Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 86


lol Ok, this episode was pretty easy to follow even without the subs so I think it’s going to be a little shorter with just a lot of image spams. But it’s okay, cuz in my opinion, you really can’t get the whole awesomeness of this episode without watching it. So if you didn’t watch it yet, go watch it!


So we pick up from the cliffhanger last week, and ohhh~ Poor Yua-chan. She can’t even bring herself to Chara-change (I would’ve liked to see that).

Uwaha~ But luckily, Utau comes to save the day. Kyaa~ Utau, you look so cool even when you’re just walking down to the center of the stage and there are no lights on. x3

Uwaaaa~ Utau is so cool~ <333

And we get to hear Heartful Song again but no complaints here. It's such a beautiful song and as always, I love the expression on Utau's face as she sings it. I couldn't really capture a great shot of her smiling for this screencap (which is why you all should've watched it already to see it! *trying to avoid the blame* xD; ) but it’s there alright. She looks so happy (and maybe a tad hint sad but that goes hand-in-hand with the lyrics anyway) while she’s singing andand…see, she’s all grown up! She’s no longer lost and she’s finally found her place to do what she wanted! To sing!

Gah, I’m so happy for Utau. <333

I had to giggle here cuz when Iru and Eru came onto the stage, I really did picture them as backstage managers or something trying to fix some setbacks while the show was still going on. They’re like “Yea, we’re professional Charas! So leave it all to us!” OHHHHH~~~ CUTE! xDDDD

And some more Utau screencaps cuz she looks sooooo good under the spotlight. Of course, Utau is always awesome but idols are just made for the stage, y’know, y’know? Or rather, the stage is made for Utau. Amirite?!

Now I’m wondering if we’re ever going to get a preview of her new song on the second character album. o.O
Then again, it might be played after the album is released cuz that’s what they did with the DS songs but that’s kind of…different…oh, who cares? We’ll be getting it in two months anyway. Just settle for that. *completely happy* \3

My god, Nagi, can you get anymore awesome for being the awesomest trap EVAR? xDDD

Satelight, you’re doing really good with this even distribution of the heart-to-heart talks, aren’tcha?

We all knew that Amu was going to deliver the final speech to bring Yua back in the end but I really, really liked how they put Nagi forward to encourage Yua to keep on chasing her dream as well. And if I can remember and translate with some accuracy, Nagi told Yua that if she was really going to stop singing, that Cecil would disappear and that seemed a bit shocking for Yua.

Personally, I think Nagi was the best step-in out of everyone else in the episode. Sure, Utau could have done this part much better, given that she is an actual singer and all but like I said in last week’s post, Utau doesn’t know enough about Yua to really start giving any advice while Nagi already has some acquaintance with Yua. It’s not really her place to say how this or that should be done because…she’s done that before (i.e. saying that you’ll lose if you’re nice) and it didn’t turn out really well. She ended up being too judgmental about everything. On top of that, I think everyone should remember that Utau once looked down upon anyone who threw their dreams aside so easily. Utau is very straightforward with her thoughts and sometimes her bluntness keeps her message from going through. They’ll be more scared of her than actually learning something from her (normal people anyway). So see, it brings what I said about Utau maturing back to full circle. Utau is aware of the person she is and takes pride in that. That’s awesome. But she also realizes that she also has to be a little more reserved when it comes to others. Not everyone can be like Utau. Not everyone can be readily as strong. Everyone learns to walk forward at their own pace.

Yes, I know Utau can be gentle with her words as well (just look at how she handled Hitomi) but Utau really has other priorities to deal with. Leave the councilling talk to Amu and the Guardians. That’s what they’re there for. To help guide and protect children’s dreams.

Going back to Nagi, at this part, everyone pretty much agrees he’s the best one to talk with Yua, right? I mean, I definitely know Tadase, Rima and Yaya won’t be able to. Amu could’ve followed Yua but here’s the thing. Amu is very unsure on how to approach Yua about her problem, particularly because one, she hasn’t gone through what Yua has and two, she still didn’t remember about their past yet. Which I find is really realistic. You can’t just jump in front of the girl and say “blahblahblah Go and sing! That’s what you want to do! blahblahblah” without trying to understand them first, right? In every episode of SC!, they always have to give the heroine enough time to “wisen herself up” before doing the purifying act. Otherwise, it’d just be going through another Sailor Moon routine. Declare yourself in the name of the moon, do some monster-of-the-week whamming, done. No, that’s not what Shugo Chara! is about. Shugo Chara! is about children finding their way back onto the right paths and one KABAM! “You’re back to your old self only better!” magic trick is not going to cut it.

