Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 88

Hmm…I don’t care what anyone says. I liked these past two episodes so far. ^_^

Well, what I liked most about the last one was the development of the friendship between Amu and Lulu and for this one…hmm, still not sure. Definitely not the animation because there were way too many parts that were inconsistent but um…hmm, I guess it’s a little bit of almost everything. Rima (ohoho, yes), Nana coming forward with the truth, Amu’s strong belief in others, the voice acting…

Ah, but it’s going to be a rather short post cuz I didn’t take as many screenshots (blame it on bad animation). I’ll try to get out as much text as possible though I wonder about that cuz it was just another stubborn back-and-forth between the good guys and the bad. Hmm, we’ll see.

Well, while I bet everyone was screaming at how much of a bitch Lulu was (or just ignoring all these episodes together :P), I thought her anger was very nicely portrayed. Hell, Lulu even told her mom to shut up. o.O

I mean, it’s not like I wasn’t going on about how she needed to be bitchslapped for treating a guest so rudely but Lulu is…lost. And she’s frustrated but she refuses to let anyone understand her because she thinks she so right that everyone else is just wrong. It’s not like we haven’t seen this before (and I don’t need to point out who, right?). Albeit, much differently and not at the same time but the thing is, when people get so confident in their own anger, it’s very difficult to stop them when you want them to at that moment. At this part, just to make it clear that I’m not backing Lulu up or anything, but she just needed some space to cool off. Even if it was temporarily and didn’t work like *snap* miracle or anything but dude, just let them vent out a bit, y’know? :/

Ah, but Lulu still needs to be slapped a hundred times in the face for treating Amu like this!

Amu~! *huggles and comforts*

Y’know, I sometimes wonder if there are fans out there who would say “You don’t need a friend like Lulu or feel sorry for her! She’s nasty and a bitch!” and seriously mean it. Like really, dead-straight mean it that they want Lulu cast off a cliff somewhere and couldn’t care less about what happens afterwards. Because she’s a filler, who’d care?

Well, yea, who would want some conceited bitch as a friend and it’s not like I haven’t thought this many times just watching Lulu’s behavior but we’re not Amu here. And in the end, Lulu is going to be Amu’s friend because Amu made the choice that she wanted to be Lulu’s friend. And she’s going to stay as Amu’s friend whether people like it or not. Meaning, she’s also going to stay around as Amu’s friend if Satelight’s going to keep her there. Capische?

Furthermore, I really don’t buy the excuse that Amu befriends everyone, including the ultra sucky ones, just because she is the mahou shoujo heroine. No, I really don’t buy that at all given how much I have really gone into Amu’s character.

Because unlike so many heroines before her who didn’t have more than an ounce of understanding for their enemies (all they did was vanquish monsters), Amu can somewhat relate to everybody when they feel a sense of loss. She sympathizes with them and that’s why she wants to help them. And I think because everybody’s so busy being angry at Lulu that they fail to really see this part of Amu. Sure, you don’t have to care about Lulu if you don’t want to but what about Amu? She cares, obviously. Are you just going to overlook what Amu’s thinking and feelings just because Lulu is an eyesore? (Unless you don’t care about Amu either then you suck and shouldn’t be here. :P)

For me, if I truly hated Lulu, I can still tolerate her filler existence just so I can see all this development in Amu’s character. How far she’s come in really believing in others and not giving up. True, Amu is a fictional character with traits that most of us will never relate to because we’re real and those traits are too good to be true but in all honesty, none of that matters to me. In fact, I think in real life we’re so overcome by our own bitterness that it just pushes us away from doing something not so much simple but what should be easier like what Amu does. So it’s not really out of our reach or anything…we just like holding onto grudges for some weird reason. :P

Ah, and I love how when Amu was the one who’s upset, her Charas can do the part of having faith in others for her. Because Amu is human as well so it’s reasonable why she isn’t just all happy happy genki genki right after a fight. Plus, the Charas’ role is to give support to their owners, whatever the circumstances may be. That’s why they’re called Guardian characters.

And I think this is very meaningful in itself, especially in the case of a mahou shoujo heroine. The heroine is always off protecting everyone yet only a very few times do I ever get to see them angst for themselves boohoohoo-ing over their crush doesn’t count cuz that’s just plain pathetic :P where her friends are not present to comfort her. Technically, the Charas are Amu’s friends but they are also an extension of herself as well. So it’s like the inner yet separate part of Amu telling the Amu that we’re seeing to not lose to her negative emotions. In a way, this shows that there is something that’s protecting and supporting Amu emotionally when she really needs it but at the same time, Amu is also able to do it by herself because the Charas are literally who she is.

It’s rather complex but I hope you understand what I mean. Just wanted to point out that the heroine isn’t just all invincible deus ex machina like how the past ones are and there is substance in this mahou shoujo because Charas exist.

…oi, that was confusing. @.@;

That’s my girl! *huggles* <3

I love it when you smile, especially right after you're depressed. Amu~, I'll never fall in love with anyone else but you! *HUGGLE~* x333

So Lulu’s mom turned the movie role down. Well, good for her, I say!

Honestly, I’m glad that her reason to move and stay in Japan wasn’t entirely because of Lulu and that there was also something in it for herself. Now that I think about it, that would be weird if you went through all that trouble just for your kid. Because you’d ask them if they wanted to move first, right? And Lulu is old enough to give her opinion so yea, I thought it was pretty nice that the parent retains some realistic…not really selfish but personal decisions in this case.

As for Lulu going back to France…to tell you the truth, as much as I wanted to her to hop on the next jet back to Paris when I was really annoyed with her, I always knew that wasn’t going to happen. Unless Satelight makes it so that Lulu decides for herself that she wants to return, Lulu’s here to stay in Japan. A huge amount of fans are going to be unhappy that they’ll have to see Lulu probably join the main cast (not sure about this yet since she attends a different school) but you know what? Suck it up and deal. There will be no Lulu getting the hell off the screen if she’s going to help Amu go up against Easter. She’s an extra tag-along if she does go up the Tower with them. And so what? If that happens, what are you going to do about it?

