know what her dream was. And I liked her ?-chara nari, it was pretty.

    I also thought Amu’s speech was really well done, particularly when she screamed out that she didn’t know what her dream was, either. I think it was something that hit close to home for both of them. In some ways, I almost feel like Amu can identify at this point in time more with Lulu, because not knowing what her dream is, is something Amu has struggled with a lot, too. Furthermore, I think Amu has also had to deal with her mother on much the same level as Lulu (my thought goes back to that filler in season one, where Amu tried so hard to retrieve/repair that photograph of her parents so that her mom would be happy again). But I also think that Amu could understand Lulu’s mother a little (Amu is a little like a mom herself around charas or Ami).

    :P I feel very stupid and silly but my eyes filled up with tears when Lulu was crying over Nana’s egg. I’m not sure why, but I guess I was thinking that Amu had finally given Lulu the strength to realize that being less than perfect is okay as long as you work on being your personal best. Which really, is what Nana represents, being Lulu’s best that she can be at everything. I dunno, it made me happy when Nana popped out (though you knew, of course, she would).

    Yay awesome mother/daughter talk! I think both Lulu and her mother are at fault; both made assumptions based off of what they were perceiving to be the truth instead of talking to each other. I don’t agree with the people who say that Lulu was being completely selfish. To Lulu, being “perfect” is important, and for her, her mother was represented in that frozen moment of time when she was “perfect”. I don’t think Lulu was mature enough at the time to realize that beyond the “perfect” photograph was a real person who wasn’t perfect and doesn’t need to be perfect to be happy or successful. Furthermore, I really do think she was trying to help her mother in the best way she could think of; it just wasn’t quite right. Like that saying, the road to hell is paved with good intentions?

    Oh my god, so much d’awwww!ing on the part of Yoru, and then I cracked up when he bit Amu. It just seemed like something Ikuto would do (except Ikuto would grab onto her and yank her down onto the bed and… yeah). Lulu didn’t really give them any new information, but it was good to see Amu agonizing over the problem of Ikuto anyway.

    And so, Lulu leaves. I think the best decision was made in having her return to France. Lulu learned a lot of important things in Japan and she grew up a lot; keeping her around really wouldn’t have served much purpose. She didn’t really know much more about Easter or Ikuto, and writing her into manga-episodes would’ve just annoyed fans. I wasn’t disappointed that she left. Her mother and she have come to a good understanding, which means that Lulu will be able to focus on her own dreams for a while. Hey, maybe if she becomes a professional jewlery maker, she can make speciality things for Amu when she’s a model! Hmm…

    Ah, the return to the Ikuto plot. I DEMAND to see our Amu running after Ikuto’s van screaming and crying scene! Seriously, I’ve been waiting like what, ten – fifteen episodes now? Maybe Satelight thinks we’ll forget but I totally have not. I WANT THAT SCENE.

  2. Rima did totally pwn in this episode. Rima pwnage is the best. Which makes me love her more. I need to draw her.

    I noticed that Lulu’s ? chara-nari didn’t have a question mark on her forhead. It had something else that looked nothing like a question mark to me.

    I’m really glad that the Lulu arc is gone forever! Yes! No more filler episodes with the lame ? eggs. Those were lame. Now we can go into the save Ikuto part(then I’ll be fangirling).

    That part where Amu and the Charas were drinking milk just screamed Amuto to me. Even when Yoru bit her finger. That reminded me when Ikuto bit her ear. *hehe*

    The preview finally has Ikuto in it though. Even though he’s in Death Rebel that hurts him, I still want to see him. I hate the coloring of Death Rebel in the anime. Better in the manga. I know it’s not going to be all about Ikuto, but I’m counting the days till he gets screentime(even though he’s in Death Rebel).

  3. Rima~ Of course Rima would kick ass in this episode, in every episode she fights in she’s my kick-assing clown!
    (Don’t mess with a clown with long, butterscotch hair!!)

