Shugo Chara! ~ Ch. 41

First of all, congratulations to Peach-Pit and Shugo Chara! for its success! Over 2,500,000 copies! Woot! Everybody, give the awesome manga-ka duo a big round of applause! *clapclapclapx1000* xDDD

And my god, I still can’t get over how wonderful and absolutely beautiful this month’s splash page is. Oh god…I think I’m really tearing up inside cuz to see Amu look so grown up and mature after watching her progress from the beginning (over and over and over again, I must add) to the girl, no scratch that, the young lady she is starting to become…words cannot even express how proud I am of her. And after reading this chapter, I really felt that I was on the brink of crying inside. Which is rare for me because I can be uberly sad for any of the characters I love very deeply but I’ve never been so moved enough to cry. I have come close to it, I won’t deny that. *not immune to watery eyes* But…yea.

Well, as always, I’m prepared to go into full and furious analytical mode for this chapter. But before I do that, I just want to warn anyone who has any severe complaints that…you need to leave now. I have gotten everything I expected for this climax and even more. If you’re still not satisfied about something that should be at least minimally understandable, then go somewhere else to rant about it. Don’t do it on my blog. I’m sick of people complaining. This goes to show that you don’t know how to read shoujo at all. And yes, there are unwritten rules that the genre follows by. It might be predictable, it might even be cliche but if you’re just going to settle or saying “Ugh, this sucks. I’m bored, I was expecting better”, then you’re obviously not putting enough effort into thinking about it as I am. And therefore, you obviously won’t take what I have to say seriously either.

So buzz off.

WARNING: Severe but righteous anger and character bashing. You read at your own risk.

Before I start…heh, this feels really weird to say since I provided the scans in the first place (^^; ) but I’ll be using FWPA’s scanlations so entire credit goes to them for doing another spectacular job with this chapter. They really do deserve some kind of award for putting up with all the impatient brats who keep spamming them. Seriously, you little monsters, stfu and leave the monitor for a few hours. That’s all I have to say.

Moving on…

Ah, yes, a little more background on the Tsukiyomi family is always good for me.

Not that we really got any new information about Souko or Aruto themselves but we finally got to see a close-up of their faces. On Aruto, Ikuto is almost the spitting image of his father. Though Aruto is the more…hmm, well definitely more older and mature because duh, he is an adult man while Ikuto is still a teen (and Aruto’s hair is better kept than Ikuto’s but I like them both~ ahahaha xD). I don’t know about you but even though Aruto did a pretty bad thing for running off, I still can’t help but think he’s got the qualities of a good father in him (and I’m sure I’m right as well *really speaking with good confidence here*) which is why I can’t bring myself to be angry at his actions. Because I wholeheartedly believe that I can understand his reason, whatever it is, for leaving and that I can find a way to justify for it. Whether you’re willing to accept it or not, that’s to your personal decision. But I’ll get into that in just a short while.

Souko…ohhh~ Souko is just as I imagined ever since I saw first saw that photograph with the Tsukiyomi and Hotori families together. So beautiful, gentle and most of all, a lovely tragic figure. And duh again, Utau takes after her mother so much in physical features but I think that’s pretty much where their similarities end. I know it’s mostly due to the hardships Utau had to go through that make them so different from each other but say that in alternate reality, they never had to go through the Easter dilemma. Would Utau be similar to Souko in “child-like” personality like how Utau described her to be? *shrug* Maybe. I don’t really think so. I think Utau would still be one tough tsunderreko because I think the siblings take more after each other than they do their parents. ^^;

But ohhh~…I really can sympathize so much with Souko, this poor woman whom I want to hug so badly. ;____; I even get mad at Ikuto and Utau for being too judgmental about their own mother without really knowing anything first. Not that I blame them for being angry but…I guess for those who follow my posts regularly, most of you can tell that I place a lot of emphasis on the relationship between a mother and her children. This is basically because I know very well (don’t argue with me) what it’s like to have a good mother and a bad one as well as what it’s like to be a good child and a bad child. It affects me really greatly. In a case like the Tsukiyomis, I will seriously rip anyone a part if they ever dare say a bad word against Souko and almost went crazy when I had to explain it to one of my closest friends, who didn’t respond so well to Souko’s issue. Souko is not a bad mother…but was severely cut off from being an enduring one because her mentality couldn’t take it, which is totally understandable in a situation like this. Souko is still a good mother because though we never see it much on screen (and it’s not even confirmed if it’s the same woman), she continues to look after Ikuto and Utau who repeatedly reject her because they feel betrayed. We only get it from the perspectives of the children. Think from Souko’s side, which hasn’t been shown to us yet. You can’t say Souko is bad. You just can’t.

But I will get into more of that later.

*takes a moment to huggle Souko* ;_____________;

It’s not so surprising why director (yes, I refuse to use his name because I still find him despicable so he doesn’t deserve one) hates Aruto. Purely because Aruto had the position he wanted the most and that was being leader of the corporation. And he’s right. Aruto should not have gotten that position because he really wasn’t fit to lead. His passion was music, not business.

But since when, when has Aruto ever expressed any goddamn interest in being Easter’s president? Does he even give a damn about this company? No, even if some idiot assumes that he had. But he agreed to it so he and Souko could get married, which was already a hard struggle for them as is. He has never asked to be put in charge nor did he ever want to be. But he did it because he wanted to be with Souko, because she was worth it. And he didn’t go back on his promise. He did work under the former CEO, the head honcho whom he made that promise to, after he and Souko got married. But then president Hoshina died and Aruto left the company.