I don’t know how I react if I still hear complaints that “Lulu should gtfo so I can get my Amuto” or whatever (and how is that last one even relevant to each other? D/) after this but people, grow up. You don’t like it then good for you. Because you don’t can’t change what the studio makes the final say in anyway. xP

Not to mention, it will be so trivial that you’d be retarded to continue complaining. Lulu is a filler. Fillers are meant to be forgotten (unless they’re good fillers but that’s a different story)

And this is the part where I went “Lulu’s lost her marbles~♪” or something of the such.

She’s being a huge spoiled brat but I can’t help but laugh a little at how desperate she is. “No no no! Mama’s not happy even if she say she is because I say so and therefore, I have to be right because I know what’s the real problem here!” Sheesh, when girls go crazy about what they think, they go crazy alright. o.O;

I really can’t help but think how similar Lulu is to Utau on this very basic idea. Of course, not completely but it’s pretty alike. Though in Utau’s case, Utau was right about a few of things she said (i.e. ambiguity sometimes being a weakness) while Lulu is more of in denial. Then again, Utau was somewhat in denial, too. Cuz she denied her would-be selves to turn into something she wasn’t. Hmm…but that isn’t necessarily the same either, huh?

Or you can say Utau was also denying (or rather, not acknowledging) her own weaknesses (like hiding behind the illusion that winning and never losing meant you were strong) . And she did. She just didn’t realize she had them.

Well, either way…girls are CRAZY! And I know! …Because I am one! o.O;;;

I really thought that Yaya’s spiel on listing Lulu’s parents in with everything was just meant to kill screentime. I didn’t find it very humorous at all. -_-;

But I guess this makes up for it a little. Rima going “In any case, it’s Lulu” and her bluntness made me so happy. Rima~ <3

Yoru… ^^;

Well, he was asking for it. Really, even when it’s accidental, you’re so much like Ikuto. Not telling anyone about stuff that’s important. Silly kitty. :P

Aha~ And Rima’s “Okay, back to srs bsns” face made me squeal again. x333

I’ll take the time to say this now about how much my respect and love for Sayuri Yahagi has increase by…120 and still increasing percent! xDDD

Didn’t you hear it, too?! How Rima, despite being so calm (cuz she’s a Queen, of course ;D), sounded pretty mad? I’m sure it revolved completely around Amu. First, Amu slept over at another girl’s house and Rima is hardly ever just okay about other girls moving up Amu’s friendship ladder if she doesn’t approve of them first. Add the fact that…well, sleepovers are usually done with close friends, right? Rima’s known Amu for so long and she only got to visit Amu’s house once while Amu slept over at Lulu’s whom Amu met only a few times. Rima ish not happy.
Second, Rima is even more unhappy that Lulu the bitch kicked Amu out of her house after her secret has been found out. How rude! Rima will not let anyone treat Amu like that even if you were hiding illegal weapons in your bathtub!

…so yes, Rima being angry over Amu was the awesomest thing of this episode. *nodnod* 83

I really, really, really loved Amu’s determination and belief in Lulu here. I think it says a lot about how her past experiences have affected her. Especially the issue with Ikuto, which had the strongest impact. Because despite the fact that Lulu has always been so nasty at Amu and slapped away her offer of friendship, Amu already knows that Lulu isn’t like that. Even though they only interacted a few times, Amu knows Lulu is a good person deep down and that she must have a good reason for doing bad things.

How does this relate to her past case with Ikuto?

Simple. Ikuto has hurt Amu by hurting Tadase in front her and the trust that she should have kept in him went immediately down after that. But Amu already knew that Ikuto wasn’t a bad guy from the start and later realized he said those things so that he could protect them from Easter. That was pretty much the lesson that Amu learned. To have trust in the people you care about.

Though Kairi’s “betrayal” may parallel this on a better level, I use the Ikuto dilemma (lol, that sounds funny) because it really hit Amu more personally than any other thing she’s faced before. And the deeper the wound is, the stronger the immunity (should) be, right? Meaning, Lulu hurt Amu with her constant rejection to being friends with her and then this. But because Amu has been hurt by so many people before (not to mention, more seriously as well), Lulu is hardly going to be the last one she’s going to stop at. The fact that all this happened after Ikuto was kidnapped by Easter makes Amu even more protective of the ones who are being used by them. She’s already “lost” Ikuto to Easter. And on top of that, had hurt him as well. Her experience over that as well as regret really reinforces her current strength and determination on not to let the same thing happen over again.


This ties in with Tadase’s slight reaction very well (please tell me I wasn’t the only one who noticed).

Everyone was aware that Amu was on rather good terms with Lulu. And even when Lulu treated Amu in such a way, Amu still doesn’t give up. While Tadase, who has known Ikuto longer than Amu has known Lulu, didn’t pull through in believing like Amu did. And I think he feels a little ashamed about that. He claims that he wants to be stronger but now he realizes his personal grudge has been hindering himself from progressing all along.

It’s there alright. I can totally see it.

But while it’s all good that I keep getting these messages that Tadase is beginning to understand little by little where he went wrong, I’m also getting tired of seeing the same old thing being shown over and over again. Tadase gets a little sad and then brightens up and says “Yea! Let’s go save so-and-so!” I know it’s not really Satelight’s intention to do this as it isn’t the proper time for Tadase to reveal his family’s past with the Tsukiyomis which should have been done 10 episodes ago! D:<, but I can’t help but this undermines any further development on his part.

Tadase says that not saying anything is just the same as running away from the problem, and therefore, being too weak to face up to it. Though the Tadase right now isn’t really turning a blind eye at the issue, he’s not getting anywhere by still keeping quiet about his past. Right now, he’s putting up a fake prince image in the light of other things but because I can see that, it pisses me off. I’m not so mad at Tadase but I’m just mad that I haven’t seen any significant changes for a while. Yes, I know this is filler and that I desperately want my plot back but I can’t be the only one who’s frustrated! Tell me I’m not, eh!? D8<

*sigh* …And again, Rima saves it for me for just being sooooo awesome! <3

"Even though you forgot her name?" Rima~, if you get anymore awesome, I'll have to inscribe your name on everything I see. XD

Aww, Yoru’s been punished enough. Ignore Kiseki and let the poor kitty down for a drink. ;3;

Ugh, the only person (or Chara) who is second to having a reset development to Lulu is Kiseki. He’s so goddamn annoying when he acts so self-righteous. I don’t care if that’s how his personality is. If Tadase can get development, why the hell can’t Kiseki in becoming a more mature leader like what he’s supposed to be instead of a spoiled midget in bloomers? -_-;

Oh, and I so loved Pepe for scolding him. “Shut up and listen to her story, dammit!” XD Sometimes I really think Pepe deserves more love than what we give her. She’s a baby but she can act pretty grown up, too. Actually…she is pretty grown up if you put her next to the other Charas (perhaps even second to Dia). At least her laidback, chillin’ attitude towards most things gave me that sense of vibe.

