Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 87

I really enjoyed this episode. ^^ It caught me by surprise that…well, I was right. They’re really starting to close off Lulu’s arc and I can’t ask for a better way of going about it. Hmm, well, I save the rest of my thoughts for the episode review

Just wanted to say before I start that there’s not much to say for most of the episode so expect lots of cute image spamming. Especially my beloved daughty~ <333

Well, she’s working pretty hard.

Hmm, looking at her like this, I’m reminded of the feeling of being thoroughly indulged in something (like hwk) but never fulfilled enough after I finish the job. Don’t know if Lulu is feeling the same way or not but I guess she’s too busy focusing on the Embryo to notice. *sigh*

Well, it took them 30-something episodes to finally ask “What are ?-eggs anyway and what’s causing them?” Naa…you guys are to blame, too, for slowness. We could have had more interesting fillers if you noticed sooner. D/

Oh well. Can’t undo what’s already been done. Just give me a nice ending, plz~


Haha, I really have no problem with Amu saying what Easter is doing is unforgivable (cuz she finds what they do to Ikuto the most unforgivable, right~? :D) but if I had a nickel for everytime she said that, I’d be like $5 richer today. |D

Thank you, Yaya! Thank you for breaking the too-serious atmosphere. We’re not going to be ready for that until Tadase finally decides to spill out everything about his past. I hope to see this after somewhere ep 90. I don’t even know how long this season will be going because ep 90 sounds like another filler…then we have 10 until we reach 100…or are we going over that?

Ahh~ I dunno. At this pace, we really can’t fit the manga plot in as well as I thought if it was done like 17 episodes ago or something. That means Hikaru. So I can only guess that Satelight is going to extend it to a shorter third season, do a movie (no, plz), OAD (not likely), or just go for an anime-original ending.

Please just give me closure that makes sense. No open-endedness. Which won’t be likely either. Think of all the ratings and sales that will go down if you just left it at that. Satelight and/or rather, the DVD producers (Pony Canyon) know they have to satisfy the fans or they’ll experience a drop, too.

Yay~ I learned something valuable in my business classes after all. Though this is just common sense. ^^;

Anyways back to Yaya…ohh~, poor Yaya. It’s her turn to do the ectoplasm. xD;

Couldn’t get the banana snack after all (cuz Nana gouged on everything :P).

Yaya~ *huggles her* <333

Come to think of it, isn't this the same place where Amu and Nagi first ate together with Nadeshiko as Nagi? Guess it's too much and late to ask now but it would've been funny to see Amu mentioning it to Nagi, Nagi smiling and nodding about it, and then Rima getting super jealous again. xD Aww~, I really couldn't get enough of Rima last episode. I hope we get to see that again soon~ x3

Two things:

Japanese snacks are delicious as hell. Yes, they are! *nodnod* And it’s not just the pocky, y’know. Pocky is more of an otaku treat (heh) while the real treats have so much more variety. Y’know they even have tofu ice cream over there? And lots of other flavors. Ahhh~, their sweets are so awesome but so expensive. I wish I could go back to try the hoji tea ice cream. That was guud~ *continues rambling on about food* |D

…And I guess Lulu’s mom doesn’t find it weird that a banana snack is floating above her table. ^^;

Ah, so the call we’ve finally been waiting for. Though Lulu’s mom looks a bit unsure and I’m wondering why. :/

Haha, Lulu looks so excited. It’s nice to see her like this.

But it’s really short-lived cuz Lulu always uses the wrong thinking. This time it’s even dumber than before (god, how much dumber can you get? There has to be a limit somewhere). I mean, if you wish on the Embryo for your mother’s success then what’s the point of all the effort she put into her acting? It’s pointless, right? Don’t people love celebrities because of all the work they put into their profession and talent? Meh.

I’d like to expand on this using one of Chibi-san’s comments from the Nikaidou episode:

Her wish to have her mother be a more respectable actress wasn’t really a dream. It seemed more like something Lulu latched onto in order to avoid having to think seriously about her own dreams. It makes me wonder if somewhere along the way, before Nana came along, that Lulu was told or got the impression that dreams are impossible to obtain, so she shouldn’t bother to try. It also makes me wonder if maybe Lulu’s dream is just to be able to have the freedom TO dream and be free while still being a lady.

Though I’m still kind of pondering over whether Lulu thinks she shouldn’t bother to dream, I agree completely with the first and last part. Perhaps it’s because she grew up in an environment were standards were so strictly applied that she placed that over everything else. Thus, putting some sort of self-restriction on what she thinks she should be dreaming about. If it wasn’t French or high class, it wasn’t what Lulu should dream about being, so to speak. So in away, Lulu is afraid to dream outside her little box of nobility and that pretty much means the same thing as not bothering to think of anything else.

Another thing I kinda want to expand on is that Lulu’s grandmother and mother in this episode mentioned several times how she use to be so carefree as a child and would continuously blurt out all the things she wanted to be when she grew up. But maybe as Lulu was growing up, she could have mistaken accomplishment for dreams and if you’ve lost that accomplishment, you’re on the brink of losing a dream as well. Knowing how much Lulu loves and respects her mother, it sent her into a slight panic about the whole moving to Japan thing and I guess for a while, she forgot what it really was “to dream” in all that mishap.

This could probably partially explain why she’s always egging her victims on to “have their wish granted” already. Forget all the little steps and sidetrips you’re taking along the way and just go for it. Use their ambiguity in her favor so that she can lure out the Embryo that way. Sometimes I think the Embryo, to her, is just a wish-granting tool. Then again, a lot of people (oh yeah) often view the Embryo as just that. They don’t really think of the Embryo as a representation of dreams and wishes. It’s just like another Genie in the Lamp to them. So though Lulu claims to believe in having dreams, what she wants is immediate fulfillment of her wishes. And that’s not a dream at all. That’s just instant satisfaction.

