SoMT Discussions 02 & Moe Spotlight: Yaya!


…Yaya~ T_T


Ah, but first, we have the second prompt of the tournament and it centers on popularity. Is this a touchy subject for anyone, especially when it’s regarding a moe competition?

Hmm, well, I’ve been pondering over that a lot lately. With SaiMoe 2009 coming up soon, there will undoubtedly be a lot of wars among the fanboys and I have a strong gut feeling a large percentage of it is going to happen around camp KyoAni. Oh, but who cares about that now (unless it’s to promote Nagisa)? This is shoujo moe and we shoujo fans know our moe just as well as any other moe fanatic out there…scratch that, we know even more precisely because we know the in and outs of shoujo. HA!

So for me, don’t even think about throwing cheap moe onto that fancy china and have it served up by some hot bishie butler. It’s got to live up to the taste it promised before being served to the masses. Otherwise, it’s just fried dough…and I can get that much cheaper at the local supermarket. But that’s just me and I’m rambling and this is getting slightly off topic.

Everybody ignoring the crazy host for a moment, let’s see what our judges have to say (in more intelligent ways than Xiao’s bothering to try *pokes at her fried dough* |D ):

Your view on an anime’s popularity and its contribution to a contestant’s votes.


The popularity definitely affects the voting and it’s unavoidable. We cannot blame the audience though, because it’s their freedom to choose the shows that want to like or they want to watch. The productions are getting the slight blame in here because they are the ones behind that show, and it’s up to how they make that series more likable for everyone. Other than the production and its ways of promotion, there’s also that influence they’ve been giving to the fans. Not only the popularity, but as well on how the fans know a certain character more. ^^ (Wait did that just made sense? -__-)… So it’s totally unavoidable. ^^

For example, SC! characters filled in the finals… I cannot blame anyone because Shugo Chara is indeed a very popular show (and like, the shoujo for the year) and we cannot force the voters to vote a character from a show they didn’t even know, right? (*one of them* XD)… And even though someone is up to a certain other, whom which we could say, are both moe to a certain extent, we will still go for the character whom we know better because of its popularity. With that, the popularity really counts.

Another example, Rahzel from Hatenkou Yugi faced off against Yuuki from VK, people can like, go “who is the other girl?” and at least they know who the hell is Yuuki and what the hell she does in the show (even though she’s such an annoying incestuous bitch, fact), so they ended up voting the more popular.

And oh, this instance definitely reminds me of SaiMoe (Where Nagisa should have won >:(!!! ARGH!!!), because we cannot blame that Lucky Star is highly popular (and overrated, pssh.) and the more deserving ones, Hinagiku (HnG) and Nagisa (CLANNAD) who possessed the infinite quality of moe, still got lost because of the huge LS fandom.

In other cases though, like when two characters from the same show had been face-off on each other (just like the previous round), that’s when it gets totally interesting because we get the voters squeezed. ^^ So yeah, I hope everyone will still vote wisely. ^^


Ohoho~ Anyone who encountered me during the last SaiMoe knows how I feel about popular anime influencing voting. It’s quite simple really. Everyone can’t have seen every anime, so they’ll vote based on what they know. It’s not a professional contest. It makes sense. But it’s still infuriating! That’s why SoMT is around in fact I believe. Shoujo isn’t that popular nowadays so the girls get knocked out after a few rounds. Even though shoujo is what usually offers the “moe”est without crossing the line into moe-blobbery (they can just cross the line into being a helpless little damsel in distress).

Now you take a popular series filled with the one-dimensional characters purely designed to be moe. Then giving a negative connotation to “chibi” when referring to moe…(Lucky Star). Entertaining, yes, but I find blatant moe to be the opposite of moe. But I’m a relative minority among “moe fans”. Most think “the more the better.” And moe fans are usually the type that become “worshiping” fans if you know what I mean…and if you know me you know what I mean.

So this “worshiping” tendency combined with the majority of them believing “the more the better” and then joining together with a popular series means that we’re getting a massive fandom of worshipers. Fandoms all pretty much run the same. The bigger they get, the more excitable the fans are. Then it effects lots of people in both positive and negative ways. Then it gets worse until you have two opposing sides, those who grow to hate the series and those that worship it and its characters.

Of course, no logical person spends much time on things they hate. So even if the factions are close to equal the worshipers usually go unchallenged. Then through sheer power, all other girls are toppled out of the way.

That is an extremely cynical view on it though from a girl who wants lots of popular things to BURN. Except here in shoujo-land…for the most part. To be honest it’s basically as simple as “more popular” meaning more devoted fans and more recognition. It may be “unfair” if a side character surpasses another series main character, but that’s how it goes. Moe recognition means WAR!!! You use whatever you got and the best weapon is popularity. After all, a girl can’t be moe if no one thinks she is.