I’m not saying Amu isn’t wise because she certainly is (oh, you know it) but she just needs preparation time. Otherwise, her peptalks will seem utterly shallow and that’s not how Amu’s character was made to sound like.
Nagi, on the other hand, is wise…but it comes in a different form. Like how it is shown many times, he’s the type of friend you’ll go to when you’re in a pinch. Even if you’re still confused after speaking to him, having a conversation with Nagi really does help clear up some things at least. Because he’s the most level-headed and the deepest thinker among the Guardians so his ability to comprehend the situation will be faster than the others. Remember what he told to Amu about the consequences of keeping a secret from someone? Yea, that’s a perfect example.
Not to mention, while people like Amu, Utau, Rima and even Yaya and Kukai fall under the category of supportive pulling, Nagi is on the other side of the see-saw in where he gives someone a slight, small push forward (then again, Amu can sometimes fall on this side as well)

I hope that makes sense. That’s how I perceive Nagi to be anyways.

I want this magazine~ <333

lol, they didn't put Rima's adorable pouty face on the front. Now that's just not right! xD;

When I first saw this, I didn’t care about finding out what the heck she was doing. I was like “OMG, RIMA IS SO CUTE! KYAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!” XDDDDDDDDDDDDD

And then a mid-second later, I realized she was counting and then I went “KYAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! RIMA IS COUNTING WITH HER FINGERS!!!!!!!!” <— Crazy. xDDDDDDDDDDDD;;;;;;;;;

“Nagihiko has more pictures than me!”



We all missed this, right?! I’m not seeing things, RIGHT?! THIS IS THE REAL Rima, RIGHT?!?!?!?! 8DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Omgomgomg, somebody hold me steady. I’m going to faint. This…this is…RIMA! She’s returned back to us! And not only as suspicious, possessive Rima but suspicious, possessive and COMPETITIVE Rima against Nagi (on something that is not Amu-related much)! *SCREAM* xDDDDDD

*gets cut short & faints* …

Hmm, so Cecil is being completely rejected by Yua and she goes to the Guardians for a place to stay until Yua takes her back. What is this? The greenhouse is a new day-care center for Charas? xD;

Back to seriousness, though, it’s not that Yua can’t or won’t sing cuz she already does that when she’s by herself. She just can’t bring herself to sing in front of others. I don’t know if I mentioned that in my last post or not and if I didn’t, I guess I missed it because I was rather distracted by a lot of other things going on. :/

But what really made me so happy about this part was seeing Cecil smile. Like Cecil said, Yua’s dream is to sing and when she sings, Yua comes a tiny step closer to her dream. Of course, Cecil is happy for her about that but she’s also happy because a singing Yua (aka Yua at her happiest) is the Yua she likes the most. Aww~ This is how all the Charas feel when it comes to their owners, huh? Charas are so great. *says this over a thousand times* x3

Oh, I loved this part. It’s so rare to see Yaya so desperate to help someone else and when it does happen, I’m filled in complete and utter love for her! OHHHHHH! Yaya~! <333 How far you've come and how all of those who failed to notice until now must slap ourselves on the hands for not paying more attention to you! Though that's how it usually is with the fans, isn't it? I mean, with three awesome tsunderekkos all in one show, it’s hard to notice smaller roles such as Yaya’s. Then again, the character development has to happen before we can actually notice anything so no one’s really at fault. I prefer “discovering” the great aspects of a supporting character through this process anyway.

But whatever. Keep spreading the Yaya love around! Yaya! Yaya! Yayaaaaaaaa~!!! <333

Ah, see. This was the realism I was talking about. Not only is Amu unsure of how to talk to Yua, but it’s because she finds that she can’t relate to Yua’s dilemma that she’s a bit hesitant to talk to her. I think this is where the responsibility of a sempai to her kohai really comes into play. A sempai often feels that they have to look after their kohai, right? This would also mean giving them the best advice they can give. Right now, it seems like Amu is afraid that whatever she thinks up to say to Yua may not work because she hasn’t fully grasped the pain Yua is feeling. She knows what the problem is but she has yet to really connect with it.

