SoMT Discussions 03 & Moe Spotlight: Rima! (VK)


RimaRimaRima! x333

A big THANK YOU to our lovely judge, kanzeon, for providing me with this beautiful image (thank you, hun! I <3 you!). I swear I was about go on a mini-rampage for not being able to find any (yes, stress the “ANY”) decent pic of Rima. Then again, I had to remind myself that Rima was just a secondary character in VK but still~ …*sigh* She really deserves more great images than the few ones I’ve seen. And she’s a model, too. *doesn’t bother to remember what the other vampires do* :P

Our third discussion into the game concerns emo-ing. Haa~ How appropriate to go with VK. Though I would never associate Rima with emo cuz she’s way too cool for that (Rima, you’re awesome~ <3) but I find everybody else in VK who isn't psychotic at least 78% composed of blobby angst. Blergh…

…which was part of the reason what inspired this post plus I can’t help but think how it fitted with this week in particular, hmm…. I noticed that we often talked a lot about the brighter side of moe. Including but not limited to genki-ness, blushing, etc. The general fluff that would make us go “Aww~” or “kyaa~, so cute!” and smiley and such.

But let’s turn around for a moment to focus on the opposite.

What about the negative emotions? Angst, crying, sadness, sense of loss, anger, jealousy, you name it. How do those affect moe, particularly shoujo? Does it look good? Does it turn you off? Can it go both ways?


Ooooh~ That’s a really interesting question ^^. Angst can be seen by everyone in different ways. It can annoy people, but most of the time, when a character expresses a sad emotion, we often feel sympathy, or say “daaawww~” much. I think those particular factors can sometimes be moe.

On sadness and the sense of loss a character expresses sadness, especially if what she lost is even just from the simplest of things (like i.e. a balloon XD) and then she goes… “Nuuu~ >__<", Isn't that cute??? :D Lol. In my own opinion, it makes a shoujo character more "moe" in terms of expressing her sadness is when she's not emo over romance, but because of an object. And yeah, I'm a sadist and I enjoy seeing those XD. /kidding~

About anger and jealousy, it varies very much. Because there is a shallow anger that has blushes or tsun which is kinda cute, but there is a kind of anger that makes a character look more off as bitter, which is so not moe at all~.

Also, what are those beautiful crystal-like shoujo eyes for when nothing literally comes out of it, right? And most of all, it is definitely MOE when a character shows her vulnerability. ^^


Angst and overall sadness or negative feelings are moe. Not on their own of course and like with everything about a moe girl, everything shouldn’t be done in overwhelming doses. Though…especially with negative feelings actually. Most of the world gets annoyed with straight-up emo. No one really likes that. It’s okay if a girl has a reason to get upset, of course, but in those cases we usually don’t say they’re being emo, do we? Unless it’s kind of reasonable, but we just get sick of the drama. (Not naming names, but I’m sure everyone has something that comes to mind)

Right away though I have to hop on jealousy, which is totally moe because it goes hand in hand with tsundere. A jealous tsunderekko makes my world. And as a shipper, I just love jealousy anyway, especially with tsundere because it’s the giveaway for the stubborn girl that she’s actually in love. So cute.

Though jealousy, again much like tsundere, pisses me off when it goes over that limit. That limit into self-entitled “I’m better than you” bitch land. Then it completely sucks. Add it to an already bitchy ojou-sama and it sucks so bad!!! But small doses are cute. The perfect example would be when a girl gets “competitive” with someone else, but can also associate with them regularly.

Anger…can also be cute if it’s done right. In fact one thing very loosely associated with anger is what I call “srsness” which is adorable seriousness which is not really serious at all because it’s too adorable. If you don’t know what I mean, see Rima from Shugo Chara! because this is one of the things I love most about her. She’s also a great example for jealousy~ So cute that girl~

But to get back on track and to sum it up: it’s the same with everything involved in moe. Some can be good, but there’s a limit until it becomes annoying. Though…expecially with all of that angst and negativity. People want fluff in their moe! (oh and I also want to say that in shoujo, crying may not be moe, but 98% of the time it is darn pretty)


Oh this mindset is quite hard considering how these things are responsible for making moe unique for each character. Actually scratch that…I don’t think I’m in the position to say how these negativities can affect shoujo moe and everything, mainly because I have a limited scope of all things moe that most fan girls (and in some cases, fan boys) are probably aware of…either that or I’m just too oblivious to them. So I’m going to speculate a little bit. Assuming shoujo moe characters do possess these darker qualities, I don’t think I would mind at all because it’s probably because of those traits that I’d consider them moe in the first place. So I guess crying, sadness, anger, and what-nots are okay for me…until I was reminded that too much of anything (regardless how good they are) will eventually turn out bad. So to answer your question, these anti-positive traits actually boost up shoujo moe to a certain degree, and at a certain amount. Any more and I’ll be probably get turned off and shun a potentially moe character as anything but. A good example of this in my opinion, would be Akira Todou of Special A. She would have been moe for me if she wasn’t overdosed with EMO (or maybe EMO’s not the right word).