Ohh~ Nobody can hate Nana in this episode because:

1) She came to the greenhouse…with a snack! Now that’s politeness! ^^
2) She tells the partial truth about the motive behind Lulu’s actions, stands up for her owner and just says she really wants to be of help to Lulu because she loves her. Aww~! <3
3) Nana is finally unsure of what to do with Lulu now that they found out that her mom is happy as the way she is. At least she's confused in the right way.

Aww, Nana~ <3

I guess I’m okay with Dia coming out but I still don’t like it very much. I mean, yea, Dia is the most level-headed out of everyone but if the other Charas were given a chance in consoling Nana with her problem, that would have succeeded as well. They just had to try a little harder.

But Dia came out of her egg so what can you do? *shrug* :/

Yes, add on more to the Pepe awesomeness.

“It’s alright. Dia probably heard everything from inside her egg.”

Pepe! I’ve always known you were smart but why have I failed to mention it until now?! *GLOMPS!* x3

Well, at least I can say that Dia’s lines were fitting for her. She’s so wise that it still surprises me. But it makes me happy all the same cuz…that just means Amu will be even more great when she comes closer to that part, ne? :D

Oh, but going back to Nana, I think it’s very refreshing to see a Chara confused about herself while also being confused about her owner. Nana has been dragged into Lulu’s ?-egg scheme for so long that she also forgot what it was like to be a Chara. Which in this case is totally reasonable cuz Lulu was the one who rubbed Nana off the wrong way first. And I think because of that, there was nothing to hold Lulu back while Nana was doing what she should be doing, supporting her owner in what she wanted to do (and what always kept yelling for her to do, “Do what you want!”). Again, she didn’t know she was supporting Lulu in the wrong direction but we’ve been through this before. It’s nothing new.

Lulu was cute as a kid. :3

Well, we finally get to see how Nana was born. I’m thinking a lot of people went “But that doesn’t tell us anything!” so I’ll just go into a rant about how that is not true.

We were always wondering what the hell was Nana suppose to be but we never really considered the thought that Nana didn’t really have to be anything specific. Nana was born as an accumulation of every aspiration Lulu had when she was a child. But instead of being born into separate personalities, Nana was just one egg. Now I can explain for this. When you’re at toddler’s age, you’re not going to think “Oh, I should be more cool and collected” as seriously as you would when you’re at age 12, ok? At least not under the circumstances where you’re financially well-off.

More often, the realistic way of going about “who I want to be” when you’re a kid would take the form of something like a career. A firefighter, librarian, some type of job. Nana represents Lulu’s wish to be whatever she wanted to be with no limits. Become a person who can do many things. Ever heard the term “jack-of-all-trades”? Yea, that image came to my mind.

Also, at the time, personality traits have not developed in Nana because Lulu was still too young to really understand how to be individual. When Amu found her eggs in her bed, Amu was already going through peer pressure and social imaging. There’s the difference. The reason why Nana is everything-in-one is that she is more of a desire than an actual dream. Or rather, you can say a desire for many tangible dreams.
The reason why Amu has four Charas is because she wasn’t sure of what kind of person she wanted to be, not just the job she wanted in the future.

So I’ll have to correct myself a little on the definition of a “would-be self”. Your naritai jibun is largely affected by the situation you’re in when your eggs appear before you. That will also determine if your Chara will simply be a representation of what you aspire to be when you grow up or of what you want to see change in your current self. A dream vs a wish. That’s the difference. Get it?
They are the same in that they are goals we set for ourselves but a dream is something we aim for attaining later on in our lives while a wish can be granted at any time in the present if it’s capable of being granted. And of course, a Chara can be both as well because the whole existence of Charas is pretty complex as it is. Therefore, we can’t just limit a Chara to being one thing and we can’t criticize Nana just because we don’t have any idea what she’s suppose to be. Nana is suppose to be many things that Lulu wants to be. A wish for many dreams. And that’s all. It doesn’t have to be narrowed down.

Too bad for Nana that Lulu has imposed self-restrictions on herself just like I thought she did. It’s funny because I always thought that being able to do all those activities she listed would make you more refined as a lady. It certainly isn’t pointless or childish in anyway to enjoy yourself. And here is Lulu, stuffed up inside the house and “studying” to become a stiff. Pfft.

No wonder why she fails at being a lady, too. You can’t just gain worldly knowledge from reading books and “helping around the house”. :P

Ok, this is not racial or anything are Japanese kids really so easily attracted to trinkets that can “grant your wish”? D/

I’ve seen this so many times and just can’t help but face palm at how…oh, I dunno, gullible (I guess?) they are on good luck charms. That or just desperate. -_-;

Stop copying my X-eggs! D<

And you don't even turn into anything evilly cute at all. You just become a bigger egg. Boring! xP

Ok, how the effin’ hell did she get up there in the first place?! D8/<

I liked this scene because Rima yelling at Amu to “Get your act together!” was f*ckin’ awesome as hell, yo! 8D

YES! I love it when I see Amu so determined and when the animation is actually not crappy at the same time! XDDDD Now if she were a little older and this were shounen, I would release one of my apocalyptic squeals (why yes, I have many, lol).

Ok, I don’t get it. You spent like 40 seconds on Yaya blabbering about Lulu’s parents but not enough time to spare for ending the transformation sequences properly?! You didn’t even have to draw anything new! *MAD* D8<

Utter lameness.