    Rimahiko~ I seriously can’t get enough- no matter how small the moment! XD

    Quite frankly, I DON’T think Lulu was a terrible character. It’s clear that she had at least some, if not a decent amount of character development. I’m happy that she’s leaving for France again because of her annoying albeit bitchy moments really motivated me to strangle her, but I ended up liking her in the end. She was a cute kid (I have a huge weakness for cute things like that… but then again, who doesn’t?), she obviously cares about Nana, unlike (I hate to admit this, but Xiao Jie is right) Utau and how she acted at first towards Eru, which on Utau deemed Eru as completely useless and only needed Iru, the bad girl. Getting off topic here, so then Lulu realized her mistakes in the end and did her best to find her dream again. Also, her friendship with Amu (for at least this majority of episode and maybe a little bit of two episodes back at the sleepover) is nice and it’s cute to watch, since Lulu’s a foreigner. Cute ‘Amu teaches Lulu’ moments occur. X3

    Though I’m not quite sure that Lulu’s ‘gone.’ Satelight’s GOING to bring Lulu back sooner or later after they get on with Ikuto. I have this ‘feeling.’ Though I feel most could see reasonable hints that she would be coming back anyways.
    I kind of want her back soon, so we could get a group shot (with Nadeshiko~ in it too!) of the whole cast. That would be nice. At least Nana, please? She sounded totally weird and her hair is just creepy but please bring them back for a group photo. *is spazzing because she desperately wants to complete her posters of anime*

    Next episode is carrying on with the plot?!?!?! :D
    I don’t get the ‘feel’ about this carrying on with the plot. Of course if Death Rebel’s in there they’d probably GET to the plot, not carry on with it because that scene is probably going to happen in the last two minutes of the episode. But then again, I may be wrong. That’s usually what I am. The rest look pretty filler-y. Though as much as I dread the fact that they’ll leave us with a cliffhanger of a random attack from Death Rebel, this episode looks pretty enjoyable. I mean, Nikaidou X Yukari (and Utau might as well come along and shout her love out to Kukai) and mebbe some jealous Suu. How us fangirls can only hope.

  4. I like how Lulu’s arc came to an end. Unlike other people I’ve never had a problem with her apart from mild annoyance. But anyway, this was a good episode and although I noticed lack in animation quality, the actual story was quite good.
    Firstly Yaya always manages to make me laugh – she’s just great in livening up a depressing episode as we’ve already seen. Those huge ?-eggs get on my nerves though – when they ‘eat’ people its kinda wierd. XD Tadase was rather good too, he’s such a nice character and who ever he ends up with I need to remember that – because normally I’m just complaining about his romance with Amu. But yeah, he’s actually a brave and reliable character.
    Then we have Rima and Nagi’s ‘romantic moment’. It wasn’t much but still, you have to take what you’re given. And it seems satelight are going to think about his charas again soon which is good. Rima was so cool again this week, which is great.
    I won’t say much about Amu’s speech, but I agree she touched Lulu’s weak spot and she could relate Lulu with herself.
    When Lulu was surrounded by those white eggs it got me wondering – is that what all the ?-characters see as they are being open-hearted? I mean, do they feel ‘happy’ and at peace? And I also wondered how they are always moved to a bench or onto the grass while they’ve fainted. Lulu’s ‘I was a bit over the top’ got me rolling my eyes though – a bit? Come on! But I guess she just went into tsundere mode. When Nana was in her egg I felt really sad, but then when I saw Lulu was crying I thought ‘ah her magical tears will bring Nana back to life!’. I know she wasn’t actually dead, but still. The pinky swear song surprised me, probably because I don’t know much about japanese culture – I didn’t think it had a song. It was very cute though, and reminded me of their ages – I’m always thinking they are in their teens – 14 or 15, but I think they’re only 11 or 12. That makes me really sad at all they face.
    Skipping on to Lulu and her mother – I actually cried at this point and I was so shocked; I have never ever cried at an anime, and only once for a manga. Lulu’s story has affected me. It was just so heartfelt that each of them did something for the other – her mum moved to Japan, and Lulu tried to get her mum to do more films. Yeah her mother’s plan was better :P I loved their closeness, but then her dad kinda ruined the moment.
    Yaya’s perception of Easter is always funny, and Rima totally pwned the little king :D
    At the airport the shaking of hands was really sweet, and Lulu softened there. I’m also glad she still has all her dreams and has decided to persue them all. I thought giving her the necklace was a nice touch and I’m hoping we’ll see Amu wearing it one episode, that would be awesome.
    And finally when Amu was drinking that milk it reminded me of her doing a commericial XD But I really wished pervvy Ikuto had popped out. That would have been impossible but nice. Yoru is definitely treated well by Amu, awwww.