So what about that? I would have done the same. I would not bother to keep some “promise” I made to a now dead man who used it against me just because I wanted to be with someone I loved. I do not care for this company that has never cared for me in the first place and only tolerates me because I’m a tool to keep it going. Why should I care if Easter will fall to its knees? It’s none of my business.

But then what about Souko and his children? Did he not agree to lead Easter for them? What about his responsibility of being a husband and a father?

Yes, I haven’t forgotten that. And maybe this doesn’t apply especially in Japanese society where the inheriting system is still largely revolved around family/blood relations, but people, this is the 21st Century. If Aruto didn’t want to have anything to do with Easter, then that is more than fine. He could have taken his family elsewhere with him and broken off all contact with Easter. It’s not like the people in charge of Easter (aka the Hoshina family, I’m assuming) couldn’t find another heir. But for whatever reason, Souko (and I’m saying only her because Ikuto and Utau were still too young to really have a say in any decision) wasn’t able to do that. Maybe she still felt tied to her kin. Maybe she felt that she did have some responsibility as the only daughter of the former president. And you can’t blame her for that. It’s only natural to feel that way, especially with a family of such importance.

But you can’t blame Aruto either if you’re willing to put yourself in his shoes and try to understand him (which you have to do, there’s no excuse for you not to). Like it has been repeatedly said, music is Aruto’s passion. I’m willing to bet that it is even as important as his family and for Easter to tell him to give it up…it’s like you’re telling him to give up his life. There are people who are like Aruto out there who are extremely devoted to their “work” and can’t live without it. But there are also people out there who can do the same while having a family.

In the end, a majority will still say that Aruto should have put his family first before anything else. I’m not disagreeing with that. But have you ever valued something so much, something other than your family, that you can’t give it up no matter how much you try to? Do you really comprehend just how hard it is to even try? What if it was Utau in this situation? If you took away singing from her, Utau will no doubt break. It doesn’t matter how strong we know Utau is. Singing is one of the pillars of her existence. It’s what she thrives on. If she had to save someone she really cared about, I’m sure she wouldn’t hesitate if the situation left her no choice but afterwards, Utau will slowly fall into despair because she won’t be able to sing. That’s how much a passion can really affect someone. And if Aruto were to continue on without his music, how can he even bring himself to wake up every morning and think about what a huge part of him that is missing much less think about leading an international corporation?

Then again, what about the family? If music meant so much to him, don’t you think he should’ve reconsidered to avoid all this mess? Well, who in the world knows what the future outcomes will really turn out as? Maybe Aruto did think he could learn lead the company and overcome putting music aside all for the sake of his family. Maybe he did have enough confidence in himself that he was willing to do it all for them. But in the end, he wasn’t able to meet the expectations. And are you going to criticize him for that? Not on Easter, no. Don’t you realize that everyone falls short in many things ALL the time? What makes this any different?

And as a husband and a father? One statement: He wouldn’t have if there were no outside factors pushing down on him. And those I have already listed. The weight of an entire corporation on one man’s shoulders, music, etc. It is enough, yes, enough to be seen as reasonable for him to give up. Not to mention, how long has he been enduring all this crap Easter forced down on him? For quite a period of time. Does that not count for anything? Didn’t he try up until President Hoshina died?

This is problem I see in so many SC! fans who are so quick to blame Aruto. And since most of the fans are really just middle-schoolers/teenagers who don’t have a clue how the adult…not even just limited to the adult but the whole world works at at all, I can’t even be too critical of them but I don’t give a damn anymore. I’ve had a taste of it. That’s how reality is. It sucks. And people are weak or can only stand up to so much before they collapse. Stop thinking in just idealistic terms. Peach-Pit has taken a notable length into putting realism into a fiction work and showing that not everyone can be an Amu or an Utau or an Ikuto. Why don’t you try and go through a similar ordeal yourself, huh? Get slapped around and stepped on a bit and see how you would handle it if you’re so confident in what you’re saying.

Other than that, I realize that I haven’t really talked about the effects of Aruto’s sudden departure without so much of a goodbye or note saying where he’s gone but we still don’t have enough background to really go into that yet. I still believe that he has somewhat of legitimate reason for leaving unexpectedly but those are just small theories (i.e. he could have left for the sake of his family, who knows). So I’ll just end that here today before I end up confusing myself over them.

On the director, he’s still just a jealous asshole but I will give him credit for thinking so much about the company he works for. Japanese workers are so dedicated to their employers (I’m assuming) that it scares me and makes me feel a little ashamed about a lot (not all, but a lot) of the American workforce here. But let’s not get into that. :P

I don’t care what all you bleeding hearts for the director say (I’m sorry but all this quick sympathy for him really got me angry), I still hate him and he is still a goddamn bastard. Sure, he did it out of loyalty for Easter and for the “well-being” of his grandson but at the expense of what could have been Hikaru’s childhood. Sure, he may just be dysfunctional man with a really screwed up brain but that still doesn’t excuse him for all the crimes he committed against so many people. The foremost being…

What he did to the Tsukiyomi family in order “to save Easter” and not caring as long as he accomplished his “mission”.