And just more Rima awesomeness. “Amu, we’ll hold them off. You do what you have to do!”

God, why is Rima PWN!-ING everyone in the quotes department today? <333


That’s all. :D

Random block people doing Bala-Balance routines are random.

But Rima’s face is priceless.

Oho~ If you can’t make Rima laugh, then you’re gonna get it. Comedy is no joke, bitches! >xD

I honestly thought Rima’s lines were more impressive than her attacks, which was the same as always. No flashy moves or anything. But it’s fine because Rima saying “Go and do some proper practice” so QUEEN-ly and formally is enough to make me scream with joy.


I find it kinda nice that even though Nana’s standing on the opposite of the good side, she’s not technically with Lulu at the moment either. I mean, she is but not really. Add the fact that she’s defending Lulu while standing right next to her made me think it was very sweet. Nana is protecting Lulu but she also doesn’t want Lulu to continue what she’s doing. She’s in a pinch at what to do but she makes it clear that she’s always going to stand right by Lulu.

OMG YES! No new Chara-nari for Amu then! xD;

And here’s the part where Amu makes complete sense and Lulu is just going off about what she thinks.

I like Amu’s speech, too, because in no way has Amu ever claimed to understand anyone like so many has accused her of if she really didn’t understand what they had gone through at all. What Amu is using to try to get through the people she has to save is what she’s seeing right before her own eyes at this very moment. She is not full of shallow, goody goody peptalk. She’s just extremely concerned when the person right before her is turning into something she knows they’re not suppose to be.

And taking a step further with Lulu’s mom, Amu even understands her better than Lulu does. To Lulu, for her mother to shine meant that her mother had to be an internationally-acclaimed actress. To Amu, it doesn’t really take a lot to shine as long as you’re happy with who you are right now. Add onto it that Lulu’s mom was even more happy with just being with Lulu. I think that was what really brought everything crashing back from hysteria for Lulu.

Yes, I do believe that Lulu also realizes what she’s done wrong, too, after what Amu said to her. But she has been striving for this goal so long that if she just admitted defeat, then something’s not right. That’s why Lulu continues to dwell in self-denial. Because she’s afraid of being wrong. She’s afraid that what she thought would make her mother truly happy would be called wrong, that all the efforts and feelings she put into searching for the Embryo would be called wrong.

At least I can understand that she doesn’t want to throw all that away so easily. Even if what you’ve done isn’t the right thing, you don’t want to feel that everything you’ve done is all going to waste. You don’t want everything you’ve done to be for nothing, you know? Because Lulu really did try hard for something, you can’t deny that.

And because she’s gone so crazy (as crazy as a magical girl show will let someone get) and desperate that she can’t really bring herself to let that all go. Right now, Lulu’s unstable. So she clings onto the idea of her being right even tighter by pulling a whammy on her own self in order to beat the Guardians and through that way, reassure herself that she hasn’t misinterpreted everything. That what she was doing was still the right thing to do for her mom.

Oi, what a lost child. @.@;

Poor Nana. ;___;

So yea, I’m totally going to break the mood cuz those two eggs look ready to sandwich her. xD;

All in all, the ep met my standards. *nodnod* I’m satisfied. :D


My impression was an Ursula gone…right? D8

But it suits Lulu’s character, I guess? In all its flamboyancy and jewel decorativeness and such. At least she’s not obese and walking on tentacles. :P

Pfft, watch. Lulu’s ?-Chara-nari name is going to have something to do with “Gem”. And if I’m goddamn right, then I want somebody to pay me $10! >8D

As for her actual Chara-nari, I guess we’ll have to see if it shows up or if she’s just going to get purified.

But whatever cuz KYAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! MOAR RIMAHIKO!!! Yes yes yes! *runs around the room screaming* xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Happy end is so obvious but I’m looking forward to next week’s episode anyway. And then the preview after that. Wonder what that’s going to be about. :/

Oh god, we’re almost at 100. Are we ever going to finish the Ikuto arc properly?! T_T <– Make up for no Ikuto angsting today.

Mmkay, I'll stop here then. They're reinstalling the router so I probably won't get back to commenting and replying until later. God, I hope they don't take the whole day or leave me with no internet tomorrow. I'll hurt them cuz still have stuff to do! Dx

But yea, laterz. ^^


7 thoughts on “Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 88

  1. KYAAAAAAAAAAA, I loved this episode so much. And when I saw that RimaHiko moment in the preview, I kneeeew you were gonna love that >8D Ahahaha, sorry for such a small comment but I’m gonna go read more SC manga nao.

  2. I just love the screen-cap that’s: PLATINUM ROYAL, DEAR BABY, CLOWN DROP, AMULET HEART….. and Nagi..
    Ha!! Learn from that un-funny robot look liking dream comedians!!! NEVER fail at a joke in front of Comedy God Rima~
    And YES!!!! That was one of the best ‘preveiw’ moments it made my day~~~ cute Rimahiko moments Satelight you now understand what makes me want to watch a Lulu episode [the pain taken away by IkutoxAmu, KukaixUtau or NagixRima or generally just Utau, Ikuto and Rima~] *on fangirl high, yes I do fangirl at the slightest things*.
    I have re-inforced hatred of Lulu she’s so caught up in what she wants to happen she can’t see that her mum is perfectly happy!! It’s just stupid and selfish.

  3. I liked this episode, too. Maybe I’m just getting content with the smaller stuff, too. But I thought that for a filler ep, even if the animation wasn’t up to par, it was pretty darn good. I actually like Lulu now. :/ I might be crazy but I think she’s grown a lot in terms of character development, and I don’t even mind having her around that much. If she sticks around it wouldn’t bother me (as long as she doesn’t change the plot in any major way, mind you). I mean, Rima was a bitch and Utau was a bitch, but now both of them are kinder. People are way too quick to judge and then don’t want to change their opinions (hey, like Lulu!) when they should.

    I’m glad Lulu’s mother turned the movie down, and I think that on some level Lulu suspects that’s what her mom did. I think there was something that made Lulu’s mom leave the big movie scene; either she was tired of it or there was something else. You’re right, though, it’s good to see that the move wasn’t PURELY for Lulu, it was also for both of her parents. And I don’t see her going back to France, either, although I’m not sure she’ll become part of the main cast. I think she’ll eventually have less screen time than Utau.