It’s true. If I were in Amu’s shoes, I wouldn’t just go off to talk with a troubled friend without knowing what’s causing them trouble first. I wouldn’t want to say the wrong thing even if it means well, is what I’m trying to say. And I think that’s how Amu is feeling now. When she’s going to talk face-to-face with her kohai, Amu wants to make sure it really helps rather than have things go nowhere.

Ah, I think this part was also good, too. And I think all the logical people would agree that Tadase’s lines here were really no contribution to anything romantic at all. It really was more of a friendship kind of connection. For one thing, when it’s concerning an outside party, those really don’t count towards any development except for…well, friendship. Plus, there was no dokidoki blushing either so don’t lie to yourselves, Tadamu fans. I’m not saying this from an Amuto fan’s perspective at all either. That’s just really how Satelight delivered it. Friendly encouragement. If this was meant to be anything romantic, then Nagi would be way ahead of Tadase, I can tell you that much.

Moreover, the idea of believing in someone. Doesn’t this relate to Tadase’s problem really well? By making Tadase say this, it really shows that he’s overcoming his long-time grudge and really starting to (try to) believe again. I stress this heavily because this was the serious problem that Amu and Tadase had a few episodes back. They both knew they should have put more trust in each other as well as Ikuto who only did those things to keep them safe. Now they’ve learned their lesson and by Tadase telling Amu that Yua would surely believe Amu if she was there for her, it tells us that Tadase’s beginning to see how good it feels to put their faith in someone they care about even if they’re not sure what the cause of the problem is. Which puts himself closer to seeing Ikuto as a friend/big brother again even though he still wants to know why Ikuto never told him anything.

Does that make sense?

Ah, this really bought back fond memories of Amu holding Eru in the palm of her hand when Utau threw her away. She’s not only comforting the Chara on the problem with her owner (aka acknowledge the naritai jibun (wanna-be self) of the owner) but she’s also supporting the Chara separately as well. Isn’t that great? ^^

Satelight, you’ve been on a roll these past few weeks. Keep it up! 8D


Nagi only mentioned that Tadase got the last line to get Rima even more super flaming jealous. Cuz she was already jealous of Nagi about the magazine so Nagi, being the clever trap that he is, turns Rima’s WRATH away from him onto Tadase (and this time concerning AMU! YEAA!!!). Look at the way he’s sipping his tea with that smirk on his face! He’s so smug that he gets to pick on Rima AND that he’s not the one who has to take her glares this time! Oho~, Nagi, you sly boy! I LOVE YOU TODAY! AHAHAHA~ xDDD

That aside for a moment…


OMGOMGOMG!!! OK! The Rima before this and last week’s episode. Yea, she was just a clone just like Amu in ep 80 who couldn’t act as Rima in the proper way. This is the REAL Rima! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! *runs off screaming* XDDDDDDDDDDDDD
RIMA~! You’ll stay with us forever this time, right?! You won’t let any boys (not even Ikuto but it will fail) get Amu, right?! Cuz you’re her ultra-awesome suspicious, possessive BFF, right?! RIGHT?! RIGHT?! 8DDDDDDDDDD

…Yes, Rima really stole the show for me this time. Ohhh~, Rimaaa~ It’s so great to see your actual self back (Satelight, I forgive you by 36% for bringing Rima back). x333

I don’t have much to say about Lulu. Except that she’s actually serious about her targets this time so I guess, looking at her in the villain sense, she’s made some good progress. But she’s still annoying until when she actually comes back to the right side. :P

Ah, so Yua went for being a singer before she was actually placed as a model. And since she wasn’t able to sing in front of these judges, they thought that putting her as a model would suffice. No one’s really to blame here. Yua couldn’t sing at that time and no person on that panel would make her a singer if she didn’t perform for them first, right?

SUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33333333333333333

You're awesome. I love you. I love you, I love you, I LURRRRRRRVVVVEEEEE YOUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!! <3333333333333

OMG, I LOVE SUU EVEN MORE! She made me LOL so hard. “What are you all doing?! Cecil-chan is the one who should sing!” like a stern mother figure. Ohhhhhhh~ SUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!! x3333333333333

Ah, I liked Rie Kugimiya’s singing here. I heard how she sounded in the ToraDora! opening and endings and I thought it was “Meh, okay” but as Yua, it sounds very pure and sweet. I actually got more out of Yua’s singing than I ever did on “PreParade” and “Orange” combined. So I guess a seiyuu’s singing is owed more to her acting than singing itself. Hmm…well, that’s how I see it in this case. :)

And it’s at this part where the wind was blowing their hair oh-so-dramatically-slightly that I went “OMG~ The animation this episode was just beautiful~!” <DDDD

I hope this is promised for the episodes later on, ne? ;D

Ah, just when Amu wanted to talk about why Yua couldn’t bring her to sing, Yua runs off. Though it’s definitely understandable this time. Cuz she’s just experienced a major emotional blow in front of a large public audience. Moreover, Yua thought that since she was able to meet Amu again, she would be able to find the courage to sing. But Yua wasn’t able to. Add that to the frustration she feels about herself and for “showing a miserable face” in front of the person she looks up to as well as the one who gave her support, it’s reasonable for her to feel at a complete loss at what to do now.

Oh, poor Yua. ;__;

Pfft. Well, I would call this a fail but since it worked, I can’t. Boogers. :P

I did get a good laugh at how ridiculous Lulu looked, though. Haha

*GASP!* Oh no! Cute Chara in pain! Everyone! Form huggle sequence! *gathers* Now CUDDLE! *CUDDLE~* x33333

lol Kiseki… xD;

I love how everyone else is just leisurely sitting there listening to him. lol, Pepe is like “Yea…” XDDD

Taken because Suu with a plate of cookies is always uberly ADORABLE! x333

“Is it because of Kiseki’s singing?”

RAN! I so love you, too! *steals for cuddling* <33333333

Ah, so this is what a ?-egg-ed (gargh, that’s a mouthful) Chara looks like. Hmm, it seriously did remind me of X-Dia but only more wicked. I liked it quite fine but I’m sure it was mostly due to Yua and Cecil’s characters. If it were anything else, *thumbs dumb* I want my X-eggs back. *nodnod* :(

But damn, even a ?-Chara by herself is powerful. o.O

Obligatory Utau looking out the window shot. XD

As soon as saw Sanjo’s office building, I already knew Utau was going to the window to see what the hell was going on outside.

Ah, now I need to watch the subs to see what Eru said. Eru~

What’s it called? Bad Singer Dream? o.O Since Hitomi’s Utau-ripoff butterfly freakshow already took Singer Dream so they just added on “bad” to it.

Well, I like this a way lot more. It looks whacky but I think it’s cool whacky…and what ?-chara-nari isn’t whacky? Anyways, I like how they made her hair resemble a music note. Ah, and her shoes, too. Now why didn’t they ever think of this for Hitomi? Oh, because Hitomi was fail. :P
And I like the outfit. Reminds me of Gackt (LGB! 8DDDD) and Malice Mizer and…I don’t really follow Gackt all that much but when I see him in those costumes, I’m like “Whooooaaaaa….” 8DDDD

This seriously made me think of whales…or a tadpole gone bio nuclear-wrong. D/

HELL YES! I got my wish granted again! And I don’t care if it failed in the end either (it was funny)! Yaya tag-teaming with Amu! Dear Baby with Amulet Spade! I like tag-teams! I should see more of them! YES?! >83

Taken because Dear Baby can bounce after all (I knew it!). 8D;

Yaya, I love you so much that I love your failed tries as well. <3

Ah, even before Utau showed up, I was still thinking that this was a nicely animated battle. I’m really hoping that Satelight will wow me even more with what’s coming later on (lol, I’m so eager to get to that part xD; ).

And Utau shows up in all her Serpahic Charm glory.

But I’m really relieved she did nothing more than Angel Cradel. That’s why I’ve been so paranoid about her showing up next week. Because though it was awesome for Utau to be there, if she interfered too much with Yua’s story, it would make me frown. And I don’t really need to say why, right? I already made that point at the beginning of this post. Just having Utau show up is good enough for me.

Anyways, yay~ Seraphic Charm~ <3

Made the monster tadpoles take a nap! Mwuahahaha! >:D

Ah, come to think of it, I haven’t commented about Yua’s corrupted Chara-nari self either and to tell you the truth, I liked it a lot. While every other poor soul before her just went plain evil and twisted around by Lulu, Yua actually retains some of her true current emotions while she’s going crazy (lol, that sounds weird XD; ).