So while we all know that Lulu is just being selfish on her own perspectives about how her mother should be, I think she’s so obsessed with things that already happen to really see notice what happened to herself and what she’s putting at risk. Which is why it was good that she got interact with Amu because she forgot what it was like to be a child with aspirations, too. And being around Amu, a girl her age, brings all that back. She’s in turmoil because she’s starting to feel how good it really is to dream for herself but she doesn’t know what to dream about because it’s been so long since she set that part of her aside. And that can probably explain why what Nana actually is still remains murky to us. It’s not just because Lulu is afraid to dream and that she doesn’t remember how to. She doesn’t know what to dream for herself since she was so preoccupied with her mom.

…Yea, I think that’s what I wanted to say. ^^;

Nana got a good line here: “Nana itsumo Lulu no nakama da gaa~!”

Nana is always Lulu’s ally.

Aww, you can’t help but like Charas even if they’re going along with their owners in something flat out stupid. But they realize that it’s wrong eventually…which is why you love them even more! x3



You poor, tired kitty, have you been eating on time? Go back home to Amu's and take a nap there like you did before! Have the girls pamper you! xD

Nana is a mean bitch. She needs to be slapped just a bit. *slaps Nana a bit*

Go back to Amu’s, ok~? :D

So Charas can get sick from normal illnesses after all. Not just when their owners are not feeling well.

Hmm, go figure.

lol, what’s “Netukero”? Is that an actual medicine in real life? I’m really curious to know. xD

And I wonder why my family, that consists of a pharmacist, doesn’t have a health encyclopedia…now I’m contemplating on getting one. lol

Lulu, you’re giving them too much credit.

Those three stooges aren’t evil enough. If they were, I’d like them a lot more because then I’d be amuse while bashing them instead of annoyed.

And the director…oh, I wish he were that amusingly evil looking. Then I wouldn’t have to think about holding back rage now that he’s changed his perspectives for Hikaru. Yea, I still think he’s an asshole but I will (grudgingly) acknowledge he has some humanity in him for Hikaru’s sake. And only for that. :P

This made me smile. :D

Oh god, these three are so cute together! It will be utterly sad when they have to leave Amu…which I don’t want to happen! NO! Ran, Miki and Suu are going to stay with Amu forever and ever and ever, ya hear me?! *stomps foot and tramples around* >.<
…Though I kinda want to see that moment happen, too. It will be the most significant moment in Amu's life when all her Charas return back to her heart. Extremely tear-inducing, yes, but…I'll be so proud at the same time. *sniff*

…But for now, they're staying! xD

I like how Amu’s just lazily lounging on her bed (in an Ikuto-inspired position, hahahaha!). She’s like “Hmm, yea girls, be careful while you’re playing with each other” while doing her grown-up mom stuff. xDDD

Ohh~, and this lovely outfit brings back so many good and…not-so-good feelings. *little storm of turmoil inside* Nuuu~ T.T

lol She’s so cute when she looks so surprised. Amuuu~ <333 *huggles*

Y'know…I'm no longer bothered that they're not showing her in such an urgent hurry to rescue Ikuto anymore. I mean, they managed to a make a "longer road" in getting there but at least they're still heading in that direction so I should be okay with that. That and I figure I can rearrange the episodes in the order I want to watch them in after the series is over so it would make more sense to me. Then Lulu won’t look as stupid (I can just omit parts where she was at her lamest and then forget about them~) and Ikuto’s arc would go much smoother the second time around.

Yay for positivity! ^^

Lawl~ Lulu is so nervous about calling Amu. Kind of hard to believe that 70-something episodes ago, Amu would be the one stuttering on the other line, eh? Well, consider Amu Lulu’s sempai in socializing, then. haha I don’t know what it is with me and the sempai business but god, I really do miss Yua now. Yuaaa~ T.T

I giggled at this part. They’re so cute! & just like Ran to be doing outrageous jump roping! x3

Amu is so cute, too. She’s so use to them being them around her for so long that she’s like “Eh…no, you don’t want to ask Ran, Miki and Suu about that.” xD; Oh Amu.

How rude, Lulu! At least give a proper goodbye! Pfft. :P

She just doesn’t want to be around the other Guardians cuz it’s awkward…and she must have felt the impending doom of Rima’s ultimate BFF wrath. hahaha


They’re so like Amu in worrying for others, especially for the fellow Chara mates. I love you three~ <3



Amu smiled a lot in this episode and it wasn’t forced-smiling by the script writers either (omg, why are you all still doing a good job?! Do you want me to say “I love you again!” next?! XDDD). Here she sounds more natural and…ohhh~ I just love it when Amu smiles because she wants to. She grows even more beautiful by the day. Amuuu~!!! *hugglehugglehuggle* x333!

And we finally get to see Lulu’s dere side. I’m so happy with this improvement. That balance on the tsun was ready to break the scale. :P

And aww~, Lulu’s happy Amu came to visit her. Lulu’s lonely and wants a friend~ :3 And if you’re not going to take a chance to have a friend like Amu, I think there’s something mentally wrong about you. D:

Miki, you are such a boy. |D;

Ran and Suu look very cute in their nurse dresses, though. Lolicons, CALM yourselves! o.O;;;

“…I see what you totally mean by not asking them.”


Oh, have a little faith in these three. They’ve gone through a lot of stuff with Amu after all. It wasn’t just Amu who got development.