    Yeah, I think both the Kairi and Ikuto situations had a big impact with how Amu handled the situation. Because Amu is way closer to Ikuto than she was to Kairi and Lulu, so it was harder for her to handle it when Ikuto hurt her. The situation with Kairi is more similar to the Lulu one, but Amu was a lot more careful with what she said to Lulu this time around. She was more restrained, I found. All of that experience – Amu KNOWS how bad Easter is and she wants to save Lulu from suffering that fate. She knows that Lulu is being used by them, and that Lulu won’t benefit from her work with them. It must have really hurt her to find yet another friend after Ikuto, Utau, and Kairi, who is being manipulated and stolen by Easter.

    Aw, I always enjoy seeing Dia around. She’s my absolute fav out of all the charas; seeing her always makes me smile. I think that although the charas could have come to the same conclusion, Dia did for Nana what Amu will later do for Lulu, so it makes sense. Dia is after all about the clarification of yourself and learning how to shine, which is essentially what she helped Nana learn how to help Lulu to do.

    WTF? I thought that scene told us exactly what Nana stands for and how Lulu’s dream became distorted and lost. Lulu wanted to be a lot of things when she was younger; Nana basically stands for the freedom to be whatever she wanted. But when Lulu began focusing so much on being the ‘perfect’ lady, she began confining herself to just a couple of things. So she slipped off of her path of being, as you said, a jack-of-all-trades. I agree on the difference between Amu and Lulu. Amu wasn’t sure what kind of person she wanted to be, but Lulu always knew that she wanted to be a lady. People who have more than one chara seem to have trouble reconciliating all the aspects of their personality (Utau with her soft and hard side, Nagi with his girl and boy side, Amu with her outgoing, artistic, girly sides). Lulu just wanted to try a bunch of different careers. Big difference there.

    Lulu sure is stubborn. I think by the end of the show she had just gone so far that she really couldn’t back down. She just didn’t know how. Lulu has pushed herself onto following just one path instead of the many that she originally wanted to follow. Admitting that this path was the wrong one means, for her, that everything she’s worked towards for the past few years doesn’t mean anything, that it was wrong. That’s hard to come to terms with. And I think that it would also mean admitting that she doesn’t know where to go or what to do, and for someone proud like Lulu, again that’s hard to admit. I thought this scene was very well done, with how Lulu chose to put the necklace on because she couldn’t see any other way.

    Lulu’s ?-chara nari looks pretty! I like the look of it (what we can see so far anyway). And yaaay, Rimahiko moment. Lawl, I knew we’d all catch that in the previews (swear Satelight reads your guys’ blogs). I think we will finish the Ikuto arc properly. SC is still REALLY popular so it would genuinely surprise me if they just slapped on a rushed ending. I think that they’re doing to end up going for a half-third season that’s like 26 episodes or something like that, myself. There’s definitely enough demand for it; it’s not like the fans wouldn’t stick around to watch it.

  4. The end of the episode, where Lulu ?-tama’d herself was really well done. I think that, considering she is a filler character, it was quite emotional.

    Amu’s speech to Lulu was good too, because it was really what you’d honestly say to someone; Amu doesn’t really know the whole truth of Lulu’s circumstances, so she just sticks to what she has observed and honestly states what’s she’s seen. She rationalises the situation and doesn’t preach to Lulu in a sugary manner.

  5. I liked this episode. I have a feeling that the Lulu filler arc is going to end real soon. Then we can get back to the main plot(Ikuto!). For once I actually liked Lulu and Nana unlike the other filler episodes. I also can’t wait ’till the next episode. I really want to know what’s going to happen with a ?-egg transformation for once(mostly because it’s Lulu’s and it’ll end the Lulu arc). I noticed that small Rimahiko scene in the preview for next week’s episode too.

    Another thing is that they didn’t have that long boring nekkid girl glow transformations. Well… it wasn’t as long as the other ones. That was good. Those things take up most of the episode. Explanitory and brief.

  6. DreamofSoul: *squeals with you* It’s been a while since we got some proper Rimahiko so who wouldn’t be excited? Hehe ^^


    thebutterflygirl: I’m sorry but even if I do agree with what you like, I don’t appreciate a comment where it’s all about what a fan wants, there is hardly any attempt to try and understand the current episode and shallow settlement on what you hate.


    Chibi-san: You’re not crazy at all. In fact, I’m glad you said that cuz I also agree Lulu has come at least some way in development. And I was starting to feel a little alone among all the anti-Lulu fans who just hate her because she’s a filler. They don’t really try to understand her more than that. And in all honesty, Lulu isn’t hard to understand at all because she’s rather shallow compared to the main cast. :P
    You’re definitely right about people judging too quickly (ha, seems like everyone does that a lot these days) and sticking to it for so long. Which means…almost everyone is just like the person they hate. Everyone’s a Lulu then? *gets slapped by thousands of raging fans* xD;

    I’m pretty sure I won’t mind Lulu after this either. Plus she’s not someone so major enough to change the plot so I don’t think we’ll have to be worried about that.
    As for her being part of the main cast…eh. If she dishes out her scoop on Easter and leaves after, then that’s enough help from her for me. I don’t have to take her seriously then because she’s an extra.

    Ohh! I’m glad you worded that so well in a way I didn’t even think about. “Restrained.” With Kairi, Amu was still doing her role as the heroine in believing in him despite his betrayal but at the same time, she has never been so personally affected by Easter. By Utau, yes, because Utau came directly at Amu but not so much Easter until she witnessed Ikuto being brainwashed right before her very eyes (the ep where Utau told them about her and Ikuto’s past really brought that closer as well). And I agree, regardless of how long Amu’s known someone or whoever they are, Amu would never want anyone to fall into Easter’s manipulation. I think a lot of people are missing that message here. That or they’re just simply thinking “Yea, Amu’s going to do her job in saving others”. Yea, alright. I guess it could be worst. *sigh*

    I like seeing Dia, too, and I agree with you on how Dia giving advice to Nana will parallel Amu giving advice to Lulu later on (lol, so Dia is the Amu among the Charas) but…I dunno. I guess this one was just to satisfy the fans more than anything else. Since Dia did rank as #1 in a Nakayoshi poll on most favorite Chara. :/

    Well, I’m sure people who don’t like them both as is still just want to jump at the chance about how it doesn’t make sense to them (it won’t if they bother to try themselves, \P).
    Anyways, I like how you pointed this out in other characters having difficulty coming to terms with their multiple personality traits. It just proves that Amu isn’t the only one who’s struggling. Lulu’s struggle, however, is not so much on a different level. Just on a different field. And one I think most people would relate to more because everybody is always think about their future, no?