Up to this point, we’ve been hearing Amu say “That’s not the person you want to be, right?” to a lot of Lulu’s victims. And they realize really early on that the joy they were taking out of doing all those bad things was really fake. But Yua…Yua was still herself while in Chara-nari. Only her negative feelings were amplified but she’s not as much “corrupted” as the rest are. I don’t think we’ve ever seen that before. At least not as clearly so I applaud Satelight for doing a filler Chara-nari COMPLETELY right for once. I probably said that many times before but never COMPLETELY.

Holy snap! Get read for flashback time!

But damn, I loved this part so much! Amu just said “Then I’ll listen to you!” and BAM! Both go “Eh? Deja vu?!”

Now this is how things are done. 8D

Ok, before we get into flashbacks, see here? Yes, this proves my point. What makes Yua so different from other filler characters is not just because more thought was put into the making of her character but also at how she was portrayed. Even in ?-Chara-nari where she’s singing destruction in every direction, she still says she “hates” singing because she feels so hurt and afraid to do it. Now this is the description of a “lost” child. She wants to sing but she’s also experiencing the mirror effects of it as well. Singing makes her happy but singing also made her unhappy.

It’s not like…let’s take an example. Manami’s dream to become a florist was a rather one-way thing. Yua’s, however, is mixed up haywire over many things.

I think we can all agree Bad Singer Dream is the best filler Chara-nari now if we haven’t already. :D

So that’s what it was.

Yua was afraid to sing not because she was rejected by her classmates but because they practically brushed her off and ignored her to go play somewhere (stupid brats). In a way, that’s kind of like rejection. Though Yua was shy and couldn’t be heard, no one can really blame her. I mean, she made this little box stage for herself. She’s nervous so it’s natural to start out really soft.
But back to the main point, here’s this little girl who wanted to sing in front of her classmates so much but no one would listen to her. I don’t know about you guys but if I were Yua at that age, I would take it as very hard blow to me as well. Kids are very sensitive and at such a tender age, their feelings are much more vulnerable. They haven’t made enough of a strong defense to protect themselves from others like older people already have. So when you’re hit pretty deeply like that, the un-healed scar will stay with you for quite a while.

And this is why I see Yua’s reluctance to sing in front of others totally justified. Yes, Yua can sing for herself but when she wants other people to listen to her, she can’t bring herself to do it because she doesn’t want to go through the same pain of being “rejected” again. I saw this as very realistic even though the anime exaggerated it a little. But really, I haven’t been able to understand a filler character this deeply until Yua came along. :)

My heart just exploded. If I didn’t say so before, I’m in love with Amu. I’ll tell you all now, I’m as straight as any straight woman can be but I seriously am in love with Amu and I don’t care if she’s a fictional character. I adore Amu to the very core of my existence. It doesn’t matter if Amu is a girl or a boy because everything Amu does, even her failures and her flaws, even dating back to her kindergarten days, even the most simplest things such as “I want to listen to you sing!” has always made me so happy. I don’t even know when my love for Amu started to go this deep but I’ll get to that another time. Right now, I’m just happy being in love with Amu.

But she’s still my daughty so hands off, alright? *huggles Amu-chan to herself* xP

It’s not hard to see now why Yua adores Amu so much as well. Amu was the first person to take her dream seriously and also the first person to hear her sing. And what is so critical about this is that Amu didn’t even had Charas back then. She had no magical powers nor did she have any Humpty Lock with her. But still, Amu was able to heal Yua just by simply being herself (her oh-so-wonderful Amu self) and that, my friends, is the mark of a true mahou shoujo heroine. This is extremely evident in Ch. 41 as well. Which my analysis post for will be up later but in the meantime, I’m still continuing to love Amu and this god-awesome memorable filler with all my heart. <333

Ah, I rambled so much that I kinda lost steam. ^^;
But I just thought this part was played out very nice (with that nice, warm BGM that I really wanted for a long time since ep 52). And here’s some more spammage.

Utau cuz it was necessary. She looks so cool smiling with her arms folded. <3

And Yaya for a good day’s work. :)

Come to think of it, I’m not the only one who saw their back to back screenshots as a hint to what will happen later on, am I? ;D
Hey~, Satelight throws these future-reference clues at us all the time and I absolutely love it. So keep on throwing them at me! And give me some awesome Utau and Yaya interaction when we actually get to that part (I already said I do not care about spoilers :P).