    Next week’s episode looks part filler (with the shout outs and tadasexamu) and part plot (IKUTO!). But yeah the animation has gotten worse, and Ikuto’s condition too. It looks like NikaidouxYukari too which will be good. I don’t think Utau will appear, but you never know. I’m thinking that Yoru’s call may reach Ikuto and he comes, but that sounds unlikely. Maybe he shows up because there will be lots of people there with dreams of love, so he can extract x-eggs (against his will of course). Oh how I’ve missed the x-eggs. [side note – Lulu always extracted ?-eggs but after the first few goes the embryo stopped appearing. That kinda made me mad at Lulu for trying week after week, and mad at Satelight because without the embryo showing up theres no real point. I was very disappointed it didn’t show up in this episode, she extracted so many and it would have reminded viewers about where the show is heading]

  5. I’m still smiling as well! This was such a well done episode, and a great way to end the Lulu arc. I’m glad it got a proper ending, it makes me feel better about the whole arc in general (now, if they are able to end this season on a proper note, than it will make Doki all the better.)

    Ah, Gurren Lagann…I have to finish watching that series…But, I’m too into other series to really bother (AKA Pandora Hearts (the new chapters are epic and awesome! *0*), Hetalia, Shugo Chara (obviously), and etc.) I also have a lot of other series that I need to finish up, which I have been reading/watching longer. I have mixed feelings about Gurren Lagann…I have a feeling that it gets serious later on, but I don’t know for sure. For some reason I can deal with large amounts of angst, but when it comes to comedy I usually need it to be mixed in with other genres as well. I think that’s why I’m so hesitant with this series, since it is mostly humor (then again, I do enjoy Azumanga Daioh and Ouran immensely…) Go figure. ; p

    Getting back on track, zombie Lulu would have been interesting. Though, like you said, it probably wouldn’t be all that different from Lulu in her Chara-nari state.

    That was awesome, seeing Rima get Tadase’s back like that! ^^ In my mind, if Rimahiko never popped out of nowhere and hadn’t become the amazing-ness that it became, I always thought that Tadase and Rima would have made a cute pairing. But, you already know that, I believe. Rima is a queen through and through~

    Packy, I lol’d when I read that! XD of course, then I wanted to eat some Pocky…>3< Luckily I got to eat some ice cream (and catch up with some friends) last night at my town’s fireworks display. ^-^ Ah, yes, and I’m glad that it actually looks and feels like summer now. Even though I enjoy cloudy days and rain (spring), by the time the 4th of July rolls around I want summer (not countless days of rain…and more.)

    Yaya really is the one who always gets chased, and by the oddest things. I kinda like that little crack theory that you came up with, about them making Yaya the fastest character in the cast. It’s interesting…in a crack-y sort of way, ya know. ^.~

    ::Huggles Nagi too:: I was perfectly fine with Nagi emo-ing as well. He has every right to be, like you said. It must have been really tough for him to just stand there and not be able to do anything, or not be able to contribute much, anyway. Though, he did kick butt last week (I do believe) when he was attacking all of those dreams with his cape. That was cool! Also, it’s nice to know that Satelight hasn’t forgotten about that issue yet. : )

    It’s odd, though, not really…I guess, but Lulu doesn’t know much of anything about Chara’s, nor about Chara-nari-ing.. So I didn’t find it that unusual that Lulu took this method in order to Chara-nari, it seems fitting to me.

    And, I agree with what you wrote about the situation between Nana and Lulu (as well as people putting down Lulu as a wannabe Utau simply because she is a filler character) being completely different from the one between Utau and Eru. Like you said, Utau rejected and denied Eru completely; while Lulu adored Nana (we see this in the way she treats Nana at the end of the battle scene here and in the filler not that long ago.) Lulu doesn’t listen to Nana sometimes because she knows her Chara is 100 percent right and doesn’t want to acknowledge her own fault. Most kids, most people, don’t like it when others point out their faults, this situation between Nana and Lulu is no different. The fact that Lulu apologizes to Nana shows that she appreciates the effort Nana went through in order to save her. Quite sweet actually.