    *nodnod* I couldn’t agree more with what you said (but I’m trying cuz you make it sound so much more organized than I could, lol). I also think that Lulu continues to stick to her own false idea of being right because she wants some justice in all the frustration and anger she felt. If someone just made it all easier on her, then it’s kind of like getting $5 for doing some big chore where you think you would get $20. Not really the greatest example but that’s what came to my mind. ^^;

    Wow, we’ve never actually got a positive comment about a ?-Charanari before, have we? xD I think it’s owed a lot to Nana’s elegance…or her dress, anyway. Haha.
    I think Satelight has been keeping up with our blogs, too. That or they fear my branding iron. *pokes it through the fire* 8D
    Satelight can’t afford to do a bad ending because if they did, their ratings would drop. They probably already ruined it with so many fillers so the only way to redeem themselves is to close the Ikuto arc like how it should be closed off. By the manga plot. And I am certainly not against a shorter third season if that’d be the case. Which I’m sure it will be because…I have mai branding iron, after all. xDDD;; I’ll have to put off retirement to a little later but I’m fine with that, too. Lol xD


    cookie-san: I agree. The inner conflict was so evident on her face that I just liked everything about it almost instantly. ^^

    YES! Thank you for saying that! I’m so glad there are wonderful people like you who understand that it’s not just Amu simply doing her magical girl job! THANK YOU! xD


    Rin: Last week’s episode already spelled the end for Lulu’s arc. Let’s just hope it stays that way.

    Eh, I see what you mean by the nekkidness but I wanted to see the finishing touches more than anything for once. :/

  7. I’ve liked these past two episodes too (though, I won’t lie, I have missed Ikuto, but the brief mentions of him by Yoru keep me pacified.)

    I didn’t really think of Lulu as a bitch, she handled her anger and frustration quite well for a twelve year old. There was no tantrum (per se) and she collected herself fairly quickly. Plus, everyone (especially kids) have had times when they’ve just needed space and, when said space wasn’t given to them, exploded and said things they shouldn’t have (or done things they shouldn’t have.) Gosh, you still see things like this happening with college students…and when they get to that age and get like that (for stupid reasons) that when the bitch comment actually works…>.> Not when the character is a twelve year old girl who is very lost and confused (no matter if is a filler character or not.)

    Personally, I think everyone needs a bitchy friend or two (I know I have them!) For the most part, when Lulu and Amu were hanging out they got along and Lulu was actually really nice to Amu, but Lulu knows how to be bitchy (just like how Utau does too.) This is good. When people like Amu (or me) are too nice for their own good and they just need that slight bitchy-ness, but are incapable of being that way…that’s when those friends become very useful. Trust me, I’ve learned this! Or, sometimes, they aren’t really being bitchy…you just have an older sister/younger sister relationship with them. I have one of those. We have a little spat every year, but then we get over it in a day and are good friends again. So, yeah, that’s my thought on Amu and her choices in friends. Plus, no one in the world is a saint, and thus hardly any anime characters are as well, so I just see this as another realistic factor added to the show. ^^

    I understand completely what you are saying about the Charas and Amu. And it is a very complex thing to understand. I swear, Shugo Charas in general are complex and I still haven’t figured out everything when it comes to them! (Secretly I’m glad about this, I like challenges! =P)

    Oh, and you brought up another point here that I wanted to elaborate a bit on…I love the fact that Amu isn’t such a torn crybaby when it comes to her love life. She’s gotten upset about her love life before, but the reasons and situations were valid. For example, the whole event that took place right before Ikuto left and let himself get captured by Easter. She was horribly upset at Ikuto, but she had every right to be, he was behaving like a jerk and, even though his intentions were good, she didn’t know that at the time. And, even though Amu gets blinded by her fangirling for Tadase sometimes, she is still very young, so it doesn’t bother me as much, and she has also had plenty of moments when she just saw Tadase for who he was (usually these were friendship building moments.) This aspect of Amu’s character makes me like her more, and it also makes Shugo Chara more appealing for me to read (and Yuuki’s lack of this in Vampire Knight is one of the reasons why (even though I still read it simply to finish it) the manga has come to annoy me beyond all reason.) A little fickleness is okay, and I can understand it, but some Shoujo ‘heroine’s’ are just ridiculous! I’m glad Amu is not one of them. : ) I wonder if it is because of her age…?

    That is a wonderful smile! ::Huggles Amu as well::

    I had a feeling Lulu’s mother was going to turn down the movie offer. She seems to be having fun in Japan, and she wanted that fun atmosphere to reach her daughter as well, but like you said, it’s nice to see that Lulu’s mother had some of her own wishes put into the move as well. Mother’s tend to be very patient and selfless (at least, this is the experience I’ve had with my own mother) and they deserve to be selfish sometimes, it’s only fair.

    It seems to me that Lulu’s mother likes being on camera, but prefers to be in people’s homes rather than on the big screen. She likes seeing people happy. She likes seeing people laughing and having fun, entertaining people, but not necessarily in a comedian-esque way. I’ll get into this some more later, when I get to the part on Lulu and how she thinks she is right.