Now more spamming:

Yay~! Happy ending for Yua and Cecil! And I want Secret Princess NAO! XDDDDD

And credits roll. But I really liked this. We’ll get MY BOY back next week anyway. Some extra animated footage for everyone is always a plus. <3

Oh, and, lol, you three are late. XD;

Yes, Utau is awesome~ <3

And the hints! The clues! Let's just skip the next three episodes and get to the Tower already~! I want some imouto tag-team POWAH! Dx

And now more happy spamming:

*still in love with Amu* <333333333

Greatest two-episode filler ever. And no one is going to argue with me on that, ya hear?!

Oh God, I’m going to miss Yua a lot. I’m happy that she got her happy ending but I’m going to miss her a lot. T___T
Which means I absolutely have to include her in one of my future SC! fics! Hell yes, I’m so going back to writing after I’m done with that Chapter 41 post! Which should be up by tomorrow. I have a lot I want to rant about. So it’ll probably mean that I won’t have time to respond to comments either but as I always want my regular commenters (and anyone else who so graciously leaves me a comment) to know that you’re awesome and I thank you so much for it. Thank you~! <3


Well, it’s a Chara-centered episode next week but also kinda revolving around Lulu as well. Who seems to be sick…and somehow, Nana gets sick, too.
Eh, whatever. The animation quality seemed to go down but I don’t care. Save up your budget for the real deal later on (yes, I will keep mentioning this until we get to it cuz the awesome filler is over and now we’re back to ugh fillers for the next 3 episdoes! XP).

Oh, Xiao does not approve! NO! D8<
The only ones who can abuse Yoru are Ikuto, Amu, and Ami! Not Nana!


Miki will always dress in boys’ wear. XDDD;;;

So I looked on wiki and here are the episode titles after 87:

Episode 88: “Calamity! The Great Mystery Egg Runaway!!”- “Gekitotsu! Nazo Tama Dai Bousou!!” (激突! ナゾたま大暴走!!)

Episode 89: “Heart, I Understand.” – “Kokoro, Wakariaete.” (心, わかりあえて.)

Hmm, ep 88 makes it sound like there’s a great chance that Lulu will FINALLY get caught in the act. God, I hope so. It’s about time we closed her silly story already. And we’ll just take ep 87 as a transition into that. Y’know, get Amu to know about Lulu more before delivering a PWN!-ing peptalk.
Ep 89, I think, sounds more like Lulu coming to terms with her own self and really dropping the bad act to join back on the right side. But I could be wrong. It might have something to do with the plot but I highly doubt it. It sounds more personal and doesn’t seem to have anything to relate to the Tsukiyomi – Hotori – Easter past that we’re all still waiting for.

Come to think of it, now that we’re going back to the fillers, we’ll get to see Ikuto again, huh?

I’ll be going back to doing “IKUTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! ;AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA;” soon.

Mmkay, done for now. Taking a break before working on that chapter 41 post. Thanks for reading! ^^


7 thoughts on “Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 86

  1. Yua is the best filler character ever. I wouldn’t even mind if she shows up again, because she was that awesome. Her problem with singing was easily identifiable with, and it was unexpected (I think everyone thought she had just been rejected and while it was a sort of rejection, it was a different sort. Not only that, it actually made SENSE because that is *totally* how kids act). It made me really happy when she was able to sing at the end.

    Whaa~! Amu~! She really is the best. I love her so much (that’s right, I’m infringing on your daughter). She was an adorable child and it just goes to show that Amu doesn’t really need her charas or the Humpty Lock to be a wonderful person. No wonder Yua remembers her so well, but it was sensible for Amu to forget because it wouldn’t have touched her as deeply. I thought the flashback was really well done. It wasn’t even a mahou speech like Amu ususally. It was just Amu being Amu.

    And I was thrilled when we suspicious!Rima back. I squealed and laughed at the same time when I saw her. It’s been so long! Nagi was really cool, too. You could tell how much he could identify with Yua’s problems. I love how Nagi doesn’t just encourage; he makes you see the reality of what you’re doing. It’s different but the same as Amu. Yaya was great, too. Argh, everyone was awesome!

    Seriously, I demand that whoever is doing these epic fillers do the manga episodes later on.

