SoMT Stage 1, Round 4



Main Tournament

The main tournament consists of two stages. Stage 1 has now officially started as of May 24th and will run for 6 rounds.

Stage 1 ~ Sakura Circle

Only the top 18 girls will proceed to Stage 2.

Contestants who have passed the prelims are randomly arranged onto their own respective sakura petal.

Voting Instructions

  • There will be 5 main rounds and 1 special round.
  • Each round (except for the last special round) contains 3 duels and will last for 3 days.
  • For each respective duel, you may only vote for ONE girl and you may only vote her ONCE!

  • Wildcard Round

    This round’s purpose is to determine the last 3 girls who will move onto Stage 2 along with the 15 winners from the first five main rounds, and thereby, making the total number of passing contestants 18.

    • There will be three 5-way knockouts and this round will last for 5 days. The 15 girls who lost in the first five main rounds are randomly arranged into those knockout spots.
    • For each respective knockout, you may only vote for ONE girl out of the five and you may only vote her ONCE!


  • The most important one of all: Read through everything (the instructions, the rules, etc) carefully. And I mean, everything.
  • Do NOT vote for more than 1 girl in each respective duel/knockout and do NOT vote for your choice more than once!
  • It is not required for you to vote for every match. Just vote in the ones you want to.
  • Please vote fairly and let the girls compete fairly. I will NOT tolerate any form of cheating. If it comes to the point where I can’t control it, I will either eliminate that competitor from the tournament or if worst comes to worst, I’ll shut this whole thing down. This is a contest made by a fan and not going in any official books except for ěk-sěn’trĭk’s archives. So be smart and don’t make me or the rest of the fans out there angry just because you want a certain girl to win.
  • Commenting: This will be in every set of rules for every single round. You are allowed to give as much support to a contestant as much as you want (to a reasonable degree). You are allowed to critically compare her with her opponent(s) as long as you do it civilly and have legitimate reasons to back your argument up. But any kind of childish bashing towards any of the contestants or other commenters will be marked as spam.
    I would very much appreciate it if we can avoid this problem. People are going to have different opinions and different candidates they will support. Please respect that. If you must be a fanbrat, then do it somewhere else where I can’t see you. I don’t want ridiculous immature remarks or wars littering all over my comments.
  • If you have any questions regarding anything about the tournament, please don’t hesitate to leave it in a comment or email me at I will try my best to reply back to you as soon as I can.
  • Have fun voting and enjoy the tournament! ^^


Ahhhh~…this is probably the…second most interesting round in Stage 1 for me. Now I bet everyone’s panicking over the next one and for the girls who haven’t gone yet…and I’ll just let you panic a little more cuz like I said, I’m the ebil~ host! Kuhuhuhuhu~


This is fun~ This is fun~

Kyahaha~ I swear, if I somehow make it through this alive (heck, even through Stage 2 alive), I will dedicate 1/3 of the rest of my life to SoMT…or 1/5. If shoujo doesn’t go extinct by then.

…crap, what am I saying? I’m going crazy from tiredness. Need medication~

Soooo…let me hear your picks cuz I know you’re dying to throw those tomatoes. *pokepoke* 8DD


11 thoughts on “SoMT Stage 1, Round 4

  1. Xiao Jie, you ebil host~!

    This round is interesting enough for me, and I have to think for a while to choose them,
    GAH! It’s hard! >.<

    3. Miki vs Aihara Kotoko
    I chose Miki. Maybe people will choose Kotoko, but I'm staying with Miki. Although she's not moe enough compared with her, but I like her because she's the cool, calm, and wise type. I'm bored with moe girls whose personalities are happy-go-lucky (with the exception of FEW girls that I like). I like moe girls who are showing their true self.

    Well, that's my picks. Overall, it's fun. I enjoy it very much ^^
    And my ebil host! I want my Rima NAO! Can't wait to vote for her ^^
    I can't wait for the result ^^
    It'll be fun!

  2. EDIT: LOL strike tag fail >.> (please kindly remove the first one, hun~)

    On the first round, I went for Ran because she has that Amu-wink-of-win ^^. And she’s workin’ it~

    And the second round… Isn’t it obvious? I… voted… for… SAKURA!!!!!!
    not~…Lol I’m just kidding XD (did I just saw glaring eyes a second there? XD). I really voted for Utau, since she’s the queen of queens in here~ and she sets the standard of shoujo moe ^^. and I’m just bias xDD

    And on the third round I went for Miki, because I just simply dislike Kotoko (dun wanna explain why because it’ll be looong, hun).

    *LEULTIMATEGASP* gawdgawdgwadgwadgwad!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I’m gonna have a heart attack on the next round! But I’ll go with my baby that’s more deserving for sure ~__^ …But first I’m gonna faint like… now. *ish faint*

  3. I guess for duel 1 I’ll go for KusuKusu because I love how she worries about Rima and always does her best to make her smile. Ran is like that too and she’s super genki, but Amu’s got three charas that cheer her up, so the effect is slightly lessened…just a bit.
    …Also I find Rima’s chara change so much cuter than Amu’s (with Ran).

    Do we even need to ask for duel 2? But poor Sakura, she’s going to get flattened by the tsundere idol moe queen…UTAU!!!!. Even if I’d rather her be up against someone I don’t like, I kind of like feeling like she’s up against someone I’d actually see as moe. It just makes it so much more legitimate that she’s MORE moe. And of course I love Utau being on the scene in her first duel (her competitiveness is moe after all, so this whole tournament almost automatically tips in her favor). Though I hope that I’ll get the chance to save Sakura (though I kind of doubt it a little since she’s a minor character). Sakura is ojou-sama moe done right!