Especially what he did to Souko, his superior’s daughter whom he should’ve shown more respect to. And what FUCKING part of pressuring a vulnerable woman lying exhausted in a hospital at that time comes anywhere close to the term “respect”, godammit?! D8<
With whatever tactics he used against her, when she didn’t even have any support from her own family who looked down upon her and her children, he’s always going to be the lowest shit of the low. Just so he can legitimatize Hikaru as another heir for Easter, he somehow managed to threaten Souko (god, I can’t even bring myself to think of all the sick possibilities) into marrying him so he can change his last name to “Hoshina” and therefore, pass on that name to Hikaru. Obviously, a child with the name “Hoshina” is going to be prioritized over another who isn’t and so Ikuto, the rightful blood heir, no longer held as much importance and has been reduced to being Easter’s “puppet” just like how his father was thought of as a tool.

Even if I had no other good reason, this alone is enough to keep me hating him and wanting him to die. I am not saying that the usage of other people is a bad thing as long as it is done the right way. Because that is how real life works. You go apply for a job so you can use that position to gain experience and add it to your resume while your job uses your work ethic to help run its business. At least this should be a mutual exchange where both parties are not looking down on each other like they’re something below them. But this man…this horrible, disgusting insect that shouldn’t even be called a man took pleasure in his hate against for the Tsukiyomis and treated them as less than people for mostly his own benefit.


I abhor people like him! I don’t see how anyone can just say they feel sorry for him and forget what all he has done! I don’t even know where this bullshit about people acknowledging him as any kind of “father” towards Ikuto or him “having feelings for Souko” (honestly, where the serious fuck did this come from when he can’t even treat her own children with respect?) comes from because this type of person should burn alive in a ditch after getting repeatedly whipped a thousand times! People are not pawns and you are not above anyone just because your sick mind thinks so! A person like him is no human being at all and because he has treated and harmed others as such, even if it was for the sake of his grandson, he is not even allowed any redemption, FUCK DAMMIT!!!


No, I do not take back any of what I said. I still think he needs to die and that he doesn’t deserve forgiveness, no matter how much he does make it up to Hikaru. But the story is not for me to decide. I am just voicing out my opinion.

That being said, I knew it. I knew, I knew, I knew it! I knew Souko has been forced into this marriage against her will. Because if she searched for Aruto so long, she obviously still loves her husband very deeply and it would take something very serious to make go back on her vows. And there are two major things I can think of. One, the director could have threatened to harm her children and/or the Hotori family who were currently looking after them while she was in the hospital. Harming Ikuto and Utau would be out of the question because they were the legitimate heirs and the director hasn’t acquired the “Hoshina” name yet. But he could still have taken them away from her and if you know what a mother’s like, she would never ever put her children at risk in the hands of an untrustworthy person, especially a bastard like him. She also cannot get the Hotori family involved because Yui was her and Aruto’s friend. Easter is an organization with power while the Hotoris is a humble family. She can’t get them involved.

The second reason I can think of is probably overlooked in the light of this chapter as well as the series being a shoujo so it will never be too obvious (in other words, it’s M-rated). Knowing what despicable men can do, the director could have threatened to sexually violate Souko if she didn’t agree to the marriage. Which makes me want to kill him even more if that is true. And who would believe Souko if she cried to the authorities for help? People already know she collapsed from searching for Aruto, they’ll just think she’s going crazy from a broken heart. Moreover, the director has been working for Easter for what seems to be a long time and he doesn’t seem to have a bad reputation within the company. He can easily deny this and push the blame on Souko’s supposedly “weak mentality”.

And Souko is also not physically strong either. She has a childlike stature and a frail heart that’s been already been broken so many times. The thought of another man beside her husband touching her must have scared her so much that in order to protect herself, she agreed to it. It is a natural thing for a woman to protect herself as best as she can. If something like that were to truly happen, (oh my god, I can’t believe I’m saying this) I don’t doubt that Souko would’ve committed suicide. Now that would have made the situation a lot worst. Because she can’t allow herself to die knowing that she still has to look after Ikuto and Utau. So she had no choice. She was cornered. She had to stay alive to protect her children even if she couldn’t do much for them afterwards. She had no choice but to marry the bastard because she can’t bring herself to be violated by another man.

Therefore, Souko never betrayed Ikuto and Utau. And how could she bring herself to tell them all this when they were still young? They wouldn’t understand. They wouldn’t understand how traumatic it was for her. On top of that, Souko probably despised herself so much for agreeing to the marriage that she couldn’t even face Ikuto and Utau because she felt so ashamed. She probably thought that she deserved to be hated because she wasn’t able to be stronger and find another way when the situation didn’t even allow her any other alternatives. She really felt that she betrayed her children and Aruto even though she just wanted to stay by her children’s side. Because she is a mother. A mother would never abandon her child, not even for her own sake. So to her, she was willing to take all the hate and grudge Ikuto and Utau would bear against her as long as she can stay by their side. That is why I believe Souko is a good mother, no matter how “weak” she may be or what anyone else thinks.

What greatly pisses me off though is while I can understand Souko not being able to tell the truth, why the hell have you not told any of this to Ikuto and Utau when you knew all along, Tsukasa?! D8< *SLAPS HIM* They are her children! They have a responsibility to protect her as well! They had a right to know! God knows how much a lot of things could have been avoided if everyone knew a little bit more about what the hell was going on and you always knew! Unless you have a good reason (there will never be a good reason but at least a reason) on why you kept this from them until now, I'll slap you a hundred more times! *RAGE!!!*

Asshole. Bastard. Lowlife. Scum. Shitface.


You even put Easter before your own family. And you have the nerve to cling onto him now that you really are worthless waste of space.