    I wasn’t all that impressed with her being swallowed by the ?-egg either. : /

    That name sucked. It really did. And the fact that it sucked kind of upset me, since I wanted this one to go out with a real bang (since its Lulu’s and the last one), so I wanted an awesome character design and cool name. I got one but I didn’t get the other. Oh well…

    I really liked the color contrast between the sea-foam green and purple too. By itself I wouldn’t like the hair color, but with the combination, it looks quite lovely.

    Oh, and your theory amuses me about the hair colors and such! XD The answer isn’t quite as simple as that though, during Japanese Week at my college a man came into to talk about Japanese pop culture (mostly anime, though he did touch upon Japanese movies as well) and he spoke of how anime’s consist of characters that usually don’t look Japanese because Japanese want to feel more connected to the outside world. Well, that was worded weird, but what I mean is, when Japanese watch live action series, dramas, or movies all the characters are (ultimately) the same in appearance. Everyone has the same dark hair and eyes, and they all have the relatively same skin tone. It’s kinda boring and makes connecting with the outside world a lot harder.

    But, with anime, since it’s drawn and colored, the characters can look any way the creators want. They can have exotic hair and eyes, light colored skin, anything really. It’s more exciting to the Japanese, watching a program with characters that all look different. Also, it’s a way for them to connect with the rest of the world, rather than just with their island society. That’s why animation, of all kind, is more popular in Japan (and other Asian countries as well), and why characters are usually given odd hair and eye colors and light or different colored skin.

    I also think that the strictness of Japanese society also has something to do with this as well. Tattoos are looked down upon, anyone with a tattoo can’t go into a public bath or onsen in Japan, and they are usually associated with the Yakuza. In an anime, something like this wouldn’t matter. Then there are the wacky, spiky, crazy hairdos and piercing that you find in anime, which are not well liked in Japanese society (outside of the music and movie industries, where, like in America and all other parts of the world, people involved in these forms of entertainment seemed to be exempt from social norms.) Anime gets to be an extreme form of self expression that can be an outlet in a still rather constrictive, though probably loosening everyday, society.

    That’s just my take on it though, based on what I’ve learned about Japanese society through lectures, books, and other means. Though, I favor your explanation for it all. It’s nice and simple, straight to the point. The creators simply got bored and used ?-egg Chara-naris to their advantage. = p

    I’ve always found it interesting how hair colors work in anime. I remember a long time ago, one of my friends telling me that there was a difference between black/blue hair and purple/black hair, like one was supposed to be darker than the other or something. Though it probably also has to do with what you brought up about relations among characters (ah, incest pairings. It’s amazing how there must be one in a least every fandom, despite the relationship between the siblings, the age, gender, or etc. It’s laughable really! xD). It’s also amusing how, usually, characters that are related in anime look nothing alike or exactly alike. It’s rare to find one’s that kinda resemble each other, but only slightly, which is more natural.

    The anime series that I usually deal with have characters with rather normal shades of hair; Shugo Chara comes off as a challenge somewhat in this area. When I write fanfiction I try to describe the colors in a natural way, in a way that would fit into normal society. Alas, I have yet to find a way to make pink hair sound natural (without the use of hair-dye or magic) and pink eyes without the (wrong) assumption of said character being Albino. Of course, by now I’ve given up on trying to make those two features, with their odd coloring, seem normal! /D

    Seeing Tadase protect Yaya was cute, but it didn’t tickle my romance fancy. For some reason I could never see a relationship blossoming between these two characters (though I do know that there are some fans who do ship these two, and did so long before this episode.) I think it has to do with the lack of interaction we’ve seen between them. Even though Tadase and Yaya have been friends for quite some time, this moment right here is one, of not many, when we actually see them interact (and the only one when they are ‘alone’, so to speak.) It’s also the only moment between them that could be seen as possibly romantic. I mean, Kairi and Yaya had more interaction and more chemistry hints than Tadase and Yaya. With them all I can picture and sense is a friendship, this scene included. Though, they would probably make a really drama free and cute pairing. I just can’t imagine it.