    Ah, and I totally agree with what you wrote about Lulu here. She’s like the kid in class that you don’t like, or a friend of a friend that you aren’t very fond of. In both of these cases, said person won’t go away, you have to deal with them whether you like them or not, it’s a part of growing up. It’s much better to simply accept their exists and deal with it, rather than get annoyed every time they show up and try to fight the fact that they exist. I, personally, never really had that many problems with Lulu; I knew that this was a Mahou Shoujo series when I got into it, so I knew that there was a possibility of something like this happening. And, really, even if she does stick around, which I think she probably will, as a villain character Satelight rarely used her. So I’m of the belief that we will probably get some cameos of her throughout the rest of the series (and, if there is another season, then just some cameos of her throughout that too.) Nothing big or major or story/life-altering, of course, this is just an assumption on my part, but I think it has a good possibility of happening.

    I sighed at this part, when Lulu couldn’t accept the fact that what she was doing was not for her mother, but for what she thought was what her mother wanted. Stubborn, bull-headed, they are the same. Nevertheless, I find that this trait is rather common in human beings in general, so I don’t see any fuss with Utau and Lulu sharing this trait. No one likes to be wrong.

    Though, I have to say, Lulu’s stubbornness is closer to stupidity than Utau’s was, because, like you said, Utau had some actual truths in what she was saying. Also, Utau was stubborn because she was trying to save someone (Ikuto), and Ikuto really was/is in need of saving, she was just going about it the wrong way. That’s what she was being stubborn about, her way of going about saving her brother, not the fact that her brother needed saving…because he does. Lulu just got everything wrong! XD Her mother is perfectly happy with her life at the moment, so Lulu’s motivation behind her actions have no grounding, and she’s going about everything in the wrong way, which would upset her mother. So, she just get’s EPIC FAIL all around. Since she is a fictional character though, the only ones you can blame for this are the creators and directors, though, at the same time, this does give me a laugh! =P

    Oh, and while girls can be crazy, I have found that men can be just as illogical as females. Since it is, in fact, Father’s Day, I won’t go too much into this…but my father is a man that sees things as black and white, his way or no way, and can be really stubborn…that he gets to the level of Lulu! O.O; And I shall leave it at that (though I do love and adore my father, he can be too much at times…-o-)

    Yaya’s listing probably was to waste time. I didn’t find it funny either, though I was amazed by how fast Yaya talked! That was some speed talking! o.o!

    Rima’s bluntness is refreshing! ^^

    Yoru really did have that coming to him! xD Though, I must say, that whole scene was cute and funny. Also, I think this scene says a lot about how much the relationship between the other Charas and Yoru have progressed. If this same thing had happened earlier on in the show (I’m even talking about Shugo Chara (not Doki) here) then Yoru’s treatment would have been way worse. And, even though Kiseki’s character really hasn’t evolved all that much (and he is the least favorite Chara for me (Nana tops him!)) he still changed a little. Just a very tiny, tiny bit though. He let Yoru live after all…Okay, just kidding, but you get what I’m saying. It’s nice to see the Charas (all of them) getting along! ^.^

    I’ll just say your right about Rima’s voice and her slight anger and…stuff. I didn’t really pick up on any of that, but I wasn’t really listening for it either, so…yeah. ^^;

    Can I just say that I agree with you here when you talk about Amu’s determination to save Lulu AND when you talk about Tadase? I noticed that look on his face too. I also think his voice had a little hint of something in it too, but I really can’t remember that well, so I won’t say that’s for certain. Also, you’re not the only one who’s slightly frustrated in the lack of change in Tadase with these fillers, I am, and I’m sure others are too.

    Lol! xD I cracked a smile here! I can never remember people’s last names (in fact, people are better off not even telling me their last name!) Luckily, since the name order is switched in Japan, I’ll be able to remember people’s last names instead of their first names…which is really, really good… -_- Anyway, I can relate to Yaya here, kinda, but Rima’s line here was just great! : D

    I was thinking the same thing here, “Let Yoru down, now!” I’m glad that they did. You know that Kiseki is all talk and that the other Charas don’t take him seriously at all. I already wrote my bit on Kiseki before (but I must say, spoiled midget in bloomers…That’s just hilarious! XDDD)

    I loved Pepe here too! Really, they never show her enough, that’s why we never get the chance to really like and appreciate her (though, as I think back on it, I’ve always liked whenever Pepe’s said something.) And, I find it odd, like you, that Pepe’s very adult like in her thinking, then again, that could just be her being childish and “not caring”, so to say, but the way she presents this indifference is in a very mature fashion.

    I also find the relationship between Kiseki and Pepe to be rather strange. We, as fans, have come to accept the thought that the relationships the Charas have with each other are the reflections of the relationships that their owners’ have with each other. For example, the way Miki used to have crushes on Kiseki and Yoru (something which has been placed on the back burner in both the anime and manga), just like Amu with Ikuto and Tadase. But then we have this odd relationship between Kiseki and Pepe. Kiseki says something egotistical and stupid, and then you have Pepe shutting Kiseki up with common sense and maturity. It’s rather opposite that of their owners and, really, it seems to be a relationship that they’ve had for quite a while, since Pepe’s been telling Kiseki off since the beginning of Shugo Chara.

    This relationship is not a reflection of the one that exists between Tadase and Yaya, then again, we have had more interaction between Kairi and Yaya than we’ve had between Tadase and Yaya, so I can say this with 100 percent certainty. But, from what we know of their personalities the relationship that Kiseki and Pepe have is definitely not a reflection of the relationship Tadase and Yaya have. So, this was a relationship formed solely between these two Charas, which I find extremely interesting, since it gives me another insight into how Charas work. It proves the fact that Charas are individual characters, with distinct personalities, and that they do change and grow over time. I like that conclusion a great deal, gives the Charas an interesting factor that I’ve never took the time to really notice before.

    I adored Nana this episode! <333 Basically for all the reasons that you stated and because I never really had that much of an issue with her, I got more annoyed with Lulu at times, but never with Nana. Nana was always cooler than Lulu and certainly had more sense. Also, I knew that most of the time Nana was just doing what Lulu told her, even when she knew that what Lulu was doing was both wrong and stupid.

    I just sighed when Dia came out. Like you said, there isn’t much that we can do about this, and they handle it well whenever they show Dia, so I’m not bothered by it that much.

    My love for Pepe grew with this episode! <3

    Everything you wrote about Nana; about her being confused on what it means to be a Chara, how she came to be, and etc. I agree with every bit of it, and found it all quite fascinating to read. Charas, how they are born and why they are born, is a very complex subject, but interesting nonetheless.