I keep on mistaking this for playtime. ^^;

Except that Nana is really sick and it’s just more convenient. XDD;;;

Suu~ May you be around for as long as Peach-Pit will permit you to be so that Amu can cook up some dangerous looking concoction for a certain kitty when he’s feeling sick again. Loving punishment for always sleeping out in the cold and not getting enough nutrition. <3

I'm sorry! I can't help it! I miss Ikuto and miss him even more knowing he's still trapped by Easter. I couldn't even do a proper "IKUTOOOOOOO!!!!" for him this episode. So all these little mentions are to make up for that, ok? xD

“Alright, you taste test it!”


Memories of Suu’s energy drink rapidly come flowing back to Amu’s head. xDDD

They’re so dramatic…it’s cute~

*squeals over them* xD

Aww, seeing Nana like this reminds me of when Eru was completely worn out after Chara-nari -ing with Amu. But Ran, Miki and Suu didn’t worry over her as much. Che. -3-

Ok, when I’m sick, I want Ran, Miki and Suu to take care of me as well!


This is a first for Amu. Grocery shopping with a gal friend. Argh, I’m so jealous of Lulu! I want to spend the day with Amu buying miso soup or whatever miso ingredients they’re buying! xP

Again with the dramatic music and everything. |D;

Nana, have you been watching your Disney movies late into the night? I’m willing to be bet Beauty and the Beast is her favorite. It’s set in France after all. lol

And more supermarket fun…gah, I seriously thought they should have done more screentime at the supermarket! *pout* :(

Damn, those three can make one hell of a kickass bouquet alright! o.O

I’m impressed…though I guess it’s to be expected. Miki’s got the sense of design, Suu tops it off with her femininity, and Ran…she cheers them on. <D

ZOMG, cutest baby birds that were ever animated! 8DDD

Don’t they look so cute?! xDDD

And the many things Nana would make those three go through just to feel a little bit more comfortable. ^^;
Well, it’s humorous so yea. hehe

Gah, Amu~! I want to hug you tight and never let go! <333

I guess I no longer have a grudge against Lulu now? Seeing her get so well along with Amu is enough to get me to start liking her again. Plus, she's actually made a lot more progress in this episode than all the previous ones she was involved in combined.

…eh, the problem with the loser bit at Utau is pretty much gone as well. Besides, it wasn't as if Utau didn't call anyone a loser when she was bad…in fact, she did that to practically almost everyone. Including Eru. ^^;

I know, I know. That's not an excuse but whatever.

Whoa, I’m impressed with Lulu’s cooking skills! I really am! o.O

Ah, that reminds me. Fried…shrimp (or are they prawns?) are associated with Nagoya, ne? I know this because Arina Tanemura’s hometown is in Nagoya and she drew an image of Mitsuki in a fried shrimp suit for one of Ribon’s playing cards set. <D

The dramatic-ness runs in the owner, too. ^^;

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better about some Lulu-plot moving forward, OMG YES! Amu finally notices the necklaces! *happy about that* XDDD

I mean, it’s about goddamn time someone started paying attention. Though I think they could have done it a better way. Like have Amu notice that the ?-egg victims were wearing weird jewelry before she saw these in Lulu’s room. But I guess since Amu says “Hmm? This looks kinda familiar” is enough for me.

Uhu~ And the cute, suspicious stare is also a plus (look what she learned from Rima! lol). *grinny* X)

Though I totally knew she wasn’t even going in the direction we were all thinking and went on the optimistic route instead. So like Amu. ^^

I’ll probably hear ten or more complaints about Amu’s comment on Lulu being alike to Utau. In the beginning, I would’ve screamed “NO! SHE IS NOT! Amu, take that back right now!” but it’s already been established that Lulu is a tsunderekko. And tsunderekkos are alike in that they are stubborn and dishonest often so I’ll just frown if anyone blows up over that. Amu and Rima are tsundere, too, and Lulu’s finally got the dere part right so we don’t have any more reasons to be angry about that. Besides, Lulu has been with us for a while now. The animosity about her “copy” character traits should have settled in. If you’re going to say what’s been said so many times already just because Lulu is a filler and not for anything else, then don’t bother putting that in a comment. Lulu’s character has made progress. That’s more than good enough for me.

Ah, and normally I would still be a little bothered by Lulu knowing about Ikuto and Utau being siblings but I think I’m starting to let that go after this. Cuz even after Amu found out, there were still a very few number of people who knew they were related. So I guess Amu’s surprise at Lulu, someone who you would never guess had interaction with the Tsukiyomi siblings at first glance, is understandable. Plus Lulu managed to drive away suspicion very well. lol

And Lulu gains more respect points because she was the one who unknowingly brought the topic of Ikuto up in the first place. Doesn’t really matter if she’s filler or not cuz anyone or anything reminding Amu of Ikuto is more than great for me. I like these small constant reminders and how they subtly affect Amu, how she knows that saving Ikuto is the Guardians’ main priority right now. Satelight’s small way of reassuring us “We haven’t forgotten about him! Please don’t burn our studio down!” Haha, okay, Satelight. Just keep doing a good job and everything will be fine. *patpat* ^^

Haha, I would also like to mention that I thought Amu was a bit alerted that another girl knew Ikuto. I mean, it’s already started to happen around the Kotone episode and it’s still very minor but like I always say, everything counts. So, um, more points for Lulu making a contribution to furthering Amuto? xD; Though this may be just the shipping fangirl inside me that’s saying this but at least I’m not rabid over it like I use to be. It’s just a suggestion to entertain myself on in the meantime…due to the huge lack of fluff. I miss my fluff~ T_T

Aww, Lulu doesn’t want Amu to leave. It’s been so much fun. :D

“Ok, I’ll stay and keep you company!” lol, Amu is a sneaky, clever girl. Taking the opportunity to get to know Lulu more in front of her mom, whom Lulu won’t be able to refuse (not that she would cuz she wants Amu to stay, too~). lol, Amu’s befriending skills have been polished to perfection after all those fillers. xD

Well, I don’t have much more to add than what I said at the beginning of the post but I’m happy that Lulu’s mom notices how good it is for her daughter to interact with Amu. It’s helping Lulu go back to her own self, to how she should be at her age. That’s why they moved to Japan in the first place. So Lulu can grow up freely without so many standards pushing down on her.