Nobody’s going to fuckin’ understand you if you don’t even bother to let them try, you fuckin’ immature rotting bag of waste! Dx<

I can understand why children like Ikuto, Utau and even Tadase would think that nobody would understand even if they told their true feelings. Because they are kids and they are afraid.

But a man at this age acting like a spoiled brat?! Wtf.

Ah, but we’re finally able to get back to the brighter side of things. That’s good cuz I just went through almost 4,000 words on negativity (though possibly justified negativity).

Anyways, the part that really got me at this page when I saw Amu mention how lonely Hikaru must have felt. That Hikaru couldn’t even find a parent to give him the proper love. Not even his grandfather who was always right there.

And Amu knows only too well what it’s like to be lonely and not be able to connect with anyone. She’s been experiencing that ever since she was a child because of her “Cool & Spicy” exterior which always kept everyone else at a distance. Even after meeting the Guardians and letting more of her true side slip out, she has still yet to feel completely at ease about herself and not have to worry about what others may think. So yes, Amu understands very well how it is to be lonely.

And she receives a typical answer from a boy who was taught not to cry or show emotions because they were “useless” …which also caused something to strike within her.


Because “useless” is a term that has been used to many times over the course of the story. Whether it is an X-Egg crying “Mudi mudi mudi” or even Amu herself who use to think whatever she did would amount to nothing, everybody at one point thought that something was “useless”. And Amu is the one who knows that better than anyone. She had gone through the ordeal with Dia and was able to learn to believe in the power that lied within her. She had saved so many people from their own selves because they thought it would be useless as well. They thought nobody could understand so it was useless. Amu understands all this. She knows that nothing is truly useless and the development she had gone through since volume 1 finally pieces everything together.

And that is where the topic of turning “useless” to “important” comes in (more or less).

I really like how Amu reminds Hikaru of the time they shared taiyaki together because it really relates to Hikaru’s issue very well. Even the most simplest things always has a meaning to it. There really is nothing that is not important because if it was of no importance, you wouldn’t have done it anyway, right? And when it comes to people interacting with people, this so extremely crucial.

Speaking from personal experience, I was one of those kids who would always say “I hate my life/myself” and “I want to die” very often. Back then, I really didn’t understand how much of an impact those words can really make but I didn’t know. The members in my immediate family were often at odds with one another and I didn’t know why. I just knew it upset me because my parents fought with each other a lot and sometimes I was the cause over something that was really stupid now that I think about it. Then when I was in elementary, they’ve become more strict with me about school. On top of that I had to transfer to a place where I knew no one except for my cousin and even he wouldn’t befriend me because…well, y’know. It’s awkward. I did make some friends however but I had to transfer again during middle school to a place where I had no close friends for two years. And I always laughed to myself “Haha, I really want to die” without comprehending what that really meant. I’m sure I never wanted to die but life just felt very stale so I thought it didn’t really matter. My mother would scold me and call me stupid for saying such a thing but she never told me “I don’t want you to die”. It was not until I reached high school that I asked a good friend what would she do if I were to go away (yes, I seriously asked her this because I really was in depression) and she told me she would cry. I reflected on that for quite some time even though it didn’t immediately make me happy like it would in a shoujo manga but…I guess it is true. Sometimes you have to have others tell you that you have meaning to truly appreciate yourself and everything around you. Which is why I value everything on such a deeper level than I have before. Which is also why I find it extremely unforgivable when someone treats something else as if it is less than them and hence, explains for my earlier rage in this post.

But Hikaru still doesn’t realize it and like any child who wants an explanation, he demands to know why nobody told him this.

And again, Amu makes me want to cry every time she offers her hand out to help someone. But this time, literally. Not only that, she does not need to Chara-nari nor does she need to make a grand magical girl peptalk like she had to for the other people she saved. This time, she’s relying on nothing but her own power and understanding of Hikaru’s problem which speaks a lot for itself and how far she’s come. Amu has finally recognized the shine within her and now she’s putting it to good use (perfect timing, thank god).

In addition, her reassuring gentleness with Hikaru really got both of us as well. For me, I can see this coming from a lot of her past experiences with lost children as well as her role as a big sister so it’s a great thrill to see it in a slightly different manner. For Hikaru, look at how bewildered he is (his face in the upper left panel is so cute!). He’s so curious as to why she’s treating him this way when it was he (or the director, same difference) who dropped the cage on her. Also, nobody has ever looked at him in such a gentle way before and I think it’s his eagerness to know why that convinces him to let Amu out so that she can “teach him”.

He may be a genius kid but he’s still just a kid turned on by Amu’s irresistible Onee-chan charm ~.^ lol.

So the deal with the rocks is not so much of him wanting to push away feelings of attachment but to find something to fill the emptiness he feels inside him. He’s been living with a huge void in his chest because no one was ever able to provide him with the love, care and special attention a child so direly needs to receive from a parent at that age. And so I was wrong a bit on my last post about this. Just like how the Embryo is a representation of everyone’s dreams and wishes, Hikaru saw stones as his physical representation of filling in that void. Because like any child (or normal person), they want something tangible…something that they can see and touch before they can believe first. Yet as much as he tried, the stones never did much because they were just stones. But Hikaru didn’t understand this so he kept on collecting more, thinking it would work.