    • How dare you, Chibi-san! You must pay me cookies before you infringe! This means war! >8D

      *but huggles you for always commenting* Thank you so much~! <3

      & I agree completely, completely with everything you said! Everyone was truly awesome. Even Yua who was in the biggest pinch of all. God, I wish she were a part of the cast now. I wouldn't even mind if her dream is similar to Utau's. She's just so awesome and I'm going to miss her dearly.

      And hell yea to that last one or I'll storm the studio with my army of rhinos! D8<

      • What? Come on, you KNOW I’ll treat Amu with the upmost respect and love. She’s my favorite character! How could she not be? But, if you insist…

        *slips you triple chocolate chunk cookies*

  2. I loved the Rima and Nagi scene where she’s jealous. That was funny. I really hope that the episodes go back to the manga plot soon. I noticed that Yua’s “Bad Singer Dream” Chara-nari hair made her look like Ino from Naruto.

  3. As usual, great post! XD Aww I’m loving these fillers lately! I cried when I saw chibi Amu just sitting there with a big ol’ smile on her face and Yua crying happy tears. I’m a sap :P And am I the only one who noticed how fast Yua ran up that hill at the end? It was almost Naruto-stylish! O.o I can’t wait until the character album comes out! XD Anyways great post! ;P

  4. First, let me get out my Gackt fangirling (it’s your fault for bringing him up! =P) ZOMG! I didn’t even think to connect “Evil” Yua’s outfit with that of Gackt’s Malice Mizer outfits…but his always had caps and stuff…Anyway, he’s going with the elegant black vest, white shirt underneath, black pants, and kinda long, straight black hair that looks gorgeous look right now! Though he’s also been doing the messy “Harry Potter” like hair…*Q* (Ah! And his performance of his new single Koakuma Heaven was so dorky and cute and techno-y! 3<

    Utau was fabulous here! I was so proud of her. She helped Yua without really helping her, if you get what I mean. Utau was empathic toward Yua and her prediciment. Even though Utau doesn't understand the concept of not being able to sing, she does understand the complexity of reaching that dream that you always wanted, of being lost and trying to find what you always wanted. So, she just gave Yua a look, “I’ll take care of this, try and find yourself.” (She gives that look in the last screen cap that you have of her on stage.) That’s what it said to me, and then Yua gets a pep talk from Nagi, but we’ll get to that in a sec. Basically, Utau was excellent in this episode!

    Hearing her sing was nice for my ears, Eru and Iru were just beyond cute, and the stage really is made for Utau!

    NAGI! Okay, while I still want to get rid of that hat and shawl Nagi is the awesomest trap EVAR! XD

    I really like what Satelight has been doing recently with the pep talks, it’s been a nice change. I also agree with you completely about why Nagi was choosen. Not only do I think he is the most level headed (yes, even more than Amu) of the bunch and the deepest thinker, he is on the side that gives the push rather than the pull (like you said, and I get what you mean! ^^)

    Another reason that made me really like the choice of Nagi is because of his current position. Out of all of the Guardians he is currently the only one without a Chara. He “lost” his egg, it went back into his heart. He can’t hold, can’t talk to, Tamari at the moment and that must hurt him everyday. Then, here comes a girl that he sorta knows who has a Chara and is taking her Chara for granted. She isn’t accepting her, which is understandable and the reason why Nagi talks to her about it, and isn’t taking the most out of this rare chance she was given. To Nagi, that must have been something that bugged him, so he talked to her and told her, “Your Chara can disappear.” He knocks some sense into her with these words. Because, I bet Yua never thought of the possibility of her Chara not being by her side (and she probably does care, even if she tries to not show it.) So, yeah, I thought that was a little ironic of Satelight, but I think irony is a wonderful thing! ^.~

    I want that magazine too! (>)>

    Ah, this part. I knew you and (I’m not even going to bet, because I know) FuyuMaiden were going fall in love with this scene. Goodness knows I did! .> RIMA! “o(>v<)o"

    This part with Cecil made my mom and I both go, "Awww!" It was really just too cute! =3

    Yaya! I've always liked Yaya, but that's because I find it really hard to NOT like characters…so I'm not really a good source on how the love for Yaya has grown, 'cause it really has. So many fans have come to appreciate her, and what her character has to offer, now. It's such a nice thing to see too! ^.^ YAYA LOVE! <333

    This part was very realistic. What friend would go and help another friend without knowing the issue/problem at hand? Not you, not me, and I pretty sure no one else either (though I could be wrong…o.O) And, I already gave my thoughts on the Sempai/Kohai relationship last episode, but I do find it to be a very unique and fascinating one.