    Now I want to see what all the characters would look like in a more Shonen like style…Ah, and that would be interesting to see, a more (than usual) kick ass Rima. Though, I agree with you on Shonen fanfics (and fandoms in general.) I do like my shonen-ai and yaoi, but if a couple is definite cannon, and straight, I don’t mess with it (okay, with the few exceptions of reading fanfics on Sirius/Remus, I tried reading Draco/Harry fanfics…but I can’t do it. They are always so out there…) I also don’t mind the experimentation of crack or shonen-ai/shoujo-ai pairings in fiction, it’s when people are positive that a certain slash pairing is going to be cannon (when it’s obviously not) that I get bothered. This does tend to happen more in Shonen series rather than Shoujo.

    My anger (over Rima being hit with an attack) would pale in comparison to yours, so…yeah. I’ll just leave that up to you. ^^

    Ah, and see Nagi, if you had been able to Chara-nari, you probably wouldn’t have been able to save Rima like that! X3 One thing that makes me adore this filler arc (and fillers in general) is the possibilities and chances that they offer. The Rimahiko pairing is a perfect example of this. In the manga we, the readers, only get to see Amu’s relationships grow and evolve. All other relationships are only hinted at or implied. But, with the anime, fillers and filler arcs allow the chance for other characters and pairings to see some growth. Rimahiko is one of those pairings. Over the course of Lulu’s arc, a nice, steady relationship has started to develop between the two (more so than in the manga.) This makes me very happy. I would be even happier if they put focus on some other pairings too though (*cough*cough*Kuutau*cough*cough*) But that would be wishful thinking, no?

    This screen shot, and the little interaction afterward (Rima saying Nagihiko’s name and whatnot) is actually what makes this scene imply a more ‘romantic’ notion than, say, Tadase’s act of protecting Yaya from an attack. With Tadase and Yaya, he screams out Yaya’s name to let her know what’s going on, stops the attacking from hurting his friend, and they both go back to the battle (and what they were doing before.) Nagihiko and Rima on the other hand, have a more intimate encounter. Rima doesn’t get saved from the attack like Yaya did, but she gets protected from any more damage by Nagihiko actually going out of his way to catch her. Then she says his name with surprise and they share a brief comfortable, yet slightly awkward, moment of simply looking at each other. Then, and this is most important, even though Rima goes back to what she was doing before, Nagihiko chooses to stay by her side. That’s really cute! <333

    Rima will probably never verbally tell Nagi thank you, she seems more like a person who gives appreciation or apologizes through actions rather than words. Nagi seems more like the one who would be more verbal here. Though, I think Ikuto and Amu are opposite of this. We’ve seen Ikuto apologize before, with the candies that he got for Amu, and it was done through and action rather than through words. That fits him perfectly. Amu on the other hand, I don’t see her as an action type of girl, in my mind, she would be better fitted as giving appreciation or apologizes through words. The reason why she has probably never given thanks to Ikuto is because 1. Like you said, Ikuto always tends to ruin the moment some how (or the moment is ruined by Tadase, that’s happened quite a few times before) and 2. Amu has always been so uncertain about Ikuto’s feelings for her. Before Ikuto’s arc, Amu never really knew how he saw her; she probably thought he wouldn’t appreciate her thanks, if she ever gave it to him. She probably thought that he saw everything as a joke, which would include her thanks or sorry.

    Rima is a great queen; of course, Nadeshiko was a great queen too. So, of course they understand each other, right?

    I do believe that Nagi is smitten with the queen! ^.~ Then again, Nagi knows good advice when he hears it. He’s smart like that. Oh, and you know that the Jack’s chair is the playa chair! C: They are the slave to the King and Queen! >:D

    Such confidence is so awesome! It’s refreshing to see it in a female character too. I’m sad that it’s over too! D:

    Ah, you said everything really nicely here. I have nothing to add, except that I was happy to see Amu tell off Lulu as a friend. And yes, even though fictional characters aren’t technically real, good fictional characters are expected to behavior in a realistic fashion. Amu leaving respectfully from some one’s house (which was a guest over) is realistic, which was wonderful to see.