And here’s where Amu puts her own power to work. She’s learned and experienced so much up to this point that I don’t even know where to start listing everything she’s accomplished (don’t worry, that will be saved for another post). But everything, everything is dealt with here in what I see as the climax of the entire story. And it it’s as simple as Amu explaining to Hikaru that feelings and emotions can give a person much more than stones ever can. And what’s so precious about them is you can never stop getting enough, no matter how hard you try to prevent it. Amu is teaching Hikaru to believe in the feelings he has just like how she was always constantly being taught how wonderful it was for having friends and family who believed in her and how great it was for herself to believe in someone else.

It’s a bit corny but it’s shoujo. It’s comparative but it’s simple to understand. And most of all, it made Hikaru understand, causing a reaction like this…

…to happen. Aww, omg, he’s so cute! x3

…hmm. Well the reason why Hikaru is lamenting now is very important. Because here Amu is, saying all these wonderful things about how feelings give so much more than stones but he’s sad because he isn’t able to feel them. So he thinks he can’t have these great things known as feelings because he lacks a heart’s egg. He doesn’t have something to believe in. He doesn’t have a dream.

Which leads me to character stereotypes. Hikaru is a lost child who believes he was born empty and therefore, lacks emotions, when in truth, he’s had them along. He just couldn’t find them or discover them until someone mentioned it was right there inside him. Is this cliche? I’m not sure. Hikaru has not been in the story long enough for me to say that he has transcended cliche like the rest of the cast have. But I will say that he has had quite impressive development over the span of only two chapters. And I think that is good enough for me.

Hikaru is still not on my good side for all the damage he has indirectly caused yet but he’s no longer on my bad side either. I can forgive him, especially since he’s still just a boy who didn’t know any better and was unfairly pushed around by his bastard grandfather who should have given him the love he deserved. But even if you put all the blame on the director, Hikaru still had a hand in those past Easter plans (in other words, his approval and authority). Just because he is a child doesn’t erase all the bad things that he has done. He’s still a person like anyone else. He has to make up for it.

I might come off as cold but I’m an adult and I know better. This might be fiction and I may be over-thinking into a lot of things but if Peach-Pit were just going to leave it here where Hikaru or the director doesn’t express any future implications of showing they’re sorry for all that’s happened, then this will be a failed ending. That is not the way you’re suppose to send a message out to an audience of young girls. And I hope such a thing won’t happen. Peach-Pit has the responsibility as writers to close this shoujo work off the proper way. It’s not hard to do so…just do it.

Heh. In the end, the Charas always give a nice finishing touch to a heroine speech. I think it’s because they are so small and cute that it ends off so perfectly (like decorating a cake, lol). xD

Ah, so the Embryo –> bust egg –> X-energy egg –> normal Heart’s egg = Hikaru’s heart’s egg. Wow. No egg has ever gone through such an experience. Here, a blue ribbon. *ties it to Hikaru’s jacket* XDDD

I liked how this worked. In the end, “Gozen” did get the “Embryo” and Hikaru got what he’s “chased out”, his heart’s egg, back. Hmm…lol, what is this? Happy irony? XD;


I’m really glad he got it back cuz even though Hikaru’s feeling a little hurt right now, it’s good that he’s letting all these feelings that he locked away out free into the open. It’s really hard to suppress negative emotions down especially ones like loneliness. My god, and Hikaru’s only like what? …8 years old? Not even? Gargh, poor boy. Must have been so hard on him.

But yea…I’m glad he was saved in time before it continued on. I guess for this short climax, it makes sense that everything was solved rather quickly. Because you can make up with kids a lot more easier than you can make up with teenagers and adults. By the time they are old enough to understand more about their surroundings, they develop a sturdy sense of pride that acts as some sort of wall that’s hard to bring down (it took us how many chapters to solve Utau’s problem? ^^; ).

I still hate him and I will always forever hate him. I’ll say it over and over again. He’s done too many crimes to be allowed full forgiveness.

But in Hikaru’s case, I guess he can be forgiven. Parents make mistakes and I can understand that. It’s hard raising a child and though he was doing it for Hikaru’s sake, he just went about the wrong way of doing it. At least he apologized to his grandson.

Outside Hikaru, nuh-uh. Since he is an adult, I would expect him to act like one. To act like a decent person who should have more values than he does ambition. So I guess the director fails at being a person but that’s still no excuse. And yea, I still want him to go through some major beating but since this is shoujo, not likely. What I do want though is for the cancellation/annulment/whatever of his “marriage” to Souko and to just disappear from the rest of the remaining SC! chapters. I don’t want to see him. By all means, bring Souko back to her old self and let her “adopt” Hikaru as a Hoshina but I want to see those official papers RIPPED and the old man off my (hopefully) happy ending, UNDERSTOOD?! Dx

Slipping away from the crazy negativity for a moment, here’s a moment to “D’AWWWWWWWW” at.

*just nods in approval at it*

And so the big adventure is…mostly over. No Embryo. I’m fine with it. Let it stay that way. Give us some confirmation that everyone will realize they don’t need the flying shiny egg (geh, Kiseki annoyed me a little with his line “Crud, I was hoping we’d get it for sure this time” :P).

Like I said in my PreSpoiler post, I’m guessing there will be some sort of time skip? 1 month? 2 weeks maybe? I dunno. But good chance of happening. Now that the Ikuto/Easter arc is over, I just want them to focus on closing the bitter ends of other unsolved issues (like focusing on relationships and all that good stuff <3). This includes…

Souko and the siblings making up with her.
The Hotori family (I predict some crazy psycho bitch rage coming up and I want somebody to PWN! her, plz).
Aruto if possible.
Nagihiko's secret.
…oh, of course.