*sigh* I wish she would tell this to Lulu, too. I’m sure Lulu would listen if it were a mother. Then again, the message might not sink in as fast (because Lulu is stubborn) so that’s where Amu comes in with this support material to convince Lulu later on because more often times than not (in shoujo), outside parties are needed to change sources of conflict within relationships that have been rooted for too long. Shinkuro is a good example of “breaking away from tradition”. Go read it if you haven’t. :3

Aww, Amu really is so great to me. She can get along with just about anyone even if they’re being a bitch to her. xD;
She even gets along with Lulu’s parents better than Lulu herself in this scene. But that’s probably because their parents are alike and Amu tends to admire a lot of people instantly. Oh, Amu~ Your in-laws will love you no matter what. <3

*sigh* …hmm? Why yes, I'm still in love with Amu, thank you for staring at me with such a weird look. lol XD;
I really can't explain it but I dunno…seeing Amu just makes me very happy. Not just in the fangirly squealy way happy, either. Of course, I still do that but that's because I find Amu irresistibly cute so I just have to hug/glomp her when I see the chance (hey, Ikuto does, lol). Hmm, yea…wow, I never knew I can be so content with being in love with a girl and a fictional one at that (and yes, I’m still as straight as I always am!). But then again, it can only be Amu and not anyone else. There’s just something so special about her. The feelings are deep but not really “romantic” but it’s not “platonic” or just “sibling/parent”-like either. Uhhh…oh, I give up. I’ll just stay happy being in love with Amu and I’m sure nobody would understand me anyway. Except for maybe one of you…and you know who you are…and you’ve been put on my permanent awesome list just because of that. xD

Hmm, I like this very much, too. Lulu’s no longer going “Ugh, you so don’t know anything so stop being nosy!” and letting her guard down to open up more to Amu. I think that speaks volumes of development right there. Lulu just doesn’t know it.

Ok, this isn’t so much to comment on Amu but is it just me or did they overdo it on the blushing a bit in this episode?

…Yea, I think it’s just me.

No matter. Girls blushing because they’re happy are always cute.

Especially in Lulu’s case cuz somebody’s sharing her excitement of her mother’s upcoming film. And this is Lulu’s first friendship after all so it’s even more meaningful. Hehe ^^

I laughed so hard to myself cuz I know a ton of yuri fans jumped on the Amulu shipping at this part and the other side must have screamed “EWW! LESBIANS!”. Oh come on, let me poke fun at the yuri fans. God knows how fangirls are. They see any tiny form of interaction between two characters and BAM! they ship them. <P

And really, it's not uncommon for two girls to share the same bed for a sleepover. I mean, I bet even little kids who are boy and girl are allowed to do that. Nadeshiko. xD; They have to still be kids, though. For girls, it’s not so much of a big deal. Cuz they’re girls. Doesn’t mean they’re lesbians. Homophobics. *rolls eyes*

Great, now there are going to be people who will make this scene dirtier than it looks. Please keep off my blog, kthxbai.

Ahh~, but this is Amu’s second sleepover, isn’t it? I don’t think a lot of diehard fans of Rima and Utau, who are front runners in being Amu’s BFFs, are real happy about it being at Lulu’s but eh. Amu’s happy, so what?
Now I really want a sleepover filler with all the girls (Nadeshiko included, lol). And Lulu, too. That would be fun.

I want to learn how to say “Just do what you want!” in Nana’s Nagoya-ben now. I always loved accents. ^^

Ah, and I almost forgot to touch upon this topic so I should go into it now. Lulu really doesn’t know a lot about Charas, huh? That’s why she called Amu for help in the first place. And even now, when the topic of dreams are brought up, Lulu’s still hesitant to voice out her own thoughts because she doesn’t really know how or have any to begin with. And this is where Amu comes in with her own experience to teach Lulu something about dreams, something that Lulu has forgotten when she went off to chase the Embryo. Amu’s come such a long way in dealing and growing up with them that it made me smile when she was looking back on the morning she found them in her bed. To her, the Embryo never ever mattered as much as her Charas did. For everyone else, that sometimes seemed to be the case but for Amu, she always paid more attention to the Charas then the Embryo.

Yea, I think it’s very great how Amu has become so accepting because of her would-be selves. She’s still unsure of what she wants to be but at the same time, she’s embracing every side of her and appreciating all her Charas as they are now. The representations of her dreams and the person(s) she wants to become. She’s very matured and the way her lines were voiced just shows it very well.


At this part, I’d say “Ohayo gozaimasu, Oujo-sama-gata!” xDDD

Glad to see Nana’s feeling better but not sure if that’s really a good thing (and the end of the episode just proves it). ^^;

Aww, Lulu~

Ok, ok. You get a hug, too. Props for being honest. *hug* ^^

Not to mention, though a lot of the animation was very slacky in this episode, Lulu looked pretty good at this part (with her hair not so curled up).