Hmm…lol, I’m beginning to think that EMO is some kind of moe medication (with all the “doses” and everything). xD;

Back to seriousness, though, I really don’t have anything more to add to all that awesomeness right there. *gestures grandly at the awesomeness* I pretty much agree with everything. If moe has to be done under solemn circumstances, then it should be done in the right light (I leik mai moe well-done, kthx :D). For me, overdose of emo = a huge chance for me to poke fun, laugh harshly and just be downright MEAN at said girl. But who can blame me? I can only stand pathetic-ness for only so long. And now I don’t know where this is going anymore so what’s your opinion on this topic? xD;

Also, slightly off-topic but did anyone ever notice that EMO can be an anagram of MOE? 8D;


Moe Spotlight

Finally, our third Moe Spotlight as well as our first special Judge’s Selection (chosen by the FIERCE! kanzeon) is…

Rima from Vampire Knight!

As much of you can probably surmise from my previous tone with VK, I’m not a fan of the series and am just loosely following it to amuse myself when I’m bored. Naturally, if I didn’t have much of a high opinion of the main characters, then I am seldom going to bother with the side ones. Yea, yea, they’re all pretty and bishie-fied bloodsuckers, big whoop. I’ve read enough vampire-centric plots to last me more than a life time. VK being one of the most unoriginal ones.

Rima and Shiki, however, left me at least a good impression for being…cool and different from the rest of the vampires but the thought that Rima was moe didn’t really cement into my brain until after we got to a certain point in the manga that I went “…ooooo! O.O *pointpointpoint*” And I have a clip to show that later. Eheh~ :D

I have to give a lot of credit to kanzie, too, for always supporting ShiMa on her blog (ShiMa~ <3). Otherwise, I would have overlooked Rima completely. Usually I wouldn't cuz I tend to like secondary characters (add on who get little to no appearances :P) more if the main ones bore the hell out of me but since VK is generally bleh anyways…yea.

Ok, enough of my ramblings! Judges! Your thoughts!


Ever wonder if there’s a character that can pull off moe without even expressing or doing anything? Ohohoho~ Then you might wanna know this intelligent beauty from Vampire Knight. Rima Touya has the blonde, the twintails, and that certified cooldere that makes her absolutely fierce~ Hell yeah she’s fierce moe from head to toe~!

I am definitely enthusiastic about Rima being in the Moe Spotlight because Rima might only be a supporting character in VK, but she instantly become my favorite girl in the series by showing that she is not annoying and she totally doesn’t belong to the typical. She’s full of class and she has that “in-your-face” cooldere moe. The way she carries herself with elegance, is a really clean and fabulous way of showing that this girl has the shoujo moe. You can just ask her Shiki~ XD, who’s totally attached to her. It’s already a proof that Rima’s irresistable~ Her only downfall might be her lack of popularity, since Rima only gathered a few screentime in the manga and the series, but imo, all those screentime just made VK more cool.

If you think that almost every character in shoujo is yet another “we’ve seen it already!” -girl, then Rima stands for herself along with a few others. Totally made of awesome and FIERCE moe, Rima Touya totally has it, she’s bringing something new AND awesome to shoujo-moe.


I really just want to say that Rima from Vampire Knight is moe and be done with it because all in all I’m not sure why she’s moe. It’s like her appearance alone does it. Pigtails and twintails are just generally their own form of moe if I remember correctly. Plus you look at any image of Rima and…well it’s just there!

Hmm, I should probably be honest and say everything from VK slips my mind like ten minutes after I finish reading it (though Rima has a longer stay…when she actually gets enough time), so I’m probably not doing her justice at all.

I will say that since Rima doesn’t show a lot of emotions or speak a lot (psh, part of that is because she’s neglected), that factors in easily. Therefore every awesome word or feeling becomes so much better because it means more from a character that’s more restrained (or something!). It’s the magic of “silent moe” I guess.

…Though I still think I find Rima moe for reasons I don’t even know myself. Like I said, it’s just there.