    This was my favorite speech in this arc. I think it was because, like you said, Amu was very direct with it. She told Lulu how it was; with no if, an’s, or but’s about it. Also, that accusatory tone was well done. That’s how people talk when they really want others to see a point, especially when it’s someone they care about, since they want the point to get across right away. I think this was the most natural sounding speech Amu’s made in this arc (and perhaps the whole (anime) series, thus far), which made it my personal favorite.

    You always pay better attention to animation and such, I always lack there…>.> But, I agree with you on non-epic-ness of the attack, or so it appeared anyway. The damage was heavier than I thought it was going to be. I really like that close up shot of Amu, it looks great!

    Ah, and yes, the situations and feelings of Lulu are ones that Amu can easily relate to. I saw the connection clear as day, and I’m sure others did as well. It made her speech all the more powerful and really packed a punch.

    Totally agree with what you have written here on Lulu being a lost kid. It was written splendidly as well.

    Okay, my thoughts from here on out aren’t going to be as coherent because I’m in fangirl mood thanks to the LQ scans of chapter 42~ My god, doki doki inducing to the extreme! *0* .>)

    ::Clears throat:: I was shocked too, by the fact that we got an OPEN HEART before the second half of the episode. Lol at your comment about how the X looked on Lulu! XDD

    I thought that scene was just beautiful; the colors, the drawings (especially those large, watery Shoujo eyes), and just everything…it was all beautiful. ^^

    Yeah, I felt the same (or I lacked feeling like you did too.) There was no way Nana wasn’t going to be coming back out of her shell (especially since Lulu really did care for her so much.) Then, when I saw the tears forming in Lulu’s eyes, I knew that Nana was coming back within seconds…which she did. ; )

    ^_____^ That’s for Lulu getting Nana back, it was a sweet scene.

    I really have to get around to doing an Unexpected one-shot surrounding Nana. She’s really grown on me, and has become such a good Chara. Ah, and I laughed…loud, when I read the “little bit” part! | D

    That scene was adorable! I love pinky swears! <3 I would still use them…but I’m not a full on adult yet, still a teen for one more year, then I hit the big two zero. Ugh. Anyway, I also found it neat that Lulu got to learn something about the culture of the nation she was living in. Oh, and I really need to remember that song. Though, the literal translation is kinda graphic, for a pinky swear song, then again, so is the English version so…meh. : P

    Mother’s Always Know! That’s all I have to say about that. ^^;

    ::Clap, clap:: What you wrote about Lulu and her mother….that was dead on! For me, this whole scene nearly brought tears to my eyes, since it is something that I can really, really relate to. I love my mother dearly. The street that I live on isn’t really child friendly; it’s somewhat busy, there were only elderly people for neighbors, and I didn’t have many friends until I started Kindergarten. My mother and my dog were my best friends when I was little (until about five.) And, since I’m the only girl my parents had (and the youngest) my mother and I have always been close. While I could never see myself going and doing something (to but it bluntly) as stupid as Lulu did for my mother, I can see myself doing a heck of a lot for her.

    The reason why? My mother sacrificed, and still sacrifices, so much for my brothers and I. So, it was easy for me to see my mother in Lulu’s mom. She felt that Lulu’s wrong doing was directly because of her, that she did something wrong, when she hadn’t. But that’s how mother’s feel. They try and take all the burden(s) for when their child does something wrong, or they try to take all of the burden(s) that their children have and make them go away. Of course, that’s impossible and of course a mother shouldn’t be blamed for every action her child or children commit, especially when the child is old enough to know what he or she wants and right from wrong, yet mother’s do it anyway. I’ve seen my mother do it numerous amounts of times myself.

    I’m just ecstatic that Lulu and her mother were able to reach an understanding. That hug at the end of their conversation, I could almost feel it, since I’ve given my own mother hugs like that plenty of times. Overall, the scene was so heartwarming, but not in a corny sitcom-like way, but an honest to goodness, realistic and relatable way. This is, by far, my favorite Lulu scene.