    Ah, I kinda have an answer for this one! Japanese people are more attracted to things such as charms and talismans, because they aren’t as religious as people in Western societies. What I mean by that is, while it’s true that the Japanese have many traditions and etc. that they still go by and celebrate, and that they have the Shinto and/or Buddhist religions, they don’t have a religion similar to Christianity. The amount of Christians in Japan is somewhere around 2 to 5 percent, I really can’t remember which one, but basically, it’s a very low percentage. And the other, much, much larger percentage of Japan is Shinto, Buddhist, or both. It’s not uncommon in Japan for the traditions and whatnot of these two religions to be interchanged with each other. For example, clapping before making a prayer, this is a trait of the Shinto religion and is meant to awaken the sleeping spirits found in everything from the rocks and trees to the sky above, yet it is not uncommon to see Japanese people clap their hands at a Buddhist temple before making a prayer, even though this is not apart of that religion.]

    The Japanese don’t make much of a fuss when it comes to religion. This means that the Japanese are more prone to and accepting of such things as talismans and charms, and it is why people like Nobuko Saeki are so popular. Meanwhile, in Western societies, religion plays a more substantial part in the way people think and believe, more so than many would like to admit. Chiristainty and other such religions make “magic” and things related to “magic” out to be bad. Thus, people brought up with these values are less prone to magical gems that can grant wishes.

    Finally, and I think this goes more for the United States than it does for anywhere else, the lack of tradition found in some Western societies makes the belief in scientific knowledge more acceptable. This leads to skeptisim when it comes to magical charms of any kind, because people with belief in science will be more likely to think that buying such things is a waste of money and etc. And, even though Japan is highly advanced in technology, they still have many links to the more mythical past through their many traditions and festivals and such, unlike in America and other Western societies.

    I remember reading about Japan and their ties to religion when I was doing a paper first semester last year for my college class: History of Traditional Asian. I did it on Shinto, and so, I read up on a lot of books that dealt with the Japanese, their traditions, and how they view religion, magic, and etc. So, there you go, there’s your answer. Phew, that took a lot out of me! =.=

    Getting back to Shugo Chara…I rolled my eyes when the ?-eggs started behaving like X-eggs, and than I face/palmed when I saw that they only became a bigger ?-egg. How boring is right! .-.

    Ya know what? I didn’t even think to ask how Lulu ended up there. That is a good question, though I won’t even bother to think of an answer, since I know it won’t be a good one…

    That line by Rima was awesome! *.*

    Ah, Amu’s determined face is extremely well done! ::Clap, clap::

    Meh, I didn’t really care that they didn’t draw the end of the transformation sequences. I like it when they mix things up and really, as much as I do like and appreciate Tadase’s character, I’d rather not see Platinum Royal in all its frilly glory. The less I see it, the happier I am. Poor Tadase, I still can’t believe that Peach-Pit made an outfit like that for him. There were better ways of keeping the princely image of Tadase and still have him transform…all those frills were not necessary…T.T

    Ah well, that’s a dead topic anyway. Moving on, Rima did pwn here, though I’m surprise you didn’t have a screen cap of Nagi holding off the attacks with his cape! Now that was pure pwn-age! *0*

    I concur: lol.

    The black block people doing Bala-Balance really was random, but Rima was wonderful here. Oh, and when she said that she wasn’t amused…I felt slightly scared. Her lines were more impressive than her attacks. Then again, Shugo Chara really only has Amu’s attacks upgrade, which I’m perfectly fine with.

    Go Nana! (^^)o You said all the right things about her. It must be so tough to go against your owner, but protect them at the same time. To be by their side, but not completely…and, well, yeah. You know what I mean. It must be really, really, tough, so I’m uber proud of Nana. ^^

    After watching Sailor Moon Stars not that long ago, I have to say, Amu’s pep talk is much more substantial and believable than Usagi’s. Of course, when I was younger Usagi’s (or Serena’s) pep talks were wonderful and spot on, I’m glad to see that the Mahou Shoujo genre has improved over the years! XD Amu’s speech was amazing.

    Ah, and I agree with you that Amu knows Lulu’s mother better than Lulu knows her. Then again, this happens a lot. Usually one needs an outsider’s perspective, because said outsider will not be blinded in anyway by previous knowledge, assumptions, or etc. This is exactly what happens here; Amu is able to see how brightly Lulu’s mother shines and how happy she is. It was a beautiful scene and speech. ^_^

    Yes, yes, Lulu does know that what she is doing is wrong. You can see it in her eyes. She’s conflicted, lost, and confused. Not a good combination at all. But, she’ll find her way in the end, with some help from Amu. Ah, and I agree with you on the trying hard part. If I was Lulu I would have a hard time accepting that everything I had been doing, and everything that I had been thinking, had been wrong. She put a lot of time and effort into what she did, seeing it all go to waste would be a shame. Of course, looking from the outside in, we can see that not everything went to waste and that Lulu will learn from her mistakes and become a better person than she was before. That is also in hindsight too, though. =P

    I felt bad for Nana here too! T^T

    Lolz! XDD I didn’t even notice that it looked like those two eggs were going to squash her! Go ahead and break the mood, it was too good not to.

    Preview Time!

    I…didn’t think of Ursula…I wish I had! >3.).

    RIMAHIKO!! <333 I noticed that too, and the moment I noticed it, I knew you and FuyuMaiden would have a field day. Though, I must say, this makes next week’s episode one that I’m really looking forward to now. Yeah know, now the sundae has a cherry on top! ^.~

    I like happy endings, so meh! =P Ah, I wonder what the preview for next week is going to be too. And I hope, I sincerely hope, that they can wrap up Ikuto’s arc properly. Alas, I don’t think they will. From what I’ve heard there is going to be 101 episodes, that means we’ll have 11 episodes. That may be enough for Ikuto’s arc alone, but not enough to wrap up the series properly. I suspect that there will be another, shorter, season announced. There better be anyway, because I don’t want this anime to end on a flop!

    Anyway, take care (and good luck with your computer, I hope it didn’t give you any trouble with the internet!) (^^)o

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