Rima is no-doubtedly adorable..therefore she is moe by my standards. ENOUGH SAID! Okay…maybe that was a little too short. But regardless, the reason why I’m fond of Rima so much is because she doesn’t do much and/or get much screen time as the other contestants (which is probably my XJ’s struggling on finding any good images of her for a banner) in SOMT from their respective series and yet, she gives off an aura saying “pay attention to me..I’m moe!” Yeah…that kind of thing. And oh…the fact that she’s a model by day really boosts up her image as moe. WHO ON EARTH SAID SHE WAS EMO? Well okay, maybe she is a little bit..but come on.. This is Vampire Knights we’re talking about where everything has a tendency to be emo. Referring back to what I mentioned earlier on the prompt, a little bit of the dark stuff like EMO is alright…even better when it’s applied at the right amount. Rima best exemplifies that.

Hmm~… |3 Let me just say that I like it when everyone has the same consensus about one thing or person when there is very little to disagree about. Especially Rima who, as pointed out so many times, rarely gets enough screentime as is. Plus, we all like cool girls and even genuine coolderes are still hard to come by, imo.

Ooo, but here’s the clip I mentioned earlier that I think would really show how emo can “be applied to the right amount” like our judges have said (yes, I have proof, 7-san)…and still look cool at the same time. x3

Btw, watch only the first two minutes of it and disregard Ichijou. :P


Don’t know about you but when I see such an awesome girl like Rima looking so worried and desperate after she gets impaled by her brainwashed guy…I guess that’s moe for me. Or in the cooldere case, it’s just so rare to see those type of emotions come out (“silent moe”…hehe, I like that term) so I guess it’s more special when it is shown. *shrug*

But yay~ Get our point? I’d actually show more clips (i.e. Rima being fed Pocky by Shiki, Rima stomping on Shiki’s foot while they’re dancing, lol) but that’s overdoing it.

Yea. Rima is just awesome moe and I wish her luck in her on-going match against Lydia. They’re really putting up a great fight against each other. <– This makes Xiao happy. :D

So, all you Rima fans out there, give me more reason to love Rima! <3


And the next Moe Spotlight choice is back to you voters!

Poll closed.

This poll will close on Monday, June 22nd.

Ah~, sorry for the double Special A. Normally, I would have three completely separate series as options but it seems that a lot of us aren’t so familiar with the other shoujo series in this tournament. That would be a problem for my judges so sorry~, but I’ll have to personally decide the poll choices from now on. I’ll try my best to distribute it equally to all the remaining competitors and of course, everyone is more than welcome to continue promoting their favorites in the rounds so go for it! ^^

K, until next time!


6 thoughts on “SoMT Discussions 03 & Moe Spotlight: Rima! (VK)

  1. Emo, jealously, and anger, aren’t moe if they’re overdone like anything. But if done right they are quite cute. Jealously and anger are cute on a usually emotionally restrained girl (i.e. most tsunderes) since it shows she’s able to express feelings like everyone else. Emo is tricker. I think if a usually strong girl expresses sorrow it’s moe because, it makes you want to reach out and hug that character. Utau from SC during her semi-emotional breakdown in episode 43.

  2. Wow..I’m surprised I was thinking on the same lines as those two when it comes to Rima. And I thought I’d be way off!

    And now, a mandatory..

    RIMA IS ON MY TOP FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There. Now I’m satisfied xD.

  3. warrior: Though I’m probably only person in the world who felt that Utau deserved what she got in episode 43 rather than want to hug her, I do agree it just makes you want to hug a strong girl more when you see them sad. Cuz they always put up a front that you know it must be hard for them. And when they burn out…you can’t help but want to say “Aww, it’s okay~” and praise them for being so…tough, y’know?


    7-san: See~! You’re almost there in understanding the in-and-outs of shoujo. Now all you need is a magical girl wand to brandish around and it’ll be perfect (shouting frilly nonsense terms help, too). lol xD;

    Haha, way to pimp your faves. But you need more squealing. lol

  4. I love Rima! She reminds me of Utau(don’t kill me saying that she’s not). Rima is so cool.

  5. No problem~ You’re absolutely welcome ^^. I wonder what the other judges had picked though for the first selection that made you choose mine XDD.

    Rima totally deserves to have more screentime but when that happens, I’ll kinda pity the rest of the VK cast T_T. She might outshine everyone >.>. So I think making her a secondary character can be helpful and with that, can save room for the others to get noticed too :P. Lol. (and that goes to Shiki too~ ShiMa~ <3<3). Hell yes for my only reason to follow VK xD.

    • You’ll see~ :D

      I think that is the reason why they purposefully give her so few appearances. Rima’s too great. haha xD
      Meh, if I found the other VK characters somewhat interesting, I’d feel bad, too, but I don’t. :P Plus Rima having a minimal role makes me appreciate her more so I guess that’s fine as well. <3 I would just like some more pics. ;3;
      Aha, yes, and who can forget about Shiki? xD

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