Aha~ I find it so refreshingly amusing that Amu is very laidback when dealing with Lulu’s tsuntsun-ness. Not surprised. She has two other very tsundere friends after all. So Amu getting use to Lulu so quickly is nice for me. Hell, it’s better this way cuz Amu can have only so much energy to handle Utau’s tsuntsun-ness alone. ^^;

And here comes a huge spammage of ZOMG!REVELATION! O.O!

Bravo, Satelight. *claps hands* Bra-vo.

I was honestly expecting for the Guardians to catch her red-handed behind a tree but this is even better and it totally fits! Nana’s careless blabbering giving away Lulu’s secret and right after these two took a big step in furthering their friendship. And this scene was so perfectly done, it left me almost speechless. I mean, the music, the acting, ALL of it was great. How can I ask for more? Omg, I wouldn’t have expected this after Yua’s great two-episode filler. Who’s writing this?! You need to be rewarded with tons of gift cards and presents! 8D

But yes, omg yes! This was the moment I’ve been waiting for. I’ve been right. Ep 87 really is a transition into the climax of Lulu’s story. I can’t even bring myself to dislike Lulu for admitting that she was the one behind everything and that she’ll still continue to do it even though Amu found out now because at least she can finally be a proper villain (on my minimal standards anyway). And then she’ll go through a LOT of inner conflict and I always like seeing inner conflict in villain characters before they turn back to the right side so that’s all good.
Heck, look at her now. Her supposedly swell-sailing relationship with Amu has just plunged into hurricane storm. She’s torn between choosing her mother and possibly ruining her first friendship but she chose her mother in the end anyway (it’s okay cuz even if you’re stubborn about it later on, Amu will still want to be your friend).

With that, I think it’s safe to say fillers are nearly over (though I’m still being cautious just in case) and we can get back to the plot real soon. ^^


So um, yay? Lulu’s not hiding and stalking behind a tree anymore? She’s doing more full-out open attacks now?

I dunno. Whatever the case, she’s going to go up against all the Guardians soon. Whether she’s prepared for that or not, we’ll see.

And I’m more curious to know how Amu left Lulu’s house afterwards. I’m definitely not expecting some big blow out but oh god, I would die if that were the case…ok, maybe not die but probably choke on air. o.O;

Why is everyone torturing/picking on the kitty? ;____; All of you are meanies!

Though this is probably to get some information about Lulu out. Really, Yoru. If you want to help Ikuto, you have to let others in on Easter’s information to do so. And that’s just so what they happen to need at the moment. Though it’s not really about Ikuto but…hey. Whatever keeps the plot moving, right?

Dia~…what are you doing out of your egg? ^^; And you’re probably not even going to let Amu see you anyway so hurry up and get back in there until we get to that part at the tower. I want Amu’s EPIC heart-unlocking moment to be as BIG, BRIGHT and EPIC! as possible! 8D

Woot! Finally! Lulu gets to Chara-nari. Though…oh sh*t, I never thought they were actually going to do what I thought up a few months ago! Lulu brainwashing her own self! o.O

Well, yes, definitely looking forward to it. Amu’s belief in Lulu really reminds me of the time when she told Kairi she believed in him during Utau’s arc. There’s a lot of firmness in it and I want to see a very good episode delivered so don’t let me down Satelight! 8D
So I guess this will be a two-part episode kind of deal. It seems to go hand in hand with ep. 89’s title “Heart, I Understand.”

Oh, and then we have this as ep. 90 afterwards:

“A Shout of Love in the Center of Town?”
“Machi no Chuushin de Ai wo Sakebu?” (町の中心で愛を叫ぶ?)

…whoa, ok…WHUT? O.O

Sounds like a filler…um, script writer is Mamiko Ikeda and directors are the two people who were in charge for the Nikaidou episode.
Yea, if anyone else has any information regarding this, please inform me. I’m positive it is a filler but who knows? It might include some plot. Though it will be odd. “Shout of Love”? I can’t imagine anyone doing that. Not even Tadase. ^^;

So let’s hope for the best. *nodnod*


7 thoughts on “Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 87

  1. I thought it was so amusing that Nana overate to the point where she got sick. Charas really ARE just like kids, cause I can totally imagine a kid doing that.

    I’m thinking that maybe Lulu’s mum purposely wanted to get away from the movie business? I mean, it’s obvious that if she wanted to get back into it, she could, being that she was just hired by a really famous director. So maybe she chose to do it for a reason that she just didn’t explain to Lulu?

    I second the Lulu wanting instant gratification. Lulu doesn’t really seem to know what a dream is. I know that sounds really odd, but there have been so many x-eggs with really stupid purposes. I bet she can’t even remember what Nana stands for anymore, if she ever knew in the first place. I wish we could see when Nana was born; it would give A LOT of insight into Lulu’s character. Then again, I think a lot of this stems from the fact that Lulu didn’t really know what a shugo chara is for. In that respect, she reminds me a little of Amu in the beginning.

    Following that vein, I don’t care that Amu compared Lulu to Utau. You know what, they ARE alike a little, and no doubt Amu is using her Utau skills to help break down Lulu’s barriers. Lulu’s character has come a long way from the beginning, and there’s a lot of fundamental differences between her and Utau. For one thing, Utau knew exactly who and what she wanted to be, while Lulu has absolutely no idea. I don’t even find them THAT similar in temperment, to be honest. It’s certainly nothing to freak out over. I actually like Lulu now; she’s become much better since she began getting development.

    I liked the expanding on Amu’s and Lulu’s friendship. You can tell Lulu wants to be friends with Amu SO much, but even without the Easter thing hanging over her head, she doesn’t know how to do it. Maybe part of the reason Nana was born was just to give Lulu a friend? I think it makes sense for Amu to be the one who shocks Lulu out of her obsession; Amu is her first real friend and Lulu looks up to her (whether she admits it or not). She’s become blinded by her obsessions to what her mother has to say; no matter what her mother tells her, Lulu is just going to think that her mother is hiding what she really wants [i.e., to go back into the movie business]. But Amu has been where Lulu, and she can relate to her.