TRIANGLE! Blergh… xP

But are we going to get that sooner than I think we are?

Whoa, whoa, back up, back up. Since when did you decide that and why wasn’t I informed, Amu? o.O;

Oh dear, I think all sides of the shipping fandom had a slight eruption at this. Which means the next few months in tying up the manga (hopefully) are going to be one. big. mess. of. HELL. *headflunk*

But I just want it to…make sense, ok? And I need to see something happen before it makes sense. Otherwise, it wouldn’t make sense! Does that make sense? *confusing self* @.@;

Eh, my worrying senses are only tingling now but when it’s closer to the end of the month/beginning of July, don’t be surprised if you find me spazzing all over all the place. I’m serious. I love Peach-Pit and all but if you’re not familiar with them as I am, then I think you should leave a tiny little bitty space for worrying. Yea, the issue with Rozen Maiden was more of an editorial problem but…AUTHORS ARE UNPREDICTABLE! …ESPECIALLY MANGA-KAS! …I DON’T TRUST THEM! @.@;;;;


…ok, I’m done.

Hopefully I made some sense in this post. God, that was very draining. No post for the next three days. Thanks for reading! ^^

Now to go read other people’s posts I’ve fallen behind on. Uwaaahh…


9 thoughts on “Shugo Chara! ~ Ch. 41

  1. I love the way in how you strongly believe in Souko and Aruto. I also think they had their reasons for doing what they had to do. It’s sad how a once happy family, end up shattered into pieces. But I really do hope they reunite, and maybe we’ll get to see the fun side of the Tragic Tsukiyomi couple. *crosses fingers*

    So you saw it too. As soon as I saw, “…the person I love”, that completely threw me off. I wonder if that has changed. I find it funny how a small phrase can have such an effect. I have to admit I was amused. ;))))

  2. Firstly, wow, Amu looks like such a young lady in the splash page. It’s hard to believe how much she’s grown, not only physically but also mentally and spiritually. She’s come a long way from that lonely, cool & spicy girl she started out as. I really like how the splash pages are showing her as becoming more mature. It’s just the small things – her tiny smile, the confident but warm look in her eyes – but they make such a huge difference.

    Aruto reminds me a lot of how Ikuto used to be. When I look at that image of Aruto, I just can’t help but feel that he looks so… trapped, so desperately lonely. He may be playing the violin, but there’s no joy in it. Souko is smiling peacefully so it seems to me that Aruto probably hid a lot of things from her to keep her safe and happy. That panel just makes me feel sad. It’s so unfortunate that their love had to be torn apart because of greed and power.

    I just don’t understand all of the people who can blame Aruto. In my eyes, the blame should be placed solely where it belongs – on the shoulders of Easter and Kazuomi (or Director lol). I mean, we don’t really know why Aruto left yet, but it’s obvious that if he had stayed behind, his life would have been completely miserable. What person could honestly say that they would condemn themselves to a life like that? Maybe Aruto’s leaving shows a spark of weakness (providing he didn’t leave to protect Souko, Utau, and Ikuto) but he’s only human. After all, Aruto lived for music. Like I said above, he probably had to protect Souko a lot, not to mention Utau and Ikuto. His life must have been incredibly lonely and music probably became his sole confidant. Giving that up in the best of conditions would be impossible. I just can’t bring myself to hate Aruto.

    At the same time, I can’t bring myself to hate Souko, either. It seems as though all her life she’s been dictated, never giving the chance to decide for herself. Just when she finally finds someone she truly loves and they become happy, her world is shattered. I don’t know why or how Souko married Kazuomi, but I am 100% certain that she did so thinking it would be the best thing for Utau and Ikuto. Now, of course, obviously it wasn’t. But it was really one of the first decisions she had to make on her own, and she did what she thought was right. She really doesn’t deserve the rejection she receives from Utau (and Ikuto). I’m sure that neither of them have any idea just what Aruto and Souko have gone through. It’s partly Souko’s fault for not expressing that, but at the same time, she may not be allowed much contact with her children.

    God, it just makes me hate Kazuomi all that much more. You’re completely right. What he was did is unforgivable, no matter what his motives were. When I saw the panel where he said, “Was I… wrong?” It took everything I had to keep myself from screaming “DUH!!!” Everything Kazuomi did was to further Hikaru’s position within Easter. He has NO fatherly feelings for Ikuto. He openly admitted on several occasions to using Ikuto as a pawn. I don’t know where the fuck this rumor is coming from, but whomever started it needs to be taken out back and shot. Likewise, it’s obvious he doesn’t care about Souko. He married her for power and nothing more. I even sort of doubt Kazuomi’s apology to Hikaru. It just happened way too soon for me and so it felt incredibly fake. I felt like he did it as a way to get out of trouble.

    Aww, Amu was so wonderful in this chapter. Her onee-chan side really took over. I think her past experience has really allowed her to be able to identify with Hikaru on a level that no one else can (well, maybe Ikuto since he’s been lonely too). I was actually really proud of her for reaching out her hand and guiding Hikaru not as an Amulet, but as Amu. As an ordinary, amazing girl who can make anyone believe in themselves. I seriously wanted to hug her for being so grown up and kind towards Hikaru. It’s another example of how far she’s come, that she could speak so honestly and beautifully and make him understand. Uwaaah, Amu! T_T I > I’d typed up this response and on a whim I copied it before hitting submit… thank goodness I did because I don’t think it went through. If it did and it’s waiting for moderation, please ignore this one.