    And I’ll go for Kotoko in duel 3 because I will be completely honest and say I have never once thought that Miki was moe. No I’m serious. She represents Amu’s “cool” side to me and that’s always what makes me hold back from saying that Amu is that moe. She’s basically just “cool” to me and that’s…not moe.
    Kotoko however I don’t find that moe really, but she’s stupid and does her best and I don’t know. Somehow despite her being kind of useless I still find her charming, so she’s got to be a little bit moe, right? (Well, I mean she is a little devious and she has a little bit of moe in her voice from Nana-sama too~)
    But Miki is Amu’s most popular chara (maybe after Dia?) so I guess other people see something I don’t.

    I’m both terrified and incredibly looking forward to the next round. Though oddly enough if we get Rima vs. Rima I’m not that scared since I expect the loser to be saved. Though my competitive nature still wants a head-on match to go in the favor of my Rima-tan. Especially now that she’s got her own competitive nature back…against Nagi, but she’d still be stubborn and want to move up alongside Amu right away, especially when a rival friend like Utau will!

  4. Duel 1: I voted for Ran. I tend to like her more than Kusukusu. Even though I get annoyed with Amulet Heart(mostly because it’s over used), I still like Ran.

    Kusukusu is more of a laughs person(since she’s Rima’s comedy ‘dream’). I’m not sure how I like Ran over Kusukusu, but I just do.

    Duel 2: This was an obvious one. I voted for UTAU~! I love Utau. She’s cool and tsundere with a pretty singing voice. Plus she’s voiced by Nana Mizuki. She’s also very pretty too.

    Sakura is also awesome, but anyone would get creamed in a moe contest by Utau.

    Duel 3: I voted for Miki. Mainly because I have no idea who the other one was, and because Miki is my favorite Shugo Chara. She(or he, I’m not entirely sure if Miki’s a boy or a girl since Miki uses ‘boku’ instead of ‘watashi’ but also falls head over heels for Kiseki) wears blue and is the art character. Her Chara-nari with Amu includes a giant paint brush! She’s cool too.

    • Miki is a girl but I think she uses “boku” because she also represents Amu’s more tomboyish side (like when she hates wearing dresses and is always seen in pants or shorts).

  5. I voted for Ran, Utau, and Miki (how predictable)! Mostly because I didn’t recognize the other characters. With Kusu Kusu, I don’t really see her as moe… Rima does have an incredibly moe side but I don’t see Kusu Kusu really representing that. And for Miki, she is Amu’s cool side, but I see some moe in her sometimes. She’s like… a closet moe and I find that very appealing (but I still like Dia the best).

    • Oooo! I like that! “Closet moe”…now that I think about it, that really can apply to Miki. Though only a little bit but it still applies so yea! XD

      • Well, only a little. :p I mean, Miki isn’t super moe or anything, but she does have her occasional moments that I can recall seeing. I mean, she IS one of Amu’s charas, so moe is like a requirement! But like I said above, she tends to represent Amu’s more tomboyish side so it makes sense that a) her level of moe isn’t as high and b) it’s a closet moe.

  6. Still with no internet connection, I was able to connect through my neighbor’s(sort-of illegally XP).. ;D

    The rounds were easy for me to answer.. except for one. That would be Duel 11. I don’t know, it’s like I want to vote both of them. They’re both moe even though Utau-moe is more obvious and seen(that would be because SC is longer than S.A). Since I know that Utau would have a lot of voters, I just voted for Sakura.

    For Duel 10, I chose KusuKusu for the same reasons that Fuyu-san stated. :P Ran is just too much that I find it irritating sometimes already…

    As for Duel 12, since I don’t watch Itazura na Kiss, I’m not all too familiar with Kotoko so I chose Miki. :D

    Can’t wait for the results~

  7. Duel 10: I chose Kusukusu, of course. Ran gets annoying sometimes, and as much as I love her, I’m not for Genki Girls. Kusukusu is cute though, and I love the way she says Rima-tan~ (I know I’m weird, I get it. lol)

    Duel 11: It’s obvious that I chose Utau~. She’s the Queen of Tsundere, so I thought, “Heck, yeah!” Also, she’s pretty, can sing well, and is the voice of Nana Mizuki~. MWAHAHAHAHA. Though I like Sakura too, because she’s cool like that. XD

    Duel 12: Of course I chose Miki. I’m getting tired of seeing the same kind of moe over, and over, and over again… Kotoko is the down-right example of a repetitive type of moe. And I was never for the happy-go-lucky anyways. Also, although Miki was kind of….. bratty, she’s cool and easy-going, and she reminds me of a few relatives that are now gone. lol XD But then again, Kotoko was voiced by Nana Mizuki (if I recall correctly), so that just made her moe level go up a little. And I guess she can’t help it if she’s stupid, but she only relates to a bunch of other romance heroines…

  8. Round 1: Kusu Kusu. Especially when she tries to cheer Rima up or isn’t laughing. She’s just so sad looking whenever she worries about Rima that I just want to reach out and hug her.

    Round 2: Utau. Utau. UTAU. I don’t need to explain do I?

    Round 3: Meh. Neither Miki or Kotoko are particularly moe. Miki’s more of a cool fangirl or a reverse trap. And the less say about Kotoko the better. Although if you counter the fact that Miki is probably where Amu’s tsun-tsuness comes from that could make her a bit moe, as she’s often shown as being more stubborn then Suu or Ran.

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