    And a big congrats to Satelight on how they did the revelation between Amu and Lulu. VERY well done, and unexpected because I thought the same thing you did. I’m anxious to see what happens next, but I expect Amu to act similar to how she did with Kairi – she’ll still believe in the part of Lulu that is her friend, and she won’t give up on Lulu (oh my god, Amu is the best girl ever). Oh, and I bet Dia comes out to reassure Ran, Miki, and Suu or something like that (or maybe to save Yoru hehe). I’m anxious to see Lulu’s chara nari because I think it will finally solve the mystery of just who Lulu’s would-be self really is.

  2. I would do what Nana did. lol XD;

    I…guess so. Honestly, I’m kinda confused about what her mom’s thinking. They traveled all the way back to Japan for Lulu and I’m wondering if that’s the reason why she’s hesitant on going back into acting. But I guess we still need more development on that before going any further. Urgh, this is frustrating. :/

    I agree. Even if Nana just hatched out of the blue one day, I still want to see what was happening with Lulu around that time. An egg can’t hatch unless something causes it to, right? Maybe if Lulu remembers Nana’s birth, it’ll also help her snap out of this ?-egg assaults she keeps causing cuz then she’ll remember what she wanted for herself. Agh, again I’m stuck at what else to expand on cuz we don’t have enough information. *sigh*

    Oooo! I like that! Utau skills! 8D Oho~, if you have Utau skills, you can befriend anyone. And Amu is the only one who has them so that makes her even more awesome! lol XD
    But back to seriousness, Utau and Lulu are really nothing alike at all. They can be both stubborn and prideful but that’s where everything cuts short. And like you said, they were both lost over themselves but their stories are drastically different. Utau just let her anger and determination cloud her head and confuse her while Lulu has it a lot worse and that’s why she was consumed by her own powers later on.

    And yea, I think everybody can grow to tolerate Lulu more when she gets development like this. It’s kind of unfair that we often bash her when that development just disappears the next episode. Cuz that’s really Satelight’s fault. Not Lulu’s. :/

    Hmm, I like your theory on Nana’s purpose as being Lulu’s friend. Makes me wonder how lonely her childhood must have been since she grew up in a noble estate.
    And if that were true, would Lulu’s dream be to…be a friend herself, then? Not just that. Be her Nagoya self and more carefree around others so she can actually have friends? Her Oujo-sama front is what really pushes her away from others. Hmm, that is something to think about.
    And yea, Amu is really the only person who can shake some sense into Lulu. Not just because Amu interacted with her the most but also because Amu understands what it’s like to be lost about yourself. I think the problem with Lulu is, she never had a friend to understand her. She wouldn’t let anyone understand her. So this would be a perfect opportunity for Amu to tell Lulu that if she wanted to talk to anyone, Amu will be listen. Maybe it’ll have to be done in a slightly different way (I’m still going off on Yua vibes, lol) but I can see something like that happening.

    OMG, isn’t she? <33 I swear, after all that drama with Tadase and Ikuto, it only served to reinforce her belief in everyone. My god, we can only imagine how powerful Amu will be when her own mom tells her that everyone believes in her. Kaa~ I can't wait! x3

    hehe Yes, Dia really would do that but I wonder how she'll go about it this time (ooo! I want her to save Yoru! That'd be cute! A little pre-Amuto-indication, if you will. ;D)

    I bet her Chara-nari's going to look whacky…and it just makes me want to see it more. A corrupted Lulu gone wild. Hope the battle is an interesting watch. 8D

  3. It may be, I mean, maybe her mother realized that Lulu was getting too caught up in the “nobility” life? Lulu was probably surrounded by a lot of kids just like her. I can’t imagine there’s a lot of friendship in a world like the one she seems to come from. Maybe the move to Japan wasn’t just for Lulu, maybe it was for her mom, too. Maybe her mom is tired of the movie business or just wanted a bit of a break.

    It’s frustrating not knowing. You’re right, there’s usually some event that is the catalyst for an egg to be born (Amu wished for the courage to show herself, Nagi stopped pretending to be Nadeshiko) so it’s possible Lulu’s was something like, she wished to know how to make friends. The more I think about it, the more I think that Lulu’s wish might have been very similar to Amu – a wish to be able to show her ‘real’ self to people. Or maybe a wish to be able to show the part of herself she hides. I know it’s just guesswork but from all the hints her grandmother and mother dropped, it has to be something like that.

    Utau’s path was always very clear to her; she just allowed her anger and confusion to turn her around for a little while. Lulu doesn’t even know where her path IS, and worse than that, she’s totally deluding herself in the process. She’s lost whatever dream or wish it was that made Nana appear. I think it was a clever move on Satelight’s part to have Lulu be consumed by her own powers. I want to see both her ?-chara nari and her real chara nari, although I have doubts we’ll get to see the latter.

    I can see Amu telling Lulu that, in spite of Lulu’s tsundereness and her ojou-sama mentality, she still likes her and wants to be friends. I can almost draw a parallel between Lulu and Ikuto here – Amu likes them both for who they are, not for what they can do or what they have to offer. I expect Lulu probably experienced a lot of the fake friendship as a child because her parents are famous and well off. I’m certain that Amu will crack that exterior, and I can’t wait for the Amulet Diamond and Amulet Fortune episodes. Amu is going to be *seriously* epic.