  3. Not sure what’s up with WP… here’s the continuation?

    I haven’t completely forgiven Hikaru. Yes, he has been empty all of this time so he was walking around in a fog, but the things that he has had a hand in were truly terrible deeds. I completely agree. Being a child does NOT let you off the hook. Children can do completely cruel and unspeakably horrific things just as well as adults can. It’s true that he was being pushed around by Kazuomi, but I still feel like he’s partly to blame, that even if he’s a child he could have done something if he had tried. Honestly, I think Hikaru got totally caught up in the belief that if you are born empty, you don’t have emotions. I guess my biggest annoyance with him is that he just let Kazuomi feed him this garbage and manipulation and he never tried to think it through for himself. If he can run a corporation, he could have done at least that.

    I really like PP’s spin on how this Embryo they’d been chasing for so long was just Hikaru’s lost heart egg. You know, now that I’ve had time to think about it, I think the Embryo is just a myth that doesn’t really exist. And I think that someone came across Hikaru’s heart egg and thought it was the Embryo because of how it was shining. It reminds me of those people who can get all wrapped up in searching for something that is fabled to exist that they forget everything else and FORCE themselves to believe it’s true.

    On the other hand, I think you could also say that every child’s heart egg is an Embryo of their own, because a heart egg is your dream of what you want to be, and isn’t that also a wish that your dream will come true? You can wish for anything on the Embryo, but no matter what you wish for, you’re going to be wishing that your dreams will come true… because what you want is basically your dreams. This ties in with my theory earlier of how the Embryo is what everyone percieves it to be, because everyone’s heart eggs are created for a different reason.

    I agree that there will probably be a time skip. I’m hoping for a full Tsukiyomi family reunion, because I would love to be able to see Souko and Aruto reunited. And I want to see Amu’s reaction to Nagi/Nadeshiko being the same person. I really hope that Souko and Ikuto can come apart from Easter once and for all. Let Kazuomi and Hikari have it; there is no need to keep the Tsukiyomi’s trapped by it any more and they all deserve to finally be free.

    Haha, I know, right? When I saw that line of Amu’s I was like o.O Did I miss something? At first, I wondered if she was referring to Tadase and her doki!love, but that’s cooled off a lot during the past several chapters, so now I find myself questioning exactly whom Amu was referring to. She’s been through so much with Ikuto in the past few chapters that it’s not unfeasible to think that it’s him. And then there’s the third option, in which Amu wasn’t referring to either one but to a generic (i.e., both or neither), but I think that’s less likely. I’m inclined to think that PP put that line in there very deliberately. Whatever happens, I just hope it makes sense that rings true for all of the characters. The story has been so wonderful so far that I just want an equally good ending.

  4. Hi,

    I really loved your post. Everything was layed out well and you basically voiced all my frustrations with the Tsukiyomi family. I really want to thank you because reading your post made me realize why I was acting like such a bitch this weekend. I wont get to personal or anything, but I have been really lonely lately, specially because my own family thought their friends were more important than attending my graduation. I know it sounds superficial. I was really hurt and I felt ignored but even so I had a good time. But sadly, I subconciously acted like a bitch and I couldn’t figure out why. I am normally a really happy – go – lucky person so this behavoir really surprised me. The specific part of your post that highlighted a little bit of your younger years really opened my eyes. Sometimes you just need someone to let you know they care in order to feel better and realize certain things. I feel like I can finally let the bad feelings go and look ahead to my future. So yea, thankyou very much. I look forward to reading more of your posts, you really do have a lot of interesting opinions. (director guy xD)

    Meli <3

  5. Hello! I’ve came to your site a lot :D I like your posts~
    And yes…. I wonder who Amu decided who she loves??
    And adding another question for questions that need to be answered- Tsukasa(?) was in the Guardians, correct? And I’m pretty sure you have to have a Guardian Character to be in it, right? So…. did Tsukasa have one? =/
    Anyway, I just wanted to say I love hearing(reading?) your ideas. Shugo Chara!’s my favorite and probably always will be.
    I’m coming back later this week!!

  6. I seriously wonder who Amu loves. I really hope it’s Ikuto(I’m an Amuto fan). I seriously do wonder what’s going to happen next. But I do have to agree with you on something, Peach-Pit is sure unpredictable. Taiyaki boy being Gozen, the embryo ‘not’ being the embryo, evil director being Gozen’s grandfather(though I somewhat saw that coming), you wouldn’t expect that. By the way, interesting post, long post. I can imagine you tired right now wanting 2-3 days of resting. Haha. Anyway, I can’t wait until the next chapter which just has to come out in ‘July’.

  7. ::Takes a deep breath:: Wow! O.O; Okay, well, I don’t have much to add to anything really, since you’ve talked about everything to a tee. And, well, you bashed the Director enough for me that I see no point in bashing him. Though, I assure you, I agree that he does not deserve to be forgiven and he is the only character I hate in this series (Tadase’s mother I just really, really dislike) though, like you, I’ll give him a little leeway when it comes to Hikaru. That’s a mistake anyone can make…what he did to the Tsukiyomi family was not. >8(

    Getting back into order though, I loved what you had to say about Aruto and Souko. We really don’t have enough information to give any final judgements on them, since I think there are some important pieces of information still missing. Nevertheless, even if we don’t find out anything more, or if Aruto really did abandon his family like that, I would still adore him. I would still say that he made the right choice.