    What you said about Tadase made perfect sense. I thought the same exact things and I was so happy to see such a development with Tadase's character. I have nothing to add here really, except that this moment was purely frienship oriented and…OMG! Nagi would top even Ikuto if all of the friendship making moments between him and Amu were seen as romantic development! @.@

    That scene was great! Amu supporting the Charas like that! : ) Satelight really has been doing a good lately…

    As I said, your Rima fangirling outshines mine, so I shalln't add a thing to it. But, I will say: LMFAO!!!! XDDD Nagi you smart, little trap you! X3 That scene was top notch. Yep, yep!

    Not much to say about Lulu here either, you said everything.

    Not much to add with Yua and the modeling/singing interview either.

    I love Suu too! Gosh that scene was A-DOR-ABLE! <3 X3 .>;

    Lolz! XD I thought of tadpoles when I saw those evil musical notes, it entertained me though, so I’m not complaining. : D

    It was so, so nice to see a tag-team! A pleasant surprise, I would say.

    I always wondered if Dear Baby could bounce…I’m glad I got an answer to that before it gave me a fanfic idea or something! ^^;;;

    Ah, Yaya failing. I remember the time when that used to bother a lot of people, but that was only because Yaya was being used for comic relief only. Now that her character has some actual development and non-comedic elements to it, many people can laugh at her EPIC FAIL battle moments. Me likes! (^^)b

    I’m eager for that part too, and I hope it has well done animation as well.

    Very pleased to see this, I was, Seraphic Charm and Utau. She helped out, but she didn’t steal the show, it was another change that I appreciated.

    My mother and I giggled when she put the musical tadpoles to sleep. :3

    They really did do this ?-chara justice. It was handle extremely well and had a sense about it, like it was really thought out ahead of time.

    When I saw the SHOCKED! faces of Amu and Yua…I kinda felt disappointed, only because I had wanted Amu’s words to Yua, all those years ago, to have been on the odd/weird side. I thought that would have been fun. BUT, the scene with chibi Amu and chibi Yua was uber cute and totally worth it! I loved every second of it! ♥

    I’m gonna admit it, Amu isn’t one of my favorite characters (at least, not one of my top five) but what she said to chibi Yua…my goodness, that was just one of the sweetest things! *.*

    I’m running out of steam now too…let’s see, the whole pep talk that Amu gave was good. Utau looked awesome, Yaya cute, and no, I did not get the reference! D:

    I also want Secret Princess NAO! It was such a pretty song and YAY! for happy endings! ^0^

    I didn’t mind the lack of My Boy, Secret Princess more than made up for it.

    I Heart the image of Yaya, Amu, and Utau standing together like that. I want more interaction amongst our Shugo Chara girls…NAO! >0< Lolz! XDD

    Agreed. Greatest two-episode filler for Shugo Chara!


    Poor Nana, she doesn't deserve to be sick. I kinda like her. Also, I find it interesting that she got sick. Yoru never got sick when Ikuto was being controlled by Easter, than again, it wasn't like Ikuto had a cold or something. I guess it has to be a natural sickness in order for the Charas to be affected too?

    Oh, and I think we might be finding out with Lulu's dream is…actually, scratch that, I think we are going to be finding out how (and why) Nana was born. I think this because there was a brief shot of Lulu as a child, so…yeah.

    I have a lot to say about Chapter 41 too (or, well, I have more to say about people's reactions to it…-0-)

    I would be Miki in the boy's clothes! ; P

    Finally, I really hope that Lulu's arc is coming to an end, it should be. And…Ikuto! I look forward to seeing you again! ;;^;;

    Such a long post killed me! OTL

    Take care! (^^)o

  5. One word for these 2 episodes. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW. Kindergarten Amu is huggable it’s not funny -steals her from Xiao while she’s not looking- Yua’s voice is so cute it makes me wanna asplode, not to mention I love PreParade! ewwwgh Lulu filler, somebody get her on their side quick! Anywaaaaaaay great review and stuff =D yay for Utau, she looks so snazzy and I love her singing voice. Wheeeheeee. Arm crossing runs in the Tsukiyomi family~!!

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