  4. Man I wish the internet connection was better here. Then I could’ve watched this episode. This episode looked really good and I’m pretty sure that the next episode would be better since its Lulu transforming instead of some random weird filler kid(though that’s kinda what Lulu is herself, but she’s a ‘main’ filler kid). The surprise about Amu finally finding out about how Lulu makes the ?-eggs looked epic.

  5. Hmm I might actually watch this episode, usually I just be a bad little fan and read the reviews about them heh heh. ^^ Can’t wait to see the Lulu arc end, mostly because it’s going to be exciting, instead of “omg Lulu get out nao”
    Also with the whole sleeping in the same bed thing, seriously wtf. Everyone does that. I’ve even had to try to sleep with another person in a TWIN bed. They had a freaking queen, it really isn’t a big deal but I can see why shippers thrive on what they can get, you know? Well whatever I just thought that was funny how they are shipping Amulu or whatever the name for it was. Now that I find hilarious :D crack pairings ftw~ 8D

  6. Awww, why must everyone pick on the kitty? memories of little cousins torturing next door’s cat come floating back to me… Look there is one thing though, now I don’t know about you but in the U.K. celebrities are often made on reality T.V. shows or some awful scandal that exposes other celebrities and they will exploit it until they get fame, in America this may be different but unfortunately celebrities in Britain seem to just be pretty, sellable faces [and it annoys me no end]. Fortunately though we have J.K. Rowling, Micheal McIntyre, Bill Bailey, Ian McKellen, James McAvoy, Ed Westwick, Robert Pattinson [well okay maybe it’s only those featured in Heat magazine who don’t have talent, but the people I just listed don’t really count as celebrity celebrities.] oh and I thought I might pick up on the whole ‘Lulu’s dream’ thing. I think the obvious one is that she wants to be a jewller, hence the gems on Nana’s dress, but I think she also wants to be herself and not the lady that everyone expects of her without losing any of her charm, I think that’s why Nana has a nagoya accent and still wears a dress that wandered out of the 1800’s. Well that’s my opinion anyway.

  7. Ugh, I had internet problems…=.= But, I got my internet back today, and just in time to leave a comment on this episode and watch the next! XD But, let me actually get on about my thoughts and comments.

    I liked this episode too, and I’m happy to see that they are wrapping this arc up nicely, it’s the least they can do. ^^

    I got that same feeling, from watching Lulu make those jewels. The homework example was spot on too, because that’s how I always feel when doing homework. Better yet, that’s how I feel when I study my Japanese, I get really into it and get really focused, but then, sometimes, I feel as if I haven’t learned anything and that I still have a long long was to go…Then I actually try reading and/or listening to Japanese and I realize that I have improved somewhat! ^.~

    Yes, this question of bringing up the whole ?-eggs and where they came from should have been brought up sooner (and would have made for better, more interesting, fillers), but, after watching the whole season of Sailor Moon Stars for the first time…I think I’ll let this pass. Some of the fillers we have gotten, and some of the filler characters, aren’t all that bad after all (and, it seems like there will be a nice ending too.) ^^

    Agreed, Amu does say that a lot about Easter. Can’t really say that I blame her though…too bad she wasn’t a real person though, and too bad that I couldn’t be part of the Guardians, ‘cause, if I was, then I would have made bets on every time she said something like that…and I would have money right now! XDD

    Yay for Yaya! <3

    Ah, and I don’t know what’s going to happen with the ending…how are they going to wrap everything up? I’m horrified (yet, I know I’d watch it) by the concept of a movie ( it wouldn’t be so bad if they came out with one after the series was concluded, in whatever way they decide to do it), but it would be horrid if a movie came out to conclude the series. I don’t think they would do that though…at leas, I hope not! ^^; An anime only ending…that might not be too bad. So many anime have done it before, and some of them have done it right, but that’s still rather iffy. I would like it best if they did another, shorter, third season to wrap everything up. I can only assume and hope though.

    Poor Yaya! X3 I think everyone has experienced the ectoplasm at least once in their life…though, not quite as literally as shown in anime. Oh, and I’m highly impressed that you could recall something that far back in the series! O.O I didn’t (and would never) relate that place with the place where Amu first ate with Nagi being Nagihiko instead of Nadeshiko. That’s well done my friend, very well done! ::Clap, clap::

    Tofu flavored ice cream…not my thing (I’m not a huge fan of tofu), but I do like my Green Tea ice cream that I can get at Mitsuwa and I had Taiyaki and Melon flavored ice cream at this Korean market (not too far away from Mitsuwa) once, those were amazingly awesome! (Also loves Taiyaki!) <333 Being back home though, and hours away from Mitsuwa and an hour or so away from NYC…I’m stuck with Otaku treats…for now (come on college!) ^___^

    Lulu’s mother is an actress…they’re use to weird things…right? I don’t know, I got nothing for this one. ^u^

    I also noticed that Lulu’s mother looked (and sounded) a little uncertain. I’m wondering if I’m just looking for something though, so I’ll just let the anime inform me if there really is some kind of problem or not. I’m too tired to assume. -.-

    It is nice to see Lulu excited! She’s always so dainty and refined (or, that’s the image she tries to convey anyway) and it’s nice to just see her smile and blush like a kid. : )

    I had a lot more I wanted to say on Lulu and her dreams and whatnot, but I kinda forgot over the course of the week (and I’m sure it’s going to be brought up again in tonight’s episode, so I’m really going to bother with it too much.) Anyway, I can see where you are coming from, with this idea that Lulu kinda grew up and began to see dreams as useless, but I also see Chibi’s perspective on Lulu’s dream is having the freedom to dream. I got that same impression, but, then again, you could be right. I’ll just wait and see what episode 88 has in store for us fans, and then I’ll make a judgment.