I don’t think there’s much more to say about the effect of a series’ popularity on contests built that rely on polls for the simple reason that people tend to vote more on figures they’re familiar with than the ones they’ve never ever encountered before. So right off the bat, I guess it’s safe to assume popularity does have a significant contribution; but I’d be a fool if I treat it as the one deciding factor that will make people vote. For one thing, a series could be very well known to the masses along with its characters and such…but people tend to forget popularity has two sides. On one hand, you could have a character that appeals to a lot of people which is mostly the case. Yet every once in a while, a jerk/jerkette makes an appearance who feeds off the negative feedback from the audience, which in turn makes him/her popular, or more accurately, infamous. Adding to what I’ve said earlier, popularity does have a significant contribution…but it can either contribute to a contestant’s promotion or demotion. For the record, I wonder what would happen if Lulu from SC somehow became one of the contestants and the poll magically changed so that voters can either choose to vote up for one character and vote down for another.

*is still worshiping kanzie behind the scenes* YEAAAA!!! …eh? Oh, um, right. *cough/dashes back*

Erhem, well, seems like everyone has pretty much the same idea on popularity. The bigger the name is in every otaku household (lawl~, otaku household XD), the more support the anime will get than another that isn’t as big. And you’re right, Fuyu-san. SoMT was created partially because we wanted to try to avoid situations where it’s not just about how much an anime production company or studio can cater to the fans (and in that way, continue to influence them) as kanzie so nicely puts it. I don’t mean to avoid those completely cuz even the term moe owes a lot of its…”power” through the promotion of female characters but just to say that moe shouldn’t be just a limited edition figma set to be released on –/–/2009. It should be more than that. To most of us here, I think. I hope.

And I really liked 7-san’s mention on how the popularity of anime can affect the inside of a fandom as well. With a perfect example in Lulu de Morchef (Shugo Chara!! Doki) who fell short in the prelim rounds. Lulu, as most of us are aware, is extremely hated by a large portion of the SC! fandom. A fandom with an incredibly huge amount of devoted fans, if you haven’t been with us in the past year. Suppose that we really did have a “vote down” option in the polls. That button would break and Lulu would be knocked out so fast, you wouldn’t even think she got nominated at all (I’m exaggerating *rolls eyes*). So that would be…”You’re NON-MOE!” or something? xD

Hmm, I’m so glad moe tournaments don’t run that way. It shouldn’t. That’d be voting out of spite and hopefully that won’t happen here, yes? :)

Back on topic…I still prefer my moe organic. Yes, moe is food to me nowz. Myaharhar! >\3 <– On medication. Won't remember what she talked about the next morning. |D;


Moe Spotlight

Here we are again! And after that overwhelming response for a certain girl in the last discussion post, the Moe Spotlight today shines onnnnn~…

Yaya from Shugo Chara!

In (what I saw as) a close match, Yaya unfortunately lost against an adorable fellow Shugo Chara! competitor by 12 votes. Really a shame since in the most recent SC! episodes, Yaya’s happy-go-lucky charm and cheerfulness has started to win over a lot of hearts (including one later on who shall not be named here, haa~ |D). But is that enough to make her moe?

Let’s see what the judges have to say…


I have nothing else to say about this girl for so obvious reason lol but Yaya is really one of those side characters that you really love to love ^^. Her personality is what best makes her moe, other than the tiny twintails and her slight loli-ness. She’s hyper, and just glomp-material. Plus, just like Akira of Special A, in which she was the previous girl to be presented in the moe spotlight, she also shows that she adores moe as well, and that totally makes her moe ^^. Yaya is just a very sunny character and she’s really fun and her amazing character development, having her to be one of the characters in Shugo Chara that personally grew up on me, she was undeniably moe ^^.

Yaya needs more love ^^. Go Yaya!!!


Oh Yaya…when this competition started I would have chosen Suu over you. Apparently some other people still did, which just goes to show that they know nothing! Or they just disagree with me…same thing.

To be honest, I’m still not sure what trait specifically would be moe about Yaya. For me it’s something more personal. Watching a character that I did not like at all at one point grow up and become so completely lovable at times really got to me. I would have aligned Yaya with a chibi character not that long ago. I remember back when I made AMVs and was working on a request…I had the hardest time finding clips where Yaya had all of her facial features. It’s like she was just pure comic relief.

But…then she got to show a different side to herself where she would actually work hard, do her best, and think of others. She’s a character that actually started off with too much…of what she had that it completely turned me away, but for the first time I got to see a character like that develop.

And so Yaya got the best of both worlds. Blatant spoiled imouto moe and good old fashioned “ganbatte!” shoujo moe. It’s just too bad that imouto moe isn’t that well-liked especially compared to Suu’s girly-girly, polite moe. Even I like Suu’s main trait better, but Yaya won me over with her other shoujo appeals. Also the fact that she can jump into the sky with the other girls for a super moe image helps.

