SoMT Stage 1, Round 5

Round 5~ A day later than I intended but I kept on falling asleep all over the place so forgive me about that. ^^;

But one thing to look forward to is that you won’t have to see this sakura roster anymore right after this round’s over, ne? Then again, you’ll have to face the Wildcard roster which isn’t coming along so well right now. xD;



Main Tournament

The main tournament consists of two stages. Stage 1 has now officially started as of May 24th and will run for 6 rounds.

Stage 1 ~ Sakura Circle

Only the top 18 girls will proceed to Stage 2.

Contestants who have passed the prelims are randomly arranged onto their own respective sakura petal.

Voting Instructions

  • There will be 5 main rounds and 1 special round.
  • Each round (except for the last special round) contains 3 duels and will last for 3 days.
  • For each respective duel, you may only vote for ONE girl and you may only vote her ONCE!

  • Wildcard Round

    This round’s purpose is to determine the last 3 girls who will move onto Stage 2 along with the 15 winners from the first five main rounds, and thereby, making the total number of passing contestants 18.

    • There will be three 5-way knockouts and this round will last for 5 days. The 15 girls who lost in the first five main rounds are randomly arranged into those knockout spots.
    • For each respective knockout, you may only vote for ONE girl out of the five and you may only vote her ONCE!


  • The most important one of all: Read through everything (the instructions, the rules, etc) carefully. And I mean, everything.
  • Do NOT vote for more than 1 girl in each respective duel/knockout and do NOT vote for your choice more than once!
  • It is not required for you to vote for every match. Just vote in the ones you want to.
  • Please vote fairly and let the girls compete fairly. I will NOT tolerate any form of cheating. If it comes to the point where I can’t control it, I will either eliminate that competitor from the tournament or if worst comes to worst, I’ll shut this whole thing down. This is a contest made by a fan and not going in any official books except for ěk-sěn’trĭk’s archives. So be smart and don’t make me or the rest of the fans out there angry just because you want a certain girl to win.
  • Commenting: This will be in every set of rules for every single round. You are allowed to give as much support to a contestant as much as you want (to a reasonable degree). You are allowed to critically compare her with her opponent(s) as long as you do it civilly and have legitimate reasons to back your argument up. But any kind of childish bashing towards any of the contestants or other commenters will be marked as spam.
    I would very much appreciate it if we can avoid this problem. People are going to have different opinions and different candidates they will support. Please respect that. If you must be a fanbrat, then do it somewhere else where I can’t see you. I don’t want ridiculous immature remarks or wars littering all over my comments.
  • If you have any questions regarding anything about the tournament, please don’t hesitate to leave it in a comment or email me at I will try my best to reply back to you as soon as I can.
  • Have fun voting and enjoy the tournament! ^^


…Not up against each other. Isn’t that great?

*massive sigh of relief follows* :D

lol I’ll be really honest with you guys. When I was doing the random drawings for the matchups, I wasn’t paying any attention at all of who went where and such. Too preoccupied with getting the tournament up by April 1st and allergies and school and everything. It wasn’t until after I finalized all the duels that I realized Rima and Rima were in the same round and were this close to going head to head if I rotated the flowers in the opposite direction. And I slapped myself in the face for that. xD Funny thing, huh?


So those are our last three duels. Agh, I’m really dying to put this one pic up that would surely make you all angst a little and laugh at the same time but…I won’t. Cuz moe is dangerous…and I’m not ready to unleash the full torture until stage 2. Ohoho~ I have yet to do the drawings for stage 2. Huhuhu~ >3

But in the meantime, I think you can see why this is the most interesting round for me and I’m curiouscuriousCURIOUS to hear what your choices are. Tell Xiao~ And she’ll give you a dango~ <3


11 thoughts on “SoMT Stage 1, Round 5

  1. I picked Eru, Rima-tan~, and Rima… lol.
    Do I get a dango now? XD

    I picked Eru cuz Dia is just… too Zen. Stupid complaint, but unfortunately, I always end up complaining… Anyway! Eru is the winged angel of rabuu~ So how can you NOT like her?! <3

    Ami is cute, but Rima is just adowable!! <333 I mean, look at her. She's a cute, little comedy goddess and she's awesome! And her relationship with Nagi is so adowable! :3

    I haven't really watched Hakushaku to Yousei in a while, so I choose Rima. (Not to be confused with Rima-tan) As much as I really don’t like the ending of Vampire Knight Guilty… what can I say? ZeKi ftw. lol

  2. Round 1: Um…mature popstar chara vs. the angel of love. Hard choice, but it has too go to Eru. Everything about her is totally moe, especially for a mascot character.

    Round 2: Rima-chan ftw! I want her to win the whole thing or at least come in second place. Poor Ami though. -__- She’s pretty moe too.

    Round 3: Don’t know enough about Vampire Knight to vote for Rima-chan, so it will have to go to Lydia, who kind of does have a tsundere moe thing going on.

  3. *bad girl* Posting a comment here before I comment on an earlier post and finish my prompt. This round is just too much to ignore though, I have to vote and comment…NAO!