    I will agree completely with you though, on the fact that Amu was good for Lulu, and that Lulu needed someone like Amu to make her face the truth…she is a child. Thus, she should be allowed to behave like a child. The only one stopping Lulu from doing this is herself, even her grandmother wants her to behave like a kid, and that’s saying something!

    I adore loyalty (no I’m not a Gryffindor, whenever I take Sorting Hat tests I always get Ravenclaw…) and find it to be one of the most appealing characteristics in characters…so that makes the Charas near irresistible to me. I can’t not like them, yet, oddly enough, I hardly ever write about them in my fanfics… : /

    YORU! .>; I’ll just leave it at that and pretend that Yoru went back to Amu’s house and got to relax and take a nap. ^^

    Everyone needs a good slap every once in a while (and I do believe that everyone has received one in this series, which I just find hilarious! XDD) ::Gives Nana a light smack as well::

    I like the fact that Charas can get sick, even when their owner’s are not. It adds a bit of realism to the series…though, how realistic can you get with a floating human being who was born from an egg that came from a child’s heart? ^^>

    If it was earlier in the week I would have looked up “Netukero,” but I’m too lazy to do it now. I highly doubt that it’s a real medicine or anything though.

    Get one! Get one! A health encyclopedia is a useful thing to have…I guess. ::Doesn’t have one::

    Yep, yep, Lulu does give Easter too much credit here. And, wow, I didn’t even realize how amusingly evil they looked here! I think I closed my eyes and sighed at that part, so that might be the reason why.

    Gosh, I let out a squee when I saw Ran, Miki, and Suu jump roping! >3)

    Ran, Miki, and Suu do find a way to pull through in the end, don’t they? It’s funny how little faith Amu places in them! ^^

    All I have to say about Nana and being sick…DRAMA QUEEN! XDDD That’s it.

    …I miss Ikuto too and that little idea you came up with (with the concoction and stuff)…I want to see it happen~ ;.;

    …I don’t remember Suu’s energy drink… _o_

    I want Ran, Miki, and Suu to take care of me when I’m sick too! Though, I must admit, my friends at college where awesome when I got sick, they brought me orange juice and cran-grape and stuff…when I’m home and I get sick…my mom’s just the best! .> And, I agree with you, I’m not upset with Lulu. I haven’t been for a while, and this episode gave her quite a bit of development. It was nice to see Lulu hanging out with a friend and just having fun.

    Looking at the food Lulu made is making me hungry! o.O

    Lulu seems like the dramatic type.

    Once again I bring up the fact that I have been watching Sailor Moon Stars, and if the Sailor Scouts can be shocked over finding out that the Three Lights were really the Starlights…then I have no problem with Amu just noticing the necklaces. :-)

    BFFs tend to adopt some of their BFF’s habits and whatnot…it seems Amu and Rima are no different. Good, good. : D

    Lulu being compared to Utau, I agree with what you wrote about it and having nothing to add. Not really anyway.

    I missed Ikuto so much that I didn’t really care who brought it up…Though, I like what you wrote here about it.

    It had been so much fun! I probably wouldn’t want Amu to leave either.

    Amu’s befriending skills really have polished up. Then again, Amu knows how to deal with stubborn girls…she is one after all! =P

    I really like Lulu’s parents, but I think that’s because they are just goofy and seem like truly caring parents that want the best for their daughter (and I agree, Amu can probably get along so easily with Lulu’s parents because they are similar to her own…)

    Amu’s your favorite character, huh. Hmm, my favorite characters are never the main characters…I really don’t know why. I guess I just always gravitate towards secondary/side characters. Though, Amu is a very good main character that I very rarely feel like smacking (unlike another main character I could name *cough*cough*Harry Potter*cough*cough*) So, yeah, I like her, but she’s not my favorite. n.n

    Seeing Lulu with her guard down is rare and makes her character more appealing, I think. So, I’m glad that Satelight did this.

    They always overdo blushing in anime, but like you said, it’s cute so…meh! ; P

    Oh god, this part. I had the same thought as you. I was like, some people are going to call Lulu and Amu lesbian’s for sleeping in the same bed or something…-.-;;; Really!? I don’t know why some people think those things (for reasons other than crack pairing, I don’t count crack pairings.) When I was younger my best friend and I would share beds all the time! We still do it now sometimes, when we have to, and we are not lesbo for each other in any way. Some people though…>.>;

    I would like to learn how to say “Just do what you want!” in Nagoya-ben too, but I have to learn standard Japanese first…^^;;;

    I really love what you wrote here about Lulu not knowing much about Charas and Amu teaching her. It’s completely true and totally sweet.

    I didn’t think Nana would be that hyper when she felt better! o.o Then again, it could just be because of all the sugar she still had in her (she had to have sugar in her system still, after all of those sweets that she ate…)

    Lulu looks beautiful with her hair down like that and not done up in that ridiculous hair style. *-* ::Gives Lulu a hug too:: Being honest is a very hard thing to be, so I think she deserves it as well.

    ZOMG!!!REVELATION! ::Blaring epic music::

    This was down extremely well, and it came about in an unexpected way. I thought they were going to do go about this in a more clichéd fashion (like you did as well), but I’m really glad that they didn’t. This way was so much better. A slip of the tongue is very realistic and even more so since it came from Nana (a Chara), who are prone to let things slip (since they are like little kids, and little kids let things slip all the time!)

    I’ll wrap this comment up now. I would write some more on the preview and stuff, but why bother? I’m just going to be watching it in a few minutes anyway, so I’ll wait to comment about it on your blog afterwards.

    Anyway, take care! (^^)o

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