And woot! 7-san joins us on the spotlight panel! *applause* ^^


I have to admit…when I first saw Yaya (actually, even after a good couple of episodes of SC), there really was little to no indications of anything moe. How can you anyway when you’re presented by her overwhelmingly childish personality? And just as when I thought that was enough, I find out her guardian chara is more or less the same, increasing her already extroverted nature by tenfolds to the point where it becomes imposing (well to me at least).Don’t get me wrong…Yaya is no-doubtedly cute and most certainly lovable; but if that’s all I’m going to get out of her, then I really can’t call her moe…well not by my standards anyway. And don’t even get me started with how she develops over the course of the series; I don’t think it contributes to moe at all.

Yet despite all of these, I really haven’t given an answer to the question of whether or not Yaya is moe, have I? As much as I’d like to say she isn’t, she actually is. Incidentally, I came to that realization after I saw wallpapers of her in a very very adorable manner. It could be because wallpapers are mute (which in turn takes away Yaya’s hyperactivity) that I was able to see how moe Yaya is. If there’s anything Yaya taught me, it’s that moe traits can come from a variety of sources…sometimes, you might have to filter out some stuff or look at a character in a different light to realize it.

There you have it. This awesome girl didn’t get nominated just for being cute. And 7-san admits it, too! XD

In any case, Yaya still has a chance to get back into the top 18 in the Wild Card Round. But at that time, she’ll be up against 4 more other competitors instead of just one. Do you think she can make it? What do you think are her moe strengths?

Next time on Moe Spotlight! …Wait, where’s the poll?


Haha, well, next time will be a judge’s selection but their choice will be kept secret until then. In the meantime, back to Yaya! xDD


3 thoughts on “SoMT Discussions 02 & Moe Spotlight: Yaya!

  1. Is it just me or did almost f***ing everyone miss this post?! Ah well, their loss.

    Oh god…I’m looking at those two’s prompt responses and I can’t help but nod. It’s funny how the answer to the question of whether or not popularity has a massive effect on voting is pretty much obvious yet we somehow happen to make an easy response several text long. XD

    And I have to admit, Yaya was very challenging to write about. She’s moe alright…but I had to dig a little deeper to get to that conclusion.

    And yes, as to who I want to be in the poll, maybe I can just pick one of the girls on my SOMT picks promotion flash banner! I don’t care what anyone else says…my decisions are absolute! Bwahahahahaha!

  2. I was doing a little experimenting. See how it would work if I posted it with the next round but didn’t go as well as the first one after all (that I and I put out another post right after). ^^;
    But yay! This still got a lot of views but…hmm, guess people don’t have much to add since you guys covered most of it? xD I’m still curious to know, though, cuz the shoujo fans are still a minority in the otaku world and what do they feel about shoujo works always being shoved aside for a more popular shounen series (or whatever).

    I think that’s good! *always has fun reading the responses no matter how similar they are* xD

    That’s how Yaya was for me, too…actually, I kinda got the feeling she was already moe from the start. Not full-blown moe, though, so that’s probably why I never thought about it much.

    Uwaah~ I saw it and it sent me into a squealing fit! Gah! It’s awesome! & I love your choices! You get extra points for…well, I can’t really say cuz I’m the main judge but yea, extra points! x333 <– So everyone should start making their own top five now? xD;
    And as for the spotlight selection, just email me whenever. Thanks! ^^

  3. I hope I’m not too late!! >.< I didn't miss this post at all! Dx

    I was looking forward to Yaya's Spotlight, but I didn't have enough time to comment.

    Anyways, onto the topic…xD I love the way you related it to food. I pretty much agree with what everyone else said. People tend to vote with who they are most familiar with, and usually ignore who they don't know. I feel like I'm somewhat to blame here, but on the other side, I often try to look at the other character I don't know and try to research her. I'd look at her pictures, find a little about her personality, maybe clips, and see if I find her moe at all. Usually I just look at pictures though (since I'm that lazy) and see if she "looks" moe to me. Then I'd decide from there. It's all because of the popularity issue, and because I don't know a lot of these shows, so I try to make my votes just and fair.

    Yaya~ It was a close match when I saw it. Man that was a hard match…>..< She looks so young and childish for her age it fits well to go with her personality to make her super-moe! xD

    But I agree with what FuyuMaiden said about her personality. Seeing her develop as a stronger character, trying her best, and considering others made her fit the personality "moe". And her cheerfulness and being the little sister that is oh-so-lovable makes her that much more moe personality-wise. I love how she just breaks the ice or mood with her genki-ness. Although sometimes I remember not being happy about it (not sure now…), I still like how she tries her best to make everyone else around her happy again. I also wanted to put into consideration the chapter/episode when we introduce Tsubasa (I think that was his name)…Yaya's little brother. I think she grew so much in that chapter/episode, and also recently as well, trying to become more independent.

    I'm wishing Yaya the best of luck for SoMT! Can't wait for the next moe spotlight~

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