    What a funny screen cap! ^-^ Lulu’s Papa is beyond adorkable, he’s like Amu’s Papa. I swear though, something about that convo made me think it was scripted…>.><.3<

    That picture of the Director humored me greatly. And I’m glad that Lulu gave up what little info. she knew, every bit counts! Ah, and (if this was before I read the LQ scans of chapter 42) I would have been upset at the fact that we aren’t at the tower yet, but…Oh my, I’m in fangirl heaven right now…*-*

    That was pwnage! World domination is cliché and boring (unless done right…which Kiseki wasn’t doing.) Oh, and I remember how KusuKusu made my day with her giggling of cliché in the background too. She was FTW! XD

    It’s good to hear that she’s going back to France. I’ll get more into that later though. Ah, and you summed up the Happy Ending perfectly. I have nothing to add there. : D

    I didn’t notice that the animation dropped here…but that was because I kept getting deja vu and was waiting for Ikuto to pop up (even though I knew he wouldn’t…^^;;;)

    So Amu and Lulu’s friendship didn’t reach BFF status. I was perfectly fine with that as well. It’s more realistic actually. Every friend we make will not reach the status of BFF, nor will every friend be there by your side forever. Friends come and go, but they are always friends. This is why I liked the idea of Lulu going back to France. Though the distance is now between them, and the bond of friendship isn’t extremely strong…it doesn’t matter though. Because, if and when, Amu and Lulu meet again, they will give each other a smile. They will ask how each has been; what each has been up to and they will still be friends, enjoying each others company. ^_^

    Kyaa! X3 Sleeping Yoru, so adorable! ^w^

    Suu is just the best, giving poor Yoru a blanket. I do want Amu to do the same to Ikuto! O< Lol, just kidding! xD (Though I seriously do want to read it one day.)

    I’ve just had my Ikuto fix…so I can’t T.T with you, I’m sorry! m(_ _)m

    D’AWWWWWWWW!!!!!! It does hurt indeed…for Amu anyway! =P

    Aww, he does have teeth like a baby! =3 Lol at your comment about children and…I love how we got an Amuto-like moment, without Ikuto even being there. Yoru was behaving just like Ikuto…or would it be that the way Ikuto behaves is exactly how Yoru behaves? I don’t know…

    The tiny hat messes everything up. I agree.

    Like I said before, I’ll miss Nana too! I’ll miss Lulu as well, and she does look pretty and cute when she gets all blushy.

    The necklace was kinda lame…since it looked like all the others… =.= But! It’s the thought that counts, right?

    Yes, it’s required that everyone has a shiny/sparkling moment with Amu, in order to be a true friend/potential lover! XD

    There handshake was the best. Ikuto and Tadase have some tough competition (anime-wise anyway. They seem to have let bygones be bygones in the manga.)

    Friends will always be friends, no matter how close or far apart they are (and I mean this in the literal sense and the figurative sense.)

    It makes sense that Miki’s so emotional, since she’s the one most closely related to Amu and her feelings. Lol at Yoru and your comment about how high he’s floating (his pose helps to support your theory, I think. ^u^) I didn’t even notice that at first. It’s cute though.

    Bye, bye Lulu! (^^)/~~~ Have a safe trip back home!

    I was always indifferent to her, but I kinda got used to her (even though I got annoyed by her at times too.) The number of boys and girls aren’t even anymore!? How disastrous! D: Of course, I didn’t even realize that they were even…

    The preview…yeah, I’m looking forward to next week’s episode! It better not disappoint (though, I think the fact that we get a blushy, sorta awkward, placed in front of a heart, Nikaidou and Yukari moment will make the episode be just full of WIN!!! :DDD!

    Take care! (^^)o

  6. Yoru is too damned cute! He’s just…. so cute! I can’t even think of a different adjective, that’s how cute he is. Rima was awesome… again as expected of the queen ^^. I must congradulate satelight for appeasing us Rimahiko fangirls. Short but sweet.

  7. Thanks SOOOOOOO much!!!! You know the pinky swear amu did with lulu, i’ve been trying to get the lyrics in japanese, for the longest! And like no one had it, so i tried writing it down by hearing, and it kinda worked, it had the same sound, just a little bit different letters, but once i tried to look up again, i found this website and love it ^_^! Talk to you later!

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