    You touched on this already, a little bit, when you mentioned that Aruto needed his music, needed to be able to play his violin, in order to live. I agree whole heartedly with that. He did. If he had stayed as Director for Easter and had to give up his violin, he would have been stuck with a job he abhorred (not even hated, we need a stronger word for this! ) and he wouldn’t have the leisurely to play his violin, because I doubt he would have had the time to between his work and family. He would have been miserable and probably would have turned into a miserable person. He would have changed into someone that wasn’t Tsukiyomi Aruto and he could have damaged the family he loved beyond repair.

    Then, someone people may ask, “Didn’t he damage his family beyond repair by leaving?” He did, but in a different way. His wife was a broken down mess, yes, but I think at the same time she probably understood why he left. She probably accepted it as well, though when she found his violin that just sent her off the deep end. I think, when he made the decision to leave, he was thinking about Ikuto and Utau the most, he didn’t want to become some horrible person who, stuck with a job they couldn’t stand, took out their frustrations on their children. That is a very likely scenario that could have easily happened if Aruto carried on with his job. And, even though Utau and Ikuto were left to be raised and used by Easter (something, I think, that hadn’t even crossed Aruto’s mind, since he was probably unaware of the Director’s jealousy) they still had good memories of their father…even if they don’t want to remember them. Like that memory Ikuto had of sitting on that hill as the sun was setting (at least, I think it was) with Utau by his side and his mother standing near his father as he was playing the violin. If Aruto had not decided to leave, memories like those would have been lost to scenes of violence. He didn’t want that.

    Life isn’t fair. You know that, I know that, and everyone learns that eventually. Also, like you said, the adult world is place filled with unfairness and nothing is ever black and white. There are gray areas everywhere. I can’t say for sure whether Aruto’s decision was right or wrong, we have no place to judge that anyway, and we still don’t know the whole story, but I will say this: I think Aruto thought he was doing the right thing. Basically, I don’t think he made the choice that he did out of malicious or hate, he didn’t make it out of spite and revenge, he made it because he thought it was the best option he had left. I say this because, Aruto, whenever we see him, he is always playing the violin. He always looks so peaceful and gentle and kind, and that one flashback that we have of him with his family (even though it was anime only…right?) he seems like a man who loved his family. The choice probably tore him up inside, but he made it.

    Sounds like Ikuto got more than just his father’s looks….>.> Stupid self-sacrificing idiots…-0- Now, breaking away from all this serious stuff, which I will be getting back to because I have to talk about Souko and the Tsukiyomi siblings still…My god! Ikuto’s going to look like that in a few years! *Q* Granted Ikuto will have a different hairstyle (that would be weird if he ended up having the same hair style as his father…weird and creepy…o.O) But…I love Aruto’s hair too! XD I’m going to be a fangirl for Aruto, there are simply not enough for him! =P

    ARUTO! .>

    Oh~ I didn’t even realize that Gozen got the “Embryo” after all! That’s really neat! ^^ (This is happy irony.)

    I want an annulment of the Director and Souko’s marriage too, and hopefully this will be the last time we see him (unless, you know, the annulment.) That way there really could be a happy ending! =) Ah, and the idea of Souko adopting him…that would be really adorable! >w<

    Hug scenes are always, "D'awww!" worthy, especially when they include a cute little kid like Hikaru! ^w^

    Yes, yes, there are still plenty of things that end to get resolved yet…all the people on the forums seem to think about are the relationship issues…=,= I swear, most people were saying that their favorite part (or the only part that they liked) in this chapter was when Amu mentioned, "The person I love." Of course, then there were three or four identical threads asking who everyone thought she was talking about (along with this having been brought up already in the Chapter 41 discussion thread.) It was so frustrating and annoying to me, I rolled my eyes because, as I predicted, all the Tadamu fans said Tadase while all the Amuto fans said Ikuto. Really, it's so simple. And, basically all of this post and all of yours was filled with in-depth discussion about NOT romance.

    More fans of Shugo Chara need to focus on these non-romance related topics. The forums have become boring and frustrating beyond belief. Anyway, I don't want to end this on a negative note, so that's why I shall mention that I love reading yours and FuyuMaiden's blog posts (as well as reading the comments that you get, since they are usually wonderful too! : D)

    Take care! (^^)o (*Nothing in this comment better end up messed up! For some reason, after I type all of this up in Microsoft Word and then paste and post it…something always ends up messed up! T^T Ah, what a dork I am! =B)

  8. Overall, this chapter is AWESOME! I mean, look at Amu! How mature she is! I really love the way she handles Hikaru WITHOUT chara-nari. I felt sad for Hikaru n Director too T.T
    Well, it’s a mahou shojo so i
    By the way, I’m a bit surprised when Amu said ‘the person I love’. So does Amu has decided? Oh yeah, does everybody noticed the splash page already? I mean look! There’s the Key and the Lock! And since this chapter, Amu said the person I love, does that mean she choose Ikuto? Based on the Key n the Lock?

  9. I wish I could leave a big long comment but I’ve been so busy all week. DX

    Yay~ Hikaru is forgiven. It was predictable that he would turn good but oh well. It’s shoujo, and we expect these things to happen! He’s so cute though.

    And the only other thing I have to say is that… we have completely polar-opposite views in Kazuomi. XDDDDDD But whatever. People can be different. ^^

    And now everyone is anticipating the next chapter even more than this one. Ha~ This is what shipping can do to a fandom. XD

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