    ERU!!!!!11! I will SMITE anyone who votes against Eru! I don’t care how cute Dia is! She may even be the second moe-est, but she’s not Eru!!! She’s only appeared a few times and she’s incredibly cute and smiley, but it’s not enuff!!! Eru is the angel of rabu and combined with Amu has the moe-est chara-nari ever. Angel Wink would knock your heart right out of your body! You know it!
    And um…I’m now realizing how insane I sound so I’ll stop now (even if I could go on for hours~). It’s been too long since I got the chance to go all-out on Eru rabu. But yeah…Eru FTW~ Angel of love (& adorable silliness) owns my soul!

    Oh. Rima vs. Ami, hmm? Well that’s…slightly better than what I expected? Yeah…I guess so. Anyway, Rima as expected anyway since she’d my #2 girl overall. There is no need to explain the Rima moe-ness. She’s just classic moe with her adorable srs-ness and tsuntsun AND occasional ojou-sama-ness mixed in.
    As for you Ami! I will do my best to save you later on!

    Hmm…kind of tough, but I’ll go for Rima. I feel like with Lydia it’s more me voting for Nana-sama than for her…since she annoyed me a bit in the anime and I can’t really comment on anything else. So a double Rima vote for today!

  4. Awww Rima looks so cute I wanna give her a hug~ Ami can be sweet but in my opinion there isn’t much competition!

  5. Damn, seems like a lot of people will smite me now because…

    Round #1: Yes, I chose Dia. Why? Because Dia’s my favorite chara evah! I’m sorry, she’s just really cute and though Eru is moe moe, Dia is all…. cute. ARGH! That was one hard choice though….
    Round #2: Rima is dominating like CRAZY. But yeah, I picked Rima. Ami is moe, I guess, but Rima is just… really, the moe-est thing evah!
    Round #3: I was agonizing about Rima vs Rima because then I SRSLY SRSLY SRSLY wouldn’t know who pick. Now I don’t have to! RIMA~ Rima’s not dominating like I thought she might (so far) but I didn’t watch Hakushaku to Yousei so I wouldn’t know….

  6. Duel 1: I chose Dia. I personally do not like Eru that much(please don’t kill me). Eru is cute and all(she called Amu a pervert, haha), but I just like Dia more.

    Duel 2: Rima of course. I love Rima and her tsundere attitude. Plus she’s so freaking cute. I don’t like Ami, I actually find her very annoying(I kinda find all little kids annoying, but that’s a personal problem).

    Duel 3: Rima because I don’t know who the other one was and also because she eats Pocky. I know that’s a pathetic reason, but I find it a little bit funny. Rima also has a cold, but caring attitude(which is basically saying she’s tsun tsun). Plus she always looks cute holding a stuffed bunny.

  7. The suspense!!! Lol. Wow time sure flies so fast and we’re at like, the last round already for Stage 1!!! First round is really hard and I feel that the duel will be very very close because both Eru and Dia share the same love ^^. I can see the loser of this duel to be likely saved on the wildcards~

    Aaand… Fufufufufufu~ I voted for my two BBs!!!!!

    Ami is moe but not SC!Rima moe, and SC!Rima is one of the strongest competitors that I’m seeing in here. Classy moe that makes us wanna glomp her for eternity XD. And yeah, I have a personal haet on little children.

    On the third duel, Lydia will have the show’s little popularity as her downfall imo, and of course, she’s against the cooldere-Pocky-eating moe of VK!Rima, which is not only moe but she’s perfectly fierce as hell too, lol.

    …If the two Rimas had been head-to-head though, I would have went for SC!Rima~. But I’ll be really honest and say that I had a huge sigh of relief because I just can’t easily let go one of them… I LOVE THEM BOTH RIMAS 8DDD!!!

  8. Oh you evil hostess you~ >D

    The misleading cut text made me assume that Rima and Rima (it doesn’t matter whom is who xD) are in the same Duel because I’d really be in a big trouble voting xD

    My votes on Duel 14 and 15 would be so obvious.. do I need to explain? If so, it’s just that I LOVE both of them so much~ <3 Poor Ami and Lydia, having to face off with these two. :O

    On Duel 13, I was kind of hesitating on who I would vote. Probably it's because I both like them but since sometimes Dia appearing and disappearing ticks me off, I just chose our cute angel chara, Eru! lawl~ :D

    Can't wait for the results~ ;D

  9. It was quite easy.

    1.Eru VS Dia
    Very easy,Eru.I didn’t chose her because of her Chara nari with Amu,no,I chose her because of her chara nari with Utau!
    I like Seraphic Charm much more than Amulet Angel…though the outfits look similiar I still think Utau’s Angel Cradle is cuter than “White Flag!”…

    2.Ami VS Rima
    Very easy,Rima.Ami is just…annoying.Yes the “Sugoi Chara!” stuff was powerful but I love Rima too much.Sayuri Yahagi is a great seiyuu.

    3.Rima VS Lydia
    Well I had to think a little with this one.I loved Rima (She was my favorite from VK) but I still liked Lydia.In the end it was Rima because…well because I really love Eri Kitamura (She has such a cute voice when she voices Seira from MM).

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